Jordan_Umcc: It's not a situation that I would recommend people get in, but I think we'll be able to get you to the equivalent state that you would have gotten to had you had enough free space to start.00:00
sarnoldmcc: did you notice if it started installing the new packages yet? or was it still in the downloading phase?00:00
mccThis is what it printed00:01
mccNow if I run apt-get update, it prints this https://t.co/cD5JFH3oOH00:02
mccsorry, that t.co url should be https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Ebt83zRWAAANLda?format=png&name=large00:02
sarnoldoh strange, I've never seen half those lines before :/00:03
mccI think xenial is 1600:03
mccso that implies i've got the package repo for 16, but i'm running 1400:04
mccI rebooted and it did not die. So that's something00:05
mccDo you think if I just apt-get upgrade it will continue the upgrade?00:06
derekvJordan_U: Thanks for chiming in.  I had to walk away for the evening.  I was getting upset.00:06
deltabthat looks a lot like askubuntu 76007100:06
mccIntruiging. I will try the steps from 76007100:07
Jordan_Uderekv: You're welcome.00:07
derekvI'll save your message so if I need to come back to this I'll start with those pastebins.00:09
`Koyaanisqatsianyone know hot to enable the equalizer plugin on pulseeffects application? It's in the list when installing pulseeffects but it's blanked out as if it's missing.00:27
tramplefoothow do i prevent scrollbars from fading away on gtk+?00:44
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PonySoldierwhy am i not able to access an Environment variable in a systemd service from my app?01:15
sarnoldhow did you set the environment variable?01:16
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PonySoldiersarnold: with "Environment=MY_KEY=asdf"01:17
PonySoldierin a .service file01:17
PonySoldierand then i try to access it like i have other env variables in that file, but it says its "nil"01:17
sarnoldPonySoldier: hmm; did you run systemctl daemon-restart after adding the environment variable?01:21
sarnoldPonySoldier: are you executing any setuid or setgid executables in this path?01:21
PonySoldiersarnold: yeah i did daemon-reload01:22
PonySoldierand i can't access the env variable directly from my application console01:22
PonySoldieri guess it must be an application problem and not an ubuntu one01:22
PonySoldiersarnold: hmm env doesn't show the var though01:29
sarnoldPonySoldier: bah, sorry, I got distracted that I couldn't ssh to one of my hosts where I thought I used Environment...01:30
sarnoldI can see the host is online though, it's still sending telemetry to a pal's website :)01:31
sarnoldPonySoldier: can you boil it down to eg a two or three line .service file, and a one or two line ruby / go / whatever to reproduce it simply?01:31
PonySoldiersarnold: all i see is that i've defined n env vars in my .service file, and when i type "env", not all of those env vars are showing01:33
sarnoldargh; there's a systemctl show-environment but it doesn't let you give it a service name!01:37
sarnoldis there a way to execute a shell in the context of a given service file?01:38
Jordan_Usarnold: There is probably a cleaner way, but you can find the environment for a given *process* with "sudo cat /proc/PID_HERE/environ". So you can use "systemctl status foo.service" to see the PID (or multiple PIDs) then grab the environment from /proc/. Does that make sense?01:57
sarnoldJordan_U: oh yeah, I just got so intent on getting the bloody shell..01:58
CiREdrolstarting my ubuntu quest...02:01
CiREdroloff to a good start02:01
CiREdrolrunning on Virtual Box Guest02:01
CiREdroland running weechat for first time in like 8 years02:02
CiREdrolI haven't joined IRC in a long time., usually no one chats here anymore far as I can ell02:02
compdocfreenode is more for help than chatting02:03
CiREdroldepends on the channel..??02:03
CiREdrolmaybe this channel02:03
sarnoldthere's some -offtopic or -discuss channels around tthat have a bit more chat02:04
sarnoldbut even those aren't quite like what I remember of efnet or dalnet in the 90s02:04
CiREdroltoo bad... thanks for the tip02:04
acresearchpeople, is it me or ubuntu 20.04 is really buggy? the desktop keeps crashing and , at random points i cannot copy/paste not use shortcuts  and sometimes it just randomly freezes and requires a hard rest.   has others faced similar issues?02:11
strywgri was facing the same and shifted to lubuntu, facing the same issues here to.02:12
sarnoldacresearch: the usual causes seem to be gnome extensions02:12
sarnoldacresearch: try removing everything and see how it goes02:12
acresearchsarnold: hmmm  i haven't installed any extentions, but i do have tweek tools, maybe this is the issue?   i just use tweek tools to stop the laptop sleeping when the lid is closed02:13
sarnoldacresearch: hmm, if that's all you've really fiddled with, that doesn't sound like much02:14
acresearchsarnold: hmmm02:14
acresearchi freshly installed it twice, and still got the same issue, so i am puzzled   i never had these issue previously on the same laptop02:15
wootinhi all02:15
wootinhow do i remove from resolved?02:15
tatertotsacresearch: do the logs show anything when you're having these issues?02:15
acresearchtatertots: i am not sure how to check to be honest02:15
tatertotsacresearch: you chatting from the computer right now?02:16
acresearchtatertots: yes02:20
tatertotsacresearch: in terminal>      journalctl -p 3|nc termbin.com 999902:21
tatertotsacresearch: share url/link here..if you do not get a url/link..say so02:22
acresearchtatertots: https://termbin.com/81m902:24
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tatertotsacresearch: in terminal>      journalctl -p 2|nc termbin.com 999902:26
acresearchtatertots: https://termbin.com/ezc602:27
lotuspsychjededsec2z: can we help you?03:07
wootinwhere does 20.04 desktop store the network config files it creates with the gui?03:38
oerheksCheck the /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ directory. It should contain information for all saved network connections.03:41
Bashing-omwootin: ^ also look into /etc/netplan .03:42
wootin /etc/netplan is empty03:43
wootinsystem-connections has something in it..03:43
Bashing-omwootin: Ouch - as /etc/netplan should have the file "01-network-manager-all.yaml" to tell systemd which is the network renderer .03:45
wootincan i explicitly se LLMNR=no in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ ?03:49
wootinor is there a better way03:51
wootinnew config file for that interface03:51
Bashing-omwootin: Doubtful as my notes:"If you tell Netplan to use NetworkManager, all interface configuration control is handed off to the GUI interface on the desktop.".03:51
wootinif i create a /etc/network/interfaces entry will it surpass the gui config?04:07
