xnoxrealtime-neil:  i don't know where you are getting preseed/late_command from. I don't think anything in ubiquity uses that at all.11:23
xnoxthere is oem-config/late_command, but that's for oem-config only, not ubiquity.11:23
realtime-neilxnox: is there really nothing that shells out (and is checked) after the installation proper and before the machine reboots?15:58
xnoxbut not checked.16:34
xnoxbut like you can make it hang, or crash things.16:34
xnoxwhat do you expect it to do?16:34
xnoxrealtime-neil:  you can ship a ubiquity plugin, if you want custom ux.16:34
realtime-neilxnox: i was expecting something like a `preseed/late_command`; i.e., it if fails, then then error is propagated to something the user can see16:37
realtime-neilIs there something easier than a ubiquity plugin?16:38

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