bdiddyupgrade from 18.04 to 20.04 yay or nay?00:01
sarnoldbdiddy: I'd say most folks I've seen here seem happy with the upgrade00:02
bdiddyok cool thanks00:02
sarnoldbdiddy: but certainly some wished they stuck with the previous release, as with all new LTS releases :)00:02
bdiddyseems most negativity i read is about snap00:03
zerocodehow can i remove passwd using for apps like skype and chromium-brows00:05
zerocodeand save it00:06
Bashing-omClose Chrome. Open the file manager, press ctrl+H or show hidden files from menu, go to .local/share/keyrings, move the content to some backup place. Then logout and log back in. Open Chrome, there will be a pop up asking you to set a keyring password, leave it blank, confirm, then it shouldn't bother you anymore. If everything works, you can delete the backup you saved earlier.00:09
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tacomaster /join #virtualbox00:46
sarnoldmm tacos00:46
tacomaster:D they are good00:46
tacomasterI am trying to figure out what is going on here. I am running ubuntu 20.04 and when running "systemctl status" I get the status is degraded. When I just run "systemctl" I see that the service that is failing is vboxweb.service but I do not even have the vboxweb.service because it is stopped and virtualbox works. When running "journalctl -xe | grep vboxweb" I see vboxweb.service: Failed with result 'protocol'. Does anyone know how t00:50
tacomastero dig into this issue more to figure out what is going on?00:50
baymanhow to ufw allow from to 443/tcp00:52
sarnoldtacomaster: try systemctl status vboxweb00:52
tacomasterbayman, sudo ufw allow from to any port 44300:53
tacomastersarnold, I get the same error. I can post the entire thing on paste.ubuntu.com if you want00:53
baymanthanks. do I need to save?00:54
tacomasterbayman, that will save it00:54
sarnoldtacomaster: I can give it a look, anyway, but no promises, I've not used vbox in a dozen years or more00:54
tacomasterbayman, and for your information I got the answer from here https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/ufw-essentials-common-firewall-rules-and-commands00:54
tacomastersarnold, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/zJ7sBr64Ks/00:55
tacomastersarnold, I would not use vbox except I have 2 apps from my job that do not work correctly in wine.00:56
sarnoldtacomaster: hmm, curious; is there anything in dmesg? could you pastebin the output of systemctl cat vboxweb.service  ?00:58
tacomastersarnold, I will run any command you ask unless it is dangerous00:58
tacomastersarnold, Here is the output you were asking for https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/b5SjyQd9Wj/ . I am about to look at dmesag now01:00
amazoniantoadHey I'm trying to run the xen hypervisor on ubuntu 20.04.1 but when I try to boot up into xen I get "panic on cpu 0" and then reboots01:02
tacomasterdmesg does have information about other virtualbox services but not the web service01:02
amazoniantoadCan anyone help me figure out how to fix this issue?01:02
sarnoldtacomaster: hah that's simpler than I expected; I was expecting something like a ProtectSystem= directives... hmmm01:02
tacomastersarnold, stupid question but do you think it could be ufw blocking the ability to connect to a port?01:03
sarnoldtacomaster: probably not01:04
tacomastersarnold, nvm forget what I said. I just did an sudo ufw disable and still having the same issue01:04
sarnoldtacomaster: current guess: sudo sysctl -a | grep fs.pro01:06
tacomastersarnold, Do you mind explaining that command to me?01:07
sarnoldtacomaster: it'll show the value of four sysctls that control filesystem operations01:07
amazoniantoadCan anyone help me with my issue? :/01:08
tacomastersarnold, I should have just looked at the man page. It was very descriptive01:08
sarnoldamazoniantoad: sorry, not me, I haven't used xen in something like fifteen years ..01:08
sarnoldtacomaster: https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/sysctl/fs.txt01:08
sarnoldtacomaster: ah :)01:08
