jkashaThx to OvenWerks and TomReyn for helping with my problems.  Not sure what it was, but it's working now. :)00:32
jkashaDifferent question ... anyone know how to set different channels for default output?  I am using Pulseaudio going thru Jack.  For my setup, I need the default audio connections to go to channels 11 & 12 not 1 & 2.  Is there someway to make that persist, with a setting, or maybe a script in the options?  Thx...00:34
Herzenschein[m]Hello, just came by to to mention an issue with the website14:52
Herzenschein[m]Where should I report this? Here?14:54
EickmeyerHerzenschein[m]: If you're mentioning the http/https issue, it's beyond our control as Canonical hosts the site, there's an open ticket.16:12
Herzenschein[m]Yeah, it was precisely that, alright :)16:15
Herzenschein[m]Thanks Eickmeyer16:16
jkashaHi just checking ina gain to see if anyone knows how to make qjackctl assign channels 11 & 12 to main audio outs, by default, instead of defaulting to channels 1 & 2?  Is there a script I can add somewhere to do this, so I don't have to do it manually after launch?  Thx!17:22
OvenWerksjkasha: for pulse, using ubuntustudio-controls instead of qjackctl will do that. For any jack client it is up to each individual application.17:25
OvenWerksit would be possible to set up jack_plumbing (jack-plumbing?) to switch any new connection to 1/2 to 11/1217:26
OvenWerksor create a python script to do that. The only problem would be if you actually wanted to use 1/2 for some other use :)17:27
jkashaThx.  I'lll try with Ubuntustudio-controls.  It's probably in Carla, right?  or something else?17:42
OvenWerksin controls itself17:47

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