oerheksthere should be a shortcut in your menu now?00:00
quadrathoch2wr yeah there should be a shortcut if not, try snap run viber-unofficial00:00
wrquadrathoch2, says can't find it00:01
quadrathoch2with snap run? wr00:03
oerheksalt f2 viber enter ?00:03
wrquadrathoch2, oerheks none works00:03
oerheksmaybe snap is not in your $path00:04
oerheksno idea with that snap, reading https://www.mail-archive.com/debian-user@lists.debian.org/msg751595.html00:04
wroerheks, i have that exact problem, nowhere, but i will leave this, not gonna mess more things00:06
oerheksif one installs that deb, in those posts, libssl1.0.0 missing...00:06
oerheksno viber for me, prop stuff00:06
wroerheks, the libssl is from stretch00:06
rodney77Hey there, I'm running Focal and rebooted today after a power outage. My system is unstable, with the GUI freezing up or slowing to crawl, as though I'm out out memory, but if I can get to TTY and run htop my cpu and ram is very low.01:05
rodney77I also noticed a number of changes to Gnome Shell after reboot, so I'm trying to figure out if this is instability related to an update, or to the power outage. Is anyone else having problems after an update?01:05
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dtuxanyone know how to repair a corrupted deja dup backup?01:18
Bashing-omrodney77: "after a power outage" now the file system in inconsistent ? what show from a file system check ( fsck ) ?01:18
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PETURBGmerga wlan with ethernet01:35
PETURBGhow to make automatically run iw dev wlan0 set 4addr on on every reboot or use this: iw dev wlan0 interface add wds.wlan0 type managed 4addr on01:37
PETURBGip link set dev wds.wlan0 addr <addr>01:37
PETURBGip link set dev wds.wlan0 up01:37
dokeHowdy- I just got a system update for ubuntu 20.04 and now I can no longer run the Unity game engine development tool01:41
ikarus987hi i am trying to setup game server. And my server is listening to loopback instead of the ip address the server is running on :\01:41
dokeWondering if theres anything I should look at in terms of ubuntu logging?01:41
ikarus987how do i change what ip the server should listen to01:42
quadrathoch2doke should the unity game engine work on 20.04? idk as focal is still pretty new01:43
quadrathoch2ikarus987 you should probably look into the config file of the game server program01:43
dokequadrathoch2: its been working perfectly fine- I just tried to download the newer client and it bombed out so I think they might be having server issues but regardless short of running the application in terminal (which isnt giving any logs) I dont know if theres a generic "im throwing errors" log similar to event viewer on windows01:46
quadrathoch2doke could you start it from terminal? it should normally give you errors01:48
dokeyeah I did that it logs nothing unfortunately01:48
quadrathoch2as I don't know unity itself, how did you install it?01:49
dokeit installs as a binary in a folder with all the dependencies needed so I dont THINK its a dependency thing being broken and if it is theres not really a super obvious way to tell because theres no terminal logging its outputting01:50
quadrathoch2doke appimage?01:50
dokequadrathoch2: im unfamiliar with what you mean by that01:51
quadrathoch2doke just trying to figure out what kind of install that is01:51
dokequadrathoch2: its simply a compiled binary that you can ./ in a folder with all the dependencies, kind of like how you can install KDENLIVE without it being a package from package manager01:52
quadrathoch2doke does that file have any file extension?01:53
doketype: application/x-executable01:53
dokeunder properties01:53
quadrathoch2doke, I assume I just know not enough about unity to really help you then01:56
dokeok, thanks for helping me out regardless have a good one01:57
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TaralloHi guys02:06
Connahi too02:06
TaralloI'm trying to install Win10 with VMware but there is an issue02:06
Connawhy dont you use virtualbox?02:08
quadrathoch2Tarallo it seems like you don't have an installation medium in the 'cd drive' (plus maybe the boot order is wrong)02:10
oerheksjust use kvm/libvirt02:10
Tarallo0are you there?02:11
Tarallo0I'm trying to install Win10 with VMware but there is an issue02:11
quadrathoch2Tarallo0 it seems like you don't have an installation medium in the 'cd drive' (plus maybe the boot order is wrong)02:11
ubottuVMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware02:11
oerheksjust use kvm/libvirt02:11
quadrathoch2oerheks from the looks of it, he uses virt-manager02:12
Tarallo0yes, right02:12
Tarallo0i'm sorry, I'm using kvm/libvirt02:12
quadrathoch2Tarallo0 make sure you have the installation medium in the 'drive' and the boot order is correct02:13
Tarallo0I'm using an Iso image02:13
Tarallo0the installation starts, but then come out that message02:14
PhruisQemu is pretty easy with a script02:24
Phruisgpu passthrough is good as well02:24
Phruisif that is what you are trying to do02:24
Tarallo0yes, is exactly what I'm trying to do02:32
yelowfishhi all,may i request assistance regarding installation of usbaudio on 16.04 ?02:32
Tarallo0Phruis but I can't do it on my Dell 958002:33
Tarallo0I dindn't02:33
Tarallo0I dindn't find a guide for it02:33
Tarallo0the passtrhough is impossible for my laptop I think02:34
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quadrathoch2yelowfish as this is not really supported here, you should probably just follow the steps on the github page03:16
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wingedrhinois there a frontend for the various system logs? Looking for a unified way to monitor them across multiple machines. And also the outputs of commands like htop, iotop and nethogs.04:29
wingedrhinoAnd I'd like to know when USB devices get plugged in/out, etc04:29
lotuspsychjewingedrhino: is this from a server you want to monitor other machines?04:30
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wingedrhinolotuspsychje, kinda sorta? Although in my situation it's a bunch of laptops and Pi's and I'd like to be able to monitor them from a phone.04:35
Steristheyall!! running into an issue with backlight adjustment... various pages from Google are specific to fixing backlight settings for intel graphics cards, but mine is AMD... can't seem to find any relevant to my situation04:35
wingedrhinoBut yes, a dashboard of any sort would be nice here.04:36
SteristI've already checked in the software updater for proprietary drivers and it says none in use / none available04:36
oerheksmonit perhaps?04:36
oerhekstons of other though.. https://websiteforstudents.com/install-monit-system-monitor-on-ubuntu-18-04-16-04-lts/04:36
Steristto be specific, my graphics card is radeon_bl004:37
lotuspsychjewingedrhino: i hear good things on cockpit04:39
tatertotsSterist: laptop brightness can be controlled inside and outside the operating system via BIOS and "Fn" / function key combinations04:43
lotuspsychjewingedrhino: just keep in mind, there's tons of different ways to keep an eye on systems, rather then 1 dashboard style package04:44
wingedrhinolotuspsychje, oerheks, do they support some sort of an agent-server workflow, where the agents ship logs to a server process (that may or may not be on the same machine)? Ideally I'm looking for something that you can script tiny plugins for.04:44
lotuspsychje!info cockpit | wingedrhino04:45
ubottuwingedrhino: cockpit (source: cockpit): Web Console for Linux servers. In component universe, is optional. Version 215-1 (focal), package size 17 kB, installed size 62 kB04:45
oerhekswhen you dive into their forums, tons of scripts and solutions04:45
lotuspsychjewingedrhino: there's network monitors, security IDS, system analyzers,...what is it you really wanna do?04:45
oerheksfor cockpit too, ofcourse04:45
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wingedrhinolotuspsychje, pretty much everything? Looking to setup personal devops from the scratch. Monitor xruns on my audio workstation, monitor network across machine and calculate aggregated bandwidth statistics, keep an eye on USB devices on each machine and see when they're plugged or unplugged, detect when a machine goes offline/online, check when snapd or apt runs an auto refresh, keep tabs on how much bandwidth snaps and docker consume... I'd04:52
wingedrhinolike to create something that lets me subscribe to specific alerts from this.04:52
wingedrhinoI'm assuming most of what I want to do already exist and it's a question of glueing tools together04:52
lotuspsychjewingedrhino: youre talking a full time admin job then :p04:52
wingedrhinoPretty much. I'm trying to see how much of this can be automated that one person can manage everything.04:53
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lotuspsychjewingedrhino: you might wanna idle in #ubuntu-server too, they surely will know handy management tools04:53
lotuspsychjewingedrhino: i also like lynis, for the analyzing part of machines04:54
lotuspsychje!security | wingedrhino see also04:54
ubottuwingedrhino see also: Security Updates are dealt with here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Security - See also !root, !firewall, !server, and !usn04:54
wingedrhinoBut the other use-case here is that a couple of friends run tiny startups (<10 headcount) and they asked me to look for ways to monitor machines remotely now that everyone is working from home. But I need to sort out my own personal devops first so I can manage some boxes remotely04:56
Steristtried adding acpi_backlight=vendor and updating grub, but backlight still won't change05:01
ikarus987How do i check what ports are open on my linux machine?05:34
