jkasha Hi looking for help. :)  My DAW was working great.  After an Ubuntu update and reboot, qjackctl stopped seeing my USB-sound card (a Soundcraft MTK12).  Going crazy to understand why.  Doesn't appear in "readable" or "writable" clients in qjackctl Connections.  But the USB sound device does appear when I do aplay -l.  Ubuntu 19.10.  Pulse routed into jack.  Used to work great.  Ideas?03:33
tomreynjkasha: 19.10 is about to loose support anyways, i'd just upgrade to 20.04 and look into solving it there IF it's still an issue.08:29
jkashathank you Tomreyn.  I will try that.10:30
tomreynyou're welcome :)10:33
jkashaTomreyn - I upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04, but I am still having same problem ... qjackctl does not list my USB soundcard (which is a Soundcraft MTK mixer/interface) in the readable/writable audio clients.  It was working perfectly until yesterday.  Upgrade to 20.04 seems not to have changed anything :(12:43
jkashaAny ideas, Tomreyn or anyone?  Thank you!12:43
jkashahi sending S.O.S. again in case anyone can help!  My sound card (a USB-interface) stopped appearing in readable/writable clients in qjackctl.  Seems to have happend after an unnounced kernel upgrade.  I upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04 to see if it would help, but did not.  Any ideas?  Thank you!!!13:41
jkasha... btw ... Linux recognizes the device is there.  It is listed when I do "aplay -l"13:42
jkashaseems to be a jack or qjackctl or d-bus or jack dbus or something....13:42
tomreynjkasha: sorry, i missed your messages here16:25
tomreynhmm, i'm afraid i won't be able to help there, i really have no clue about audio interfaces16:26
tomreynnor about jack(d) really16:26
tomreynif you can stay around for longer, i bet someone else will jump in. also see the /topic for more suggestion son how to find help16:27
jkashathank you.  appreciate your help so far.  Hopefully someone else will come to my rescue!16:31
jkashabtw - a friend with a similar setup just told me he is also having similar problems.  Is it possible something went wrong for many people?  Anyone else having trouble reaching their usb-audio interface in qjackctl?  not appearing as readable/writable client?17:33
tomreynsince you say you upgraded to 20.04, i assume this can be relevant: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseNotes/UbuntuStudio https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/UbuntuStudioControls18:18
OvenWerksjkasha: in a terminal (all one line): cd /tmp && wget https://community.ardour.org/files/adevices.sh && bash ./adevices.sh |pastebinit18:56
jkashaOvernwerks - just did.  Thx for any help you can give!19:40
jkashaThe device I want to use is the MTK.  It has 14 ins/outs.  It worked fine, until Fri.19:41
OvenWerksWheres the URL that should have given?20:13
OvenWerksI am at a loss as to why qjackctl can't see that. Have you tried ubuntustudio-controls for running jack?20:17
OvenWerksBTW we have found that a rm ~/.config/jack/conf.xml after having run qjackctl can be helpful20:20
jkashathx.  i just did rm etc.  but still same.20:21
jkashacould it have smthg to do with dbus or jack d-bus?  i get rather confused...20:22
OvenWerksin ubuntustudio-controls->audiosetup->jack master settings->USB device that should be Master ..... you can't find your device?20:23
OvenWerks-controls uses the same way for finding devices as the script you used to produce the URL above.20:23
jkashaI find the device in "USB device that should be Master", and I have it selected20:24
OvenWerksok and then start jack button20:24
OvenWerksThen there is a button that says Carla20:25
OvenWerkswhen Carla opens, there is a tab called patchbay20:26
OvenWerkssystem:capture and playback shold be your USB device20:27
jkashaIt only shows "system", which is only 2 channels, whereas my device (MTK) is 14ins/12outs (or vice versa).  And I tried to see if that even corresponds to the first two inputs on my device ... it doesn't.20:28
