kc2bezflyback: lubuntu.me is the only official site.00:04
flybackah ok00:45
flybackdidn't know that00:45
flybackold celly 900 single core core2duo basically04:08
flybackinte gma450004:08
flybackit's handling 480 youtube fine04:08
flybackgoing to try 720 as soon as I install 60fps blocker04:08
flyback720p full screen broken it but not bad04:13
flybackI mean I been using linux since 1996 and I knew it's better sometimes than windows on old hw but this one was a shock04:37
flybackwonder if they fixed up the intel gpu accel04:37
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theosi need some help with my hp printer15:31
theoshplip drivers installed very well on 18.04 but not at all on a fresh install of 20.0415:32
theosfor some reason, hp-setup cant detect the usb printer. lsusb and lpstat show it15:33
diogenes_theos, re-install hplip?15:33
theosdiogenes_ i did many times. even tried it on a live usb. but it still cant detect the printer15:33
theoslubuntu detects it and adds it in the printers app but it needs hplip-plugin to work15:34
theosi tried many versions from the hp website but none can detect it on 20.0415:35
diogenes_theos, maybe you need hplip version from 18.04, compare the versions.15:35
theosi had 18.04 before this and it was no problem to install this printer. even on 16.0415:36
theoshplip from 18.04 uses old apps like qt4. they have been upgraded on 20.0415:36
diogenes_also check for the driver on printer's website.15:37
theosi tried that too15:37
theosprobably the new driver doesnt support my printer but it should detect it15:37
theosthe hp website lists my printer model as supported15:38
theosthere are files in the installer for this model though. so it should be supported15:39
diogenes_no .deb available?15:40
theosdont mind my talkativeness. i have been frying my brain on this for many hours now. thinking of going back to 18.04 or switching to debian.15:40
theosthere are rpm and tar. tried both.15:41
theosthanks for helping16:01
theosone more thing16:01
theoswhy is the sound levels higher on live usb as compared to installed system?16:02
theossame settings in alsamixer16:02
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