sarnoldnelson777: oh nice, I mean, it's frustrating, but I'm glad you're on your feet again00:02
sarnoldnelson777: does vagrant have a listing of who is responsible for each image? that might be worth a bug report00:02
nelson777sarnold it's already there: https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-images/+bug/189370500:03
nelson777I filled it up earlier00:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1893705 in cloud-images "Can't set static IP in vagrant image ubuntu/focal64 " [Undecided,New]00:03
sarnoldnelson777: oh beautiful! :D thanks!00:03
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Ben64well i found how to crash gnome-shell, hold down the meta key :|00:39
elPumaCan somebody explain what exactly distinguishes an "inactive" buffer from a "hidden" buffer?  I've reade the descriptions in the manual, but the two seem functionally the same since an inactive buffer can be re-activated and vice-versa.01:21
elPumawhoops. wrong channel. That was meant for vim. please ignore.01:22
sarnoldhah, I was curious which program that would involve :)01:22
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ses1984not strictly an ubuntu question, but in the memtest that comes with the bootable iso, what diagnostic info can be learned if the memtest just freezes early, i'm 62% through test#2 and it's just been here for a good long while, the + in metext86+ is flashing that's it01:52
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ses1984oh boy. i went down to 1 out of 4 sticks. 1st stick made it slightly farther than all 4. 2nd stick froze about the same place but then the screen turned black shortly after freezing01:55
sarnoldses1984: heh :( those sound like bad results :(01:55
ses1984i've had a system for a long time, it was slowly starting to show problems like it wouldn't start on the first try from a cold boot, just nothing would happen, no POST codes showing on the little included 2 digit display01:57
ses1984i suspected maybe the motherboard was bad? got a brand new mobo and CPU, it's worse somehow01:58
leftyfbses1984: try #hardware01:58
sarnoldses1984: that feels a bit like problems that might come about due to failing capacitors, but that's just my wild speculation02:01
ses1984failing capacitors like on the PSU or GPU? the mobo (and cpu) were just replaced02:02
sarnoldhmm, I was thinking motherboard02:04
forthewinhi guys. I converted an rpm to deb and installed Oracle, but when I try to run "Get Started" or "Run SQL Command Line" i get permission denied, help please?02:28
sarnoldforthewin: which rpm did you convert? with which tool? did you have any trouble installing it? what is "oracle"? (they make a few thousand products..)02:31
forthewinsarnold: oracle-xe-11.2.0-1.0.x86_64.rpm with alien02:32
forthewinsarnold: no trouble installing it worked fine02:32
forthewinsarnold: it's oracle 11g02:33
sarnoldforthewin: check the /var/lib/dpkg/info/oracle* scripts and make sure that what they're supposed to do make sense on an ubuntu system .. rhels are pretty different, and perhaps the postinst script needs some modification02:34
forthewinsarnold: ok thank you02:40
sarnoldforthewin: if there's nothing obvious there, and there's no log files that report what the actual error is, then you'll probably have to strace it or similar02:41
sarnoldgood luck with that though :( I fully expect oracle to have disabled ptrace02:41
forthewinsarnold: thats frustrating02:43
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forthewinsarnold: I reran the sudo alien rpm but with --scripts at the end, I can now run sql command line! woo02:53
sarnoldforthewin: oh sweeeeeet!02:53
sarnoldforthewin: that's a lot easier than I feared :)02:53
sarnoldforthewin: thanks so much for reporting back :) I really like to learn things02:53
forthewinsarnold: now I'm at the SQL command line and am trying to connect to the database but it says insufficient privileges. Not sure what my username/pw is supposed to be02:55
sarnoldforthewin: that's where the $200k/year oracle DBA comes in.... :)02:55
forthewinsarnold: hahah probably02:56
sarnoldforthewin: I'm only familiar with postgresql, but there iirc it's a matter of having a root process connect via a unix socket at first, then add new users with permissions to a permissions grants table02:56
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chikkorollhey guys is there an ubuntu offtopic channel04:45
chikkorollid like to ask how i would go about learning to make my own cfw from a cli/bash angle04:46
m0rd3caican someone tell me what the "bad" means in this?04:50
m0rd3caiLoaded: loaded (/etc/init.d/suricata; bad; vendor preset: enabled)04:50
m0rd3caifrom 'systemctl status suricata'04:51
chikkorollfound this and think pertains to your situation04:52
chikkorollbasically says that the service isn't enabled on boot and that you have to run commands in cli/bash to enable it04:53