rfmikarus987, netstat -lnt will show what ports are being listened to.  if you want to know what connections will get thru whatever firewalls you have, youĺl have to ask the firewall.05:52
rfmikarus987, there are various port scanner services you can find (google ¨port scanner¨ which will run a scan from their server to see what they can get to..05:54
oerheksor '9 Online Port Scanners'  https://geekflare.com/port-scanner-server/05:54
ikarus987oerheks i am really stuck man06:02
ikarus987dno where to go from here06:02
ikarus987i fallowed this step by step, i am setting up gaming server. Everything seems fine when i run the server but i cant connect to it. yet it says 'connection to steam servers successful.'06:05
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ikarus987this is fine also sudo lsof -i -P -n | grep LISTEN06:07
oerheksoh, they give a systemd unit, but not a netplan.yaml?06:08
aschwarzHello, I had a power failure while running a windows VM with QEMU\virt-manager. now when i try to login to the user get stuck in a login loop. can log in as other users. tried to chown .Xauthority and .ICEauthority as well as renaming it. tried chmod /tmp.07:31
oerheksaschwarz, run a fsck from a live iso?07:32
oerhekssad to hear windows causes powerfailure07:33
aschwarzthe power failure was in my house. I blame the kettle. by live ISO you mean a bootdisk?07:35
aschwarzand thank you07:35
fsalchup until recent updates whenever my connection to vpn got disconnected the new connection would then be automnatically be set up through vpn one of the last updates seems to have changed this and i am not reconnecting directly to the isp instead to the vpn even though the check box is checked in the properties of that connnection is this my error or did things change as of late?08:03
tx_Heya guys, can't seem to get my audio working, though this laptop is very new.08:10
tx_It appears to use an ALC-711-CG chip that I can't find any info on.08:11
fsalchtx_ what issue do you seem to run into bro?08:24
fsalchtx_ does it just not play any audio or give you like an error message?08:25
lotuspsychjefsalch: some details could help a lot for volunteers to able to help, ubuntu version, wifi/network chipset, kernel version,..08:26
tomreyntx_ is gone08:27
dodocryptohi all08:42
dodocryptohow to make bootable windows 10 iso08:42
dodocryptofrom ubuntu08:42
lotuspsychjedodocrypto: sudo snap install woeusb08:43
dodocryptothank you08:44
lotuspsychjedodocrypto: woe-usb is the snaps name08:45
dodocryptoyeah i know woeusb08:45
dodocryptojust want to know other relative to that one08:45
oerheksthat takes forever, say 50 minutes.. one can do in 3 minutes on a windows machine :-D08:45
oerheksand.. there is no other tool, AFAIK08:46
viktor_what do you do if apt freezes in the middle of installing a package? (got stuck at 91% of installing mariadb)09:10
tomreynyou join #ubuntu, ask about it, then quit.09:15
strywgrmy system just hangs while browsing.. any logs i can check to find out the reason?  Ive been monitoring my memory usage using htop atm.09:29
* dodocrypto ROARRR BACK09:31
dodocryptosorry wrong channel09:31
tomreynstrywgr: you could run    journalctl -f   and keep it in the foreground, then reproduce and note what's being added to the log.09:32
dodocryptostrywgr dmesg may be09:32
tomreynstrywgr: tell us about your ubuntu version, amount of ram installed, graphics chipset09:33
tomreynif by "browsing" you mean web browsing, tell us about your web browser, too.09:33
strywgrits lubuntu 20.4, 2gb ram, intel hd 4000, firefox (youtube,fb,etc)09:34
lotuspsychjefirefox with 2GB is rather low for a proper usage strywgr09:36
strywgrthe reason i went for lubuntu ;/09:36
lotuspsychjestrywgr: maybe with an ssd inside your system and heavy tweaking things could go smoother09:36
strywgrnah i wanted this laptop to just run smooth and freeze-free09:37
strywgrill upgrade its ram09:37
lotuspsychjestrywgr: sudo apt install preload haveged stacer and tweak around system a bit09:38
tomreynthe lowlatency kernel may help a little there09:38
lotuspsychjeand an alternate browser too09:38
strywgroh thanks ill try that09:39
strywgroh sure which browser you suggest other thn ff09:39
tomreynif you have spinning rust in there, replace it by an ssd, this will help, too09:39
lotuspsychjestrywgr: brave ppa (use at your own risk see !ppa) or links209:39
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge09:39
bobdobbsI'm using ubuntu 18.04. Is there a tool available that would allow me to capture a portion of my screen?09:50
bobdobbsI googled for this, but the top result applies to a specific window manager. And the following results were from 8 years ago09:51
alexrelisbobdobbs: Yes, such a tool exists.09:51
alexrelisYou're using Gnome right?09:52
bobdobbsalexrelis I've got gnome installed. But I think I'm using KDE09:52
bobdobbsI'm definitely not using gnome as the default widget set, or desktop environment or whatever09:53
bobdobbsalexrelis: might you know the name of the tool?09:53
alexrelisbobdobbs: On Gnome, you can use Gnome Screenshot. On KDE, you can use Spectacle. Both should be installed by default.09:53
alexrelisWith those programs, you can assign a specific keyboard shortcut to take a screenshot of a specific area to make things easier in the future.09:54
alexrelisbobdobbs: No problem, sir/ma'am.09:56
bobdobbsLooking at spectacle now... it wants to take a snap of the entire display09:57
bobdobbsif I remember correctly, Gnome Screenshot does the same thing09:57
alexrelisbobdobbs: Check out the documentation: https://userbase.kde.org/Spectacle09:58
bobdobbsI'll settle for either of these as second best - I could take the image and then capture the area I want in GIMP. But I'm wondering if a tool exists that can capture a designated area09:58
bobdobbsk. will check out the docs09:58
bobdobbsaha! Rectangular Mode!10:00
bobdobbsthanks alexrelis!10:00
alexrelisbobdobbs: You got it, bud.10:00
mra90#join /linux10:26
mra90I read part of DSP memory which is exposed to the host with dd by dd if=/dev/mem iflag=skip_bytes,nocache skip=2146172928 bs=512 count=1 | hexdump -C10:26
mra90it works OK expect one weird thing -> when host is busy reading DSP samples (copying) dd reads old memory values however when copying to host is done it reads updated values as it should?10:27
mra90why is thaty10:27
mra90it looks like when host copy process is running dd skips/ignores/ my read requests and give me cached valuesi nstead10:28
tomreyndid you mean to post this in ##linux by chance?10:29
mra90yeah, my fault but it is valid also here10:29
mra90tomreyn, do you have any diea?10:30
tomreynplease choose one of the two, announce when you shift to the other. and, most importantly, provide context.10:30
tomreynwhy are you doing this in the first place, what's the purpose / goal?10:31
mra90debugging purposes I just want to monitor DSP behaviour10:31
tomreynwhat's the ubuntu support question you have there?10:31
mra90so I put some *marks* in the dsp memory which can be read by host10:31
mra90the question is why host stops to read them when busy arecord captures audio samples10:32
tomreynwhat is "the host"?10:32
tomreynso is there a guest as well?10:32
tomreynare we talking virtualization by chance?10:32
mra90no no10:32
mra90maybe "host" is not appropriate here10:33
mra90but you got my point right?10:33
tomreynno. i don'T see an ubuntu support question, yet.10:34
mra90i think you don't know how to explain it10:35
mra90me neither to be honest10:36
gebbionehi folks, just taken off a Sky HD disk and connected it with a USB adapted. I can see the adapter on Disks but it says no medium. What can i try next10:39
xBfrogWhy is Shell theme disabled in Gnome Tweak Tool?10:45
xBfrogHow do i enable it?10:45
tomreyngebbione: you may need to explain what a "sky hd disk" is and how data is stored on it10:45
gebbionetomreyn, it is a SSD drive10:46
gebbionei dont want to read the data, i just woult like to format it and use it10:46
tomreyni see. does it use sata then, and you attached an usb to sata adapter to it?10:47
Deano59gebbione: what does "lsblk" say?10:48
gebbionetomreyn, yes the adapter shows on disks as SPIF30x USB2SATA Bridge (0124)10:49
tomreyndisconnect the drive, run    journalctl -f    in a terminal window. put the terminal window in front or just don't cover it by other windows. then connect the drive and tell us what is printed to the terminal window. ctrl-c to top the journalctl process.10:49
ub_hello, i have upgraded to ubuntu 20.04, now i am running deja-dup and it asks to access my google account10:50
ub_no indication why this is nessecary nor an option to bypass10:50
ub_what's the story behind that? and how can i use deja-dup without google?10:50
gebbionebtw lsblk does not show the drive supposed to be /dev/sdc -> some sdc partition ... i ll try journal10:51
tomreyngebbione: but the device node at /dev/sdc does not exist at this point?10:55
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neureI am writing iso to usb with dd10:55
neureis there way to verify the stick after writing it?10:55
tomreyngebbione: if not, do you see it listed at /dev/disk/by-path/ ?10:56
gebbionetomreyn, it does "brw-rw----  1 root disk   8,  32 Jun 28 11:52 /dev/sdc"  but as you can see it is not mounting and i cannot format it from disks10:56
gebbioneit says no medium on disks10:56
tomreynneure: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/75483/how-to-check-if-the-iso-was-written-to-my-usb-stick-without-errors10:57
tatertotsgebbione: does gparted list the disk in drop down ?10:57
tomreyngebbione: please post the url returned by    sudo hdparm -I /dev/sdc 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999910:59
neureis there something that can show me how fast sudo dd is reading/writing?10:59
neurewhile it is running10:59
