Unit193Hrm, any idea when riscv will be available for PPAs?00:46
sarnoldUnit193: I've got a checkbox on one of my ppas, though maybe I have that due to magic powers00:56
Unit193My box is all grayed out.00:56
sarnoldoh :(00:56
Unit193Which normally I don't care about riscv at all, but something is failing only there, and for some silly reason it's not migrating.00:57
sarnoldUnit193: probably the way to find out if you can have it flipped is to file a question on the launchpad questions section00:57
sarnoldUnit193: I think some of the biletto ppas have it enabled too, would that be any help?00:57
Unit193sarnold: Well...I don't really want special treatment if it's not really ready yet. :300:57
sarnold(I've never tried these)00:57
Unit193I have no idea how to use those either. :D00:57
sarnoldUnit193: heh, was it failing package tests? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dpkg/+bug/189168601:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1891686 in dpkg (Ubuntu) "Please default to nocheck on riscv64" [Undecided,Fix released]01:24
Trevinhomwhudson: if it helps, this is the diff of what has been installed in gjs (+ proposed) vs the failing one: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/VDTQpzVWQT/01:40
Trevinhomwhudson: gobject-introspection amd64 1.64.1-1build2 looks to be a good candidate01:40
mwhudsonTrevinho: yeah, sounds plausible01:42
Trevinhomwhudson: you can probably do a build1 with that, or I can but tomorrow01:43
mwhudsonTrevinho: well it's also part of the libffi transition so they will migrate together01:43
Trevinhoyeah, sure,  I mean if we need to have a specific b-d for britney happyness01:43
mwhudsoni don't think so01:44
mwhudsonthanks for checking though!01:44
Unit193sarnold: FTBFS.02:23
rs2009Hi, I noticed that the filesystem.squashfs in the Groovy Gorilla daily builds have /boot/vmlinuz and /boot/initrd.img as broken symlinks. They point to initrd.img-* and vmlinuz-*, which do not exist. I was building a custom Ubuntu ISO from an existing Ubuntu 20.10 daily ISO using the chroot method. I copied the initramfs from the /casper/ directory07:04
rs2009in the custom disk and installed the linux-image in the chroot, as I needed to change the plymouth logo. I then ran update-initramfs -u -k all inside the chroot. I copied /boot/initrd.img to /casper/ and built the ISO. When I booted the ISO in a VM, it showed the plymouth boot screen for one second, after which it dropped to the BusyBox initramfs07:04
rs2009prompt. Did something change in 20.10? I'm not aware of any change apart from the switch to GRUB for both BIOS and UEFI.07:04
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ddstreetLaney i think the autopkgtest armhf lxd-worker needs to be restarted to pick up a worker.conf change, to make haveged a long_test; it is still running it with the default timeout, though haveged was added to long_tests a week or so ago12:08
ddstreetcould you check it when you have a chance?12:08
Laneyddstreet: it does, who deployed it?12:08
Laneythey might need some education12:08
* Laney brings out the education stick12:08
ddstreetLaney you mean who deployed autopkgtest? this is on the official builders https://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/h/haveged/groovy/armhf12:08
Laneywho merged the config change12:08
ddstreetoh, i think vorlon12:09
Laneyright, missed being done on armhf12:10
Laneydone now12:10
xnoxrs2009: is this desktop or server?15:02
xnoxrs2009:  did you also specify environmental variable to trigger casper initrd to be generated with uuid checks?15:03
rs2009xnox: This is the desktop variant. I wasn't building a daily image, rather was chrooting into the ISO and making some changes, and then rebuilding the ISO.15:18
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xnoxrs2009:  when rebuilding initrd you must set CASPER_GENERATE_UUID environment variable.15:19
xnoxrs2009:  or have grub.cfg to have boot=casper15:19
xnoxin kernel commandline.15:19
rs2009xnox: I already have boot=casper in the kernel commandline.15:20
xnoxrs2009:  by default we build initrd for the iso with CASPER_GENERATE_UUID=y set, matching uuid committed on the iso in .disk/, and with clean kernel commandline.15:20
xnoxrs2009:  in that case i don't know why your boot failed. and you do not give enough information for me to suggest antyhing to you.15:20
xnoxrs2009:  it sounds like you have missbuilt your kernel/initrd pair, and it doesn't match the rest of the iso.15:21
rs2009xnox: I was building a custom Ubuntu ISO from an existing Ubuntu 20.10 daily ISO (using the chroot method) when I saw that /boot/initrd.img and /boot/vmlinuz are broken symlinks in filesystem.squashfs. I copied the initramfs from the /casper/ directory in the custom disk and installed the linux-image in the chroot, as I needed to change the15:23
rs2009plymouth logo. I then ran update-initramfs -u -k all inside the chroot. I copied /boot/initrd.img to /casper/ and built the ISO. When I booted the ISO in a VM, it showed the plymouth boot screen for one second, after which it dropped to the BusyBox initramfs prompt.15:23
rs2009xnox: the daily ISO has 5.4.0-42-generic (checked in /lib/modules) and the initrd kernel version corresponds to it.15:28
rs2009xnox: This issue does not happen with the default initramfs, rather with an initramfs built with update-initramfs15:33
Laneyrbalint: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/495890903/buildlog_ubuntu-groovy-armhf.mozjs78_78.2.0-1~fakesync1_BUILDING.txt.gz does this interest you?15:33
Laneyalso, I saw your ping on that autopkgtest-cloud MR, will review this week15:34
xnoxrs2009:  you should have no need to install linux-image.... as that one might be different from the rest of iso.15:34
xnoxrs2009:  and you should restore initrd&vmlinuz from casper into where the broken links point to.15:34
xnoxrs2009:  and you should generate new initrd for that same kernel version, not any other different one.15:35
xnoxrs2009:  calling update-initramfs without environment variables set, and without correct kernel version as installed in the chroot, will not generate a complete nor valid initrd usable for cd boot.15:35
rs2009xnox: The issue happens without linux-image as well. I had restored the initrd and vmlinuz to where the broken links point to. I was building the initramfs for the kernel in the ISO only. I did not know that it was mandatory to build with CASPER_GENERATE_UUID=y set. I thought it wasn't required if boot=casper was being added to the command line.15:37
xnoxrs2009: and how did you rebuild the initrd? which kernel version did you specify?15:39
xnoxrs2009:  after you build with CASPER_GENERATE_UUID=y you also need to copy out the same uuid into the iso. otherwise there will be uuid-missmatch and you will fail to boot.15:40
rs2009xnox: I used update-initramfs and specified 5.4.0-42-generic which I found in /lib/modules/.15:41
xnoxrs2009:  yeap that's the right version number, so that should have worked.15:42
rs2009xnox: I'm trying out CASPER_GENERATE_UUID=y right now15:42
xnoxgenerate initrd with UUID, copy it out and place it on the iso in .disk/ dir, remaster the iso and hopefully things will start working15:42
xnoxif they don't, edit kernel cmdline and append ignore_uuid to ignore uuid missmatch, to doulbe check if that's what's causing the failure to boot15:43
rs2009xnox: ignore_uuid works, so it looks to be an issue with the UUID. I couldn't find the UUID in the output of update-initramfs.15:59
xnoxrs2009:  it's inside the initrd.... one has to unpack it to copy it into the .disk/uuid16:33
rs2009xnox: Yes, I was doing that :) Thank you for your help!16:34
rbalintLaney, re: MR, thanks! re: mozjs, no, sorry, i'd like to get glibc rounds done first19:54

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