lotuspsychjegood morning03:12
ducassegood morning03:41
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oerheksfor rasp-pi freaks, sudo snap install rpipress-downloader  https://github.com/artivis/rpipress-downloader06:51
lotuspsychjecool oerheks09:16
oerheksfollow https://twitter.com/snapstats_org on twitter to get the latest09:19
lotuspsychjeah didnt know that1 yet09:20
lotuspsychjejust twitter/ubuntu09:20
lotuspsychjewould be nice if snap had a latest command from terminal09:21
lotuspsychjei suggested it once but..09:21
oerheksVerified developers, a total of 73 developers, have published 361 Snaps.09:23
lotuspsychjesnaps going wild09:26
oerheksi like the ones who rant, because they heard *something*09:29
lotuspsychjetnx oerheks added their rss at ##techrss09:30
oerheksah nice, that is surely welcome09:30
oerheksspicing up marvin09:30
lotuspsychje6 latest snaps added09:30
DarkTrickI would like to suggest a UI change. I wrote it up here: https://pastebin.com/Bj17Zuyp15:21
DarkTrickWhere would be the appropriate place to post it?15:21
daftykinsnot a lot of context to that write-up15:23
DarkTrickdaftykins, it's probably improvable. I'm talking about the "Input Methods" result when search for "Keyboard"15:27
daftykinsbut where...15:32
DarkTrickdaftykins, "All applications"15:35
daftykinssee how i have to ask many things to even pin down what you're talking about? not a good sign15:38
DarkTrickdaftykins, sure. So I improved it - I guess.15:44
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Bashing-om UWN637 is on the streets: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue637 :D20:45
jeremy31tomreyn:  roey also has a logitech dongle in lsusb twice, that bluetooth dongle should work fine without firmware as I have one with the same ID21:07
tomreynjeremy31: i see. did roey tell us which ubuntu version or kernel version they'Re running?21:09
tomreynright i see the logitech unify now21:09
jeremy31tomreyn: I didn't see if he did.  Mine has worked fine in Ubuntu and Mint since 201421:09
tomreynit's a system with USB 2.0 + 3.0 hubs apparently21:10
tomreynmaybe just needs to hit the right port. or, as you suiggested, power issues.21:11
jeremy31Might be too many devices on USB bus21:11
tomreynyes, could be. i just noticed roey has been looking for help with getting his bluetooth sound bar working for a while today.21:14
jeremy31I haven't even tried bluetooth audio yet on Ubuntu 20.04, couldn't find my headset for a while21:16
tomreyni hardly ever use bluetooth anyways :)21:17

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