ub_aha. problem is configuration is lost and backup location defaults to google drive10:59
tomreynfrom dd !man page: "Sending a USR1 signal to a running 'dd' process makes it print I/O statistics to standard error and then resume copying."11:00
tomreynto send a signal to a process, use the "kill" command, passing the signal to send as an argument11:00
tatertotsgebbione: most DVR especially ones provided by cable and satellite TV companies use encryption on the internal disk where recordings are stored11:00
tatertotsgebbione: just FYI11:01
tomreynsection 7 of the signal man page provide a listing of available signals11:01
tomreynneure: was anything of what i just said underdstandable, or would oyu need more details?11:01
neureis there a signal command?11:02
neureor is just kill? I do it so rarely11:02
tomreyn<tomreyn> to send a signal to a process, use the "kill" command, passing the signal to send as an argument11:02
neurekill just sounds.. dangerous11:03
gebbionegparted does not see the drive11:03
tomreynit would ask the dd process to quit if you wouldn't pass the right signal11:04
neureI did `sudo kill --signal USR1 5540` but the shell which is executing dd is silent11:05
neure`oot        5540  1.9  0.0  14760  6280 pts/0    D+   13:55   0:10 dd bs=4M if= ...`11:05
tomreynneure: is there a signal called "USR1" listed on signal(7)?11:05
elias_aI am getting permission denied error when trying to back up over ssh with déja-dup on 20.04. Backup to an USB disk works well. Déja-dup does not ask for password. Any hints?11:06
neureokay, SIGUSR1 :)11:06
neureI was too slow, it _just_ completed :D11:06
neure5266956288 bytes (5,3 GB, 4,9 GiB) copied, 630,293 s, 8,4 MB/s11:06
tomreynyou used the time well, though.11:07
neureyes, thanks, you were very helpful11:07
neuremy old sata SSD is failing me11:08
neuresometimes when i power on, it wont show up even in bios, and I need to cut power before it shows up again11:08
neureI dual boot windows and ubuntu from that drive.. I need to reinstall both to a new drive :/11:09
tomreynso you're lucky, most just vanish forever.11:09
neureI have had a second drive for a while, but as I added that later, I only used it for storage so far11:11
neurenow I got a third drive and I plan to move contents of second drive to the new third one and use then use the second drive for booting stuff11:12
neurewhat do I use to partition new drives?11:12
neureDisks ?11:12
tomreynfdisk, parted, and maybe gui tools work, too11:13
elias_aFunny - running déja-dup from terminal does not reveal the reason for permission denied error...11:13
gebbionetomreyn, any ideas as to why even gparted does not see the disk even if the bridge is detected -> https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/JCG4Tj8s8J/11:14
tomreynneure: nowadays you'll probably want a gpt partition table, not mbr/(ms)dos11:14
tomreyngebbione: no, but what tatertots said about encryption could explain it. and the hdparm output i suggested to paste may exlain it, too.11:15
gebbioneso these disks cannot be formatted?11:16
tomreynwhich disks?11:16
gebbioneencrypted ones, this was the only element of difference i can see with any other disks that is mounting correctly11:17
tomreyndepends on the encryption used. do you know it is encrypted? what do you know about the disk?11:17
gebbioneall i know is that i have taken it out of an Amstrad Sky HD box and it is a SATA drive11:20
tomreynsee, that's not a lot. so maybe getting more details on the disk would be a good idea.11:20
gebbioneSeagate 5VV358M611:20
neurewhich partition filesystem should I use to share data between windows and ubuntu?11:21
tomreyngebbione: is there a reason you prefer not to run hdparm against it?11:21
neuregparted does not seem to allow me to format partition as exfat11:22
neurei wonder why?11:22
tomreynneure: fat (no journalling), ntfs (can be slow), exfat (proper support in linux is in early stages only)11:22
gebbionetomreyn, no reason. I have run the previous hdparm command but not sure what to do to make this drive visible11:23
neureI think used exfat before, but now that partition does not show up, weird11:23
tomreyngebbione: was there any output?11:23
neureis ntfs okay?11:23
neureI do not care if it is a bit slower11:24
gebbionetomreyn, the one i shared before -> https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/JCG4Tj8s8J/11:24
gebbioneor let me run it again11:24
tomreynneure: the other issue with ntfs is that there is only partial support in linux, you'll still need to run file system checks on windows.11:24
gebbionetomreyn, https://termbin.com/n1x611:25
tomreyngebbione: this is from a kernel log, not hdparm output11:25
tomreynah this second paste is11:25
tomreynso you actually ran it now :)11:25
gebbioneyep i think i got confused with the links11:26
gebbionebut disks still shows no medium11:26
tomreyndrive info is garbled, that's not a good sign11:26
gebbioneis hdparm supposed to connect the drive11:26
tomreynhdparm is a low level utility to talk to storages.11:27
gebbioneis it possible that I am using a poor SATA -> USB cable?11:28
tomreyngebbione: it'l be better to attach it directly to the sata bus11:28
gebbionei ll try11:28
tomreynthe cable could be bad, also the sata <-> usb <-> sata translation is usually lossy11:28
kk4ewtneure linux doesnt support for ntfs is hit and miss11:29
gebbionewhat about docking stations11:29
gebbionei really would like to switch to different disks through USB11:29
tomreyngebbione: you could try a security erase command, but personally i wouldn't want to do this over sata <-> usb <-> sata, and not without having identified the disk model and ensuring that it is actually capable of it.11:30
tomreyn"Seagate 5VV358M6" does not seem to exist11:31
tomreyn(probably a typo, look for 0 vs O etc11:31
neurehow should I move files from one drive to another? just mv ?11:32
neureactually I should just copy11:33
neureso cp11:33
gebbionetomreyn, here is the disk label https://ibb.co/MSxnQk511:34
neureI think I'll better copy the ntfs-sharing partition from old to new in windows instead of ubuntu, just to be safe11:35
tatertotsgebbione: was the disk removed from a working functional DVR?11:37
tomreyngebbione: so this is a Seagate ST3500312CS HDD11:37
gebbionetatertots, not sure if it was in working conditions11:38
tomreynthat's a boring old sata II disk.11:40
gebbionestill free 500GB of storage11:41
tomreynnot from what we've seen so far.11:41
gebbioneif it worked11:41
tatertotsgebbione: cable and satellite DVR hard drives are encrypted, it is not intended that recordings be copied or moved outside of the device11:42
tatertotsgebbione: verify the drive functions in it's place of origin (in the DVR from which it came)11:43
psygateHello, I'm running Ubuntu 20.04 as a live system, and after a few minutes of IO transfers the performance degrades to kb/s, it's not great to start with (5-7MB/s), any idea how I can fix this?11:44
tatertotsgebbione: you most likely will not be re purposing the disk11:44
tomreynpsygate: what are you transferring from where to where?11:46
psygatetomreyn, internal harddrive, SATA to internal ssd, nvme11:47
tomreynpsygate: how much ram does this system have?11:47
psygateand the write cache (dirty bytes?) goes up to 6GB cached when writing11:47
tomreynso you'Re not writing to the overaly file system, right?11:48
psygateWhat the overlay filesystem?11:48
tomreynwhatever the ubuntu live system is stored on11:49
psygatei... dont think so? can i check somehow?11:49
gebbionetatertots, i should be able. Lots of people just take these drives out and reuse them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLAyVqNau7Y11:49
psygatebut the harddrives are not the usb stick where ubuntu is on. if thats what youre asking, those are independend drives.11:49
IaMnEwHeRepsygate you can directly write to the block-device or just use copy,move etc to operate on the filesystem, when the device is mounted11:50
neurecool, google can answer things like 128GB / 80MB/s11:50
IaMnEwHeRehi btw11:50
lotuspsychjeneure: lets keep it ubuntu support related please11:50
tomreynpsygate: yes thats what i meant, sorry, my question was not qell phrased11:51
IaMnEwHeReneure, just don't loose your brains letting google do all the thinking ;)11:51
neurelotuspsychje, yeah sorry, I'm just preparing to reinstall operating systems and need to move stuff around11:51
psygateDrives are independend, and it doesnt help to install ubuntu to an internal drive either.11:51
lotuspsychjeneure: sure, prepare in silence, or discuss in #ubuntu-discuss11:52
psygateit just feels as if ubuntu cant really speak "fast sata" and queues writes somewhere, to flush them slowly11:52
tomreynpsygate: ah so you tried installing ubuntu and booted off it and experienced the same issue?11:52
IaMnEwHeRepsgate, what do you mean, that is actually not relevant, and drivers are always dependend, on hardware os etc.11:52
tomreynpsygate: do you still have this installation?11:52
psygateno, i had to remove it to boot _anything_ that works with more then 300kbit/s11:53
tomreynpsygate: did it ever work better? have you ruled out a hardware issue, yet?11:53
psygateI am pretty sure its not the hardware. I had the same issue some years ago on any laptop i installed ubuntu on11:54
psygateand ssd to ssd works with ~200-300MB/s under windows11:54
tomreynit is not a generic ubuntu or linux issue11:54
psygateI'm not sure.11:54
_DaBez_hello ;)11:54
IaMnEwHeRepsygate, I had a similiar issue , not with ubuntu but with arch, have you tried to change the protocol for the driver in the bios/UEFI settings?11:55
psygateto? the only other option is RAID11:55
lotuspsychjewelcome _DaBez_11:55
IaMnEwHeRenono, not the that option, for the nvme-drives there are 2 other ones11:55
