Unit193Examknow: Anything we can help you with?03:15
elExamknow: hi, per the above (and the topic) this isn't a channel for unauthorized idling :)04:33
krytarikMI6, Texas: We'd appreciate if these two copies of yourself left the channel too.11:17
elcoconut: hi, you keep joining here, is there a reason why?18:14
coconutel, just still i my list after reporting an faulty !. And i thought it was easy to request an op for problem users on #ubuntu.18:21
coconutIf you want me to go i go18:21
elyou can always rejoin, but we prefer people not hang around so that others might get the benefit of talking to us without randoms "helping" the conversation18:21
elsince you're using hexchat you'll need to make sure you quit properly at the end of the day to get the autojoin to go away18:22
elit basically caches the settings until you quit the application properly and then saves them to disk18:23
el(unless they fixed this since i last used it)18:23
coconutel, i can tell myself to not help here in this channel if that is ok then ?18:23
coconuti can also just only go in here if i think an op is needed on #ubuntu18:24
elnot really no, we'd have to make exceptions for everyone else who claims that and we'd rather not have a large audience here18:24
coconutjust what you prefer, both is ok with me18:24
elyou can always come back temporarily if you need to point something out to us18:24
elbut please don't linger :)18:24
coconutok then, all clear :)18:25
elthansk for understanding18:25
coconutyeah sure18:25
elsarnold: tomreyn just apply for ops already lol18:26
sarnoldlol yeah, good idea, hehe18:27

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