BluesKajHi all13:09
RikMillsplasma 5.19.5 is building in proposed13:24
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> Yes!14:20
IrcsomeBot<myfenris> @RikMills, 👍🏻14:21
gQuigshi! just wanted to make sure someone from the Kubuntu team saw this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-cdimage/+bug/1862428   Just changing cdimage links to https will keep things working.  Otherwise users using Chrome/ium will eventually not be able to download Kubuntu ISOs17:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1862428 in Kubuntu Website "HTTPS required by Chrom/ium for future downloading" [Undecided,New]17:34
valorie@Sick_Rimmit ^^^19:51
santa_RikMills: do tou have some time for a few misc things (5 things give or take XD)20:19
santa_* do you20:24
valoriesanta_: coming to Akademy?22:07
valoriealthough even if you are, I might miss ya22:07
valorietimezones suck a bit22:07
santa_valorie: virtual Akademy?22:07
valorieI'm actually giving a talk on the final day22:08
santa_when? does it need registration or something like that?22:08
valorieI hope a lot of Kubuntu folks represent22:08
valorieif you have a KDE identity you can sign right in22:08
valoriebut they do want people to register of course so they know how many to expect in sessions, etc.22:09
valoriehoping to see both Rik and Rick (Sick_Rimmit) as well22:09
RikMillssanta_: bit late now. sorry22:58
RikMillscan surely discuss tomorrow23:00
santa_valorie: I will have a look I guess but I have billions and billions of things to do23:01
valorieI can soooo relate!23:01
santa_I hope to clear most of them before it's too late23:01
valoriemine are ongoing, so no chance of that!23:01
santa_RikMills: I'm still up for ~ 1 hour, initiate conversation? [y/n]23:02
RikMillsyaaaaaaaaaaawn. ok23:02
santa_ok, first thing: plasma all green http://tritemio-groomlake.duckdns.org/build-status/buildstatus_ubuntu-exp2/ubuntu-exp2_status_plasma.html23:03
santa_2nd thing: have you seen the patch from the russian nice guy?23:04
RikMillsmerge proposals?23:04
RikMillsif so, yes. just did not get around to checking sanity this evening23:05
santa_I have tested it and keeps the kgamma5 green in the status pages, so if you agree I can merge that into _staging + changelog entry23:05
RikMillsok, that is what I was going to do, so please do23:06
santa_ok, noted23:06
RikMillsthere was also a breeze-gtk MP23:07
santa_next things about KA:23:07
santa_ok, noted as well, I coul try to have a look tomorrow in the morning if you don't proceed earlier23:08
santa_* could23:08
santa_anything else? move to KA? [y/n]23:08
RikMillsno, go ahead23:08
santa_ok, about KA:23:08
santa_- I disabled the kci check in the default config, I guess you are ok with this23:09
santa_- I have fixed the ppa-build-status so you should be able to execute the thing even wiht libkgeomap uploaded23:09
santa_* with23:10
santa_- finally I'm at the moment in the process of releasing 2.0-rc223:10
santa_so I'm going to copy the packages to the PPA team very soon before I go to bed23:11
RikMillsgreat :)23:12
santa_- last thing about KA, I think I'm going to work abit in resurrecting this: http://tritemio-groomlake.duckdns.org/ka-iron-hand_reports/23:12
santa_in genereal I think I'm going to focus for KA 2.4 in the status tools23:13
santa_the code in general is very shoddy, and also not pylint clean23:14
santa_at the same time I might try to resurrect my efforts to program a proper gbp-something to build git snapshots like the kci used to do23:15
santa_so maybe we could still maintain the kubuntu_unstable branches "manually" as a temporary solution while we don't have a proper CI23:16
RikMillsoldly I was thinking about that earlier, so sounds good23:16
santa_but we will see if it's feasible to do23:16
RikMillscan you use something like releaseme to make snapshot tars with translations rolled in?23:16
santa_and of course I still have to fix the proposed migration graphs23:16
santa_I can use releaseme but maybe it's better to have our own code23:17
santa_because that releaseme thing, which is great, is written in ruby23:17
santa_so integrating that with KA....23:17
RikMillsmy 'like' was quite general23:18
santa_lots of hmmmm23:18
santa_anyway we will see, the fisrt thing would be reworking some things of the status pages23:18
RikMillsif not it will have to mangle install files or something23:18
RikMillslike KCI used to23:19
santa_I think I had some partial work on a proper log parser23:19
santa_if we have a gbp-something we can make sure that kind of thing doesn't happen23:19
santa_we will see the implementation of that, but it can be done23:20
RikMillsok. sounds good23:20
RikMillsomg. plasma-workspace has been building for 3 hrs on riscv64 :(23:22
santa_oh yes23:22
RikMillsprobably need to do more passing build_testing = off when we are not going to run tests anyway23:25
RikMillsanything else?23:25
santa_↑ what happened with ark and kio-extras here?23:26
RikMillsark I uploaded early as it had a CVE23:26
santa_ah, ok23:27
RikMillskio-extras needs kdsoap23:27
santa_is that needing a debian/copyright?23:27
RikMillsI add ed the dep so it waits, instead of FTBFS23:27
RikMillsyes, I have been avoidign that!23:28
santa_ok, I take note23:28
santa_nothing more on my side whenever you can if you confirm me the ppa-build-status is fixed that would be great23:29
santa_either having the fix from git or the package, I don't care23:29
santa_↑ the packages are being copied23:30
RikMillsI'll do a check 1st thing in the morning23:30
santa_remember to upload the libkgeomap first23:31
RikMillsI had :P23:31
RikMillsbut thanks23:31
RikMillsif that is all, then good night all23:33
RikMillssanta_ valorie ^^23:34
valorieniters and hope to see you at Akademy!23:34
valorieboth of ya23:34
santa_yes, good night and thanks for your time23:35
RikMillsI will try for some of it at lease23:35
valoriesame here really, can't attend some of the talks I want to due to them being about 3am my time!23:58
valorie> dinner23:59

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