santa_RikMills: that's good news, thank you10:13
RikMillssanta_: sadly built binaries are still in new so I can't lad the rest yet :/10:14
santa_damn it10:15
RikMillshopefully sometime soon10:15
santa_offtopic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NM6HHs-oeCU10:15
RikMillsthe binaries are a formality if the source is accepted. it is just lack of admin at the weekend10:16
santa_so let's hope next week we have that sorted out10:16
santa_I'm going to do some test rebuilds today10:16
RikMillsthe rest it is all built in a landing PPA to binary copy to proposed, so will be quick when they are accepted.10:19
BluesKaj'Morning folks12:52
santa_RikMills: I'm fixing libksysguard acc autopkgtest, I will commit to groovy_staging once it's done if that's ok with you15:54
santa_also I updated lintian-ignore.json to adapt it to latest lintian in groovy15:57
santa_(in ka-metadata)15:57
santa_RikMills: I've just pushed, the fix worked here16:13
santa_-1 ugly red16:14
RikMillssanta_: turning your fix into a ubuntu2, as I already have ubuntu1 at a final version in the landing ppa18:31
santa_RikMills: don't forget to push to git then19:58
RikMillssanta_: push it all now20:29
santa_RikMills: got it, thanks20:34

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