* Examknow hasn't a clue either01:08
amazoniantoadthanks anyway guys01:09
ExamknowSorry :)01:09
sarnoldtacomaster: try sysctl -w fs.protected_regular=001:09
tacomastersarnold, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Wh7rzvDM9F/ this is the output01:09
tacomastersarnold, One second while I read up on what this will do exactly01:11
tacomastersarnold, I get sysctl: "fs.protected" must be of the form name=value"01:16
tacomasterand sysctl: cannot stat /proc/sys/regular: no such file or directory01:16
sarnoldtacomaster: hmm, did you miss the =0 or did I screw up my command? :)01:16
sarnoldtacomaster: hmm.. or did you retype the thing and miss the _ ?01:17
tacomasterI copy and pasted it01:17
sarnold$ sudo sysctl -w fs.protected_regular=001:17
sarnoldfs.protected_regular = 001:17
tacomastersarnold, nvm I just copied it again and it worked. I bet I had some white space in the copy01:18
sarnoldaha good good01:18
sarnoldnow try restarting that service01:18
tacomastersarnold, Same error01:18
sarnold:( :(01:19
tacomastersarnold, Is there a way to remove it as I will never use the web service?01:19
sarnoldtacomaster: heh that's another option :D systemctl disable vboxweb.service    ought to do the trick01:20
tacomastersarnold, Its already disabled and I am still having the warning message. I mean actually remove it01:20
sarnoldtacomaster: try systemctl mask vboxweb.service  ?01:21
tacomastersarnold, is there an issue with just doing a "sudo rm /etc/systemd/system/vboxweb.service" ?01:22
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tacomastersarnold, Well it seems that the rm command made the state show running again instead of degraded01:25
sarnoldtacomaster: that file 'just' has your local customizations; if it is still in /lib/something then it'll still be run01:25
tacomastersarnold, I swear linux can be such a pain to setup but once it is setup everything works like a dream.01:28
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ckbcan someone help me figure out why supervisord won't launch my config file in conf.d?02:27
sarnoldwhat's supervisord?02:28
ckbsarnold, http://supervisord.org/02:28
sarnoldckb: how did you configure it? how did you set up supervisord to run?02:29
ckbsarnold, https://hastebin.com/apojukeray.ini02:30
sarnoldckb: try giving the full pathname to your php executable02:31
ckbsarnold, still nothing :(02:32
ckbinteresting: CRIT Server 'unix_http_server' running without any HTTP authentication checking02:33
sarnoldckb: okay, so, next question, how are you starting supervisord at boot?02:34
ckbservice supervisor start? when I installed it, it set up the init for me...02:34
ckbso supervisor will start on boot.02:35
sarnoldcheck its log files and see if it had problems starting?02:35
ckbsarnold, that what I pasted: CRIT Server 'unix_http_server'02:35
ckbI got it :D02:36
sarnoldoh good, what was it?02:37
ckbit just wanted a http authentication in supervisor.conf02:37
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truexfan81in 2 days i will be switching from nvidia to amd with ubuntu 20.04 what do i need to do to have it ready before i power it off to swap the cards?03:18
sarnoldtruexfan81: I've not done it yet myself, but i think install xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu and linux-firmware03:20
truexfan81if i go ahead and do that now will it break anything? i'm running the nvidia proprietary driver03:20
sarnoldI suspect it's probably fine03:21
truexfan81oh, it's fine, apt says both are already installed lulz03:22
truexfan81so just remove all nvidia packages and then poweroff i guess03:22
sarnoldhooray :)03:25
k_szeOh no. A new grub update. (fingers crossed)03:33
* truexfan81 uses systemd boot03:34
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chikkorollhi all =), Would someone please recommend a (recent/relevent) link to a page that details how to use logs in cli/bash to look for errors/problems- my pc tends to lock up at times and no combination of key presses will allow me to open shell/bash-i want to find out why but am not experienced in the area of inspecting logs(but id like to learn) thanks for help/links comments04:19