chikkorollsomething like sudo systemctrl <service> or "systemctl enable httpd."04:54
WhatTheDuckwhat does the grep command do that is so signifigant?06:12
revolt112WhatTheDuck, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grep06:15
lalitmeeoerheks: Hey I have got the live USB with Ubuntu 20.04. That day you were telling that I should live usb to fix the problems which occured due to the upgrading of ubuntu using -d flag07:02
lalitmeeoerheks: Any idea what to do now to fix that?07:03
elias_aHas anyone else noticed on 20.04 that fingerprint reader is not activated every time the GUI asks for login credentials?07:19
OiYouYeahYouIs there a way to get GNOME to auto mount an sftp location on login/boot?07:25
akemOiYouYeahYou, Yes, create a shellscript that can mount it, and add it to your startup scripts.07:27
akemGnome-session or something.07:28
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ph88how can i install package unixodbc-bin on ubuntu 20.04 ?09:15
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chikkorollhi guys-just wondering if its possible to copy and paste to a "VM" OS, from my host machine. i tried ctrl+C ctrl+V(with or without Shift held) no luck tried dragging-need to quickly locally transfer a 2.5G from ubuntu to windows09:34
chikkorollusing oracle vb09:35
guivercchikkoroll, I would `scp` the file, host settings control what's allowed though09:46
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HiddenDjinnhey all09:58
HiddenDjinnhaving issues with jack and a usb audio interface09:58
chikkorollhey guiverc sorry was away09:58
chikkorollim in charge of the host scp im sending to a windows vm from a linux host and it my pc(me admin lols) is scp ftp (iteration of) im not familiar with it10:01
chikkorollall g just found explaination lol is part of builtins or do i install10:03
chikkorolland will this work for linux to win10:03
chikkorollguiverc, are you still around mate10:04
guivercscp is a secure (encrypted) form of rcp  (remote file copy, 1982).. yeah but windows doesn't have it by default and it used to be a pain to setup10:04
guivercit's easier to use putty & like tools on windows..10:05
jellychikkoroll, scp is part of ssh, you'd need some sort of ssh service running on the server10:30
jellysftp, also part of ssh, is a better option than scp10:31
geirhaConsider just adding a shared folder to the VM. You can do it while it's running10:31
geirhaYou access it from the guest with something like \\vboxsvr\foo10:32
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* jelly waits patiently for focal to arrive11:01
thyriaenHiho, i am running Ubuntu 20.04 ( installed about a month ago ) and recently i am experiencing sometimes - mostly on the first boot of the day ( reboot always fixes it ) - a black screen after login ( no mouse ) what could be the issue ? Maybe packages or settings i can change or something ?11:02
memoryleakthyriaen: check dmesg11:12
thyriaenmemoryleak, thanks is there a way to check dmesg from not the last but the boot before the last ?11:14
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jpdsthyriaen: It'll be in the logs in /var/log/11:17
thyriaenthanks, i got to the errors :=)11:24
ses1984i recently had some hardware problems, replaced the bad hardware (i am pretty sure anyway), but still having problems in ubuntu, it freezes shortly after booting into the OS, is there anything i can do to verify or repair the system? or reconfigure it for the new hardware?12:06
tatertotsses1984: it was freezing before and after replacing hardware? yes/no12:09
ses1984but if i boot into windows i was able to burn-in test with furmark and prime95, no problems12:10
ses1984memtest ran for 8 hours no problems12:10
tatertotsses1984: what hardware was replaced?12:10
ses1984my current theory is that the old bad hardware messed up the operating system, so even after replacing the bad hardware, still having problems in the os12:10
ses1984cpu and motherboard were replaced, moved from intel to amd architecture12:10
tatertotsses1984: does it freeze when using LiveDVD/LiveUSB installation media?12:13
ses1984at this point im not even certain the hardware was ever bad?12:13
ses1984not sure, didn't use it for more than a few minutes at a time in liveusb12:13
prappl93ses1984, were you experiencing issues in Windows as well before hand or just on Ubuntu? Also, what graphics card are you using in case that's the culprit as well12:14
tatertotsses1984: keep that LiveUSB/LiveDVD handly, you'll need it12:14
ses1984i am pretty sure i was experiencing issues in windows prior to replacing the hardware but i didn't keep detailed notes. i use both operating systems pretty regularly and i didn't keep detailed notes, i'm not certain of my memories12:15
ses1984ahh crap can't even talk straight. didn't sleep much last night from trying to troubleshoot12:15
prappl93I get that, been there done that many times12:16
BluesKajHi all13:09
CrackedCrackerHi everyone,13:21
