n4dirHello. I think about having a look at VeeSeeVSTRack. To install it the github page says unzip it and put the vst2_bin folder to a VST2 folder.15:56
n4dirWhere might such a folder be?15:56
n4diroh. i want test if it works with ardour (or lmms)15:56
OvenWerksthere is no official vst folder15:57
n4dirOvenWerks: yes, good. But where can i put it than so that ardour finds it?15:58
OvenWerksso ~/.vst or ~/.vst2 should be fine15:58
n4dirah, good. thanks. :-)15:58
OvenWerksthen in Ardour you can set the directory to look at.15:58
n4dirok, perfect. Will try it later. fingers crossed and all.15:59
n4dirsorry for such a question, but i got that right that VST is like a Windows plugin "form" while ladspa and i forgot the other are the Linux variant?16:00
OvenWerksedit->preferences->plugins->vst->linux VST path16:00
n4dirgreat, thanks for the exact info.16:00
OvenWerksvst can be windows linux or mac16:01
OvenWerkshowever, a windows vst will only work in windows, a mac vst will only work in mac and a linux vst will only work in linux16:01
n4diri see. I misunderstood then.16:02
OvenWerkslinux vst are often call lxvst16:02
OvenWerksArdour at this time only supports vst2. I think vst3 will be in Ardour 7 (if we are lucky maybe 6.3)16:03
n4dirI run into way more than i can handle. This is quite a complex subject it seems. Well, time will tell.16:04
n4dirin other words: i am more than fine with what i got :-)16:05
lilith93Hi, is it possible in Ubuntustudio to prevent Carla from making automatic connections?19:18
lilith93Everytime I open a program that uses Jack all my outputs are routet to the interface directly. As I'm using Sonarworks this is suboptimal19:19
Eickmeyerlilith93: I'd ask in #lau and specifically ask falktx as he's the developer of Carla.20:30
lilith93Eickmeyer thanks. I'll ask him. In Cadence that's an option to ignore self connections, maybe he can implement the same in Carla.20:32
OvenWerkslilith93: what makes you think Carla is making the connections? Carla would only auto connect Carla itself.20:32
OvenWerksEach jack client decides to auto connect and if properly designed should have a setting to make no connections20:33
lilith93OvenWerks: Ok, if I start Bitwirg and connects by itself that's not a problem. But if I have Bitwig connected to Sonarworks and Sonarworks to SystemOut and start Renoise, Bitwig get's connected to Systemout also20:34
Eickmeyerlilith93: At no point should you ever use Cadence in Ubuntu Studio.20:35
OvenWerksso bitwig should have a setting to not autoconnect20:35
Eickmeyer!kxstudio | lilith9320:35
ubottulilith93: KXStudio is a software repository for Debian-based operating systems for audio production. It is not supported by Ubuntu or Ubuntu Studio, and using its repo is highly discouraged as it can overwrite system and user settings. Support in #kxstudio. See also https://askubuntu.com/a/1249739/95211020:35
EickmeyerJust FYI. :)20:35
lilith93Ok, good to know20:35
lilith93I read it's incompatible20:36
lilith93I used it before with Debian20:36
EickmeyerYes, it's incompatible. You may, however, download individual plugins from kx.studio.20:36
lilith93that's what I did20:37
lilith93I dodn't add the repos20:37
EickmeyerPerfect. :)20:37
lilith93ubuntustudio works really GREAT out of the box!20:39
EickmeyerExcellent. :) That's our goal.20:39
lilith93performance in bitwig is better that on debian with tweaking20:39
lilith93I don't know what's the difference is. Maybe some boot paramters?20:39
EickmeyerProbably the lowlatency kernel.20:40
lilith93I used the RT kernel in Debian20:41
EickmeyerThat's asking for security trouble.20:42
ubottuThe RT kernel is the Linux kernel with special realtime patches applied. It is not available in Ubuntu. See also !lowlatency and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/RealTimeKernel20:42
EickmeyerYep, that's the one.20:42
lilith93is the timer in the ubuntu lowlatency kernel 1000 Hz and can this make a difference compared to 250 Hz?20:42
EickmeyerIt's 1000hz.20:42
lilith93ok, that was not available in Debian and the liquorix kernel was even worse20:43
lilith93but I'm not going for low latency... I just relaized that the DSP load in Bitwig is supersmooth20:43
EickmeyerWell, that's good.20:43
lilith93It was much noisier with Debian20:44
EickmeyerYeah, that looks steady. Also, pushing the processor to performance does the trick too (in Studio Controls).20:44
lilith93yes, sure.. that's the most crucial setting of all20:46
lilith93btw. where are the parameters like rt prioritiy for audio group set in ubuntustudio?20:46
n4diri think in /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf20:48
lilith93usually it's in  limits.conf20:48
lilith93let me check20:48
lilith93thanks that's it20:49

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