akemchikkoroll, The logs are in /var/log have a looks in kern.log thats the kernel or syslog, you can use the command 'grep' to search for strings inside of the files. Also the dmesg command can be handy to print some log infos.04:27
MzR_MasseyGoood evening to all05:34
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MzR_Masseyhow would someone mount 2 separate drives to a ubuntu 16.04.7 server?05:38
matsamanMzR_Massey: for what purpose05:42
MzR_Masseyfor storage, via FTP05:43
MzR_MasseyI have 3 drives total on my dedicated server, a Main  SSD 240GB, and two 1-TB HHD drives05:43
matsamanprobably you'd want to add an entry in /etc/fstab for it, similar to but not exactly matching the line you have for the '/' partition05:43
matsamanthat'll ensure it's mounted at boot, if done right; and without rebooting you can 'mount LABEL=whatever' to mount it, again if done right05:44
matsamanand then there are fancier things you can do to pretend they are one storage medium05:44
matsamanlike using mhddfs, or LVM, or a ton of other things05:44
MzR_Masseyhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/mDF4vtwkgz/  this is what that file looks like05:47
matsamanMzR_Massey: okay so your root FS is using LVM05:48
MzR_MasseyOkay,  not entirely sure if that's a good thing or not05:50
matsamanit's what the installer defaulted to probably05:50
matsamanI don't use LVM, though, so I can't offer you personally acquired info.05:52
matsamanMzR_Massey: https://askubuntu.com/questions/458476/adding-disks-with-lvm05:52
matsamanthe traditional way would be to look at lsblk -f, find the device you're intersted in, make sure it's formatted the way you want (mkfs.ext4, etc.) and give it a label (e2label, etc.); then add a line like 'LABEL=whatever /mnt/whatever ext4 defaults 0 2'05:53
MzR_Masseythanks for that,  that link helps05:54
MzR_MasseyIf the drive is using LVM, would that be running on the system already?05:56
tatertotzMzR_Massey: you could actually look at see05:56
tatertotzMzR_Massey: do you have access to the computer right now?05:57
MzR_MasseyYes its a dedicated server, i'm logged in as Root currently05:57
MzR_Masseythrough putty05:57
tatertotzMzR_Massey: lsblk -f|nc termbin.com 999906:00
MzR_Masseyhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/y3PcSzQKpn/  this is what I see when I run sudo fdisk -l06:01
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tatertotzMzR_Massey: give some thought to what you want to do, then do some research on it06:05
MzR_Masseysorry - I got disconnected (Thanks to the modem here)06:09
tatertotzMzR_Massey: give some thought to what you want to do, then do some research on it06:10
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mkoprivanoob here so maybe what I'm asking don't make no sense; How can I upgrade the kernel from 4.15.0-99-generic to 4.15.0-112.113?07:13
Maikmkopriva: the 4.15 kernels are EOL afaik07:19
Maikmkopriva: which version of Ubuntu are you on, 18.04?07:20
mkoprivaMaik: yup, Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS07:20
Maiki'd go HWE: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack07:21
guivercMaik, 4.15 is the supported GA (generic) kernel for 18.04 (ie. without HWE) and is supported the lifetime of 18.04 LTS07:23
Maikguiverc: thanks, i totally forgot about. My bad.07:24
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samuelrajan747guys how to setup auto restarting a failed service in upstart?07:43
Exterminadorhello guys. I've messed up when installing mongodb-org package and now I'm wondering if there's a way to force it to reinstall the /etc/mongod.conf09:02
chikkorollthanks akem09:04
chikkorollakem, thanks09:04
_vaibhavingale_any pointers i can make network change listener in the c ?  like when wifi or ethernet interfaces changes their states09:05
furycd001@Exterminador: You could try reinstalling the package with >> apt-get --reinstall install mongodb-org09:11