_DaBez_do anyone know, if there's a version for 32 Bit PowerPC? I want to use my old iBook G3 with ubuntu11:56
IaMnEwHeReI cannot recall, but if you find it in your bios try changing it11:56
psygatethe nvme drive isnt really the problem, the sata harddrive is11:56
psygateit looks like the sata controller is saturated by the commands, because if i try to communicate smart or anythign with the drive, it just doesnt respond until all IO is done, and sync terminates.11:57
IaMnEwHeRethat has nothing to do with the driver, that is deep down in the uefi-configuration prior the driver11:57
lotuspsychje!mac | _DaBez_ start here11:58
ubottu_DaBez_ start here: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages11:58
_DaBez_ubottu that's for intel Mac since 2006. my iBook was introduced in 2001...12:00
ubottu_DaBez_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:00
_DaBez_oh ;)12:00
_DaBez_lotuspsychje then this message above is for you...12:01
xerces8Hi! Anyone using PPPoE ?  It is suspiciosly slow. I set up two test VMs on the same host and an IP connection between them runs at 2 Gbit/s, but PPPoE is 10 times slower.12:01
xerces8measured each time with iperf312:02
psygateIaMnEwHeRe, the nvme drive is not the issue.12:02
lotuspsychje_DaBez_: a lot of older ubuntu versions are EOL by now, you could try a 18.04 32bit perhaps, but not sure that will work on an old ibook..12:02
lotuspsychje_DaBez_: i head great experiences with 18.04 and macs, but all ive tested were not too ancient12:03
_DaBez_oof. can you recommend some OS to me? I want to use RDP and SSH, client each12:03
lotuspsychje_DaBez_: we are in the ubuntu support channel here, we reccomend ubuntu12:04
lotuspsychje_DaBez_: try a 16.04 or an 18.04 32bit liveusb on it as a test?12:04
torinargI've got a question - I have a problem with the setup of a new co-lo machine (ubuntu focal). The network connectivity via netplan works - but ipv6 routing doesn't seem to work.  I can send icmp6 echo requests to the machine - and tcpdump shows them arriving.  But no echo responses go back...  Nothing in firewall log either (also doesn't work if I turn off ufw for the test)12:04
_DaBez_I'll try, thx ;)12:05
torinargThe weird thing is that I have another machine, where ipv6 is working (on fossa, using netplan)...12:05
torinargonly ipv4 config works fine12:05
lotuspsychjetorinarg: ubuntu server?12:05
lotuspsychjetorinarg: try #ubuntu-server if you like for likeminded volunteers12:06
torinargok - thank you.12:06
viktor_What best to do when apt install freezes?12:08
lotuspsychjeviktor_: pastebin whats happening to apt please12:13
viktor_lotuspsychje: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/XGnFMbghGQ/  second time already12:15
viktor_lotuspsychje: that i try to install it i mean12:15
lotuspsychjeviktor_: did you try another repo/mirror yet?12:17
viktor_lotuspsychje: not yet, but if it's the mirror, would it get stuck twice when already passed 90% ?12:18
viktor_lotuspsychje: ...it just finished. i guess i'm impatient12:19
viktor_lotuspsychje: thanks for replying anyway12:19
lotuspsychjethe magic of #ubuntu12:20
viktor_guess so :p12:23
echoSMILEhi. the mplayer is missing some skin files. Should I need to install any other package ?12:31
coconutechoSMILE, apt search mplayer ##tells you12:33
coconutechoSMILE, sudo apt install mplayer-skins12:34
viktor_Is mariaDB something you install on top off mysql, or instead of?12:34
echoSMILEhum. is seems I have everythin installed, but still get: "error in skin config file 6: png read error in /usr/share/mplayer/skins/default/main"12:34
echoSMILEweird thing is, i don't have any config at ~/.mplayer12:36
lotuspsychje!info mplayer-skins | echoSMILE12:38
ubottuechoSMILE: mplayer-skins (source: mplayer-skins): Skins for the Mplayer package. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.2build1 (focal), package size 246 kB, installed size 351 kB12:38
iorialooks like it's broken  : https://askubuntu.com/questions/943068/error-in-skin-config-file-with-mplayer#comment2008378_94306812:39
echoSMILElotuspsychje: I have it installed, but the error says something about config file in which that file doesn't exists12:39
coconutechoSMILE, probably some wrong skin file or png missing, i would have tried selecting another skin.12:39
echoSMILEcoconut: I tried all but all as some kind of error12:42
osseI've clicked "ask me later" on the update notification. How can I manually start it?12:43
cindy_devopsGood morning. I'm having a production issue. Drive full. I deleted a folder with 19MB and "Available" according to `df` is still 0. Is that because something is taking up the space? Or because it needs some kind of garbage collection?12:43
lotuspsychjeosse: wich bug are you trying to report exactly?12:45
osselotuspsychje: none12:46
lotuspsychjeosse: oh updates..12:47
lotuspsychje!uptodate | osse12:47
ubottuosse: To ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.12:47
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade12:48
ws2k3im trying to upgrade from ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04. but im getting the following error https://pastebin.com/dwd0ChXG12:51
BluesKaj'Morning folks12:52
coconutechoSMILE, someone on askubuntu mentioned to replace the skin file manually (this bug exist for a long time already though).12:53
coconutechoSMILE, or you might want to consider smplayer12:54
RedNifreIs it a good idea to use the desktop version for a server? (A desktop computer that will be connected to the internet and host something)12:57
RedNifreI'm thinking open ports, standard ssh passwords or any other pitfalls that might make a desktop OS easier to use, but would be fatal for a server.12:58
viktor_RedNifre: I don't see why it would be a bad idea12:59
viktor_RedNifre: depends on use also, i suppose13:00
RedNifrealright, ubuntu 20.04 lts desktop version it is then.13:03
RedNifreAnd Microsoft won't buy Canonical any time soon, right?13:03
coconutRedNifre, lol no...13:03
viktor_RedNifre: they'd actually wouldn't have intellectual rights on it. which makes it hard to earn money. like android... kind of13:06
tatertotsthey already own github13:07
ws2k3lotuspsychje: i think my system is kinda stuck currently. some dependency's are messed up13:10
miguel_cleanHello, Where does the "energy when full" value on the power-statistics battery panel comes from?13:29
miguel_cleanis this something that the battery itself reports?13:29
elias_amiguel_clean: AFAIK it comes from the battery.13:29
quadrathoch2viktor_ it's installed instead of mysql ;)13:30
miguel_cleanis there any chance that it will improve? The batery has not been used for a long time... If not I have to dispose it. (it is less then a third of the capacity it was designed for)13:31
quadrathoch2miguel_clean normally it's the controller of the battery, so kinda yes.13:32
viktor_quadrathoch2: thanks13:32
viktor_quadrathoch2: but since you have to use "systemctl start mysql" to start mariaDB. which one do you enable to run mariaDB on boot? (i mean, as a command)13:34
quadrathoch2viktor_ normally it's either/or, not both on the same system13:35
quadrathoch2viktor_ mariadb tries to be a full replacement for mysql (as it is a fork) but it's not 100% as they deviate more and more13:36
viktor_quadrathoch2: yes, i had to purge mysql to get maria installed. but i had to input "systemctl start mysql" to start maria, as it's "pretending" to be mysql. that's why i wasn't sure which to pass to systemctl. eventhough mysql isn't on my system anymore13:39
quadrathoch2viktor_ i'm not sure if that is a relict from the fork, or if it's intentional :/13:40
Dr_CokeAnyone know when fractional scaling is coming to nvidia gpus13:41
Dr_Cokefor gnome13:41
viktor_quadrathoch2: i think that's intentional. anyway, i enabled maria and mysql status now says it's enabled. so that works... i think13:42
quadrathoch2Dr_Coke I guess you need to ask Nvidia for that13:42
viktor_quadrathoch2: either way it will become apparent when i use it13:42
quadrathoch2viktor_ :)13:42
quadrathoch2Dr_Coke oh wait, I thought it was a driver thing, but probably it's not, so which DE are you using13:43
Dr_Cokequadrathoch2, Gnome on 20.0413:43
miguel_cleanthanks elias_a & quadrathoch213:44
=== kostkon_ is now known as kostkon
quadrathoch2Dr_Coke, so yeah you would need to ask nvidia, as X11 doesn't support fractional scaling, and nvidia doesn't support wayland13:45
Dr_Cokequadrathoch2, why doesn't nvidia support wayland13:46
Dr_Cokequadrathoch2, I read AMD cards support it13:46
quadrathoch2Dr_Coke ask Nvidia, as they didn't want to contribute to GBM, and now they are complaining that they can't support it *shrug*13:47
quadrathoch2Dr_Coke yes, as the drivers are open source, so they can be adapted by amd or the community13:47
Dr_Cokequadrathoch2, what is GBM13:47
quadrathoch2it's the backend for speaking to wayland13:48
Dr_Cokequadrathoch2, does everything work on wayland these days13:48
quadrathoch2or rather an API to speak to the gpu13:48
quadrathoch2Dr_Coke depends on what you mean by everything13:48
Dr_Cokewell does wayland work as well as x1113:49
quadrathoch2as wayland is roughly only 4 years old, it still takes a little bit of time to perfect everything, but most stuff would work (and there is still xwayland)13:49
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!13:49
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!13:50
raphais there a ubuntu ISO that has serial console support out of the box?13:51
rapha(trying with 20.04)13:51
raphaseems i broke his client with that question13:52
quadrathoch2rapha, if I remember correctly the old debian installer images could do that or?13:53
raphaquadrathoch2: yeah, and alpine does it, too, and i'm assuming arch and gentoo, do, anyways, but i need ubuntu for this...13:53
