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Guest68643Hello how to I close a port on start up01:33
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DarkTrickHello, I'm trying to install ubutntu in "safe graphics" mode. But I always end up in the "try ubuntu desktop".03:23
DarkTrickI would expect a consonle-like interface03:24
DarkTrick( Trying to install in VM )03:32
DarkTrickhm.. problem solved by randomness and increasing vm spec04:18
doubledutchNice work DarkTrick !vote ++04:19
doubledutchMy guess was changing emulation setting or something in hypervisor04:19
sorinelloHello. Is there a way to switch from Xubuntu-desktop to xubuntu-core ? Unit193 ?10:51
pmjdebruijnsorinello: it seems like a odd question11:01
pmjdebruijnyou can just deinstall any application you don't like?11:01
sorinellowell the xubuntu-core iso doesn't work on virtual machines, so I need to install the desktop version and then switch to xubuntu core11:04
pmjdebruijnhuh? why wouldn't the core iso not work on virtual machines? that sounds odd?11:04
pmjdebruijnbut what do you gain by switching back to core?11:05
sorinellomuch lighter and I don't have to tinker and manually remove a ton of apps11:05
pmjdebruijnthe main advantage of core is faster download/install, which you've already not had11:05
pmjdebruijnhow is it much lighter?11:05
sorinellodoesn't have all the apps and services than the regular desktop version has11:06
pmjdebruijninstalled applications don't really affect your system if they not running11:06
pmjdebruijnbut services could11:06
pmjdebruijnin theory11:06
pmjdebruijnis it that big of a difference?11:06
* pmjdebruijn hasn't tried core yet11:07
sorinelloit is easier to have them stopped/not present OOB instead of manually removing/stopping them11:07
sorinellocore doesn't work on vm's since 3 or 4 versions11:07
sorinellonothing new, at least not for me11:07
sorinelloI always try core on a vm when a new version of xubuntu is released11:07
pmjdebruijnhow does it fail (just curious), on what kind of vm platform?11:08
sorinellotried on both VmWare workstation and VirtualBox11:08
sorinellothe installer starts, and when is near finishing, I get an error that there was an error during instalation11:08
sorinelloand rebooting does not render a working system11:09
sorinelloI talked with Unit193 about it, I remember he said something about the installer being a mess11:09
sorinellonow trying to install the mini iso and then install xubuntu-core^ meta package11:14
Unit193I mean, I've tested and installed Core in vbox at least.13:15
Mart1Hi, I'm having trouble installing Xubuntu on a Acer Aspire 9420 (9423WSMi)13:43
Mart1When I have to select the drive in which I want to install the OS nothing appears13:44
Mart1And whatever I click (+ / - or Apply) result in a crash of the setup13:44
sorinelloUnit193, when was the last time you tried core inside a VM ?13:50
Unit193Can't remember off the top of my head.13:54
xu-irc71wxubuntu 20.04 does not work on AMD E2-9000 processor with R2 graphics card, 18.04 worked fine14:36
pmjdebruijnxu-irc71w: possibly, how does it fail for you?14:38
xu-irc71wthe desktop after entering the password moves diagonally to the right down14:43
pmjdebruijnhmmmr strange14:44
pmjdebruijnxu-irc71w: in august 20.04.1 will be released, presumably with some issues fixes, might be worth trying again then14:45
pmjdebruijnthe other thing you could try is http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/focal/daily-live/current/14:46
pmjdebruijnthat's na install that's generated every day, including all fixes up until now14:46
diogenes_xu-irc71w, try with a newer kernel also:14:46
ubottuSystems with certain graphics chipsets may not boot properly out of the box. "Temporarily Add a Kernel Boot Parameter for Testing" as discussed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters to add the "nomodeset" parameter there.14:46
andrzejrHi all, mouse cursor on my login screen is 2x larger than it should be (4k monitor). After logging in it returns to normal.18:05
andrzejrThis is not a hidpi screen so I'd like to the cursor size on the login screen not to be magnified. Any solutions?18:06
diogenes_andrzejr, nvidia driver?18:08
andrzejrno, amdgpu (opensource)18:09
diogenes_and only mouse is big or other elements too?18:10
andrzejrOnly mouse pointer and only on the login screen.18:10
diogenes_maybe try a different cursor theme (only if it's manually installed by you).18:15
professor-mad-dohi i have a problem with my keyboard19:21
professor-mad-dothe problem is keypress gets stuck and repeats forever19:21
professor-mad-doand also switch windows by itself19:21
