mupBug #1885366 changed: maas 2.8.0 (stable snap) fails to initialize as a rackd <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1885366>07:29
adacreChanges of 8a5896136 making it in to 2.8?08:01
d0ugaladacre: no, I don't think we can backport a feature at this point I am afraid09:03
d0ugal2.8 has been released after all :)09:04
d0ugalWe just missed landing it in time09:04
adacrebum. will wait until 2.9 for our production deployment09:05
d0ugalSorry about that!09:28
adacreI'm just glad that we won't have to run a customised MAAS installation10:11
d0ugalAye, that wouldn't be fun10:23

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