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mybalzitchhttps://gist.github.com/thisisnotmyrealname/6cf0cc0227466b34d60a10409e1b82e4 anyone want to field a guess as to why my partitions keep getting announced?01:53
sarnoldare there any processes in ps auxw that look kinda guilty?01:59
HexicPythHi, I run an ubuntu server on an old laptop running minecraft and apache and some other random useful things. I set a static IP with netplan. The computer has a wireless interface which I disable, because I use ethernet. Occasionally(once every few weeks) I try to ssh into my server and I find that it doesnt work because the IP address sporadically changes to some dynamic address other than the netplan one, and I have to go03:22
HexicPythto the computer and manually run netplan apply. Does anyone know what could cause this?03:22
sarnoldwhat ip address does it use? is it a dhcp address on your network or is it a 169.... link-local address03:24
HexicPythIts a local address in the subnet of my home network, like
sarnolddo you have any running dhcp clients?03:25
HexicPythHow do I check?03:25
HexicPythdo you mean on my server or inside of my home network?03:26
sarnoldps auxw | grep -i dhc  would be my first check03:26
sarnoldon the server03:26
HexicPythNo searching for processes with "dhc" or "dhcp" didnt come up with anything03:27
sarnolddang :/ I don't have ny other great ideas .. afaik there's no easy way to get notified *which* process changes IP addresses :/03:29
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uzeeHi, I cloned a Ubuntu 18.04.4 VM in VMware but all the clones have the hostname as the source VM. We register hostnames with mac addresses and the VM picks up the IP and hostname from DNS/DHCP, but for this cloning case, it does not seem to work12:32
uzeeI've tried seting 'localhost' in /etc/hostname and commenting out the line in /etc/hosts but now the hostname says 'localhost'12:33
uzeeI don't have any cloud stuff as mentioned in a number of posts online12:33
Ussat1) How did you "clone" it. 2) Look up online how to change the hostname on Ubuntu12:34
UssatHint: its not editing those files12:34
Ussatand which "VMware" they have several products12:35
uzeeUssat: thanks, I do know how to change it manually, I'm trying to figure out how to prevent it from happening. With 20-30 clones, the manual process becomes painful12:35
uzeeUssat: I think you mean hostnamectl -set-hostname12:35
UssatHow did you "clone" it ?12:35
Ussatthat is cortrect12:36
uzeeUssat: vmware ESXi 6.512:36
UssatISo, did you make a template of it THEN clone it ?12:36
uzeeNo, just cloned the VM12:36
UssatSo, when you "clone" something it has the same IP12:37
Ussatof course that wont work. What you want to do is template it, so it doesnt have an IP12:37
uzeeno, it gets the correct IP from our DHCP, its just the hostname thats messed up12:37
UssatTHEN you need to set the IP12:37
Ussatyoure not listening and I dont have the time12:38
uzeeUssat: We had a similar issue on centos but that was addressed by removing a file in /etc/udev/ somewhere12:38
uzeeUssat: I appreciate your willingness to help and respect your time too, but I don't understand how you felt that I'm not listening12:39
uzeeWhen we clone a VM and before booting it up, we register the new VM with its MAC address in our dns/dhcp provider, the IP assignment happens correctly12:39
uzeeSo in our case, cloning does NOT have the same IP, hence my comment12:40
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patstomswhat could be a reason that i add ppa and i can see a hit when doing apt update, but i apt install is not getting packages from it. I can't see that it is used in apt-cache policy too13:00
smoserpatstoms: are you sure you have a build in the ppa for the given release ?13:24
patstomsis there any way to list all packages available from ppa?13:28
patstomsfrom launchpad.net it looks like there is a package13:29
ahasenackyou can click o "view package details" on the right, that will list you the binary builds too13:31
Ussatclick ? on a server ?13:31
Ussatpeople use GUI's on servers ?13:32
frickler"click" is just an alias for "press enter in your lynx client"13:36
ahasenackUssat: if you reached that conclusion, then you must also conclude he is using an irc client on a server13:39
Ussatahasenack, not realkly, could be useing a cli client, or chatting from a diff comp13:39
ahasenackand that he is sitting in front of a server, keyboard on his lap, maybe a KVM13:39
ahasenackmaybe in a freezing dc13:39
patstomsok, seems like this was a good hint, i was able to troubleshoot problem from package lists in /var/lib/apt/lists13:41
geodb27People : hi !14:42
geodb27I face a problem I can't solve concerning a preseed file for automated partitioning on my newly-created servers. Here is a more specific description of my problem : https://dpaste.com/7RFP58DBZ14:51
geodb27In short, I want only two primary partitions and not one plus an extended one. Would someone be kind to help me on this ?14:51
Paddy_NIHi I just installed Ubuntu Server 20.04.1 64-bit on my Raspberry Pi 3b and I have configured it to login automatically using the top answer here https://askubuntu.com/questions/819117/how-can-i-get-autologin-at-startup-working-on-ubuntu-server-16-04-114:58
Paddy_NIMy goal is to have this thing automatically start a tmux session with irssi running, what would be the best way to autorun this process?14:59
Paddy_NII imagine this command would need to be invoked "tmux -s irssi irssi"14:59
Paddy_NII had to do some testing so I logged out. Sorry to anyone that might have tried to answer me.15:18
ahasenackPaddy_NI: I would investigate a systemd --user service17:15
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Paddy_NIahasenack, I will do that, thank you.19:46

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