JaySeeHi, can anyone help in configuring multiple NIC on ubuntu 18.04 with netplan. I am not able to connect to server using all NIC except where gateway is configured. My config --> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/x4JQWynPQ7/06:18
RoyKJaySee: looks ok - what are eth[123] connected to?07:45
RoyKJaySee: not directly related, but why don't you choose something like 10.2.[22,23,24,25].x instead of changing both the second and the third octet?07:47
JaySee@RoyK: eth0 and eth1 are connected one switch and eth2 and eth3 are connected to another switch (both are dell). All these switches are connected in spine leaf topology. second octet represents the eth port and third octet represents the leaf (switch) to which the node (server) is connected. This is existing topology, just wanted to follow the same.08:00
RoyKJaySee: do you mean eth0 and eth1 are on the same subnet/VLAN?08:01
JaySee@Royk: they are in different subnet , but they are on same switch08:33
RoyKJaySee: different VLANs?08:43
RoyKso what is it that doesn't work?08:44
JaySeeI can not connect to server using SSH on eth1/eth2/eth308:44
JaySeeIf i change the gateway from eth0 and configure gateway of the eth1 or eth2 ... I can connect, but I am not able to use all the eth ports to connect to the server08:46
RoyKcan you ping the server from a host on the other networks?08:46
JaySeeNo. I am not able to ping as well.08:47
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iceyhey jamespage - coreycb asked me to check in with you regarding my stable/queens changes to nova (https://code.launchpad.net/~chris.macnaughton/ubuntu/+source/nova/+git/nova) - specifically regarding fix-overcommit-for-NUMA-based-instances.patch09:13
iceyspecifically, the idea that the upstream change to queens got a -1: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/726868/09:14
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johnallen-amdI've got a guy here at AMD who's running into a failure when installing 20.04 server over PXE. Could just be a problem with our PXE server, but we don't have enough information yet. Can anyone provide some guidance on gathering logs in the event of a failed installation?14:51
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powersjjohnallen-amd, https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/install/reporting-problems16:01
powersjthat should get you a few things to start looking to provide16:02
johnallen-amdThanks, powersj. I'll start there.16:42
elgemeow there.  any idea why netplan wouldnt work?  I have a clean configuration, I have netplan.io package installed, it points to renderer networkd, and I do netplan generate and apply w/o success.  any idea?18:03
elgeOops, I had the wrong extension in /etc/netplan/, config should end with .yaml not .cfg, sorry.18:11
sarnoldelge: woot, thanks for reporting back :)18:12
tewardelge: glad that was a simple fix18:39

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