Unit193Emery was hitting something like 1885444, IIRC.  His system wouldn't suspend for 30 seconds after hitting it but pm-suspend did, we narrowed it down to unattended-upgrades (again, IIRC) which he removed and that fixed the issue.00:00
Unit193bluesabre: Will take a look.  Anything specific?00:00
bluesabreUnit193: just letting you know, since you do most of the packaging, so a lot of the content is yours :)00:09
Unit193I have a ghost post!00:10
Unit193bluesabre: Oh hey that reminds me, did you want elementary-xfce backported to the PPA?00:17
bluesabreUnit193: that'd be great :)00:22
Unit193Also, does that mean I should make SwissBot do your stuff..?00:22
Unit193Was that a subtle hint?  Have you known me to understand subtle?! :P00:23
Unit193bluesabre: Lastly, are you dogfooding that PPA on focal? :300:32
=== brainwash_ is now known as brainwash
knomepleia2, sorry :(06:55
knomewhy are we shouting?!07:39
Unit193...I thought you were deaf. :307:41
knomenot yet07:41
knomepleia2, do you want me to try my luck with IS?07:42
knomepleia2, i edited my comment re: mums. sorry.07:45
misko_Popover in a panel plugin test 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_LbqaOEsy014:05
pleia2knome: thank you <3 <314:26
pleia2and regarding Canonical IS, I figured I'd follow up in their IRC channel at some point, once we've got a nice pile of tickets for them to tackle14:27
-SwissBot:#xubuntu-devel- Reminder: Next meeting chair is knome17:00

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