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mupPR operator#393 closed: adds Harness.hooks_disabled, a context manager <Created by chipaca> <Merged by chipaca> <https://github.com/canonical/operator/pull/393>07:53
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* bthomas updated to ops 0.9.009:02
* bthomas updated kernel rebooting now09:06
Chipacamoon127: remind me, were you still working on your charm this week, or were you off to more exiting topics?10:02
Chipacawondering if i should remove the event from the calendar10:03
moon127Chipaca: my 2 week stint was up end of last week.  As far as I know I'm onto a new assignment this week.10:05
* moon127 catches up after the UK public holiday and yesterday as PTO10:05
Chipacamoon127: ok! removing the events from my calendar10:05
Chipacamoon127: the last changes were good fwiw10:05
Chipacai commented on something that you'd already fixed, is all10:06
moon127ah yes I see, thanks!  That bit of code was rather subject to change running up to an end of week, end of rotation deadline, so good to have the syntax as intended rather than first implemented indeed10:08
moon127thanks for the review, I'll check if Tom is happy our side and get that landed10:09
moon127now merged10:18
facubatista¡Muy buenos días a todos!10:55
bthomas𝐌𝐨𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 facubatista11:00
bthomasPrometheus has a huge number of configuration options in its config file !13:26
mupPR operator#396 opened: add build dist and egg-info to gitignore <Created by chipaca> <https://github.com/canonical/operator/pull/396>13:32
Chipacadavigar15_: sorry to pester you, who was it that had the issue that i pointed to the environment juju bug and workaround? (looking for the irc handle)13:51
Chipacadavigar15_: thanks!13:52
ChipacaDominikF: let me know if that bug+workaround isn't the thing you were hitting, please13:52
DominikFChipaca: It is exactly what I was having issues with, the workaround fixed it for me. But it is still failing for me on 2.8.2 candidate, I commented it in the bug. Thanks!13:57
Chipacaooh, interesting13:57
ChipacaDominikF: thanks13:57
Chipacamakes me think maybe we should push the workaround into our k8s opslib13:58
* Chipaca waits to see what people say on the bug13:58
DominikFChipaca: there is a k8s opslib?13:59
ChipacaDominikF: https://github.com/chipaca/ops-lib-k8s/13:59
ChipacaDominikF: most of it is mark maglana's work13:59
Chipacahoping to have it grow over time13:59
Chipacathere's natalya's work but sadly she didn't write tests, so i need to find time for taht13:59
Chipacaand then we also want to do the same with the oci resources thing14:00
Chipacaso much TODO, so little DONE14:00
DominikFChipaca: Interesting, we are looking into doing something similar as our "proxy charms" with deployments done with Helm, so there might be a moment where we could contribute that part there.14:03
* facubatista -> lunch15:46
* facubatista is back16:32
mupIssue operator#397 opened: Get container utility for easy pod_spec updates <enhancement> <Created by justinmclark> <https://github.com/canonical/operator/issues/397>16:42
justinclarkI self-assigned myself to this new issue ^ but I won't start working on it until someone confirms we should have it (Chipaca, facubatista, jam)16:56
* justinclark lunch16:56
facubatistajustinclark, ack17:04
* justinclark back17:39
dstathisI'm looking at the code in tests/commands/test_init.py18:49
dstathisthe code here https://pastebin.com/raw/Hz47pzqQ18:49
dstathisI'm wondering what '(env_path,) = env_paths' is supposed to do18:50
dstathisIs it just trying to remove the item from a single element list?18:50
dstathisbecause when I run it that list has more than one element and it breaks18:51
facubatistadstathis, can you show me your sys.path in that test? thanks!19:06
facubatistathere should be only one 'env/lib/python' in there, from the virtualenv, but you may have a more complex setup19:06
dstathisI have a fix for it but it19:09
dstathisbut it is weird to me that this was working before19:09
dstathisI'll just open a PR with my change19:12
facubatistadstathis, how did you create that virtualenv? because 'venv' is a virtualenv, right?19:16
mupPR charmcraft#147: fix PYTHONPATH correctly <Created by dstathis> <https://github.com/canonical/charmcraft/pull/147>19:16
dstathisyes created with "virtualenv -p python3 venv"19:17
facubatistadstathis, and then how are you running those tests?19:18
facubatistadstathis, can you do this very same thing in a fresh dir (outside any current venv)? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/FTsFJ8tSBQ/19:19
dstathisyup same issue exists. multiple paths with "test123/lib/python"19:24
facubatistadstathis, yeap... it's bionic, right?19:26
facubatistadstathis, ack, thanks19:27
dstathisah I see on focal this doesn't happen19:27
dstathisWell I thill think the change I proposed is better as this issue could come up19:30
dstathisalso if you are running outside of a virtualenv that list will have 0 elements and it will also fail19:30
dstathisI'm not really sure how it's been working on travis since that runs on bionic19:33
facubatista+1 to be more robust anyway19:39

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