oerhekswootin, only for this session, it gets wiped after boot04:09
oerheksthat is why you need to edit or create /etc/network/interfaces.d/some file04:10
wootinso i can create say a 20-eth0 and use the same syntax as in /etc/netowork interfaces04:12
masonwootin: I haven't read all of scrollback, but /etc/network/interfaces and friends only matter if ifupdown is specified. Network Manager has its own interesting interactions with ifupdown.04:14
masonwootin: You can use any of them, with caveats and some workarounds.04:14
oerheksifupdown is depreciated, still you can install it though04:14
masonits value hasn't diminished at all :)04:14
masonwootin: reading a bit further back, you'll only have Netplan stuff if you did the server install. Desktop installs get NM by default.04:16
wootincan i edit network manager to disable LLMNR04:18
masonUnfortunately I don't have any familiarity with LLMNR, so I'm not sure. Looks like it was added in 2018. Looking.04:18
oerheks create  /etc/systemd/network/90-ens3-nollmnr.network  - LLMNR=no  https://askubuntu.com/questions/1025309/how-can-i-disable-llmnr-in-systemd-resolved04:20
masonwootin: So, unless you make a slightly custom config, NM uses systemd-resolved, and you can disable it there.04:20
masonoerheks: simpler, there seems to be a resolved.conf04:21
wootini have llmnr disabled in resolved.conf04:21
wootindisabed globaly but still enabled on emp3s004:22
masonwootin: That should be it then. Is your /etc/resolv.conf pointing to systemd-resolved's stuff?04:22
wootinso i have to explicetly disable it on enp3s004:22
masonwootin: That seems odd, if you've disabled it globally. Bug-report-worthy.04:23
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wootinmy router diecided to stop working right as i was troubleshhoting DNS!05:31
wootinoerheks: thanks, that helped05:34
wootinit doesnt seem to persist accros reboots though05:34
wootinif i reboot then restart the services it does work05:35
zkandahello, how do you install intel-vaapi-driver? I'm trying to install this https://packages.ubuntu.com/source/focal/intel-vaapi-driver but apt doesn't find it.06:30
wootinapt search vaapi06:32
wootininstalled by default on this machine06:33
quadrathoch2zkanda you would need to activate the universe repository06:33
zkandaIt should be enabled: https://dpaste.org/MK5F#L06:37
zkandaif I search for vaapi, it only gives the new media-va-driver, not the older one.06:37
oceanzkanda: apt-cache policy <packagename> shows you installed/candidate versions. And from which repo it would be pulled. Can be helpful06:39
zkandatried and it says unable to locate policy. haha06:41
zkandaI'm in 20.04 btw, in case that's not obvious.06:42
zkandaapt-cache policy intel-vaapi-driver06:42
oceanunable to locate policy? not 'package'? Never saw that error06:44
zkandawhops, sorry, I should have copy pasted it, here's the actual error: N: Unable to locate package intel-vaapi-driver06:45
oceanzkanda: ah yes, so it's not using the universe repo. Run sudo apt-get update, and the apt-cache policy command again06:46
zkandadid that and it's the same, perhaps my sources.list is wrong?06:47
oceanzkanda: run sudo add-apt-repository universe06:49
oceanthen sudo apt update again06:49
zkandaalready did that, 'universe' distribution component is already enabled for all sources.06:49
zkandastill the same unfortunately.06:49
ocean!info intel-vaapi-driver06:49
ubottuPackage intel-vaapi-driver does not exist in focal06:49
oceanso, we're looking for the wrong package(name)06:50
zkandayeah perhaps, it's in here though: https://packages.ubuntu.com/source/focal/intel-vaapi-driver06:50
zkandaBut that only says it's a source, not a deb.06:50
ocean(I'm not on 20.04 yet)06:50
zkandano worries, :D06:51
oceanzkanda: I'm not sure what your actual question is, but maybe you are looking for Package intel-media-va-driver (=vaapi driver for intel graphics family). See also https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=vaapi&searchon=all&suite=focal&section=all06:55
zkandahaha that's a good question, so my hardware is still in haswell, and that package only supports newer driver. So I'm trying to install the older driver, which now I think is 965-va-driver06:57
zkandaMy problem is ffmpeg seems to want to use the newer version.06:57
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CoDeAmRohey guys i need your help .... can anyone give me trusted iptv servers thats working good with ubuntu ... please08:19
lotuspsychjeCoDeAmRo: kodi works on ubuntu08:21
lotuspsychjeor plexmediaserver snap08:21
CoDeAmRoi just need good working iptv servers for long term08:22
CoDeAmRomost servers i am trying not working ..please i need help08:24
ramsub07Hi. How do i check available space on my hard drive? df -h shows this but I don't know how to make sense of it, http://dpaste.com/2F5HJY408:51
EriC^ramsub07: you have 2.2GB free08:54
EriC^ramsub07: there's a bug that makes the lvm very small, you might be affected, try 'sudo parted -ls' and paste the results08:55
ramsub07EriC^ thanks but can you also tell me how I should interpret ?08:55
EriC^4.4G  2.2G  2.0G  53% /   size used available free%08:56
EriC^it should say what the columns are at the very top, it's missing in the paste though08:56
ramsub07EriC^  http://dpaste.com/191KYK508:59
ramsub07EriC^ how do I know which is space consuming?09:01
EriC^ramsub07: looks all space is used, nevermind09:46
ramsub07EriC^ can you tell me please how I should intepret ?09:47
ramsub07and what is taking the space?09:47
kiwiircwhat's wrong with the sed command in my bash script pls? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Xbk6Bm8nTp/10:17
EriC^kiwiirc: try without -i ''10:29
EriC^just -i10:29
EriC^ramsub07: i mean there's no unallocated free space, everything is being used in a partition/filesystem10:30
EriC^ramsub07: the space distribution seems a little odd though, 25GB to /var and only 4.4GB to the rootfs10:31
ramsub07so rootfs is filled but /var has more space left?10:31
EriC^ramsub07: yes /var has 8.5GB free, root 2.2GB fre10:32
ramsub07EriC^ can I understand more what is consuming space in /var ?10:33
EriC^ramsub07: yes, type "sudo du -sh /var/* | sort -h"10:34
kiwiircEriC^ ty that worked! btw why did i need to remove that? it worked on macos10:38
EriC^kiwiirc: macos and linux sed are different in that respect10:39
kiwiircwell ty again10:42
EriC^np :)10:42
XATRIXHi ,can you advice ? I can't get updates for repositories. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/tPv65bqRcG/10:50
lotuspsychjeXATRIX: this is ubuntu support, for debian join #debian please10:51
kiwiirchehe i asked for ubuntu help in debian10:54
XATRIXThe order is an order :)10:55
