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Laneyhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mozjs78/78.2.0-1~fakesync1/+build/19901851 <- this seems like it might be interesting to you, since the bos02 problems were resolved13:49
Laneyno pappacena it seems13:50
* tomwardill pokes14:54
pappacenaLaney, sorry I'lve missed your message. Is this build failing? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mozjs78/78.2.0-1~fakesync1/+build/1990185114:57
LaneyLooks like someone retried it :/14:58
Laneypappacena: It failed without log, I thought that might be interesting for you to look into14:59
Laneybut I'm not sure if you can do that now it's been retried (maybe you can)15:00
pappacenaIt seems to have failed with logs this time15:22
RikMillsinternal compiler error: Segmentation fault15:35
Laneythat's fine, I can handle a failure which has a log15:37
Laneyones without, well, :)15:37
Laneyright, I'll ping if I see it happening again15:46
* Laney shakes a fist at the mystery retrier15:46

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