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jukebohiI wish the text cursor was wider visually when moving it Ctrl-arrow when it jumps a word at a time. I have a hard time following where the cursor at when jumping word by word at high speeds. A "fading trail"-effect would be really nice when the text-cursor is moving really fast. I mean that when the cursor speeds it gets wider because it leaves a trail and when it stops the tail shortens12:22
jukebohiShould I bugzilla the KDE devels? I'm sure other people would also enjoy a more visual cursor when moving around with CLTR + arrow12:23
jukebohiif the tail is a fade from blue-to-white (towards left) or black-to-white and then when you stop moving the trail slowly shortens till the normal text cursor is reached it would not get confused with painting which is just blue12:25
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user|6254I give an error message during the boot operation. Error message is IRQ 7 Disable. When I get this error message, I turn off the computer. does not recognize the hard disk during boot. what can I do.20:57
user|6254Ryzen 7, 16 Gb Ram, Radeon Vega 10 Graphical card installed on comp.20:57
tomreynuser|6254: provide a screen shot (take a photo with smartphone or digital camera and upload it to imgur.com or something)21:07
tomreynuser|6254: also make sure the bios is fully updated21:07
geniiI've seen this previously with AMD systems, using irqpoll usually gets it booting but not a good permanent fix21:09
geniiUsually comes with a message in the boot about amd_gpio_irq_handler and: irq 7: nobody cared (try booting with the "irqpoll" option)21:12
tomreyni would think a bios upgrade would also fix it... hopefully21:13
tomreyn(or rather *this could* actually fix it, not just work around it - which may, however, be desirable in the meantime, i agree there.)21:14
geniiI think maybe installing/updating amd64-microcode might also not be a bad idea21:15
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