CrackedCrackerI'm running ubuntu 20.04 and after updating firefox today it crashes with a message "Exiting due to channel error." on startup13:21
CrackedCrackerI tried disabling all extensions, disabling hardware accleration, but the problem persists13:21
CrackedCrackerThe curios thing is that it doesn't happen in Safe Mode, but I'm not sure what else can cause the problem13:21
CrackedCrackerAny help with debugging would be really appreciated13:21
lotuspsychjeCrackedCracker: did you compare with a vanilla FF on another user?13:21
CrackedCrackerlotuspsychje: not yet, will try it now13:22
CrackedCrackerok, did that, it starts fine with a fresh user13:27
lotuspsychjeCrackedCracker: ok tnx for testing, you proved it might be user related13:28
lotuspsychjeCrackedCracker: maybe try launching FF from a terminal, to catch some errors, and/or a journalctl -f13:29
CrackedCracker1lotuspsychje: thanks for the help!13:38
CrackedCracker1The error above ("Exiting due to channel error.") is exactly what appears in the terminal13:38
CrackedCracker1I tried opening journalctl -f in parallel to see if anything turns up, but apart from rtkit-daemon reporting successful thread creation nothing shows up13:38
CrackedCrackerwell, now it output a bit more:13:39
CrackedCracker###!!! [Child][MessageChannel::SendAndWait] Error: Channel error: cannot send/recv13:39
CrackedCrackerExiting due to channel error.13:39
CrackedCracker###!!! [Child][MessageChannel] Error: (msgtype=0x62001E,name=PLayerTransaction::Msg_Shutdown) Channel error: cannot send/recv13:39
lotuspsychjeCrackedCracker: your firefox up to date also?13:40
CrackedCrackerapt says there are no updates available and --version says it's 80.013:40
xtaofor what it's worth my apt also says there are no updates available and i'm running FF 80 and it's working fine13:41
xtaoi think it stores config in ~/.config/mozilla ? could mv it out of the way and try again13:42
CrackedCrackeryeah, had something to do with my preferences, apparently13:49
CrackedCrackerdeleted prefs.js and now it's working again13:49
CrackedCrackerthank you both for help!13:50
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Pipeline79I have a question about qemu/libvirt - OK to ask here?  The problem started when I upgraded from 18.04 to 20.04.13:57
Pipeline79I can't view the guest machine in the virt-manager window.  Because of this error:  Error connecting to graphical console:13:59
Pipeline79internal error: unable to execute QEMU command 'getfd': No file descriptor supplied via SCM_RIGHTS13:59
Pipeline79Googling this suggests this was an error that has since been fixed14:00
Pipeline79I've looked in /etc/apparmor.d/ but I haven't changed any files, because the temporary fixes seem to have already been applied14:02
Pipeline79Destroying the vm and creating a new one with the old disk image hasn't worked either14:03
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Death_SynAnyone know where to find the package of nmap scripts now?  It isn't included in `nmap` anymore, and I don't see how else to fetch the scripts.  I discovered this when I went from 18.04 to 20.04 (via reinstallation)14:30
Death_Synnevermind, i'm an idiot14:31
pavlos /usr/share/nmap/scripts/14:44
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krumelmonsterHi. I want to install a laptop in a "kiosk" mode where no user action is persistent across reboots. Is it a good idea to mount /home/kiosk as tmpfs (or zram?) and additionally create a big on-the-fly encrypted swap? Will the kernel be smart enough to not overflow RAM with what's in the home tmpfs but instead start swapping from tmpfs soon enough?14:56
leftyfbkrumelmonster: you might try ##linux14:57
krumelmonstergood point, will do14:57
Death_Synpavlos: yep, figured that out about a minute after I asked the question :(15:12
robertparkerxI am on ubuntu 18.04.4. I set the config for vsftpd to use utf8 file system. I set dpkg-reconfigure locales to en_US.UTF-8. I check locales and it is working. I restart vsftpd and try to check the ftp but directories and files are still showing incorrect. ssh and sftp are fine. Can someone please help?15:24
kevrdoes initramfs take /etc/modprobe.d configuration into account when building a new initramfs?15:31
leftyfbkevr: no, look into /usr/share/initramfs-tools/modules.d15:34
knstnHey guys, fedora has a "firefox-wayland" package to make firefox more compatible with wayland display. Is there something similar to ubuntu?15:36
bumblefuzzI just installed an ubuntu server VM with 400 GB of disk space15:40
bumblefuzzHowever, now that I'm ssh'd into the VM, it only shows 200 GB of disk space15:41
bumblefuzz...what happened to the other 200GB?15:41
bumblefuzzthis is a fresh install15:41
bumblefuzzand the hypervisor shows a 400GB disk15:41
jpdsbumblefuzz: sudo parted -l15:41
bumblefuzzok, 3rd partition is 100GB15:42
bumblefuzzwhy does df -h show 200?15:42