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kiwiircif i download a binary from a trusted source where should i put it so i can just type the name of it and run it without having to give it path? only my user account needs it tho so i'd rather not put it in the sbin or bin dirs11:14
EriC^kiwiirc: usually you'd put it in /usr/local/bin,  or ~/bin if you just wanted your user to use it11:16
kiwiircoh so user accounts get to use /bin too and the system will automatically pick it up and add to path? cool!11:17
EriC^kiwiirc: yeah, /home/user/bin if it exists will be added to your path11:18
kiwiircnice ty11:19
kiwiirci tried to mv binary ~/bin and there wasn't an error output. but then i cd ~/bin to look at it in there, and the dir doesn't exist. and the binary is gone from where it was! why didn't mv complain?11:19
kiwiircoh i renamed it11:20
kiwiircsorry nvm11:20
kiwiirci made ~/bin, moved the binary into it, and i still can't type binary name and have it run. do i have to restart or?11:22
specterplease show the output of $ echo $PATH11:23
kiwiircoh it's not in there. can it be automatically added somehow?11:24
kiwiirci know i can add it manually i'm just curious11:24
specteradd what? ~/bin to path?11:25
kiwiircEriC^ said "/home/user/bin if it exists will be added to your path" so i figured there's an automatic system11:25
EriC^kiwiirc: you have to log out and back in for it to work, as it's added when ~/.profile is sourced11:26
specterYou don't have to log out, you can simply $ source .profile11:26
EriC^kiwiirc: grep bin ~/.profile   should show you how it's added if you're curious11:28
specteror $ source .bashrc, or whatever config contains your set path statements11:28
kiwiircworked! ty both11:29
BluesKaj'Morning folks11:34
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neureis there a web page where I can search what packages there are in specific ubuntu version?11:45
neurewhen I google I get to https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/ but I do not spot the search :/11:46
neureoh I need to go to https://packages.ubuntu.com/11:46
lotuspsychje!msgthebot > neure !info packagename ubuntucodename11:47
ubottuneure, please see my private message11:47
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rexwinE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to acquire the dpkg frontend lock (/var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend), is another process using it?12:00
rexwinwhen I try to run sudo aot-get install apache212:00
lotuspsychjerexwin: reboot to unlock12:00
* rickserrat is away: Coding12:22
rexwintailf is not working in ubutu 1812:23
rexwin301 and 404 error12:24
lotuspsychjerexwin: pastebin the errors please so volunteers can help think along12:35
rexwinhow to disable ssl site in ubuntu?12:44
pynthonHey I am using regolith linux so maybe this is not the place to ask but maybe someone knows whether i3wm does not support right mouse clicks? Like when you are using FireFox, using vanilla ubuntu gave me the copy and paste menu when using the right mouse button. Now using regolith I get nothing?13:07
lotuspsychjepynthon: you might wanna try #i3 we can only support ubuntu and its flavors here13:08
pynthonlotuspsychje: I see! Thanks a lot!13:09
lotuspsychjewelcome pynthon13:09
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abcmonahi there. is there any bittorrent client in 20.04 in the 'main' section? i don't mind whether it's CLI or GUI13:19
oerhekstons of them, transmission is standard installed, and there is deluge, my favo13:20
oerheks!inf deluge13:20
oerheks!info deluge13:20
ubottudeluge (source: deluge): bittorrent client written in Python/PyGTK. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.3-2 (focal), package size 16 kB, installed size 70 kB13:20
abcmonaapt-cache policy transmission{,-cli} deluge ktorrent qbittorrent rtorrent aria2 | grep http | grep -v universe13:20
oerheksnope, unvers13:20
abcmonaabove command returns an empty set13:21
oerheksmost clients will be in universe, i guess13:21
oerheks!info transmission13:21
ubottutransmission (source: transmission): lightweight BitTorrent client. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.94-2ubuntu3 (focal), package size 1 kB, installed size 9 kB13:21
abcmonathat's a no13:22
oerhekswhy must it be in 'main'?13:22
abcmonaif the software is communicating directly with many peers, i'd like to get timely security pathes13:23
abcmonathose are not guaranteed for universe (and often wont take place quickly), as you will know.13:24
oerheksthat has nothing to do with main/univers/other.. transmission is supported by the ubuntu-teams.13:24
abcmonasorry, wrong link13:25
oerhekstransmission is *not* in main, but gets updates from the ubuntu team13:26
abcmonathe "ubuntu team" is the Canonical developers working on Ubuntu?13:26
oerheksdevelopers/packagers, yes13:27
abcmonaso you're saying transmission has a non-guaranteed, but de facto better support level than other packages in universe, am i getting this right?13:28
abcmonai should quote the sentence from the FAQ above i'm referring to: "All binary packages in main and restricted are supported by the Ubuntu Security team for the life of an Ubuntu release, while binary packages in universe and multiverse are supported by the Ubuntu community. "13:29
oerheksall packages installed standard have ubuntu support, not just from outside the ubuntu community13:29
lotuspsychjeabcmona: just download the software you need from the ubuntu repos..what are you affraid of?13:30
abcmonaI understand that transmission is in 'universe', thus, reading the FAQ above, would expect it to get 'only' 'community support'.13:30
oerheksso, use the one you like, and trust13:30
CoDeAmRoplease guys someone help me .... i am a big ubuntu fan and i am using VLC player can anyone give me m3u files so i can watch tv channels because most sites i tried is not working . please guys i need long terms iptvs13:30
abcmonaokay, thanks for your time!13:31
oerheksCoDeAmRo, no, we have no lists with iptv , sounds like illegal piracy to me.13:31
oerheks.. and is beyond the scope of this channel13:32
abcmonabtw. i didn't have transmission installed on a fresh ubuntu 20.04 installation.13:34
oerheksabcmona, did you choose minimal?13:35
oerheksthat might explain it13:35
abcmonahmm, not sure, but "ubuntu-desktop" is installed13:35
lotuspsychjeseems like ubottu says optional now13:35
lotuspsychje!info transmission xenial13:36
oerheksi cannot check, still on 18.04.4 lts13:36
ubottutransmission (source: transmission): lightweight BitTorrent client. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.84-3ubuntu3.1 (xenial), package size 1 kB, installed size 9 kB13:36
oerheksi believe that info is wrong.13:36
oerheksif you are eager for updates, snaps are the fastest updated packages.13:37
oerhekshmm that seems kinda old13:38
