lotuspsychjegood morning00:42
DarkTrickQuestions regarding Unity and GNOME: I thought Ubuntu runs(?)/works on(?)/uses(?) Unity. But I it seems to have switched to GNOME. Did it indeed switch from Unity to GNOME?03:04
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: 16.04 had unity as default, now it uses gnome by default03:06
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: but you can still install unity desktop if you want, the project still lives03:07
DarkTrickInstalling Ubuntu 20.04, I don't see any difference to Unity from 16.04...03:07
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: default the dock is placed left on gnome too, so you need to take a closer look to see the differences03:10
DarkTricklotuspsychje, thank you!03:11
DarkTrickI found this https://askubuntu.com/questions/333237/difference-between-unity-and-gnome and should probably dig in there for now03:11
oerheksunity desktop is still available and under development, also MIR <> Wayland03:13
lordievaderGood morning05:55
ducassegood morning06:24
marcoagpintoThe demon!08:56
marcoagpintoanyone greets the demon?09:28
marcoagpintoThere were hardware updates to install09:54
lotuspsychjehardware updates?09:55
marcoagpintofor Intel and Nvidia09:55
lotuspsychjesoftware updates for hardware chipsets :p09:56
marcoagpintoevery week or two there are intel updates09:56
DarkTrickUbuntu 20.04: Under Settings -> Region & Language -> Settings button -> It's not possible to change the shortcut for input source change. Is there a specific reason Ubuntu removed the possibility to configure through GUI?15:46
marcoagpinto"to cola go, where no cola has gone before"16:11
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