raphai'll just try https://github.com/ynkjm/ubuntu-serial-install and hope that that's still the way to go, even though it's over three years old now13:54
quadrathoch2rapha, it's the installer type, not talking about debian. so I can't find it right now but there is still the old installer for 20.04 (i guess server)13:55
neuredo I (still) need to disable windows fastboot when installing ubuntu side by side with windows 10?13:56
raphaquadrathoch2: yes, server. aha! okay, let me browse around for it...13:56
quadrathoch2rapha I guess, it's called classic installer13:57
raphahmm seems 18.04.1 was the last version that was available with the classic installer13:59
raphawish there was an easy way of editing .isos... *sigh*14:00
quadrathoch2rapha, here is the mini.iso http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/focal/main/installer-amd64/current/legacy-images/netboot/14:00
* rapha tries14:01
quadrathoch2rapha, sadly, after 20.04, i guess the only way is to use debootstrap for installing the system14:01
raphaquadrathoch2: hopefully i won't have to do it this way again. my _actual_ problem is shitty café wifi and non-working SPICE.14:03
raphahmm. serial remaining quiet thus far.14:04
raphaquadrathoch2: okay, even the mini.iso doesn't have menu.c32 anymore; only vesamenu.c3214:12
marethi everyone I am trying to run .bin file as a service this is my .service config https://www.pastiebin.com/5ef8a50bd1f07 but I am getting an error    Loaded: error (Reason: Invalid argument)14:12
quadrathoch2rapha so I guess only debootstrap is the only option now, or moving away from ubuntu14:14
quadrathoch2rapha, as they are still working on it, it seems https://bugs.launchpad.net/subiquity/+bug/177096214:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1770962 in subiquity "Support serial-port based install" [Medium,Triaged]14:14
raphaquadrathoch2: still trying to remaster the .iso...14:15
quadrathoch2any specific needs to go to those lengths to support an install that canonical tries to abolish? idk14:15
raphaoh nice, that link will be helpful14:15
ioriamaret, this is a typo, right ?   ->  'fileExecStart=/home/myuser/myapp.bin'14:16
raphaquadrathoch2: yeah, installing a VM over a really crappy café wifi hotspot is the usecase here.14:16
rapha(already had to VPN out via 443 just to get SSH working)14:16
maretioria not sure, what should be ethere?14:16
quadrathoch2rapha ahh, okay14:17
ioriamaret, please, paste again the unit file : cat myunit | nc termbin.com 999914:17
maretioria sorry I am noit following14:19
maretwhat do you want me to do?14:19
ioriamaret, paste again the unit file14:20
maretIoria https://www.pastiebin.com/5ef8a50bd1f0714:20
ioriamaret, ok... nvm:   there is no 'fileExecStart' instuction in systemd ; you want 'ExecStart'14:21
quadrathoch2rapha, hope it works out for you14:22
quadrathoch2rapha if not, i guess you could always go to the route of installing a different os, and then debootstrapping ubuntu14:23
raphaquadrathoch2: trying 18.04.1 iso now ... upgrading would be simple on a fresh install14:24
quadrathoch2rapha or that14:24
lotuspsychjeMonkeyDust: ; )14:38
The_LoudSpeakerHey everyone! I am facing a problem on apt since a couple of days, apt update takes a long time. It gets stuck on waiting for headers line.14:57
The_LoudSpeakerand then disconnects saying Err:26 http://ubuntu.hbcse.tifr.res.in/ubuntu bionic InRelease14:57
The_LoudSpeaker  Connection failed [IP: 80]14:57
The_LoudSpeakerany suggestions to this?14:57
quadrathoch2The_LoudSpeaker sounds like you should test out a different mirror14:58
dreamonhello. Im on 20.04 an bought a new lenovo thinkpad. GPU → 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation UHD Graphics (rev 02)15:07
dreamonhaving trouble. installed xserver-xorg-video-intel. I have horizontal lines at loginscreen and no mpv, vlc player works anmore15:08
The_LoudSpeakerquadrathoch2: yup! Just did that. used the softwares and updates app to select a different local mirror.15:09
dreamonwhat can I do? maybe there is a new driver or kernel update?15:09
The_LoudSpeakerrunning an apt update now.15:09
The_LoudSpeakerlet's see how it goes.15:09
The_LoudSpeakerand it's successful15:10
tatertotsdreamon: do you have the same issue when booted to LiveDVD/LiveUSB???15:13
IaMnEwHeRedreamon, just an FYI xorg is sunset, Redhat will not develop new features and it will be phased out sooner or later15:13
MonkeyDustoh, hi lotuspsychje !15:15
IaMnEwHeReas I understand it gnome is using wayland now anywas does it not?15:16
lotuspsychjeIaMnEwHeRe: ubuntu chosen to have wayland choosable at login, but not by default15:16
dreamontatertots, I didnt tried till now.. I will give it a try15:19
neureWhere do I change mouser cursor size?15:21
dreamonIaMnEwHeRe, can you do it in a easier english. I couldnt understand anything.15:22
dreamonwhat is FYI?15:22
IaMnEwHeReFor Your Information15:22
IaMnEwHeRean acronym like LOL etc.15:23
dreamonIaMnEwHeRe, Im using xfce4 .. dont know what its using15:24
IaMnEwHeRea window manager/desktop environment like xfce, KDE, GDM or awesome are not tied to a display-server, well not always, awesome is tied to xorg, wayland can run it with a compatibility-layer(?) but for the rest I believe they should be compatible with either or15:26
=== Harry_ is now known as Harry
IaMnEwHeRedreamon, take a look at what you installed 'dpkg -l|grep -i -e kde -e gdm -e xorg' and you can also look at what is running 'ps -aux|grep ... same as before ....'15:27
IaMnEwHeRehmm sry not kde or gdm, what wayland or weston15:28
RedNifreHey there, I got the stupidest Ubuntu problem this year.15:29
RedNifreMy screen broke and I want to install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on my desktop pc. So I connected it to the TV, started it with a USB drive, was able to see it up to the "keyboard equals person in circle" screen and now my TV says "unsupported mode. Resolution not supported. Change the resolution of the external device".15:30
RedNifreThe TV is 4k, but also supports lower resolutions, e.g. the 720p or 1080p of a Nintendo Switch, so I have no idea why it complains.15:31
RedNifreHow can I change the resolution without seeing anything?15:31
IaMnEwHeReplugging in a different monitor?15:32
RedNifreThe other monitor broke.15:32
RedNifreI already threw it away, so I don't have another monitor.15:32
BluesKajRedNifre, hdmi connection to the TV?15:33
RedNifreI only have a laptop, a smartphone and a Nintendo Switch, so I guess I can't MacGyver something...15:33
RedNifreBluesKaj: yes15:33
RedNifreIt worked for a moment, the "keyboard = person in circle" screen showed up for a moment with a low res and some "Ubuntu" screen with loading circles showed up at a good resolution.15:34
BluesKajRedNifre, what was the previous resolution you used on the broken monitor ?15:37
RedNifre1080p, but that shouldn't matter, because I already booted Windows from that PC connected to the TV and I'm now booting from a USB stick.15:38
RedNifreI now did a hard shutdown and am trying again15:38
RedNifreI get the accessibilyt screen and now I get a native resolution boot screen15:38
RedNifrethe one with Ubuntu at the bottom.15:38
RedNifreChecking disks: 42% complete15:39
RedNifreChecking ./casper/filesystem.squashfs15:39
RedNifrePress ctrl+C to cancel all fylestem checks in progress15:39
RedNifreLet's wait what happens afterwards...15:39
BluesKajok ok, just let us know when an error message appears15:39
RedNifreWhat SHOULD happen after that?15:39
BluesKajlet it finish the file system phase, usually takes a few mins15:41
RedNifreYeah, it goes from "Checking finished, no errors found" to the TV error message about the unsupported resolution.15:41
tomreyndreamon: did you read the description of the package you chose to install (xserver-xorg-video-intel)?15:41
RedNifreIs there a hotkey for switching the resolution?15:41
dreamonIaMnEwHeRe, I purged xserver-xorg-video-intel .. rebooted → https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/gSqyS2SHKM/15:42
neureasking again, sorry if I missed the answer, what can use to change mouse cursor size?15:42
dreamontomreyn, I used german wiki.. where is the description to find?15:43
tomreynapt show $PACKAGE15:44
maretIoria thanks that was the problem15:45
IaMnEwHeRedreamon you already have gdm3 have a look at https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-enable-disable-wayland-on-ubuntu-20-04-desktop15:45
denixx|pl1Hi! Does anyone know some ways to supply some kernel param to make loading modules with delay, e.g. to load another module after key pressed.15:51
denixx|pl1I'm here on Lenovo MIIX 320-10ICR, and trying Ubuntu 20.04 on it. The problem is my screen goes black, if I don't supply "acpi=off". But another problem is that this option disables mmcblk's in my tablet...15:53
RedNifreokay, got a tty with ctrl alt F3, can I change the resolution of the graphical session from there?15:54
denixx|pl1If I supply acpi=off, it show screen to me. If I supply acpi=ht, it goes black screen :(15:55
denixx|pl1Also, looks like this is not a backlight problem. If I won't add params, or if I add acpi=ht, After welcome sound is played, I am able to change backlight intensity with Fn+Up, Fn+Down.15:57
denixx|pl1I already found, that it's not a backlight problem, but I couldn't figure out what it could be. This tablet have intel graphics.15:58
denixx|pl1But what it could be, if i just disable ACPI and it works well... except I couldn't get disks, and SD-card-reader...16:00
BluesKajRedNifre, https://vitux.com/how-to-change-screen-resolution-through-the-ubuntu-terminal/16:26
tomreynyou may need to preprend this with DISPLAY=:0 or something16:28
RojolaI fail connecting to my android tablet via "adb" from my ubuntu computer.16:31
Rojolaif anyone feels like helping, please tell me :)16:31