derekvis the "ubuntu startup disk creator" just equivelent to using dd ?13:43
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lotuspsychjederekv: you could say that disk creator is a GUI way of dd yes13:45
EriC^derekv: what's the actual problem?13:59
donofriois 20.04 stable enough to unattened-upgradee from 18.04 to 20.04?14:00
lotuspsychje!ltsupgrade | donofrio14:00
ubottudonofrio: Regular upgrades from 18.04 LTS to 20.04 LTS will be enabled once 20.04.1 is released in late July. This delay helps to ensure that any lingering issues are resolved before people upgrade production systems. If you'd prefer to upgrade now, use sudo do-release-upgrade -d14:00
donofriook so hold off - thank you14:00
epsilonKNOTpow pow! good bot14:00
derekvEriC^: Tons of problems - one of those things nothing seems to work as expected. So I'm just trying to understand a few things better.14:01
lotuspsychjedonofrio: the users choice to upgrade now, or await .114:01
derekvEriC^: BUT since you asked... I just narrowed down one of the mysteries...14:01
EriC^derekv: i think the ubuntu startup creator thing works a little different than dd, but dd is a foolproof way to get the iso on14:03
derekvEriC^: I have a usb stick, it's on /dev/sdb ... I have used dd to copy an iso onto it.  It currently says there is _unknown_ partition table with parted -l, and lsblk does not list a subdevice like /dev/sdb1... however, in /dev, I _do_ have a /dev/sdb1.  If I mount it, I get an empty 640Mb ext4, and using df says it is mounted from  /dev/loop26  ... where is this /dev/sdb1 coming from if there's no14:03
EriC^derekv: hmm, can you pastebin 'sudo parted /dev/sdb print'14:04
derekvI feel like somehow /dev/sdb1 has nothing to do with /dev/sdb14:04
EriC^derekv: yeah it's totally screwed14:06
EriC^derekv: try tp unplug the usb, then plug it back in, see what the new name is, and do a fresh dd, sudo dd if=isohere of=/dev/sdx bs=4M status=progress && sync14:07
EriC^derekv: note you have to use /dev/sdX not /dev/sdxY14:07
derekvEriC^: so ... thats, not great, but I suspect it just means my custom iso file is bad.  What is really driving me crazy is this mystery /dev/sdb1 that can't exist.14:07
EriC^derekv: which iso are you dd'ing over?14:07
EriC^derekv: it could be an old partition maybe the kernel still thinks is there, "sudo partprobe /dev/sdb" might correct that14:07
derekvEriC^: it started with trying to make a custom 14.04 iso with my own preseed file.14:08
EriC^derekv: also you always want to sync after dd, so everything gets written to the disk from the cache14:08
derekvat the moment I'd be happy to get the standard iso installer to work14:08
EriC^derekv: if dd didnt work, i mean that's that, you know what i mean?14:09
EriC^unless the iso is somehow made for the iso installer and it has to do extra stuff with it14:09
derekvpartprobe didn't do anything.   let me burn a fresh download of the iso I haven't touched just as a baseline14:10
derekvlet me = give me a moment14:10
EriC^derekv: before you put the iso on, you can test it on your own system to see what it looks like partition table wise and stuff14:10
EriC^derekv: sudo losetup -f iso    then you do sudo partprobe /dev/loopX    after you get the loopX from lsblk14:11
derekvmy custom iso (which might be messed up) or the stock ubuntu installer iso?14:11
EriC^the custom one14:11
EriC^derekv: for the stock iso i'd md5sum it to make sure it's all there14:12
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derekvlosetup --list | grep -v snap14:18
derekvI've got my custom.iso on 3 loops14:18
EriC^derekv: what does 'lsblk' look like?14:19
EriC^after running sudo partprobe /dev/loopX14:19
EriC^derekv: try 'parted /dev/loopX print'14:20
EriC^*sudo parted...14:20
derekvI destroyed all the loops linked to that file and recreated one.  it looks fine ... loop26   7:26   0 638.6M  0 loop  ... I'll pastebin the parted14:21
derekvwhen I do the parted print on the downloaded iso I get this "Warning: The driver descriptor says the physical block size is 2048 bytes, but Linux says it is 512 bytes."14:23
EriC^derekv: it doesnt seem to have any partitions14:23
EriC^(obviously) dunno if that's how it's supposed to be?14:23
EriC^derekv: this is what the ubuntu stock 16.04 iso looks like using that command https://termbin.com/dviz14:24
EriC^derekv: is your custom iso supposed to work with uefi? cause in that case there's a problem for sure14:25
derekvIt would be nice if it did.14:25
EriC^derekv: currently it cant cause there's no efi partition, you could try to boot it in a vm to see how it goes so theres no usb involved14:27
derekvOut of all of this the custom iso is the thing I'm the least confident in, I would like to get to some solid footing before proceeding.  this ... sdb1 thing14:27
derekvoh ...14:27
derekv-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 662700032 Jun 30 10:09 /dev/sdb114:28
derekvthat's not a device14:28
EriC^derekv: ah14:28
derekvomfg I pwd myself so hard somewhere14:28
derekvI feel like I just got punked14:29
EriC^i guess you used of=/dev/sdb1 earlier but it didnt exist14:29
derekvWhere's the camera14:29
derekvYea, must be something like that for sure.14:29
denixx|h1Hi, all.14:45
lotuspsychjewelcome denixx|h114:46
derekvI wonder if there's legit everyday reason to create normal files in /dev ... I see symlinks in mine but no normal files (after deleting the rogue one).  It might be nice if it could be disallowed somehow by default, arguably a small security enhancement too14:47
denixx|h1For everyone, who would come here with questions about Lenovo MIIX 320-10ICR - please suggest 1) if one want to install Ubuntu onto internal flash - to eject sdcard, this action is leading to normally working display... and 2) if one want to install Ubuntu onto sdcard in sd-card-reader as additional OS, then suggest to make a /boot on internal flash (2GB would be fine), / on sdcard, and...14:49
denixx|h1...and after installation the one who does that should update kernel to https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v5.6.19/ to get normally working builtin display and sdcard (both at the same time) because of https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git/commit/?id=84d49b3d08a1d33690cc159036f381c31c27c17b14:53
denixx|h1not a 5.6.0, as it's buggy one, but 5.6.19. At least wifi is working again for now.14:54
denixx|h1For installation there are prerequisites like HDMI2microHDMI cable and HDMI monitor, as builtin display goes black on boot.14:57
electricityZZZZi'm on ubuntu 20.04 on a somewhat recent dell workstation which officially supports linux. i am running apt update/upgrade and keep encountering    Errors were encountered while processing:  grub-efi-amd64-signed15:00