Exterminadorfurycd001: will give it a shot,thanks09:15
Dualityhi i need help with compiling something it tells me that a include is missing is this the right place to ask?09:23
DualityI installed the package gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf09:24
Dualityand it's telling me that <sys/io.h> is missing09:24
Dualitymaybe i am missing glibc09:25
Dualityor something09:25
jeremy31Duality: is build-essential installed?09:26
DualityI installed it but it is still not found09:30
Dualityi'll be right back09:33
DualityTried a reboot just to see if that would work09:37
jeremy31All I can find is to use #include <sys/uio.h> instead09:39
Dualityjeremy31: yea but i read that was for osx?09:41
Dualitycould give it a try09:41
Dualityit works though09:43
Dualityi don't know what changed this used to compile on a different system but the compiler was a bit older though09:43
Dualitymaybe that's the problem09:44
jeremy31Duality: trying to build kernel modules?09:49
Dualitybut i just figured out if i comment out the include <sys/io.h> it compiles fine09:52
zetherooSo I updated the firmware on my mobile broadband device (EM7345) in Windows 10 and tested it in Ubuntu 18.04 and it worked like a charm. Back in Ubuntu 20.04 now and it's still not working09:59
apwzetheroo, did you update the firmware on the device or just in windows; as it is most likely loaded on initialisation on all OSs10:00
zetherooapw: on the device. As I said, it's working perfectly in Ubuntu 18.0410:02
apwzetheroo, for clarity it was not working in 18.04 then you updated it in windows 10, and then it was in 18.04?10:03
zetherooIn the info I posted above you can also see the new FW version:    firmware revision: FIH7160_V1.2_WW_01.1616.0110:03
zetherooapw: no. It wasn't working in 20.04 and it was complaining that there was no SIM inserted when there was, then after a lot of digging around online it became apparent that I had to upgrade the FW on the module, so I did that in Windows (no other way). Then I tested it in 18.04 and it worked.10:05
zetherooNow in 20.04 and no dice - but at least it's no longer complaining about there being no SIM10:05
apwzetheroo, so we don't know if it made 18.04 work; it may have been working before too10:05
pikapikaIs there any way to disable unattended-upgrades without uninstalling it?10:06
zetherooapw: sure10:06
pikapika18.04 lts btw10:06
BluesKajHi all10:07
apwzetheroo, it is important to have accurate information.  sounds like you should file a bug against linux with this information; get a dmesg of it in the working state in 18.04 and non-working state in 20.0410:07
apwwith luck there will be a clue in the difference10:07
apwonce you ahve a bug filed, mention it in #ubuntu-kernel by number10:08
pikapikaHow do firmware upgrades on such obscure hardwares work?10:08
pikapikaDo they have like some proprietary cable or interface through which the software communicates with the device>10:08
zetherooapw: I just took it back out of the 18.04/Windows dualboot laptop and put it back in the 20.04 laptop ... so not moving it again :/10:09
pikapikaHow much did it cost?10:10
zetheroo pikapika: you asking me?10:12
zetheroo pikapika: how much did the module cost?10:15
chikkorollhi all having trouble adding usb to a VM whether i try to add with the machine running then restart, with it powered off. what gives guys-it only shows usb 1.0 no 2.0 or 3.0, I have installed the guest-addon cd run it in the VM, not joy-any ideas10:15
zetheroo pikapika: about 30USD10:15
pikapikaI was curious10:18
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apwzetheroo, as noone wants to touch these kinds of broadband interfaces (due to the regulatory risk) they are normally exposed over a serial style port as a modem so i predict a driver difference in the kernel.  but without logs it will be near impossible to diagnose10:24
zetherooapw: what kind of logs do you need?10:25
apwzetheroo, the ones i mentioned above as a minimum i would think10:25
