lotuspsychjegood morning to all02:11
akemHeya lotuspsychje.02:23
lotuspsychjehey akem02:23
akemYou're up very early.02:24
akemI didn't get to sleep yet here :P02:24
akemI was printing some 3D stuff. Thoses machines are amazing, very high quality with filament printing.02:29
sarnoldwow, consumer 3d printing has come a loooong way02:30
akem9h to print this buddhaminator :P02:32
lotuspsychjeyou own one akem ?02:34
akemlotuspsychje, Yes, Creality Ender 3.02:34
lotuspsychjeakem: and you control it with blender?02:34
lotuspsychjeor its not on linux?02:35
akemlotuspsychje, Yes, i printed some things that i modeled myself with Blender, i know and use Blender since the 2000s. But this stuff i downloaded on Thingiverse.02:35
akemI don't control it with Blender, i print from an SD card.02:36
lotuspsychjeso you dont need extra software?02:36
akemI use Ultimaker, to convert the .stl model from Blender to .gcode that the printer can handle, it defines how the models needs to be printed, the resolution or infill etc.02:37
akemI got the Linux version ofc.02:37
akemSo i put that on the SD card, and the printer has a little screen where you can select the file on the SD card to print it.02:38
lotuspsychjeultimaker, never heared of it tnx02:38
akemUltimaker Cura.02:38
akemIt works for a lot of printers.02:38
akemNot sure if it is open source tho, i downloaded a binary.02:39
lotuspsychjecura - GUI G-code generator for 3D printers02:39
lotuspsychjeprusa-slicer - G-code generator for 3D printers02:39
lotuspsychjeslic3r - G-code generator for 3D printers02:39
lotuspsychjeslic3r-prusa - Transitional package for prusa-slicer02:39
lotuspsychjeapt cache on fossa02:39
lotuspsychjea bunch of snaps too02:40
akemThe "slicer" as they call it is open source, but the app maybe not.02:40
akemI didn't look for other slicers, since this one worked fine and has so much options...02:41
lotuspsychjenice to know!02:43
akemPeople are doing all sort of crazy things with 3D printers, ball jointed dolls, robots, supports/stands, and there is also elastic filament now, its like rubber.02:45
akemCool technology.02:45
akemThe resolution is better than i expected.02:46
lotuspsychjenow make us a tux doll lol02:47
akemHehe yeah good idea, i don't have any penguin figure at home :)02:47
sarnoldelastic filiment? wow02:49
akemhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hre3UdoxbE0 yeah :P02:51
akemI didn't try it yet. Just regular one, i just had the printer few weeks ago.02:54
Maikgood morning05:24
ducassegood morning06:18
oerheksanyone can publish a snap ... https://snapcraft.io/fuckerrbody ... disguisting.21:01
daftykinshmm this happened once before in the normal packages, no?21:02
oerheksNo idea about that.21:02
oerheksThis is just digital trash.21:03
Ussatand people why I think snaps are a crappy idea21:06
oerheksSnaps are oke, but the amount of hello world snaps is silly21:09
oerheksand this trash.21:10
daftykinsa long time ago, a client's kid said his friend was super smart and had made a web browser on Apple devices21:10
daftykinsi said umm no, Apple (at that time) did not allow any other browsers, it would have just been an app he made that contained a Safari frame within it21:10
daftykinskid was too young to understand though, so i had to just smile away :)21:10
Ussatsnaps, IMHO, are total shit storms. I totally rip them out on my server instyalls. They have zero place on servers21:12
Ussatand the fact that they update, wheneverthefuktheywant is stoopid21:13
oerheksthen you have no livepatch either.21:13
UssatNOpe, I dont use livepatch21:14
Ussatall my systems have maint windows21:14

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