electricityZZZZi've had these errors persistently for a couple weeks. i think maybe ubuntu shipped a bad update...?15:01
electricityZZZZsudo update-grub reports   device-mapper: reload ioctl on osprober-linux-sda4  failed: Device or resource busy15:03
oerheksdenixx|h1, i find; nomodeset i915.modeset=1 fbcon=rotate:1  as bootline https://esc.sh/blog/linux-on-lenovo-miix-320/15:03
oerheksand more tips15:03
electricityZZZZi'm on zfs15:03
denixx|h1oerheks: fbcon=rotate:1 is useful (to rotate console output to lanscape mode while system is booting). But totally fixed things a mainline kernel of mentioned version because of mentioned commit and work done by Hans de Goede.15:06
denixx|h1I also tried nomodeset, i915 .modeset=1 and 0, but problem was in hardware support.15:07
oerheksdid you disable secureboot?15:08
denixx|h1Also tried to debug ACPI with some wariants of acpi=off and other like nolapic, but this thing disables SMP support, and, as I understood now, disabled SD-card-reader, and it won't conflicted with display and display was not going black.15:09
denixx|h1oerheks: yep, SecureBoot is disabled.15:10
denixx|h1oerheks: Now I have tablet with dualboot to Win/Ubu...15:12
=== mateen1 is now known as mateen
pymagicwhat is a good replacement for "sourcetree" on ubuntu?15:42
leftyfbpymagic: I just googled for "sourcetree ubuntu" and came across several suggestions. More opinions can be had in #ubuntu-offtopic15:43
oerheksfor git? smartgit or check your requirements https://www.slant.co/options/7569/alternatives/~sourcetree-alternatives15:46
pymagicam trying giteye15:46
pymagicwritten in python15:47
pymagicI meant in jaba - giteye15:48
CursarionHi. So err, libcurl3 and libcurl4 conflict. Will anything break if I install the latter over the former?15:48
Cursarionlooks like both of them are the same version, 7.58.0?15:50
oerheksthis post says you must force libcurl3 to work, " Finally prepend env LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libcurl.so.3 to any commands that require libcurl3." https://dev.to/jake/using-libcurl3-and-libcurl4-on-ubuntu-1804-bionic-184g15:50
Cursarionhow ugly..15:51
leftyfbCursarion: what exactly are you trying to accomplish?15:53
Cursarionleftyfb: I'm trying to install cmake, which requires libcurl4, but I have libcurl3 installed at the moment because a number of packages depend on it15:55
pymagicoerheks, smartgit is expensive15:56
leftyfbCursarion: what version of ubuntu?15:56
leftyfbCursarion: how are you trying to install cmake?15:56
Cursarionapt install cmake15:56
leftyfbCursarion: please pastebin the error you get when installing cmake?15:57
leftyfbCursarion: oh, I see having libcurl3 installed causes a big mess15:57
leftyfbCursarion: why do you have that installed?15:58
Cursarionit doesn't produce an error, just says that The following packages will be REMOVED: libcurl315:58
leftyfbCursarion: ok, so remove libcurl315:58
CursarionI ran `dpkg-query -L libcurl3` and looks like libcurl-openssl1.0-dev, minecraft-launcher and atom depend on it15:59
Cursarionwon't removing it break them?15:59
leftyfbtry it15:59
Cursarionpasted wrong command, meant `apt-cache rdepends libcurl3`16:00
leftyfblibcurl-openssl1.0-dev is not a default installed package. Maybe run dpkg-query -L libcurl-openssl1.0-dev # to see what depends on it16:00
oerheksi would expect libcurl4-openssl-dev16:02
Cursarionthat seems to depend on libshibsp-dev, so I must've built something with shibboleth in it16:04
ioriaCursarion, if you really need both  there is a compatibility ppa you might try  : https://launchpad.net/~xapienz/+archive/ubuntu/curl3416:09
denixx|h1May I ask, if I would test my build and would find it usable and stable, is there some way to inform Canonical about successful software combination for some device?16:26
denixx|h1I use test kernel, so I am asking about "would someone be interested in success story"? :)16:27
lotuspsychjedenixx|h1: use a !bug if you want to make your issue known to the community & devs16:35
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.16:36
denixx|h1Hmmm... Don't like the idea to file a solution as a bug, but I understood the main idea, thanks!16:38
leftyfbdenixx|h1: you file a bug and post a solution in the description or comments16:39
MikeRLAm I messing up or is it impossible to connect to livepatch/Ubuntu SSO via Settings in Ubuntu 20.04 right now?16:54
MikeRLTried a pw reset and it just freezes up with the text "Connecting..." with an endless loading throbber.16:54
sarnoldMikeRL: I believe there are livepatch issues at the moment16:57
MikeRLsarnold, At least I'm not losing my mind.16:57
sarnoldMikeRL: heh, indeed :)16:57
oerhekssudo canonical-livepatch status --verbose17:03
TanvirHi, chmod -R 700 <folder> turns permission denied although I'm the owner. How could it be solved? Thanks in advance.17:04
Sven_vBdoes NetworkManager nowadays (ideally already in focal) provide some means to store the wifi secrets in another file than the IP configuration and stuff?17:04
oerhekserver check-in: failed: livepatch check failed: bad temporary server status 503 (URL: https://livepatch.canonical.com/api/machine/<num>): <html><body><h1>503 Service Unavailable</h1>17:04
oerheksjups, failed17:05
Sven_vBTanvir, first, when you use ocatal notation, prefix it with a 0 to avoid accidents. then: do you have write permission on the parent directory?17:05
TanvirSven_vB, could you tell me how to check that I've permission in the parent directory?17:06
Sven_vBTanvir, an easy way to test the effective permissions is to try and create a file there. :)17:06
Sven_vBTanvir, does the chmod say which folder you're lacking permissions for?17:08
TanvirSven_vB, I tried touch sample.txt in my home folder, it worked, but in the $HOME/anotherfolder it turned permission denied.17:09
Sven_vBwhat are the permissions, owner and group each? e.g. in your $HOME run ls -ld -- .17:17
Sven_vBsorry somehow the command got incomplete17:18
Sven_vBthere should be a space and the other folder name after .17:18
Sven_vBTanvir, ^17:19
TanvirSven_vB, you mean $HOME run ls -ld --foldername17:20
Sven_vBTanvir, cd && ls -ld -- . anotherfolder17:23
TanvirSven_vB, drwxr-sr-x <-- That's what I got for the folder.17:37
EriC^Tanvir: what about the owner?17:40
Sven_vBTanvir, ls should have written 2 lines, each with at least permissions, owner, group and name. you can censor the anotherfolder if its name is too private.17:54
Sven_vBthe home folder name should be just "." in the output17:54
Sven_vBis openbox supported in this channel?17:58
lennxhey all17:59
rexwini get a message to run sudo dpkg --configure -a18:01
rexwinbut that is asking me to do something with the grub18:02
rexwinCan I run it and have no problem?18:02
* Sven_vB solved his openbox problem.18:05
lennxHey, my headbar for terminal and similar apps is too big.18:10