apwwhich is why i asked about them, but if you can't get them, then life is difficult10:26
apwif switching is hard, then also the modem-manager logs too10:26
zetherooI mean I have the 18.04 laptop running right here as well10:27
apwyou might also want to checkw hcih kernel you are using in the 18.04 one which is working.  if it is the HWE kernel (at 5.4) then that likely means it is not a kernel issue and may point elsewhere10:27
zetheroo1apw: this is me on the 18.04 laptop10:28
zetheroo1kernel info: Linux eab-ux 4.15.0-112-generic #113-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jul 9 23:41:39 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux10:28
zetheroo1what other info can I dig out from this system for you?10:28
apwok so it could be kernel related, then as you do have a differnet one10:29
zetherooapw: 20.04 kernel info Linux eb-T420 5.4.0-45-generic #49-Ubuntu SMP Wed Aug 26 13:38:52 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux10:29
apwzetheroo1, i can't say for sure, it needs to be all put in a bug; irc is too fleeting10:29
zetheroo1apw: ok, but what info should I put into the bug?10:30
apwzetheroo1, a description of the issue, dmesg and modem-manager logs (i guess) from when it worked and when it does not10:31
zetheroo1where are the modem-manager logs?10:31
zetheroo1can't find them in /var/log/10:32
apwzetheroo1, your pastebin implies it is a systemd unit which has logs via journalctl iirc10:33
apwzetheroo, your pastebin implies it is a systemd unit which has logs via journalctl iirc10:34
zetheroo1do you know off the top of your head how to limit the output to the last 3 hours?10:35
apwsorry no10:36
zetheroo1I did10:38
zetheroo1sudo journalctl --since "2020-09-01 23:00" --until "2020-09-02 12:00" | grep Modem10:39
zetheroo1and there was no output10:39
EriC^^zetheroo1: maybe with grep modem?10:41
zetheroo1even though I had the module in this laptop and connected in 18.04, there seems to be no entries today from ModemManager10:41
zetheroo1the last entry was yesterday10:41
zetheroo1Sep 01 17:40:17 eab-ux NetworkManager[1294]: <info>  [1598974817.8979] modem-manager: ModemManager no longer available10:42
tatertotzzetheroo1: did the firmware update resolve SIM not detected?10:42
zetheroo1 EriC^^: you mean as opposed to grep for Modem?10:42
zetheroo1tatertotz: yes10:43
zetheroo1now it no longer complains anywhere about the SIM not being present10:43
zetherootatertotz:  https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/SrY6pWT7FK/10:43
tatertotzzetheroo1: looks like it still is unable to load carrier config10:44
zetherootatertotz: it worked perfectly in 18.0410:44
tatertotzzetheroo: maybe it's not supported in > 18.xx10:45
tatertotzzetheroo: couldn't load carrier configuration or couldn't load Supported Bands: 'Unsupported'10:46
tatertotzzetheroo: interesting the carrier config is received on 18.xx just not on 20.xx10:47
zetheroodisappointing more like10:47
tatertotzzetheroo: maybe it needs even a further update to work on 18.xx10:47
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zetherooIt's got the latest FW already10:47
tatertotzzetheroo: maybe it needs even a further update to work on .xx10:48
tatertotzwow even failed10:49
tatertotz couldn't load list of Emergency Numbers: 'Failed to parse CRSM query result '+CRSM: 105,129'10:49
tatertotzzetheroo: in my country emergency numbers are required by FCC, a device like that has to receive 911/e91110:50
tatertotzzetheroo: it's not being blocked in any way is it?10:53
zetheroono idea10:53
tatertotzsudo rfkill list10:54
tatertotzit's not good to see "yes" anywhere10:54
zetheroo1: tpacpi_wwan_sw: Wireless WAN10:55
zetherooSoft blocked: yes10:55
zetherooHard blocked: no10:55
tatertotzoh its just blocked...that's all10:55
apwaccording to both the focal and groovy versions of modem-manager, that CRSM query result is malformed10:55
tatertotzzetheroo: unblock it10:55
zetheroowhy is it blocked? I didn't do that ... how to unblock?10:56
apwit should have the form +CRSM: nnn,nnn,<hex>10:56
tatertotzzetheroo: you should unblock it then try again10:56