bumblefuzzcorrection: 3rd partition is 400 GB15:42
bumblefuzzdf -h shows 200 though15:42
bumblefuzzfor root15:42
bumblefuzzwhy is that?15:43
bumblefuzzok, root is a logical volume within the 3rd partition15:46
bumblefuzzand is only 200/40015:46
bumblefuzzbut what's up with that?15:46
bumblefuzzwhere's the other 400?15:46
bumblefuzzor, why isn't it being used?15:47
bumblefuzzI've never seen this before so maybe I'm asking something obvious15:49
bumblefuzzbut I still don't understand15:49
leftyfbbumblefuzz: please pastebin the output of lsblk15:52
leftyfbbumblefuzz: your partition is 400G. Your LVM volume is only configured to use 200G. Feel free to use your LVM manager tools to increase the size15:55
bumblefuzzI'm unfamiliar with this... what are LVM manager tools?15:55
leftyfbbumblefuzz: why did you create an LVM during the install if you don't know how to manage LVM's?15:58
bumblefuzzI just nexted through the install the same as I've always done15:58
bumblefuzzthat's why I was lost when I got in to look at the disks15:58
bumblefuzzit should've (and has always) been 400GB disk15:59
bumblefuzzand it wasn't15:59
bumblefuzzI've never had an install do this15:59
leftyfbbumblefuzz: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-lvm-to-manage-storage-devices-on-ubuntu-18-04#:~:text=growing%20the%20size16:00
bumblefuzzok, so do I have to expand the VG before expanding the LV16:00
leftyfbbumblefuzz: future reference, please pay attention to the installation steps you are "nexting" through16:01
bumblefuzzok, that was easier to do than I thought16:04
bumblefuzzthanks for your help16:04
bumblefuzzno clue what happened during the install16:04
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alwynHi, I just installed Ubuntu 20.04, removed USB rebooted, and after decrypting the system I am stuck on a black screen with a blinker16:26
alwynI can change to another TTY with Ctrl+Alt+2 and log in as my user16:26
alwynRestarting gdm doesn't seem to have an effect beyond sending me back to TTY116:26
oerheksalwyn, maybe nomodeset is your fix too16:29
ubottuSystems with certain graphics chipsets may not boot properly out of the box. "Temporarily Add a Kernel Boot Parameter for Testing" as discussed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters to add the "nomodeset" parameter there.16:29
alwynI'll try that16:29
alwynRunning apt upgrade now, will add the parameter upon reboot16:29
alwynoerheks: that did it, thanks!16:46
oerheksalwyn, have fun!16:46
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bumblefuzzok, I'm setting up a new ubuntu server and I've copied my public SSH key to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys and it's still prompting me for a password17:43
bumblefuzzwhat's going on??17:43
bumblefuzzthis is the 2nd server I'm setting up today and the first one went fine17:43
bumblefuzzI've recopied and repasted it17:44
bumblefuzzit just doesn't work17:44
bumblefuzzI have no idea what's happening17:44
bumblefuzzI can still log in on the other servers17:44
tatertotsbumblefuzz: compare the working to the non working17:44
xtaocheck the permissions on the file17:44
bumblefuzzwhat should the permissions be?17:45
xtaoif it's world readable then sshd can ignore it i think17:45
tatertotsbumblefuzz: the same as the working servers17:45
oerheksbumblefuzz, one needs to do a step more in the ssh config17:45
tatertotsbumblefuzz: that's why you're going to compare the two17:45
xtaoand the .ssh directory too17:46
tatertotsbumblefuzz: you and file ownership and permissions are having a day today17:46
bumblefuzzit's the same directory17:46
oerheks#PasswordAuthentication yes17:46
prappl93You could also do 'ssh-copy-id' to make sure it goes to the correct place17:46
oerheksno, key is oke i guess , he needs to disable password, easy peasy17:47
bumblefuzzwhich terminal do I do that in?17:47
bumblefuzzI'm tryna disable pw but I can't get the key to work17:47
bumblefuzzhow does ssh-copy-id work?17:47
prappl93bumblefuzz, the one from the computer you're trying to copy the keys from17:47
oerheksand restart the ssh service..17:47
prappl93bumblefuzz, ssh-copy-id user@host17:47
oerheksit is all in the wiki17:47
prappl93Then it'll prompt for the password just to verify it's configured properly17:47
bumblefuzzok, I copied it using that method and login is still requesting a pw17:48
prappl93Is your key you generated password protected?17:49
bumblefuzzI'm totally confused17:50
prappl93Is UsePAM set to "yes" in your sshd_config?17:51
prappl93I'm grasping at straws to figure out what's happening on this box honestly.17:51
bumblefuzzbut it also is in the working machine17:52
bumblefuzzI've never seen anything like this17:53
prappl93Are you sure you don't have the wrong terminal session open when you're trying to ssh in after copying the key? Like, you're not copying it from Box A to Box C, then ssh'd in to Box B trying to get to C are you?17:53
