ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <ItzSwirlz> @philipz Testing for 20.10 will begin Sep 3 for the Ub. Testing Week, yes?18:31
valorieit will be a crazy week because Akademy is happening at the same time19:48
valorieand it is the week for GSoC evaluations19:48
ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <ItzSwirlz> /shrug20:18
ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <ItzSwirlz> That will be fun :/20:18
luna__valorie: i am also attending aKademy20:41
luna__for the first time this year20:42
=== luna__ is now known as luna_
ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <hmmm> /shrug20:47
ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <hmmm> huh20:47
valorieluna_: good to hear!21:22
valorieany talks you find interesting?21:22
valoriethis will be my 5th one I think21:23
valoriebut of course first one virtual21:23
luna_valorie: haven't had time to check yet21:33
valorieI think I can get into the implicit bias training before it actually starts21:34
valorieif the time works out21:34
valorieI live on the west coast of the US so the German times are sometimes impossible21:34
valorieI had to find a proxy for the annual meeting of the e.V. because I am not getting up at 3am for that!21:35
valorieluna_: if you are registered you'll get added to the attendees list, which should have all the info you need21:37
luna_valorie: i have21:38
luna_but haven't had much energy to check due to headache and deppresions21:38
valoriethere is also #akademy right here in freenode21:38

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