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BluesKajHi all10:06
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viewer|22Hello! Fellow Kubuntu user here. I enabled an effect that I'd really like to disable, but I can't find the menu to do so!13:04
viewer|22The effect is that when I hover my mouse over items in the menu bar (say, the firefox item, or libreoffice item), it makes raises that item to the front, with some translucence.13:05
viewer|22It's causing me lots of problems when I accidentally hover over it, which, given that i like the menu bar at the top of the screen, is all the time!13:06
viewer|22Any idea how to disable?13:06
lundrvs@viewer|22 have you tried Tweaks?13:22
lundrvsthis is the description of Tweaks:13:23
lundrvstool to adjust advanced configuration settings for GNOME13:23
lundrvs GNOME Tweak Tool allows the adjustment of several advanced GNOME13:23
lundrvs options that can't be configured in gnome-control-center.13:23
lundrvsyou can install it: sudo apt-get install gnome-tweaks13:23
lundrvsgood luck13:23
lundrvsyou can too execute it by typing its name on the terminal if you don't find it on the GUI...                gnome-tweaks13:26
BluesKajlundrvs, this kde/plasma/kubuntu support, not gnome13:27
lundrvsI know it13:27
lundrvsbut try it anyway13:27
lundrvsit could work13:27
lundrvsit actually works for me13:28
BluesKajusing gnome desktop as well as kde/plasma?13:29
lundrvslet me check in one moment13:30
lundrvsyou're right, I can't Apply the changes, there's no option to do so. Anyway I thought it was just the name of the program not the program itself thought specificly for Gnome but just originallu built on Gnome and therefore modified to be used anywere...13:33
lundrvsanyway, if it's useful: https://userbase.kde.org/Plasma/TweakingPlasma13:33
lundrvsWell, let me take some fresh air to get rid of grey matter sawdust...🙋‍🙋‍🙋‍13:37
viewer|22Sorry for the slow reply @lun and BluesKaj - went out for lunch14:21
viewer|22Woops! By @lun I meant @lundrvs.14:21
viewer|22Well yes, because I'm using plasma this isn't a tweak tools job ;)14:22
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Sirach69Hello all. I have troubles since this morning (been updating very often). I have Kubuntu 20.04 and when I try to click on background services, it hangs then give me the error message 'unable to contact kded'. I have tried on a new user and it work fine there. How can I fix this ?? BTW It was working fine yesterday19:46
lundrvsdoes anyone know why Kubuntu doesn't detects my laptop's webcam?21:44
lundrvsI'll try to loook for drivers, perhaps it that...21:47
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Emilia_How can I install 2 different snaps of the same software?22:56
dani_I warn peoplefrom using linux open source nvidia driver! it will ruin your graphic card23:19
dani_after installing kubuntu months ago, its not possible to play any game on windows, because graphic card crashing the system after some time in game23:20
dani_also fan speed will not work properly under windows after installing (k)ubuntu on the same pc23:20
dani_dont use x.org X server driver23:24
dani_if you use it, you can trhow your pc away23:24
user|54631i'm newbie about kubuntu23:26
user|54631do you know how hard disk space need kubuntu?23:27
krytarikuser|54631: I'd go with at least 15 GB so there will be sufficient hard disk space still free after installing for expanding the system as desired.23:36
user|54631thanks so much krytarik :)23:50
krytarikOf course! :)23:50

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