OvenWerksok what does the script above show now?20:28
jkashaWhen it used to work, in qjackctl, my device was listed as "system," but had all the inputs & outputs and worked.20:28
OvenWerksI understand20:28
OvenWerksI am trying to figure out what happened20:29
jkashawhich script?  sorry i'm confused. :)20:29
jkasha cd /tmp && wget https://community.ardour.org/files/adevices.sh && bash ./adevices.sh |pastebinit20:29
OvenWerks/tmp/adevices.sh |pastebinit20:29
OvenWerkswell it is your device for sure.... but why only two chanels20:30
OvenWerksOh!, I see it.20:31
OvenWerksmaybe not.20:31
jkashait appeared difftly in the earlier version.... what changed20:32
OvenWerksanything above 48k is for bats20:32
OvenWerksjackdbus is now running20:32
jkashathat was there by default.  maybe that was the problem?20:32
jkashachanging to 48k, which is what i always use.20:32
OvenWerksyou will have to restart Carla after hitting the apply audio settings button20:33
jkashado you recommend Carla over qjackctl?20:33
OvenWerksmany devices change chanel count with SR20:34
OvenWerkspersonally I don't care :) but ubuntustudio policy is that Carla is the way forward20:34
OvenWerksand Caitia when that shows up20:34
jkashaStill not showing the channels.  Will do that script again.  And btw - (if you know) in qjackctl, there is a setting for frames/period just below SR (48k)... not sure what that is.  It's set to 64, but not sure if that's good.20:35
OvenWerksI would stay away from using qjckctl to start jack, but the connections panel is still just fine20:35
OvenWerks64 should be fine...20:36
OvenWerksThat looks like you started it with qjckctl.20:38
jkashai'll restart from pulse and do again.20:39
OvenWerksassuming so... under advanced in settings20:39
OvenWerksthere is a "Channels I/O"20:39
OvenWerksis that set to 2 by chance?20:40
jkashano it's on default20:40
OvenWerksAh, yes if jack is stopped,20:40
OvenWerkspavucontrol may be able to set chanels20:41
OvenWerkspavucontrol->Configureation-><your device> drop down may show more than one chanel setup20:42
jkashaso should I set that while Jack is stopped in qjackctl?  And if so, I presume I should set it to the correct number of ins/outs, right?20:42
OvenWerksif jack is running pavucontrol may not have access20:43
jkashaok.  i'll try in qjackctl, because I'm more familiar, unless you think it's important i use pavucontrol?20:43
OvenWerksyou have to use pavucontrol I think20:43
OvenWerksUnless there is a switch/control right on your device that can change number of chanels20:44
jkashayou're not gonna believe this... i just changed the usb cable and it's working.  it's the one i was using all along.  when it stopped worked, i put in a newer longer one.  i just put the older, short one back, and boom! my 14/12 channels are back.20:47
jkashai'll do some tests to see if it actually works.  sorry to have taken up so much of your time.  much appreciate your help.  i'll let you know after I test.20:48
OvenWerksIf you are used to qjackctl feel free to keep using it20:48
OvenWerkson the advanced page I would change the "Port Maximum" to 102420:49
OvenWerks(default is 2048 but qjackctl doesn't seem to allow that)20:49
OvenWerksI think that is it for the advanced page20:49
OvenWerksIn general the default settings are good20:50
jkashaThank you so much!!!20:51
OvenWerksyou're welcome20:51
jkashai'm getting weird behavior nonetheless.  :(  i'm going to reboot and see if that helps.21:01
jkashaYoutube doesn't play correctly now.  for whatever reason, it was working before i did the Port Max change.  now it doesn't work, even when i set it back.21:07
jkashaor i should say, youtube won't play media.  the MTK device is there and the channels are correct.21:07
jkashaOvenwerks ... now i can't even start jack... :(  I get an error that says "D-BUS: Jack server could not be started."21:19
jkashamy head is looping!21:19

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