lennxI am unable to fix this iisue18:10
Sven_vBlennx, this might be a problem with the window manager theme. check the system settings for something like "Window Manager Settings" and see if you can try other themes there.18:13
lennxSven_vB: is that the same a themes in tweak tools. I tried different themes to no change.18:14
cjdesnohi, i have a cross-compilation toolchain question. if i'm using the aarch64-linux-gnu toolchain package from apt to cross-compile from amd64 to arm64, and i want to link an application against libcurl, is there a straightforward way to get this working while continuing to use apt to manage the sysroot and toolchain?18:16
Sven_vBlennx, there should also be something like Window Manager Tweaks, is that what you mean? yes maybe that can change it18:16
Sven_vBcjdesno, you'll reach a wider audience if you explain what you tried and what problems occurred; someone not familiar with cross-compliation might nonetheless be familiar with the apt part of the problem.18:18
elbthe plot thickens!  It turns out that apps _on my primary display_ are super slow, but apps on external displays are quite responsive.18:18
Sven_vBelb, slow in rendering graphics, or in general?18:19
elbappears to be rendering; for electron apps (in particular), the time between hitting a key and seeing it appear on-screen can be hundreds of ms to several seconds18:20
elbbut overall CPU usage is not crazy18:20
Sven_vBsounds like a problem with the display driver then.18:20
razorbackHello. Is there a way to programatically change the background of Ubuntu Terminal? In this case I want to differentiate the windows when connecting via SSH to avoid executing commands on the wrong machine.18:20
elbthat's what I'm thinking18:20
elbit's i91518:20
sarnoldthere may be a way to convince the chromium-browser used inu the electrons to use gpu rendering, or not use gpu rendering, as needed; poke around in the menus?18:21
Sven_vBrazorback, this depends heavily on which terminal emulator application you use.18:21
elbyeah I had actually thought itwas just electronish aps in general18:22
cjdesnoSven_vB: i tried using dpkg --add-architecture arm64 and then apt update to see if installing curl:arm64 would get me anywhere, but apt install curl:arm64 failed to actually install anything (package not found)18:22
elbbut I drug one to a different monitor ... and it runs just fine18:22
cjdesno(i realize curl is not the same as libcurl but let's ignore that for a moment)18:22
Sven_vBcjdesno, have your apt sources lists been updated to include arm64?18:23
elbyup, turning off hardware acceleration fixes it18:24
elbI bet this would affect firefox on that monitor, too18:24
elbhmmmm it affects neither firefox nor chromium18:25
Sven_vBrazorback, if you just need different backgrounds for SSH, and can determine them before you start the actual terminal emulator, probably the config effort for xterm is acceptably small. https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/debian-26/how-to-change-background-and-fonts-color-in-xterm-156290/18:25
cjdesnoSven_vB: ah, actually i did get an error on apt update, E: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/xenial/main/binary-arm64/Packages  404  Not Found18:26
TanvirSven_vB, solved it, thanks. I had different user in terminal and client. That caused the mix-up. I created separate profiles for each user, it solved the issue.18:26
Sven_vBrazorback, if there are some settings that you really need the .Xdefaults approach for (i.e. for which there's no CLI option in xterm), you can just run the xterm with a customized home directory by giving it another HOME env var.18:27
cjdesnot seems like what i actually wanted was a libcurl-arm64-cross package, which doesn't exist, so nvm. will figure something else out.18:30
elbthe plot thickens18:36
elbwith vblank_mode=0 I get 64 fps with a full screen glxgears on the internal display, without I get ... < 1 fps18:36
Sven_vBsounds good18:37
C0nundrumis there any sort of best practice to mounting ssd backed network storage. I seem to be having ips issues but i'm not sure why18:37
C0nundrumin reguards to running a database on it18:38
elbmust be the 20.04 kernel interacting badly with the ice lake GPU ... possibly not understanding the display refresh parameters?18:38
Sven_vBC0nundrum, shouldn't the NAS abstract away what kind of hardware backs it?18:38
sarnolddatabase over NAS sounds like trouble in the first place -- check the database docs for guidance on storage to use18:39
C0nundrumWell the vms themselves are backed by network storage18:42
C0nundrumeither way18:42
C0nundrumThe drives are 960GB del S461018:42
C0nundrumThe cpu load is low < 5%18:43
C0nundrumIf i run a random write test using fio i can get 100k iops but with mysql i only seem to be getting <= 9k18:43
C0nundrumsarnold Is just for a dev environment. It doesn't need to support any large amount of load18:44
C0nundrumAt the very least i'm trying to figure out what my bottleneck is18:45
C0nundrumas to why iops is so low18:45
sarnoldC0nundrum: was your fio test at the same filesystem layer that your mysql tests are at? going through full filesystem stack is very different than using a raw block io device18:47
sarnoldC0nundrum: were your fio tests async and your mysql tests sync?18:47
C0nundrumThe vm has the disk exposed ass vdd. I mounted that with `mount /dev/vdd /mnt/share`.  I ran the fio test and mysql on that mount point18:48
C0nundrumThe fio command i ran was18:49
C0nundrumfio --randrepeat=1 --ioengine=libaio --direct=1 --gtod_reduce=1 --name=test --filename=random_write.fio --bs=4k --iodepth=64 --size=4G --readwrite=randwrite18:49
C0nundrumeach row is a seperate insert commands 13k rows so i guess sync for mysql ?18:51
C0nundrumThey could be combined but that doesn't solve the underlying problem18:54
shfbsdbvfHi, firefox freezes and "killall -9 firefox" doesn't help. Could someone help me with it?18:54
lotuspsychjexkill ?18:54
kyle__What process name do you see with ps aux|grep firefox18:55
shfbsdbvfthanks, it helped18:55
shfbsdbvfbut I never had such error18:55
shfbsdbvfhow could it happen?18:55
shfbsdbvfkyle__: sorry, I just killed it18:56
shfbsdbvfbut looks like it was "firefox" with a long list of options18:56
shfbsdbvfin htop18:56
sarnoldC0nundrum: 'randrw' may do a better job describing the mysql workload18:56
shfbsdbvfno, it's still running, probably xkill killed only the window18:57
shfbsdbvfkyle__: it's name is "/usr/lib/firefox/firefox -contentproc -childID 1 -isForBrowser -prefsLen 1 -prefMapSize 219248 -parentBuildID 20200602222727 -appdir /usr/lib/firefox/browser 1546 true tab" with 7 more children with appropriate childIDs18:58
sarnoldC0nundrum: are you sure libaoi, direct=1 is a good approximation of the mysql storage engine? you could try with a simple 'psync' to see what that workload looks like18:58