apwso i assume it is just being reported more in groovy; rather than a symptom10:56
zetherooI don't know if this was the right thing to do10:57
zetherooeb@eb-T420:~$ mmcli -m 0 -e10:57
zetheroosuccessfully enabled the modem10:57
apwdid the soft-block change in rfkill10:57
tatertotzzetheroo: did you get it unblocked?10:57
zetheroonope :(10:57
zetherooSoft blocked: yes10:57
tatertotzzetheroo: you'll need it to show all "no"10:57
apwunblock it with rfkill itself10:58
apwif that works, you can try and figure out who thinks it should block it later10:58
tatertotzzetheroo: sudo rfkill unblock all10:59
tatertotzzetheroo: then check if it still shows blocked10:59
zetherooSoft blocked: no10:59
tatertotzzetheroo: now try again10:59
zetherooshould I restart the ModemManager service?10:59
tatertotzzetheroo: you can if you want, it won't hurt10:59
apwMBIM support is new in 1.14 so that might be related if this does not work11:01
zetherooseems the same https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/DtmbmYDHSq/11:01
zetherooMobile Broadband in Network Manager says Not Available11:03
tatertotz MBIM device wasn't explicitly closed11:04
tatertotzzetheroo: unplug and replug and try again11:04
zetheroounplug what?11:04
apwwell i think this modem is using AT commands in bionic, and attempting to MBIM in groovy; perhaps the MBIM support is broken11:04
apwin the device11:04
zetherooshould I reboot?11:05
tatertotzzetheroo: maybe reboot11:05
zetherooSoft blocked: yes11:07
zetherooit's blocked again after a reboot11:07
tatertotzunblock and test11:07
zetheroobut how to test exactly?11:08
zetheroonothing seems different in the network manager11:08
tatertotzzetheroo: journalctl -b 0 -n 200|nc termbin.com 999911:08
zetherooafter restarting network-manger the device is blocked again11:10
zetherooso seems like network-manager is blobking it11:10
tatertotzfile a bug report then, not much else you're going to be able to do11:11
zetherooThis is the full output after restarting ModemManager https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/N2cgFsb5pP/11:13
tatertotzfile a bug report then, not much else you're going to be able to do11:13
apwthat fuller log from when it works might tell one if it is MBIM brokenness on the modem or in the kernel driver11:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1169117 in linux (Ubuntu) "REGRESSION: MBIM kernel suppport should be disabled until userspace support available (breaks Ericsson H5321 etc.)" [Low,Triaged]11:17
apwthat very anchient but talks about how you might convince the kernel to use AT commands rather than MBIM; that might be informative, it also might not11:18
zetheroomaybe I can just boot Ubuntu 18.04 from USB  on this laptop and use the LIVE Session to get the logs of it while its working11:18
zetheroothen I would not have to crack open both laptops again11:19
DualityIs there a way to install the linaro gcc through the package manager? does anyone know?11:42
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zetheroo1ok so I have it working in Ubuntu 18.0411:49
zetheroo1I have the output here https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/hJSv9b3Jrv/11:54
zetheroo1and this is with kernel
him-cesjf_Is there a loginctl/systemctl like command to turn off screen?11:58
tatertotzmost LCD "screens" have a power button to turn them "off"11:59
him-cesjf_tatertotz:  Most "laptops" don't have a power button to turn them "off"12:00
mra90how can I ask ping to show the connection proxy server and other connection details12:01
mra90my proxy server has changed, I have exported them in the local bash session but it looks like ping doesn't care about it and still use some others12:01
mra90even though echo $proxy_server shows correct ones12:01
tatertotzthen you might articulate that you have ubuntu on a "laptop" but don't want the screen to be on12:02
tatertotz(they can be set to turn off or dim screen after given amount of time passes)12:03
khurramhi all12:03
