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jphilipsbluesabre: people having issues caused by screensaver waiting 30 seconds before going to sleep - https://askubuntu.com/questions/1233858/xubuntu-20-04-suspend-waits-30-seconds15:38
jphilipsafter fiddling with the default settings of the lock screen tab of screensaver, its now happening to me. lol16:31
jphilipsbug filed - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-screensaver/+bug/188544417:36
ubot93Launchpad bug 1885444 in xfce4-screensaver (Ubuntu) "Suspend/sleep waits 30 seconds" [Undecided, New]17:36
jphilipsi noticed that when the login screen appears after suspend the panel doesn't appear at the top for atleast a minute, and wondered what do i file this against17:39
jphilipsbluesabre: congrats on the new bot :D21:45
bluesabreBeen working on getting that planet put together for the last couple days :)21:46
jphilipswas wondering why xfce didn't have one up for it21:46
jphilipsi'm follower number 2 :D21:46
jphilipsyou beat me to follower number 121:47
bluesabreUnit193: I have a new planet site that will post uploads to xubuntu-related debian packages, https://planet.bluesabre.org/ :)21:47
bluesabreala https://imgur.com/o9p4r9i.png21:47
bluesabreand associated twitter-rss bot https://twitter.com/PlanetBluesabre21:48

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