kyle__pgrep and killall work the same way. Now that it's running, try pgrep /usr/lib/firefox/firefox, if that works (ie returns the pid), then you'll know that's the string to use for killall next time18:59
shfbsdbvfdidn't return anything19:00
shfbsdbvfforgot to mention that there was also "[firefox] <defunct>"19:00
kyle__K.  Well if pgrep isn't finding it, killall won't.  You may have to play a bit with it.19:00
shfbsdbvfand "pgrep firefox" returned it's pid19:00
kyle__damn :/19:01
sarnoldfor the defunct process, what is that process's ppid?19:01
shfbsdbvfwait, ppid is PID, right?19:01
razorbackSven_vB: it would be exclusively used on GNOME Terminal19:04
C0nundrumsarnold psync ? is that a confi option for fio ?19:05
=== Tanvir is now known as C-4
Sven_vBrazorback, yeah I tried with G-T as well when I had the same problem (SSH background color) and found that G-T makes it especially hard to customize it programmatically. I had to use obscure tools to create profiles for each possible color, then some day they changed how those profiles were saved and I decided to just switch to a terminal emulator that tries less eagerly to patronize me. :-/19:07
C0nundrumsarnold psync ? is that a confi option for fio ?19:07
razorbackSven_vB: ah, that is a shame. I am really used to the default terminal. Guess I'll table that problem for now until better solutions are made.19:08
Sven_vBrazorback, if your desires in features aren't too exotic, I'm sure there are a lot of other terminal emulators that can do it. feel free to tell us what features you like best about G-T, and maybe we can recomment another TE.19:10
shfbsdbvfwell, firefox died itself after some time, looks like the problem is solved...19:13
Sven_vBshfbsdbvf, I think you may have misunderstood the <defunct>. afair a defunct process is not "running" anymore; it is in limbo and its process ID stays reserved until its parent has reaped it. I think this because as long as it is not reaped, the parent may still be under the impression that this PID is one of its subrpocesses, and may act on that PID; if the PID were to be given to an unrelated new process, the original parent's target19:16
Sven_vBconfusion could cause bad interference.19:16
sarnoldC0nundrum: yes, psync is a different engine19:35
C0nundrumshould  i remove direct=1 as well19:41
sarnoldC0nundrum: yeah, unless mysql uses O_DIRECT19:42
coconutI installed clamav and try to update definitions with freshclam, but it is unable to update(https://pastebin.com/9iV3xEHV). Something i can do?19:44
sarnoldcoconut: you could try fuser /var/log/clamav/freshclam.log to see who else may be using it19:44
coconutsarnold, i give me an empty response19:45
sarnoldcoconut: is there a /var/log/clamav/freshclam.log.lock or similar file nearby?19:46
oerheksor run updates again?19:46
oerheksubuntu-update, not within clamav19:47
coconutsarnold, no that lock file does not exist19:47
coconutoerheks, updates are up to date too19:52
Apachezhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zr0nfG3Xy4 T minus 5min and counting...20:05
tomreynIIRC clamd does the freshclam automatically if you have it running20:05
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tomreynApachez: #ubuntu != #ubuntu-offtopic20:06
=== zbenjamin_ is now known as zbenjamin
egraindoes 20.04 still work on 32bit?20:15
tomreyn32-bit arm, yes20:17
egrainjust arm?20:17
egrainthen the question is, is a p4 64bit?20:18
kyle__Depends on the P4.20:18
tomreynif that's pentium 4, some are, i think20:18
egrainwell, i'll find out tomorrow.20:19
kyle__I think even most are, but you'll have to get the model and search.  Probably wikipedia will be the easiest at this point.20:19
egrainis there a 32bit ubuntu for me to download?20:19
tomreynx86 supoort for the OS is no more, just in 16.04 LTS but this has only another 9 or so months to go20:20
Apacheztomreyn: its ubuntu related since ubuntu is being used :P20:21
egrainyou saying i have to go elsewhere now?20:21
tomreynApachez: it's not ubuntu support related20:21
tomreynegrain: no, this was about Apachez's youtube link20:22
egrainwell, i gotta go.20:23
egrainthanks so far.20:23
turbogingerhoping someone can help me repair my system without having to do a complete reformat...21:18
turbogingerI first installed x11vnc to remote desktop to my ubuntu machine21:19
turbogingerthen seeing as how that is less secure / demands more resources, I installed tightvncserver21:19
turbogingertightvncserver didn't do what I want it to do; or rather it was more involved than I was hoping, so I uninstalled it21:19
turbogingernow x11vnc won't run21:19
turbogingersays there is no '-Display or DISPLAY'21:20
turbogingeranyone know what I biffed?21:20
Apacheztomreyn:  #ubuntu != #ubuntu-offtopic21:30
jeremy31Apachez: this is a support channel, not everything Ubuntu related is allowed21:35
tatertotsturboginger: what happens if you manually specify DISPLAY?21:37
turbogingertatertots: so that is kinda where I am stuck, let me double checkt21:39
Apachezjeremy31: #ubuntu != #ubuntu-offtopic21:39
turbogingerlooks like the same error, just faster since it is not trying to figure out which display to use21:41
turbogingerI do know that the machine that I am trying to connect to is sitting at the logon screen21:42
turbogingerbut I think there is a way around that in /var/lib/gdm321:42
turbogingeror something..21:43
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tatertotsturboginger: are you chatting from the server right now?22:01
turbogingertatertots: yes.22:04
turbogingertatertots: ssh'd22:04
tatertotsturboginger: in terminal>    systemctl list-unit-files |nc termbin.com 999922:15
tatertotsturboginger: share url/link here..if you do not get a url/link..say so22:15
turbogingertatertots: https://termbin.com/stga22:16
skyliner_369Why is it that window in window doesn't allow you to drag the inner window around, instead dragging the outer window instead? Like maybe I wanna move that preferences screen over a bit.22:22
tatertotsturboginger: in terminal>    apt list --installed|grep vnc|nc termbin.com 999922:23
turbogingertatertots: https://termbin.com/15cn22:24
leftyfbskyliner_369: it depends on the application22:24
skyliner_369It seems to be on many applications. The only one that doesn't do it seems to be blender because it uses entirety separate windows22:25
tatertotsturboginger: in terminal>    ps aux|grep vnc|nc termbin.com 999922:26
skyliner_369But in this particular case I'm looking at Musescore22:26
turbogingertatertots: ^22:26
=== leaftype2 is now known as leaftype
turbogingertatertots: Like one thing that was odd, is that at one point I had like 4 displays I think... X0 - X3. Whereever those files are located are not the same now. I only saw X0 the last time I checked... maybe in /dev/? I dunno...22:32