EriC^^bumblefuzz: did you restart your sshd after editing /etc/sshd_config on the server?17:53
bumblefuzzso, technically, I haven't made any changes to the sshd config yet17:54
bumblefuzzif the key authentication is working, it shouldn't prompt me for a password17:54
EriC^^bumblefuzz: ok, what are the permissions of /home/user/.ssh/authorized_keys17:55
bumblefuzzsame as on the working machine17:55
EriC^^bumblefuzz: try on the server, chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys17:57
EriC^^bumblefuzz: and chmod 700 ~/.ssh17:57
bumblefuzzI did a sha256sum of both files and they are identical17:58
EriC^^ok, can you do it anyways? :D17:59
EriC^^it's good though that you did so, just trying to make sure the permissions and whatnot is setup right, then we can move on to other stuff17:59
bumblefuzzok, no password this time18:00
EriC^^ok, cool, type "grep -i authentication /etc/ssh/sshd_config"18:00
EriC^^make sure PubkeyAuthentication yes   and RSAAuthentication yes shows up18:00
EriC^^(uncommented obviously)18:00
elgemeow there.  any idea why netplan wouldnt work?  I have a clean configuration, I have netplan.io package installed, it points to renderer networkd, and I do netplan generate and apply w/o success.  any idea?18:00
lotuspsychjeelge: try asking in #ubuntu-server for likeminded volunteers18:01
EriC^^bumblefuzz: great, all good?18:02
sarnoldelge: it's kind of hard to find out what went wrong when netplan doesn't go :( check journalctl ?18:03
bumblefuzzalls well18:04
bumblefuzzthank you so much18:04
bumblefuzzfolder permissions must've been off somehow18:04
EriC^^bumblefuzz: great, no problem18:04
bumblefuzzthat scare the sh** outta me18:04
EriC^^bumblefuzz: yeah its likely the ~/.ssh dir, ssh can be iffy about it i guess18:08
bumblefuzzjust to be clear, you used 700 on the folder and 600 on the file, yes?18:09
sarnold"iffy" ---> very helpfully points out when yo'uve made a mistake :)18:09
bumblefuzzwhat's the reasoning there?18:09
EriC^^bumblefuzz: yup, it's just the standards of ssh18:10
elgesarnold, thanks, I just had the wrong extension, .cfg instead of .yaml...18:11
bumblefuzzI assume 700 then on all higher folders, as well?18:12
bumblefuzzI don't have a lot of practice with permissions18:12
sarnold755 for / /home and /home/bumblefuzz are all fine; you might want to make your homedir more restrictive if you never share anything with other users on hte system18:13
EriC^^bumblefuzz: yeah that's a good practice, i think by default ubuntu creates a home dir with r-x as the "others", so everybody can read a person's home dir18:13
EriC^^i dunno why it even is like that, but it is *shrug*18:14
sarnoldEriC^^: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/adduser/+bug/4873418:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 48734 in adduser (Ubuntu) "Home permissions too open" [Medium,Opinion]18:17
EriC^^bumblefuzz: yes as mentioned above, leave "/" and "/home" as they are 755, but you can set 700 or 770 for /home/your_user if you dont want anyone to see the contents18:17
EriC^^sarnold: yikes, it's been open since 2006 or so18:18
zetherooI cannot get my mobile broadband to work - the SIM card is in (and it's tested and working in a mobile phone) and Network Manager shows the mobile broadband device, but I cannot enable the device in the Network settings nor can I add a new connection18:36
zetheroolsusb shows: Bus 002 Device 002: ID 1199:a001 Sierra Wireless, Inc. Sierra Wireless EM7345 4G LTE18:37
tatertotszetheroo: are you chatting from the computer right now?18:37
zetheroo tatertots: yes I am18:38
zetheroomore info here https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/JMVf2nTMqd/18:40
tatertotszetheroo: "unsupported" shows up quite often18:40
tatertotszetheroo: that's not a good sign18:40
zetherooseems that the system thinks that the SIM isn't inserted, but it definitely is18:40
tatertotszetheroo: in terminal>   mmcli -L|nc termbin.com 999918:42
tatertotszetheroo: in terminal>   mmcli -m 0|nc termbin.com 999918:43
zetherooisn't that the same info as I posted in the last Ubuntu Pastebin link?18:45
tatertotszetheroo: you could try process of elimination, but that will eventually cost18:46
zetheroocost? How much? :D18:46
tatertotszetheroo: same PC , same SIM, DIFFERENT modem, and test18:46
tcorneliHi, I'm having trouble with Impress. Almost each time - not always - I open a presentation and start he slideshow or when it autostarts, the presentation starts in the background and the edit window show in front of the presentation. It's not a big issue, but it's an irritant.18:46
tatertotszetheroo: that's what the process of elimination might look like18:46
zetheroo tatertots: ah I see18:46
tatertotszetheroo: or same PC , DIFFERENT SIM, same modem, and test18:47
tatertotszetheroo: ...process of elimination18:47
zetheroo tatertots: yeah, I'll try with another SIM before getting another modem18:47
tatertotszetheroo: in terminal>   mmcli -m 0 -e|tee ~nip.pir18:49
