wallyworldqthepirate: there's no offical testing if ipv6 but as far as i'm aware, juju does not explicitly not support ipv6. there was a time when it complained if lxd was set up with ipv6 but i think that may no longer be the case. but as i said, it's no tsomething that is officially tested or supported yet00:46
qthepirateI know it works perfectly fine with standard hosts, just not LXC's00:56
qthepirate_Damn! I'm sick of being logged out automatically. Is there a way i can stop that?01:02
wallyworldnot sure sorry01:03
wallyworldmaybe ipv6 with lxd on juju is a simple tweak. lxd itself supports ipv6 just fine01:03
qthepirate_its probably just an implementation thing then.01:04
qthepirate_theres a bunch of charms that have "prefer ipv6" built into them already01:08

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