tatertotsturboginger: what command are you using to attempt to start it?22:32
turbogingeror x11vnc -display 022:35
tatertotsturboginger: are you prompted for VNC password or to set password?22:36
turbogingerno, but warnings appear that I should create one. which I will once I get can the darn thing running again...22:36
tatertotsturboginger: ok, then it is functioning as designed and expected, here's a link on vnc https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC/Servers22:40
turbogingertatertots: okay, thank you22:42
SrPxconsidering buying either a razer blade 15 or a dell xps 15 for ubuntu. will driver compatibility be fine on any?23:04
sarnoldno; it's well worth taking some time to research what you buy before you buy it to see if people report problems with webcams or wifi or bluetooth or NIC or whatever23:05
Bashing-omSrPx: ^^ Got money ? consider too: https://9to5linux.com/dell-xps-13-developer-edition-linux-laptop-is-now-available-with-ubuntu-20-04-lts .23:07
SrPxyea no limit on budgets for this notebook, but it seems to be hard to find anything good those days with the whole ryzen situation23:07
SrPxbest cpus (ryzen) are on mid-tier quality laptops23:07
SrPxso frustrating23:07
SrPxBashing-om: I need a dGPU though so no XPS 13 : (23:08
SrPx64GB ram, 4 TB SSD, 15", ryzen, RTX 2080 would be my dream machine but it doesn't exist :P23:08
SrPxanyway - does that mean I can expect driver issues if I buy a windows XPS 15 or a Razer Blade?23:09
Bashing-omSrPx: Agreed - AMD Ryzen is attractive. phoronix.com covers Ryzen quite well.23:09
SrPxoh thanks so much for that link!!23:09
SrPx(ctrl+f ryzen... first result: lenovo flex 5 *sighs*)23:10
josephillipsquestion i have two different hard disk controllers23:22
josephillipswhen i perform the setup the controller show a disk as SDA and the other controller B as SDB SDC SDC23:22
josephillipswhen the install complete and boot23:22
josephillipswhat was sda now is on SDC23:22
josephillipsand SDA/SBC/SDC is the controller #223:23
josephillipsexit a way to arrange this ?23:23
=== kostkon_ is now known as kostkon
sarnoldjosephillips: the 'short names' are free to change every reboot23:25
sarnoldjosephillips: there's links in /dev/disk/by-*/ directories that you can use for stable names for disks23:25
josephillipsis there a problem with this23:25
josephillipsif im using a openstack swift23:25
josephillipsthe juju charm you should specify the short name23:25
Bashing-omjosephillips: A device map help here ? see in terminal 'man grub-mkdevicemap' .23:28
sarnoldjosephillips: I don't see anything in https://api.jujucharms.com/charmstore/v5/swift-storage-270/archive/config.yaml or https://jaas.ai/swift-storage/270 that says you can't use /dev/disk/by-id/ links23:29
sarnoldjosephillips: do you get an error message when you use them?23:29
josephillipssarnold:  block-device:23:30
josephillips    default: sdb23:30
josephillipscheck this part of configuration23:30
josephillipsshould be configured as sda sdb sdc23:32
josephillipsif the drives are jumping around can cause data corruption or data loss when a node fail or add more disks23:32
josephillipsso what i need to do is always force the boot disk as SDA23:33
josephillipslike the setup shows up23:33
sarnoldyes, all the more reason why you should use the stable links to the devices; please report a bug with whatever error message you get when you use the /dev/disk/by-id/ nodes23:33
josephillipsby-id can't be used neither23:34
josephillipsbecause you add more nodes under the same configurations23:34
josephillipsids will never match23:34
josephillipsbetween nodes23:34
josephillipsmaybe grub devicemap can make the trick23:36
josephillipslet me check sarnold23:36
sarnoldjosephillips: you could use /dev/disk/by-id/ and give them all identical IDs23:37
sarnoldsw1 sw2 sw3 etc23:37
sarnoldI'm not sure which is the worse inconvenience -- getting the /dev/disk/by-id/ nodes or setting labels for /dev/disk/by-label/ nodes23:38
josephillipset me see if the charm work on this way23:39
josephillipsif the charm accept by-label should work as i expect23:44
josephillipssarnold: doesnt work23:47
josephillipsthe disk should be unformated23:47
josephillipsthe labet is set when is formated right23:47
semitonesHow do you gksu synaptic in today's day and age?23:49
sarnoldjosephillips: *ugh* :( bummer. I liked that idea. :(23:49
semitonesIs sudo synaptic ok?23:49
sarnoldjosephillips: this feels like it's worth a bug report :)23:49
Bashing-omsemitones: No - sudo with a GUI app has undesired side effects - do ' sudo -H synaptic ' to direct sudo to proper action. There are too other ways :)23:51
semitonesThanks :) I knew sudo plain wasn't right23:52
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semitonesExcept I logged out of my account, and now I have a black screen23:52
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semitonesBut my keyboard backlight still responds23:53
semitonesI'm on IRC from my phone23:53
semitonesAny ideas how to recover from a black screen?23:53
cluelesspersonsemitones, Ctrl + Alt + F1-F8  can you get a console?23:54
semitonesNVM now the keyboard no longer responds. I think it crashed when I hit logout23:54
cluelesspersonsemitones, try running a command to restart gnome-shell23:54
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semitonescluelessperson: the keyboard is no longer responding so I think I need to power cycle it23:55
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cluelesspersonsemitones, it might be the interface crashed, but if you do  Ctrl+Alt+F1 it might pull up a console23:56
cluelesspersonsemitones, secondly, what version of ubuntu are you on?23:56
semitonesI tried, but alas. I restarted. The previous LTS, 18.04 I think23:57
cluelesspersonsemitones, Well, I recently upgraded to 20.04 and installed the low latency kernel, and it's been amazing for me23:57
cluelesspersonsemitones, would you be comfortable doing that?23:57
semitonesYeah, right now I'm on Ubuntu studio which is cool because you can choose generic or low latency at boot time23:58
semitonesBut yeah I would like to fresh install over this one ideally23:58
cluelesspersonoh neat23:58
cluelesspersonwhat is Ubuntu studio anyway23:58
cluelesspersonsemitones, in theory, you shouldn't have to "fresh install"23:58
cluelesspersonsemitones, Windows originally started out as just installing and uninstalling things willy nilly, leaving things trashed out23:59
semitonesIt's preconfigured and geared towards audio, video, or graphics work23:59
cluelesspersonsemitones, Linux has generally been better about cleanup and takes placement more seriously.23:59

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