khurrami want to get REQUEST & RESPONSE from nginx before  RESPONSE is sent back , need help can anyone please throw light if this can be done and what could be the easiest way to achieve it12:04
him-cesjf_tatertotz:  My question was clear enough to understand that I was looking for a `command` irrespective of whether my system is a desktop/laptop/mobile. Try avoiding answering in quotes if you want to help. I find it rude. I found the answer anyway - `xset dpms force off`.12:06
tatertotz+1 for self sufficiency12:22
mra90how to force ping to show where it connects top12:28
mra90I mean I use proxy server but it doesn't show it12:28
mra90and of course 100% failes packets12:29
mra90because of that12:29
mra90so I want to see what proxy server it sues12:29
Doc-SaintlyAny advise on how to get an integrated web cam working under Ubuntu? It's a lenovo laptop and lspci / lsusb / lshw don't seem to show anything that looks like a webcam to me.12:29
Doc-SaintlyAny advice on how to get an integrated web cam working under Ubuntu? It's a lenovo laptop and lspci / lsusb / lshw don't seem to show anything that looks like a webcam to me.12:29
tatertotzmra90: do you know any details on the proxy you use?, it's hostname, ip, and what port?12:30
mra90sure I do12:30
mra90just want to print that in ping12:30
mra90wheree this tool is connecting to12:31
tatertotzmra90: ping command syntax, the IP/name that is to be pinged is provided to the command,12:32
mra90yes but it doesn't show the proxy it uses12:32
tatertotzmeaning if you ping x.x.x.x it's not going to show that you pinged y.y.y.u12:32
mra90base on this https://superuser.com/questions/175428/how-to-ping-when-behind-a-proxy12:33
mra90it looks liek we can not ping when behind the proxy12:33
mra90ok so wwhere should I change system proxy setting on ubuntu?12:34
tatertotzyou might need to admit what the real problem you thought you'd trouble shoot by ping12:34
mra90the real problem is no internet at all12:36
mra90so I was changing the proxy setting in local bash session and pinging for test12:36
mra90but it always fails12:36
mra90due to ping not using proxy I guess12:37
tatertotzmra90: you are chatting from the computer with connectivity problem right now? or chatting from another computer?12:37
mra90 /etc/environment - is it global/system proxy setting place12:37
mra90tatertotz of course differerent12:37
multifractalWithin my monero wallet I have 2 accounts A and B. I need to send someone a payment of X coins, but each of these accounts holds less than X coins. But together they add up to more than X coins. My question: can I send the contents of account A to account B (by selecting account A, going to the send panel in the GUI, and inputting the address of account B, and sending the entire contents), so that all the coins are consolidated into12:38
multifractalaccount B? Then I have enough to make the payment of X to my friend.12:38
multifractaloh whoops sorry wrong channel12:38
tatertotzmra90: if you have access to the problematic computer right now, do you have any way of transferring trouble shooting info or logs to the computer you are chatting from?...like a working USB flash drive ?12:39
mra90tatertotz: sure but what logs/info wwould you like to see?12:40
tatertotzmra90: the info used to trouble shoot connectivity is of interests, you may have to get through this with self sufficiency if you're concerned about that information12:42
mra90where does ubuntu set system proxy?12:43
mra90what a shit is it12:43
=== halvors1 is now known as halvors
mra90I have changed /env/envinroment settings but still doesn't work12:43
tatertotzmra90: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Proxy   /etc/environment is mentioned12:46
tatertotzmra90: all is working without proxy? have you verified proxy is in production and operating as expected?12:48
mra90how can it work without proxy?12:49
mra90the whole point of proxy is provide the brige oterwise your reequest won't go outside12:49
tatertotzhmmm interesting, so you're in a non home/home office networking environment? the majority of home users do NOT need a proxy to use their internet service12:50