Rojola$ adb shell16:31
Rojolaerror: closed16:31
tomreyni think there is #android16:32
Rojolatomreyn, yeah, and they seem to be very angry with me.16:32
Rojolatomreyn, okay, I take "angry" back.  They just stopped talking to me.16:33
RojolaI seem not to have understood them,  and now I get the silent treatment16:33
tomreynwhich ubuntu package does this adb belong to?16:34
Rojolaif I only know... I installed it a _long_ time ago16:34
Rojolawait, let me check apt16:34
tomreyndpkg -S $(which adb)16:34
Rojola$ dpkg -S $(which adb)16:35
Rojolaadb: /usr/bin/adb16:35
tomreynRojola: apt-cache policy adb 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999916:36
tomreynthis will post package info to termbin.com, and print the url you can share with us16:38
Rojolatomreyn, I did what you said.  However, I choose "dpaste".  I hope that's okay?16:39
BluesKaj"android debug bridge"16:40
tomreynRojola: works for me, although i prefer monotype fonts for terminal output.16:40
Rojolatomreyn, termbin does not let me delete my paste16:40
Rojolaat dpaste, I can choose to delete it.16:41
tomreyni see. looks like you have an outdated adb version installed.16:41
Rojolatomreyn, before I proceed with installing a new version of adb,  please tell me:16:41
RojolaWould it even work?  My tablet is stuck in a boot loop,  but, I can access the recovery mode and the download mode16:42
Rojolacan I download my pictures + a colornote backup via adb from there?16:42
quadrathoch2Rojola do you own a Samsung device?16:42
Rojolaquadrathoch2, yes, I own a Samsung Tablet.  The device is question is said device.16:42
tomreyni thionk for adb to work you'll need a fully booted phone, or twrp, but that's not an ubuntu question16:42
RedNifreBluesKaj: Thank you. Though I solved the problem by running the installer in the special secure graphics mode instead.16:43
quadrathoch2Rojola Samsung doesn't support adb, you need their Odin Software (which is only windows)16:43
BluesKajRedNifre, good to hear :-)16:44
Rojolaquadrathoch2, ok, you just gave me a reason not to buy a samsung device16:44
Rojolathank you, quadrathoch216:44
quadrathoch2Rojola btw, what recovery do you have on that device?16:45
Rojolaquadrathoch2, how do you mean that?  I have a recovery mode where I can choose from different options16:45
Rojolabut I have not taken a backup16:45
quadrathoch2Rojola so you have the oem recovery?16:46
Rojolaquadrathoch2, I believe it's on the tablet16:46
RojolaI can choose to reset the tablet (factory reset)16:47
Rojolabooting into safe mode fails, too16:47
tomreynquadrathoch2, Rojola: could you move this topic to a channel where it's topical?16:47
BluesKajRojola, Rojola have you tried GSConnect ?16:47
RojolaBluesKaj, never heard of it.16:47
quadrathoch2BluesKaj won't work as it's bootlooping16:47
Rojolatomreyn, where should I go?16:47
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"16:47
RojolaBluesKaj, quadrathoch2 - please tell me where we can go.16:48
RojolaI don't want to upset tomreyn16:48
quadrathoch2Rojola let's go #android-chat16:49
tomreynthank you!16:49
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Rojolathank you quadrathoch216:50
RojolaI have joined said channel16:50
skyliner_369you know what'd be cool to do, but probably really hard to do if not impossible? put Ubuntu on like, an iPad. but chances are there's like, a t-2 chip on 64-bit iPads preventing the use of any OS other than apple's OS16:50
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zutatif it can run a version of dos it can run ubuntu right?16:54
tomreynassuming there are drivers for all the hardware, probably so.16:56
skyliner_369well, canonical is deprecating all x86 support. so that would reign less true in the time to come16:56
skyliner_369but I'm pretty sure ARM distros will work fine on ARM machines16:57
skyliner_369though bit depth matching will probably be of ARM as well.16:58
jayjoI just upgraded to ubuntu 20.04, and now a system service I have is not able to be stopped: sudo service pcscd stop > Warning: Stopping pcscd.service, but it can still be activated by: pcscd.socket - the service is always running in the backround. Is there a better way to temporarily stop a system service?17:00
lotuspsychje!info stacer | jayjo17:02
ubottujayjo: stacer (source: stacer): Linux system optimizer and monitoring. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.0-3 (focal), package size 706 kB, installed size 1706 kB17:02
lotuspsychjejayjo: there's a tab to manage systemd services in stacer, you could try if you can bypass your error17:03
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gregor3000just a quick check - ryzen 5 3500u (the mobile APU) is fuilly supported by HWE stack in 18.04, right?17:04
gregor3000or at least 20.0417:04
lotuspsychjegregor3000: im affraid we cant generalize statements for every ryzen system to run smooth out of the box17:05
lotuspsychjegregor3000: best is to liveusb test first on your specific hardware/model/hardware combo to see if you produce bugs or not17:05
gregor3000i know. there are other things involved. i am checkign them one by one. the 3200U seems to be supported (as i found info on mintforums)17:06
gregor3000i am trying to decide on machine i saw online.17:06
jayjoI'll look into stacer a bit, looks like a cool tool. But now when I look at `service --status-all` I can see `[ - ]  pcscd` - but it's still running. Is there a way to see if something more than a .socket file is triggering it?17:07
lotuspsychje!hardware | gregor3000 see also17:08
ubottugregor3000 see also: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection17:08
neureIs there a way to set login screen wallpaper?17:10
quadrathoch2gregor3000, especially with laptops, it's really hard to say if it works or not, as the oem manufacturer could theoretically wire some chips differently and so it doesn't work 100%17:11
gregor3000if hw-probe says detected, does that mean the hw will work or just that it's detected?17:16
masonneure: Should happen per-user, or you can set it manually. Depends on your display manager.17:17
masonmaret: I set my kids up with LightDM and XFCE, and it passes along their backgrounds so each user gets the right one.17:17
neuremason, sorry, please explain me how per-user login wallpaper makes sense, when no-one has yet logged in when I get to the login screen..?17:18
neureI can change the normal per-user wallpaper fine17:18
masonneure: As noted, depends on your display manager. LightDM, for instance, lets you have a user list on-screen, and one of them will be selected.17:18
neurebut I'd like to change the login wallpaper as well17:18
neureI have whatever ubuntu uses by default17:19
masonThat's probably gdm recently. Used to be LightDM.17:19
masonSo, I guess it depends on what version of Ubuntu you're running.17:19
neureso how do I change login screen wallpaper in gdm?17:19
masonI don't use GDM, so I'm not sure. That said, this is a good place to ask. Someone will know.17:20
masonneure: If you want to research it, it probably still involves "AccountsService" although they might have moved on.17:25
neureI prefer not to run some random shell script though17:28
neurereading the source it seems to do a bit more than couple of lines :/17:28
gregor3000does nvidia prime now fully work in ubuntu? i just found dell with Ubuntu preloaded. At first i though it only has nvidia GPU + intel CPU, but it looks liek the intel CPU also has a GPU chip since it's  core i5-1035G117:30
coconutgregor3000, works for me (not a Dell) on ubuntu-mate 20.0417:33
gregor3000coconut: manual switch when you need it? or is it auto swithing?17:34
neureoh, gnome tweaks can change the lock screen wallpaper17:34
coconutgregor3000, you mean that the "on demand" setting is the config to auto switch? I have not checked, not do i know how to check it... Manually switching does seem to work ok.17:37
SquarismLol. Creating a launcher button for a shell script surely requires you to be a hacker17:46
neurehow do I find what package contains a specific file?17:52
neureis there only query somewhere?17:52
neureI'm looking for package with `libavutil/opt.h`17:53
tomreynneure: apt-file17:53
tomreynor https://packages.ubuntu.com (community maintained, may noit be perfect)17:53
tomreynif you think it's a package you already have installed: dpkg -S17:54
neureno, I don't have the package installed17:54
neureI want to install package which provides the file17:54
tangaroradoes anyone know how to mount an external disk device wiht some lvm on it? It used to be the bood drive of an old laptop...17:55
neureapt-file requires sudo?17:55
tangarora"disks" identifies it as a physical lvm.17:55
neureE: Could not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (13: Permission denied)17:55
tangarorait does not show up in lvdisplay17:55
tomreynneure: it does for updating the cache17:55
tangaroraI am lost here17:55
tangaroraIts an lvm but it does not show in lvmdisplay...17:56
tomreyntangarora: try pvscan, lvmdiskscan, pvs, vgs, lvs17:56
tangaroratomeyn: ok17:57
tangaroraah ok17:57
tangaroraPV /dev/sde1               VG ubuntu-vg       lvm2 [698.63 GiB / 0    free]17:58
tangaroranow how to mount it...17:58
tomreyntangarora: so you have a physical volume, which is like a disk, and a volume group, hwich is a bit like a raid array, and in there should be logical volumes (lv). run pvs, vgs, lvs17:59
tomreynthose logical volumes will contain what you are looking for17:59
tangaroragot it... mounted using the logical volume name...18:02
tangarorathat worked18:02
KokpitHello here, my GPU fan is start and stop immediately, frequently. it's happens when the edge temperature become 52 celsius degrees. I want to change the trigger to 53 celsuis degrees, how do I implement it? I'm using ubuntu 18.0418:09