tatertotszetheroo: in terminal>   mmcli -m 0 -e|tee ~/nip.pir18:49
zetherooerror: couldn't enable the modem: 'GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.ModemManager1.Error.Core.WrongState: modem in failed state'18:49
tatertotszetheroo: try a different sim, if it's the same error, a different modem would be the next thing i would try18:50
zetherooseems like the firmware v1.1 is buggy https://zukota.com/sierra-wireless-em7345-how-to-flash-the-latest-firmware/18:50
zetherooI need to upgrade to firmware 1.2 ... but for that I need Windowz :/18:51
tatertotszetheroo: maybe you can update modem firmware, but that wouldn't be a ubuntu issue18:51
MaimsterHow's everyone doing?18:51
zetheroo tatertots true18:51
zetheroohas anyone been successful at upgrading device firmware using a Virtualbox VM?18:54
oerhekszetheroo, we have fwupdate tools now18:55
oerheksi would not risk it with virtualbox18:55
zetheroooerheks: do you think that should work with updating my boradband modem fw?18:56
oerhekszetheroo, oh, not internal components?18:56
oerheksno clue then, check the vendor.18:57
zetheroo oerheks: yes, it internal18:57
zetherooem7435 internal mobile broadband18:57
oerhekscheck this howto https://itsfoss.com/update-firmware-ubuntu/18:58
oerhekssudo service fwupd start && sudo fwupdmgr refresh && sudo fwupdmgr update18:58
oerheksonly if that vendor is member of the firmware tool alliance18:58
zetheroook thanks, it seems it's not a member of the firmware tool alliance19:06
jilocasinafternoon everyone19:12
ComputerTechHello all19:16
ComputerTechum i am a linux noob19:16
ComputerTechdoes removing unused packages free memory/ram ?19:16
sarnoldComputerTech: it might, if it runs a service at boot19:17
ComputerTechsarnold, how can i check?19:17
jilocasinwill definate free hard drive space (though your milage may vary)19:17
sarnoldComputerTech: there's no easy way to check19:18
ComputerTechhmm i see19:19
PonyToastHey guys. I'm trying out Linux again, starting with Ubuntu. Installed it onto an external drive without errors, but now when I log in it goes black and returns to the login.19:21
c59fdbdcfe7cPonyToast: nvidia?19:21
jilocasinodd apt-get update question.  Just installed ubuntu server 18.04.5 on seven VM's.  Same settings.  First auso apt-get update hits 18 repos, then on some machines subsequent ones hit 8 and the others 4.  Why is that?19:21
PonyToastI think this is the gdm3 bug for nvidia but I'm not sure how to install the right driver from terminal.19:22
sarnoldjilocasin: it might be worthwhile to compare the output of "apt policy" on all the systems to make sure they really are the same19:27
aguitelany graphic photo viewer to heic (iphone photos )19:29
ioriaaguitel, do you mean 'heif' ?19:30
aguitelioria, appears .heic19:31
PonyToastI can't get it of this login loop19:31
sarnoldaguitel: install heif-gdk-pixbuf then try gpicview or pcmanfm19:31
jilocasinsarnold: k, lots of 100 & 500 lines.19:31
PonyToastReinstalling hasnt helped. Not sure what to do now. I set grub to "quiet" and removed splash. Also didn't work with "nomodset"19:32
aguitelsarnold, will try19:32
jilocasinsarnold: no maention in the man page or via google (lots of apt-cache policy hits though).19:34
PonyToastOk so I followed the official answer here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/223501/ubuntu-gets-stuck-in-a-login-loop19:41
PonyToastBut when I do chown username:username.Xauthority it gives me this error:19:42
PonyToastChown: missing operand after 'myusername:myusername.Xauthority'19:42
jilocasinPonyToast: I think you might be missing a space.19:43
jilocasinIt's chown owner:group file19:44
aguitelsarnold,thanks it works19:44
jilocasinPonyToast: if you are tryon to change the ownership on a file named .Xauthority it needs to be: chown username:username .Xauthority19:45
PonyToastOk. Did that, no error this time. Main issue still there though, it keeps looping me to login19:46
PonyToastGoing to try the second answer and see if it works19:47
Bashing-om!nomodeset | PonyToast Nvidia ?19:47
ubottuPonyToast Nvidia ?: Systems with certain graphics chipsets may not boot properly out of the box. "Temporarily Add a Kernel Boot Parameter for Testing" as discussed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters to add the "nomodeset" parameter there.19:47
PonyToastNomodeset? Oof, I followed instructions that had me change it to "nomodset"19:49
PonyToastLet me check it19:49
ComputerTechhmm, just curious19:50
ComputerTechdoes anyone have any personal tips of freeing memory?19:50
tatertotsComputerTech: exit the browser or any other things you have open that aren't being used19:52
sarnoldComputerTech: the smem tool is pretty handy for finding programs that are using a lot of memory19:52
ComputerTechnot for pc19:52
ComputerTechfor server i mean19:52
ComputerTechsarnold hmm ok, guessign i have to install smem?19:52