professor-mad-doany help19:21
tomreynprofessor-mad-do: in my experience, most of the time this is a result of a broken keyboard wires or bad wireless connectivity19:38
tomreynlow battery could also cause this19:38
professor-mad-dotomreyn, i have a laptop dell19:40
professor-mad-dowith 100% of bateery19:40
professor-mad-doand good wireless connectivity19:40
tomreynprofessor-mad-do: ah so it's an internal laptop keyboard19:47
professor-mad-dotomreyn, yes sir19:47
tomreynhmm, then i have no good suggestions other than looking for an EC firmware upgrade (in addition to the BIOS upgrades you already looked for).19:48
tomreyninspecting the system logs may also help.19:48
professor-mad-dotomreyn, which log files should i look for in var??19:49
tomreynrun    journalctl -b19:50
professor-mad-dotomreyn, look here19:52
tomreynprofessor-mad-do: you have the non default kernel option   pci=nomsi   set. is this on purpose, why do you need it?19:58
professor-mad-dotomreyn, yes i set that option cause i get pcieport error everytimes my system boot up with that i solved that problem20:00
tomreynprofessor-mad-do: you don't actually have the latest bios https://www.dell.com/support/home/en-uk/drivers/driversdetails?driverid=5jyth&oscode=wt64a&productcode=inspiron-15-5566-laptop20:03
tomreynBIOS 1.9.1 01/11/2019 is what you have now20:03
tomreynso two versions behind20:04
professor-mad-dotomreyn, yes but i dont think that can cause keyboard problems20:08
tomreynwhy not?20:08
tomreynquoting the page above: "This package contains the Dell system BIOS update. BIOS is a firmware that is embedded on a small memory chip on the system board. It controls the keyboard, monitor, disk drives, and other devices."20:09
tomreynyour system log also reports hardware errors20:09
professor-mad-doyes and i dont know how to solved those error too20:10
tomreynactually the rasdaemon package is now the recomended mcelog replacement in ubuntu20:16
professor-mad-dotomreyn, ok so i should install that20:17
tomreynif you'd like to know more about the MCE, yes20:19
tomreynhttps://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/324237/understanding-machine-check-exceptions-mce suggests this *may* be a red herring20:20
tomreynstill, those should never occur20:21
tomreyni'd do the firmware upgrade forst of all, though, and see whether this fixes anything, also booting without the pci=nomsi option at least to check whether this is still needed then20:22
professor-mad-dobut what mcelog actualy do repair those error?20:22
professor-mad-dowhat firmware upgrade should i upgrade the intel one?20:26
tomreynno, mcelog used to and rasdaemon does just help you interpret these error messages, so that you can get a better understanding of which hardware is faulty20:26
tomreyni'm suggesting that you install the bios upgrade20:26
tomreyna lot of possible causes, so it's useful to get a better clue about whats wrong20:28
tomreynafter installing rasdaemon you'd reboot - which would probably trigger the mce again - and then review the system journal again, which should then have more detailed information on the MCE courtesy of rasdaemon20:31
tomreynhttps://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Machine-check_exception has some info on it20:31
professor-mad-dotomreyn, do you think you can fix it if we do remote access to my machine cause to tell the true i not a expert in linux20:32
tomreyni won't do this.20:33
professor-mad-dotomreyn, why not20:33
tomreynthere are limits to how far i'm willing to go in terms of volunteer support20:34
tomreyninstead i prefer enabling others in fixing things themselves20:35
professor-mad-dotomreyn, ok but i can pay if that is the problem20:35
tomreynit's not, thanks.20:35
professor-mad-dotomreyn, now i know why when im transfers file to a external hard drives my machine get out of ram and slow20:36
professor-mad-dothat could be for those error right20:37
tomreyncould be related, could be not, hard to tell at this point20:37
professor-mad-dotomreyn, look i have 6GB of ram and i3 processor20:37
tomreyni suggest you also check the bios options for whether you can disable the TPM, since it's malfunctioning.20:37
professor-mad-dowhy when im transfers file to external hard drive the machine get so slow20:38
professor-mad-doi cant even use the mouse pointer20:38
tomreyni made some suggestions what to try, i suggest you give those a try and come back if problems persist. if you need more information on how to do something, please ask about it.20:43
professor-mad-dotomreyn, alright20:47

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