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xu-irc88wHi all12:51
LLIypukwould somebody please verify one issue regarding xubuntu 20.04 ?14:42
coconutLLIypuk, i do not have xubuntu available here, but please say14:44
LLIypukfsck.mode=skip kernel parameter gets ignored14:44
coconutLLIypuk, i am just waiting just like you14:48
LLIypukcoconut, waiting for what?14:49
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professor-mad-dohello i have problem with videos tearing in xubuntu20:20
professor-mad-doany help20:21
well_laid_lawnprofessor-mad-do: which vid card do you have ?20:24
well_laid_lawnturned compositing off ?20:24
professor-mad-dowell_laid_lawn, intel graphic20:25
well_laid_lawnis the tearing with compositing on /20:28
professor-mad-dowell_laid_lawn, yes20:29
professor-mad-dowell_laid_lawn, i add this line to xorg.conf20:30
professor-mad-doOption "TearFree" "true"20:30
professor-mad-dobut now every boot i get a little display  error in the wallpaper20:30
professor-mad-dobut the tearing gone20:30
well_laid_lawnyou might need to hae the intel driver use UXA instead of the default SNA20:34
professor-mad-dowell_laid_lawn, how can i do that20:35
professor-mad-doim a beginner in linux20:35
professor-mad-docan you explain me please the steps20:35
well_laid_lawnafter turning off compositing that's the next thing I would try20:38
professor-mad-dowell_laid_lawn, do you think that could solve my problem20:41
well_laid_lawnhard to tell from here but afaik it is the next thing to try20:44
Xarizzarsorry about that23:55

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