tomreynreduce video ram allocation if you have internal graphics.19:52
ComputerTechas i said19:53
=== gr33n7007h is now known as al2o3-cr
ComputerTechit's not a pc19:53
ComputerTechit's a server19:53
jilocasinComputerTech: top |more19:53
tomreynso proper server hardware?19:53
ComputerTechyes vps19:53
tatertotsComputerTech: desktop ubuntu or server edition same rules apply exit applications or processes that are consuming memory19:53
sarnoldComputerTech: yes19:54
ComputerTechsarnold ok :)19:54
jilocasinComputerTech: htop if you want something prettier and sortable19:58
ComputerTechok :)19:58
PonyToastubottu: nomodeset got me to the desktop. Now going to try and fix the nvidia drivers. Thank you!20:02
ubottuPonyToast: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:02
PonyToastOh, wow. It was such an informed answer I thought it was a person20:03
PonyToastNow I feel dumb20:03
Bashing-omPonyToast: \o/20:03
jilocasinthe number of repos called by sudo apt-get update seems to fluctuate.  I guess I shouldn't worry about it too much.  Thanks anyway.20:06
* jilocasin ttfn20:06
amazoniantoadI'm trying to run xen hypervisor on ubuntu 20.04 but I can't seem to get it to boot. Has anyone else had this issue?20:09
bougymanSo, when I use startx from tty1 to start my X session, gnome-terminal doesn't run.20:12
bougymanUbuntu 20.04LTS brand new install.20:12
bougymangnome-terminal ran fine under the default DE20:12
oerheksi think 20.04/gnome uses GDM ?20:12
bougymanno error, when I run it from a terminal, it just hangs and never returns anything until I ctrl-c20:12
oerheksstartx is the old way20:12
bougymanoerheks: I disabled gdm.20:12
oerheksoh, not worth to mention?20:12
* oerheks walks away20:13
bougymanI don't need a display manager for this. It's a virtualbox instance. I run it on my mac cause I can't stand using macos (work machine)20:13
amazoniantoadXen is in the Ubuntu 20.04 repository but for whatever reason it just doesn't work. It's so weird20:13
bougymanI suppose I could have gdm start stumpwm for me (my window manager), but I'm just trying to find out why it's necessary.20:14
bougymancan gnome-terminal only run in a gnome session or something?20:14
bougymanthere's where it is when I ctrl-c20:15
bougymanmaybe there's some debug flag...20:15
bougymansame thing with gnome-terminal -vvvvvvvvvvvvvv20:16
bougymanOOH NICE, I got a new message with that: # Error constructing proxy for org.gnome.Terminal:/org/gnome/Terminal/Factory0: Error calling StartServiceByName for org.gnome.Terminal: Timeout was reached20:16
bougymanThat looks to me like it wants a path in dbus taht doesn't exist.20:17
ChmEarlamazoniantoad, I have working xen installs for xen-4.12 and xen-4.14. The distro xen-4.11 is dated Mar 2020, too old20:31
ChmEarlamazoniantoad, in focal20:32
howellHow would I find which apt package an application came from? e.g. "ping" comes from "iputils-ping"20:32
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amazoniantoadChmEarl, What does this imply? That xen isn't up to date?20:45
rypervenchehowell: Normally you could do: dpkg -S $(which ping) , but the ping you should be looking for is /bin/ping in this case.20:46
rypervencheSo dpkg -S /bin/ping20:46
ChmEarlamazoniantoad, upstream xen released an important patch on June 7 which fixed a big issue in focal20:46
sarnoldhowell: the command-not-found tool can do that, as can apt-file search20:49
hanshhow do i invoke nautilus from dbus? trying to use https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Specifications/file-manager-interface/ , but this does seemingly NOTHING: dbus-send --type=method_call --dest=org.freedesktop.FileManager1 /org/freedesktop/FileManager1 org.freedesktop.FileManager1.ShowFolders string:"file:///etc" string:""21:05
sarnoldhansh: try firing up dbus-monitor and see if that helps explain anything?21:06
hanshyikes, dbus-monitor prints ~1886 lines every time i try to execute it, https://paste.debian.net/1162196/21:11
sarnoldhansh: *wow*21:13
sarnoldhansh: maybe try executing your command from xterm or urxvt or something that's unlikely to send dbus messages itself?21:14
oerhekswhat is 'invoke nautilus from dbus' ??21:15
emilienhow can I create a file from terminal that start with dash example -filename, I tried ''21:26
sarnoldemilien: touch -- -hello   ; ls -l -- -hello21:27
sarnoldemilien: most programs respect -- to mean "end of arguments", but some don't. you can usually use ./-hello for those, eg touch ./-goodbye ; ls -l ./-goodbye21:28
jeniaI'm going through a tutorial devstack and there have a section where they create authorized keys: https://docs.openstack.org/devstack/latest/guides/multinode-lab.html#set-up-ssh21:29
jeniawhat's that part at the end that says jesse@spacey.local?21:30
sarnoldjenia: that's a comment field, to help you keep track of which username / server has the private portion of the key21:33
jeniaok thanks21:36