tomreynmost of the time, manually handling fan control is not a good idea, since doing it wrong can easily mean you burn the hardware. if there is driver support in the first place.18:11
tomreynthis said, i'd look for firmware updates first of all (for at least dedicated graphics cards those usually need to be applied on windows)18:12
gregor3000kernel update will update the drivers for newer hadrware (you can update kernel in 18.04 using Ubuntu HWE stack).18:15
ikarus987how do i check if ufw is enabled ?18:20
ikarus987which is a firewall18:20
gregor3000ikarus987: on desktop? there should be an icon for gufw or what si it called. otherwise oyu enable it by sudo ufw enable.18:23
gregor3000gufw: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Gufw18:23
jeremy31ikarus987: in terminal>  sudo ufw status18:23
elias_aWhy do GUI apps using SSH not work out of the box in 20.04? Trying to make a ssh connection with Nautilus fails, so does Déja-dup backup. Checked with live-usb - same thing.18:31
elias_aIs there some new security feature I don't know of?18:31
tomreynelias_a: what'S the error message you get?18:35
tomreynand are you able to connect on the CLI?18:35
ikarus987guys i am in rough state of mind :( i fallowed these steps 1 by 1 https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Linux_dedicated_server#Create_a_shell_script_to_run_the_server  and according to when i run the server, server seem to be running just fine but i cant connect to it :( i checked even this command 'sudo netstat -tulpn | grep LISTEN' and its listening to the right address18:37
ubuntuuserhey im trying to make a usb bootable from ubuntu for kali linux but the app keeps saying it fails18:40
ubuntuuserstartup disk18:40
ubuntuuseralso tried on windows no luck18:49
ducasseubuntuuser: just use dd18:54
ubuntuusergo on?18:55
ducasseubuntuuser: https://askubuntu.com/questions/372607/how-to-create-a-bootable-ubuntu-usb-flash-drive-from-terminal18:56
dsuchHello, I am using Ubuntu 18.04 - I am looking for the exact set of source code files that was used to buildPython 3.6.9 package.18:57
dsuchThe reason is that in my program I am getting this exception "SystemError: ../Objects/longobject.c:404: bad argument to internal function" and I would like to check what this line contains.18:57
dsuchCould someome please point me in the right direction? Thank you.18:58
dsuchI can find it here but I am not sure if the Ubuntu package does not contain any customisations https://github.com/python/cpython/releases/tag/v3.6.919:00
tomreyndsuch: there's no python 3.6.9 in 18.04 LTS19:05
dreamontomreyn, by the way. its a blender issue. blender2.82 works fine.19:06
ducassedsuch: if you add source lines to sources.list you can download source packages with apt, though19:06
tobraseems like I run into troubles with the 20.04 installer…seems unable to partition my disk.19:08
EriC^^tobra: type 'sudo parted -ls' and pastebin19:09
dsuchtomreyn: Somehow, I have Python 3.6.9 installed on the several Ubuntu 18.04 systems and I did not install anything from outside the default packages - that page ^^ is that what went into the release back in 2018 rather than what an upgrade today would install? Perhaps this is why it has only
dsuchducasse: Ah, thanks, that is a great idea.19:09
tobraEriC^^ https://paste.debian.net/1154273/19:10
dsuchtomreyn: Seems it here here https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=python3.619:10
EriC^^tobra: what happens in the installr19:11
elias_atomreyn: Permission denied. Nautilus does not ask for login credentials. I am able to open ssh session to the same server from terminal.19:11
ducassedsuch: you should be able to enable source repos from the software & updates gui19:11
ducassethen just 'apt source packagename'19:12
dsuchducasse: Yes, I understand it, this is good.19:12
tobraEriC^^ Errno 5 io-error19:12
tobra(after I tell the system to wipe my drive and use it to install)19:13
tomreyndsuch: ah, sorry, that was me being dumb. so 3.6.9 it is19:13
tomreynit's just the meta package having this lower version19:14
EriC^^tobra: install smartmontools and run a smart test on the hdd19:14
EriC^^tobra: sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda19:14
ducassetomreyn: io error generally indicates a hardware problem, try to find out with which device19:15
ducassetobra: ^^19:15
ducassesorry tomreyn :)19:15
tobraEriC^^ SMART Error Log Version: 1No Errors Logged19:15
tomreynhehe, no problem there19:15
tomreyndsuch: also note the "Download Source Package" links in the right column at https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic-updates/python3.619:16
EriC^^tobra: type 'sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | nc termbin.com 9999'19:16
tomreyndreamon: thanks for reporting back.19:17
tomreynelias_a: i'd look for an existing bug report about this, and if you can't find one, file one.19:17
EriC^^tobra: looks clean19:19
EriC^^maybe the usb you're installing from is bad?19:19
EriC^^tobra: are you letting it do the integrity verfication when ubuntu boots, or skipping it?19:19
tobraEriC^^not impossible. but self-check ran through alright.19:19
elias_atomreyn: Thanks. Will do. :)19:20
tobraI ran it before I rebooted into this attempt. this time I skipped it19:20
tobra(forgut to plug in the hdd and had to reboot ;-))19:20
tobrafirst time it self checked without complaints19:20
EriC^^tobra: ok, try to create a fresh partition table using gdisk19:21
tobraon the hdd?19:21
EriC^^tobra: sudo gdisk /dev/sda    then press "o" then "w"   , yeah if you want to erase the hdd's contents and have ubuntu instead on it only19:21
tobrayeah… can’t deactivate lvm there. doesn’ŧ let me.19:21
EriC^^tobra: you should be able to write stuff to the partition table19:22
EriC^^tobra: try sudo gdisk /dev/sda19:22
tobra(was running gparted)19:22
tobraand now? I try the installer again?19:24
tobrahm… same error.19:25
tobramaybe rerun the stick’s self-test?19:27
tobraor make it again? checksum of the distro works out at least, so I’d be surprised if that’d be an issue, given that it runs and boots alright as well.19:28
EriC^^tobra: did you do the "o" in gdisk followed by "w"19:28
tobraEriC^^ yeah: https://paste.debian.net/1154275/19:28
EriC^^tobra: ok try rebooting the live usb so everything's fresh, lvm, partition table etc19:29
tobralsblk is now like this:19:29
tobrasda                   8:0    0   2.7T  0 disk ├─sda1                8:1    0     1M  0 part ├─sda2                8:2    0   513M  0 part └─sda3                8:3    0   2.7T  0 part   ├─vgubuntu-root   253:0    0   2.7T  0 lvm  /target  └─vgubuntu-swap_1 253:1    0   976M  0 lvm  [SWAP]19:29
tobraguess I try the reboot19:30
tobracya & thx already19:30
ikarus987Hi guys how do i run ? game server19:31
ikarus987in the background19:31
ikarus987so i can switch user and do something else19:31
ikarus987at the moment when i run the game server i have to keep that terminal on if try to do control+z then bg19:32
ikarus987the server shuts down19:32
dsuchducasse: tomreyn Ok, thanks a lot, bye.19:34
ducasseikarus987: put a & after the command19:37
m0nk3y_b0yDoes anyone know why Youtube videos would play just fine in my Firefox (77.0.1) but Youtube livestreams won't play? (Ubuntu 20.04)19:41
quadrathoch2m0nk3y_b0y they use different codecs. make sure you have them installed (can't remember which ones)20:14
Jordan_Um0nk3y_b0y: What happens when you try to view the live streams?20:15
m0nk3y_b0yquadrathoch2: just installed ffmpeg, now trying to test but can't find a livestream20:22
m0nk3y_b0yJordan_U: giving me an error: "Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video."20:23
m0nk3y_b0ythen I go to the link and it says my browser is fine20:23
m0nk3y_b0yif anyone has a livestream from a youtuber thats currently going where they are on cam talking live (not playing a video) let me know20:24
Jordan_Um0nk3y_b0y: Can you watch this link in Firefox: https://s3.amazonaws.com/senkorasic.com/test-media/video/caminandes-llamigos/caminandes_llamigos_1080p.mp4 ?20:25
m0nk3y_b0yJordan_U: its prompting me to download it20:25
Jordan_Um0nk3y_b0y: Does it prompt you to download this also: https://s3.amazonaws.com/senkorasic.com/test-media/video/caminandes-llamigos/caminandes_llamigos_720p.webm ?20:26
m0nk3y_b0yJordan_U: no that one works20:26
Jordan_Um0nk3y_b0y: OK, so you need h.264 support . I'm not sure what packages provide that for Firefox off hand, but you probably want support for it in other areas as well.20:27
Jordan_Um0nk3y_b0y: What version of Ubuntu are you using?20:28
m0nk3y_b0yJordan_U: I read the same thing in another spot and they said to install ffmpeg for that... I did that but I guess its still not working20:28
m0nk3y_b0yJordan_U:  20.0420:28
quadrathoch2m0nk3y_b0y 'sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras' should have that codec20:29
m0nk3y_b0yquadrathoch2: I'll try20:29
Jordan_Um0nk3y_b0y: That package will also install other software, some of which is proprietary. You may or may not want that. The only thing that I would expect you might object to in that metapackage is Adobe Flash plugin.20:31
Ann1caHow does ansi color numbers work?20:33
m0nk3y_b0yJordan_U: I restarted my browser and retried the mp4 link and it works now, I think the ffmpeg install worked I just forgot to restart the browser20:34
Ann1caTrying to custimize colors for a BBS. SHould be  colors in numbers betwen 0  an d 255 I think. But what number is what color  ??20:34
Jordan_Um0nk3y_b0y: Or maybe it doesn't actually install flash on 20.04 and the description of the package just needs to be updated.20:34
Jordan_Um0nk3y_b0y: Great!20:34
m0nk3y_b0yJordan_U: but I installed the ubuntu-restricted-extras then apt-get removed it before I restarted firefox ... not sure if it left some stuff which makes it work now20:35
