cmaloneyhaving fun yet?12:42
jrwrenugh... at least friday is off14:04
greg-gand thursday, because it's my birthday :)16:43
cmaloneywoo woo16:43
cmaloneyHappy pre-greg day16:43
jrwrenyou turning 30?16:43
greg-gI wish, my retirement would be so much better funded16:44
greg-g"can I get an extra decade worth of retirement contributions, plz?"16:45
greg-gtwist: I will, it'll just be the decade when I'm 70.16:45
cmaloneyRetirement. Pshaw16:45
greg-gI'm a transitional millennial: my retirement plan is the collapse of civilization.16:46
jrwrenretire at 75 instead of 65 is my plan too. lul16:59
jrwrengonna be too old to actually enjoy it16:59
cmaloneyNah, we'll just consult when folks are busily trying to understand current-era IoT devices that are failing17:08
cmaloney"how does this command-line thing work again? SSH to the what?"17:08
cmaloneyWe'll live like kings17:09
jrwrenha! I wish.17:09
jrwrenif anything, I see the opposite happening.17:09
jrwrenmy skills that are used to value highly and think were a valuable rarity are now far more commonplace.17:09
cmaloneyI'm sure everyone who did COBOL also thought that17:16
Scary_GuyWhat's a retirement plan?18:05
jrwrenthat is a plan too!18:27
Scary_GuyI suppose it is :D18:55

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