jeniayou know, running the devstack script (which downloads tones of packages and so on) has caused me to go overboard on my internet limit by like 75%21:37
jenialike 175% in total21:37
jeniaf*** **$%#$21:37
jenialol :)21:38
sarnoldjenia: ouch :/ I've heard good things about microstack but if you've already used up your allotment maybe adding one more thing to download isn't great..21:39
hugottyHi, my ubuntu server that functions as my inernet gateway suddenly became unreachable today. The system was still running, just not reachable over the network. After hard resetting I tried to find out what happened from /var/log/syslog but it seems like the system just stopped logging after it became unreachable. Is there any way to find out what21:48
sarnoldhugotty: was there anything on the monitor? quite often a message will be printed there when the kernel panics21:49
tatertotshugotty: store logs in some other separate location rsyslog21:49
tatertotshugotty: that way you have logs when something belly up21:50
tatertotshugotty: as it stands..you have no log of the events21:50
hugottyI wasn't able to hook up a monitor :( But I have moved the box to somewhere else now so I can do it next time21:51
hugottyPretty sure it will happen again as it has already happened twice today21:52
hugottytatertots: what do you mean exactly? I still have the logs, they just have a hole in them after a certain time21:53
hugottyand then they continue from the moment after the hard reset21:54
tatertotshugotty: did you view your logs?21:55
hugottyYep, they look like this http://ix.io/2vUI21:58
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djapohello my xrandr is not detecting my hdmi0 out .. it is in the xconfig22:33
djapogenerated by nvidia-xconfig22:33
djapoand it worked the first time i tried it but now it doesn't22:34
djapoone more weird thing the hdmi does work when im on tty and not in the xserver22:35
ckbhey guys, how do I go about creating a php script as a server in Ubuntu 20.04?\22:55
ckbAs a daemon... I mean22:56
ckb... /etc/init/*.conf?22:57
MI6ckb: What do you mean? Have you tried 'php <filename> & disown' ?22:57
tacomasterI have https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2449677&page=1 thread open but I have some questions. How do I apply the StartupWMClass= in the .desktop file23:04
ckbMI6, I'm sorry. Not through CLI.23:04
ckbWait. Wrong channel. I want it to run as a daemon.23:05
MI6ckb: Try 'nohup php <filename> &'. Or if you want the output logged to a file, use 'nohup php filename > output.log'.23:07
MI6Oh you want /etc/init23:08
MI6My bad23:08
ckbMI6 what if the script fatals? I need it to restart. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2036654/run-php-script-as-daemon-process23:08
MI6ckb: This stackoverflow thread https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2036654/run-php-script-as-daemon-process23:10
MI6It could be helpful23:10
MI6I'm not 100% sure what you're trying to do23:10
ckbMI6, that's what I just pasted :)23:11
MI6Oh sorry :)23:11
* MI6 tired23:11
ckb<3 thanks for the help23:12
MI6ckb: I'd try the second answer. I usually just use nohup though.23:13
MI6It's easier.23:13
ckbWell nohup will restart it? how do I start it on boot?23:13
sarnoldckb: if you want a thing to start on boot, restart when it dies, etc, then it's probably best to write a systemd service file for it https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/systemd#Writing_unit_files23:13
MI6ckb: I don't think there is any way to do that with nohup. You need a systemd service for it.23:14
ckbsarnold, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.23:14
sarnoldckb: on problem with systemd is that the guides for doing things are either too simplistic or far too detailed; I don't yet know a simple guide to writing a good service file :( but hopefully you can find what you need ..23:16
ckbI literally need an extremely simplistic systemd that runs "php /path/file.php" on startup and as a service23:17
Guest397Can I ask a question about debian?23:17
MI6Guest397: This is the support channel for ubuntu. You should /join #debian for debian specific help or ##linux for linux-specific help.23:18
Guest397mi6 stop violating the code of conduct23:18
Guest397i asked a question23:18
Guest397want an answer23:18
ckbGuest397, he literally just told you that you have to /join #debian for debian specific help.23:19
ckbSo simply, the answer is "no".23:19
MI6Guest397: I've already told you: This channel is for ubuntu support. Therefore, any debian specific channels are off-topic in here.23:19
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, chu23:19
Guest397ckb stop being rude to me23:21
Guest397i asked a question23:21
Guest397i want an answer23:21
MI6Guest397: You still have not asked a real question.23:22
Guest397YES I DID!23:22
hggdhGuest397: please mind your language23:28
Guest397or what?23:29
hggdhright, so there23:29
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