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IrcsomeBot<darltrash> is that what i think it is?01:17
Grayi have a question. does kubuntu use snap or apt? i've heard people dislike snap and im used to apt but i would assume it uses snap unless i use an older version?02:33
oerheks(K)Ubuntu uses apt and snap.02:34
Graythank you02:35
expectoidhello all! i recently got my reloadable credit card fruaded out for 80$. and im wondering if it might be that my computer is compromised can someone help me check. iv gone through the logs but im not to good at reading them. i didnt find anything to suspicous when i looked through bash history and authentication logs on first glance. but maybe someone could help me out and teach me acouple of things03:05
expectoidi realize it could have even been a compromised merchant as well but i just wanna check my comp to be sure03:06
expectoidi did have an open port on the computer it was a printer service but i disallowed it through ufw03:08
DragnslcrHighly unlikely to be a problem with your system03:09
DragnslcrIt's possible that it was from a security issue in the web browser or on a web page03:10
expectoidi thought so too.. and yes i also thought that as well03:11
expectoidill just install an ids to be safe and see if anything happens then03:12
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BluesKaj'Morning all11:36
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user|29192Has Kubuntu Firewall?15:31
BluesKajuser|29192, yes ufw/iptables15:34
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Roeywhy won'tmy bluetooth speaker connect to my sytem?17:40
IrcsomeBot<Mateus Witeck> Is there any TTS for okular in portuguese?18:40
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user|51585I have a kubuntu 18.04 / 20.04, Intel Atom Quad Core, 4 Gb RAM.  The bios and os are up to date.  Does anyone know why restart / power off hang/freeze?19:09
tomreynnot really, but seeing the logs might give it away19:11
diogenes_user|51585, only with Kubuntu?19:11
user|51585I think it only with Kubuntu. Windows and Ubuntu power off / restart ok.19:11
user|51585The shutdown Kubuntu logo does not pulse and the keyboard does not seem responsive either.19:12
diogenes_user|51585, try with a live Kubuntu USB Drive and see if it shuts down there correctly.19:13
th4ntisWhen you go to shut down and see the logo, press F2, do you get anything on screen? Usually mine shows services stopping and etc before it hits shutdown19:13
user|51585ok will try19:13
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user|51585I will try the F2 idea now19:15
user|51585F2 did not work, it locks right as the kubuntu screen comes up19:18
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user|51585by the way, which logs would indicate what is happening?19:19
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tomreynuser|51585: journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999919:28
AkonadiServerProHi. Every time I close the system, the latest version of Kubuntu, I get an error message that "Akonadi Server unexpectedly closed". Everything related to Akonadi, mail, notes, etc. works well; it's just that. Is there any solution for the program to close correctly? Thanks.19:29
tomreynRunning    akonadictl start    on a temrinal should provide some logs19:35
tomreynAkonadiServerPro: ^19:35
tomreynthere may also be logs in ~/.local/share/akonadi19:35
AkonadiServerProIn that folder I only find an Akonadi.error file, I don't see logs19:40
AkonadiServerProwith "akonadictl start"... "Akonadi is already running". run ok dont problem with that, the problem is when I close the system19:41
Roeycan someone help me figure out why i can't get this bluetooth speaker connecting to my system?  I see in the Bluetooth applet in KDE Plasma, it says "No Adapters available" even though I see it in /var/log/syslog when I connect it (the bluetooth adapter; I'm trying to connect my bluetooth speaker to it)19:44
tomreynAkonadiServerPro: by "close the system", do you mean shutdown/power down, or do you mean suspend (to RAM)?19:46
AkonadiServerProclose it normaly, shutdown19:47
tomreynhmm, unless you can find something in    journalctl -b    which helps identify the root cause, you could just file a bug, i guess19:49
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.19:49
tomreynAkonadiServerPro: i guess the "Akonadi.error" file is the log i was referring to.19:55
tomreyndid you look at it?19:55
AkonadiServerProif i use "akonadictl stop" command from konsole it returns the same error19:56
AkonadiServerProAkonaki.error on pastebin... https://pastebin.com/gyM7nAJG19:59
tomreynAkonadiServerPro: hmm this doesn't exactly hint on what's going wrong either. i suggest you file a bug.20:06
Roeyhey anyone here nkow bluetooth on kubuntu?20:08
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> All my bluetooth devices work without any special setup (PC to PC, pc to LG Headphones, Pixel 3 to PC).20:12
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IrcsomeBot<Tkt même pas> Sup ladies21:52
IrcsomeBot<Tkt même pas> You ever installed kubuntu on a macbook? A friend of mine want me to install linux on his since it's not supported anymore. Is it as simple as it is for other pc?21:57
tomreynnot as easy, apple makes it difficult on purpose22:00
tomreynbut there are many guides on the web.22:00
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> ^what Tom said^22:00
tomreynwith some models it can work, with some it wont work at all, i think22:00
IrcsomeBot<Tkt même pas> @DarinMiller, Thank you for your answer22:02
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> I installed Kubuntu on a Macbook air about 6 years ago using a random guide.  (Received MBA as anniversary gift from my company). The big difference was enabling the boot loader to manage the multi-boots (assuming dual boot).  I eventually removed the Linux partition and sold the it. The removal was also straight forward/painless using the linux live boot partitioning sw.22:08
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> At the time, wine did not work very well on Mac, but wine has made much progress since then.  So not sure what to expect these days.22:10
IrcsomeBot<Tkt même pas> @DarinMiller, Cool company, for my birthday mine got me a chocolate box22:13
IrcsomeBot<Tkt même pas> Thanks for your experience. I'm not planning to use dual boot so I'll see how his mac will react22:15
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> 25 year anniversary gift, but generous gesture regardless.22:15
IrcsomeBot<Tkt même pas> @DarinMiller, Oh right, 25 years that's something big, indeed.  … Nowadays who can enter a company and hope to work there for the next 25 years... I'm glad for you22:18
fehnikhenlo frens22:23
fehnikgood riddance22:24
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