m0nk3y_b0yassuming it was all removed20:35
tomreynyes, that's why. you installed the gstreamer* packages this way, and those were needed20:35
Jordan_Um0nk3y_b0y: Just removing the metapackage will do effectively nothing, as all of its dependencies are still installed and they're the packages that actually "do things".20:36
Jordan_U!metapackage | m0nk3y_b0y20:36
ubottum0nk3y_b0y: A meta-package is a package that simply depends upon other packages and brings them in. It's not a real package, but a very useful package that can drag in other package versions.20:36
m0nk3y_b0ytomreyn: you mean from the ubuntu-restricted-extras ?20:37
tomreynm0nk3y_b0y: yes. you can see what happened in /var/log/apt/history.log. on the very bottom you'll see oyu installed the meta pakcgae and all the other packages it depends on, then you removed just the meta package20:38
tomreynyou can run    less /var/log/apt/history.log    to view the file, then press 'G' to go to the end.20:39
tomreyn'q' to quit the viewer20:39
tomreynJordan_U: sorry for jumping in there20:39
m0nk3y_b0yok guess I'm good then20:41
m0nk3y_b0ythanks for the help from you guys20:42
ikarus987Hi guys i am renting baremetal server. And i am about to do something that i am not sure it works so if something to happen i wanna be able to revert back20:42
ikarus987is there a snapshot or some sort?.. that i can setup20:43
tomreynikarus987: there's lvm snapshotting, btrfs, zfs snapshotting. there is a software called 'timeshift' and some others (https://askubuntu.com/questions/647495/which-is-most-timemachine-like-backup-program-for-ubuntu) which try to make this user friendly.20:47
tomreynpersonallly i prefer OS + configuration deployment via ansible, puppet, and infrastructure as code. but those are all somewhat advanced topics, as is the snapshot + restore process.20:49
m0nk3y_b0ygot another issue, randomly firefox tabs will bring the app volume all the way to 0 .... earlier I set media.default_volume to 10.0 and medium.volume_scale to 3.0 in about:config to keep it from resetting to medium volume20:50
m0nk3y_b0ywhich works, but now it randomly resets volume to 020:50
m0nk3y_b0ynot sure if anyone knows about that20:50
m0nk3y_b0ywhat I mean by it works is when I open and close firefox my app volume remains where I left it (which didnt happen before)... but then through the course of using the browser it will randomly set the app volume to 020:52
tionebrr[m]Hello folks.20:53
tionebrr[m]Got a weird issue here.20:53
tionebrr[m]wired LAN not working after a reboot.20:53
tionebrr[m]ubuntu server 18.0420:53
tomreynm0nk3y_b0y: there is a dedicated mozilla irc network, maybe you'll have better luck with such specific questions there.20:54
tionebrr[m]If anyone as an idea... don't know where to start troubleshooting.20:54
tomreyntionebrr[m]: in your logs. journalctl -b20:55
bparkerOMG. I did crontab -r by mistake instead of screen -r20:56
bparkerand now my huge crontab has vanished without warning20:56
bparkeris there any way to recover it ??20:56
tomreyntionebrr[m]: is this 18.04 fully updated? which kernel version are you running according to    cat /proc/version   ?20:56
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tomreynbparker: restore your backup of the relevant file(s) in /var/spool/cron20:57
tionebrr[m]tomreyn, I wish I could update, no network heh :P20:58
tionebrr[m]tomreyn 4.1520:58
tomreyntionebrr[m]: how are you accessing + managing this server? are you physically close to it, with keyboard and screen?20:59
tionebrr[m]I'm on it20:59
tionebrr[m]And live key working20:59
tomreynor maybe you can provide it with an alternative network connection, such as wired tethering21:00
bparkertomreyn: gee thanks that really helps. if I had a backup I wouldn't be asking21:00
tionebrr[m]Yeah I'll try to get wifi up21:00
bparkerwhy on earth does it default to NOT asking for confirmation??21:00
tomreynif it was that important you would probably have installed it in /etc/cron.d/ (and would have backups).21:02
tomreyndepending on the filesystem it is you might be able to do a full text search to recover the file21:03
tomreynthat's if you remember some of the contents21:03
bparkerit was a user crontab so no it's not in /etc21:04
bparkerI tried extundelete but it requires the filesystem be UNMOUNTED for some crazy reason21:04
bparkereven if the result isn't being written to the same fs21:04
bparkerand if I had to unmount it, it would cause even more writes and damage whatever might still be there21:04
bparkercause I have a bunch of open files and programs21:05
tomreyntestdisk contains photorec21:06
tomreynthere's also ext3grep, scalpel, and some others in the forensics-all meta package21:07
tomreyni don't think any of those will work on a mounted file system, though21:08
ikarus987why isn't timeshift ? in the ubuntu repository21:19
ikarus987....it seems like important app21:19
tionebrr[m]okay guys21:23
tionebrr[m]ensp5 and wlan mod seems to be loaded, but network-manager is not running and not found*21:23
tionebrr[m]I only see the local loopback on ifconfig21:24
tionebrr[m]can't see wlan in /dev also but not sure if normal21:24
tomreyni don't think ubuntu server has all the parts needed to set up a wireless lan connection installed by default.21:30
tionebrr[m]Everything is working fine on a live key. Any idea21:31
tomreyn(but not *really* sure there)21:31
tomreynubuntu server uses systemd-networkd + netplan by default, not network-manager21:31
tionebrr[m]Yeah I guess you're right21:32
jeremy31tionebrr[m]: might want to see if linux-modules-extra is installed21:32
tionebrr[m]okay will check status of those21:32
tionebrr[m]It was working before a reboot21:32
jeremy31tionebrr[m]: that is where the wifi drivers come from21:32
tionebrr[m]Really... Was on ssh (wired), sudo reboot now, bye bye21:33
tionebrr[m]and never came back21:33
tionebrr[m]module extra is here21:34
jeremy31tionebrr[m]: check in terminal>  rfkill list21:34
jeremy31it might be blocked21:34
tionebrr[m]I'm trying to get the wired connection up again, not the wifi21:35
tionebrr[m]rfkill is not installed21:35
tionebrr[m]weird thing in dmesg eth0 pointer is 0x<blank space>21:36
tionebrr[m]mac looks alright on the same line21:37
jeremy31tionebrr[m]: Is it the r8168 ethernet device?21:38
tionebrr[m]8169 actually21:39
tionebrr[m]I see both interface (wlan and eth) on ethtool21:40
jeremy31tionebrr[m]: You might need the r8168-dkms package21:40
tionebrr[m]okay will try21:41
tionebrr[m]but yeah, no network heh :P21:42
jeremy31tionebrr[m]: you might want to look into how to chroot from a Live ISO with working networking to update21:42
tomreynor do the tethering21:44
tionebrr[m]got eth to appear in ifconfig with 'sudo ifconfig ensp5s0 up' command21:44
tionebrr[m]I don't understand how rebooting a system can lead to that21:44
Jordan_Utomreyn: (Reply to your "sorry for jumping in" comment from a while ago). No apology needed. You solved their problem and I just added a little context for what they might be, but weren't, concerned about. Seems like restricted-extras was exactly what they wanted, and will get them codec support for all of their apps rather than just some.21:45
tionebrr[m]Thank you guys, I don't have time to troubleshoot this in depth (as it looks like it is not a widely known problem).21:47
tionebrr[m]I'll just gather the data and crush the partition with another os.21:47
tionebrr[m]Thanks again 🙂21:47
bumblefuzzI just tried to install ubuntu mate and selected full disk encryption21:59
bumblefuzznow, when I try to boot the machine just restarts21:59
bumblefuzzit only flashes some text briefly, so briefly that I can't read it22:00
bumblefuzzany idea why I get an immediate reboot instead of a working install?22:00
elias_atomreyn: There was not anything exactly alike so I filed a bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/188545922:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1885459 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "Nautilus does not ask for ssh login credentials" [Undecided,New]22:05
elias_aFeel free to replicate it. I hope I am wrong about this. ;-)22:06
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bumblefuzzdo you have an ssh key listed in the authorized_keys file?22:14
ikarus987is timeshift a gui only????22:14
ikarus987because i am trying to image ubuntu server version. i managed to install the timeshift. then i look around how to use it22:15
ikarus987and its only in GUI the tutorials22:15
elias_abumblefuzz: Apparently yes - at least in the installed system - as I am able to log in with SSH from CLI.22:19
bumblefuzznautilus is probably not asking for credentials because it already has them (in the form of an authorized ssh key)22:20
bumblefuzzcomment the key from the authorized list and try to use nautilus and see if it asks for a password22:21
elias_aThe same behaviour happens also with Deja-Dup.22:22
elias_abumblefuzz: And Nautilus on a freshly booted Live version does not connect with ssh.22:24
elias_aI think there's something broken that cause all GUI sw to fail when using ssh or sftp. I have to admit it is really odd this been not been reported so far if this really is a bug.22:28
bumblefuzzI'm trying to install ubuntu with FDE and I can't get my system to boot22:32
bumblefuzzit just reboots immediately22:32
bumblefuzzdoesn't even make it to password prompt22:33
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alexreliselias_a: Do you happen to have Google Authenticator configured for SSH authentication? I don't believe Nautilus supports it yet.23:23
alexrelisKey/Password-based auth should work though.23:23
nsaundersis there a slack channel for ubuntu to join?23:52

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