tatertotzheck even commercial environments exists that don't use a proxy12:51
tatertotzhave you contacted the IT or responsible party for your environment?....you probably should12:52
tatertotzactually you REALLY should12:52
tatertotzand if your IT doesn't support your Linux...you need to think about what impact that will have on your productivity.....you might need to sleep on it12:54
tatertotzmra90: are you able to confirm you're not in the home/homeoffice/consumer environment?12:55
uzeeI've asked this in #ubuntu-server also, but thought to try my luck here too12:59
uzee I cloned a Ubuntu 18.04.4 VM in VMware but all the clones have the hostname as the source VM. We register hostnames with mac addresses and the VM picks up the IP and hostname from DNS/DHCP, but for this cloning case, it does not seem to work13:00
uzeeESXi 6.513:00
uzeeI've tried seting 'localhost' in /etc/hostname and commenting out the line in /etc/hosts but now the hostname says 'localhost'13:00
uzeeI don't have any cloud stuff as mentioned in a number of posts online13:00
lotuspsychjeuzee: please try avoid crossposting13:00
uzeelotuspsycheje: Sorry, I thought since both channels also have quite a few participants different, so it might be helpful13:01
uzeeIf its considered wrong, sorry, my bad13:01
tatertotzuzee: i would expect a 1:1 clone to have same information as original, that doesn't seem odd at all13:02
zetheroohow does one report an Ubuntu bug?13:11
lotuspsychjezetheroo: ubuntu-bug packagename13:11
zetherooand if there is no package name or it's unknown?13:12
lotuspsychjezetheroo: before filing the bug, please first ask here, you never know volunteers know a dupe already or have the solution13:12
zetheroolotuspsychje: I have been asking about the problem and people have tried to help13:12
lotuspsychjezetheroo: whats your bug about?13:14
zetheroothe em7345 device13:16
zetherooworks in 18.04 but not in 20.0413:16
zetherooI have been posting pastebins of info from it working and not working here13:17
zetherooI have to run, but will be back in about 30min13:17
tatertotzuzee: my bad if you were informed your issue is out of scope or off topic for here...i cannot see those communications13:17
lotuspsychjezetheroo: pastebin your dmesg please13:19
uzeetatertotz: thanks and no worries, lotuspsychje said that it shouldn't be cross-posted as I had asked the same in #ubuntu-server. Thanks for your comment. You're right that the clone is and should be identical, but in our case it doesn't take the hostname provided by dhcp13:21
=== OEIRAS is now known as OERIAS
CarnalHi! I am running Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS on LXC. I am getting setrlimit(RLIMIT_NOFILE, 65535) failed (1: Operation not permitted)13:57
CarnalAny idea's?13:57
CarnalMy DNS and web server is down13:58
CarnalI also use VestaCP13:58
ExamknowCarnal: Where are you seeing this error?13:59
zetheroo lotuspsychje: sorry, I am back now.14:00
zetheroo lotuspsychje: dmesg from 20.04?14:01
lotuspsychjezetheroo: version not working14:01
zetheroo1lotuspsychje:  https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/WmrNKnmG3k/14:02
Carnalokay so14:06
Carnalhttp works14:06
Carnalhttps doesn't14:06
CarnalDNS does work14:06
Carnal /var/log/nginx/error.log btw14:06
lotuspsychjezetheroo1: you have a switch to enable or disable the modem?14:06
zetheroo1 lotuspsychje: like a physical switch?14:09
zetheroo1not that I can see14:09
lotuspsychjezetheroo1: or a Fn+ F combo14:09
zetheroo1lotuspsychje: F8 ... but that switched off my WiFi (I guess it's a switch for all wireless devices)14:11
lotuspsychjezetheroo1: try this please, journalctl -f and switch off/back in your wireless and pastebin all the output14:11
zetheroo1 lotuspsychje:   https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/sQX5GsCzfh/14:14
zetheroo1hey, wait a sec14:14
zetheroo1something is different now ...14:14
zetheroo1hey, it's working!!!14:15
geosmileon my ubuntu 20.04LTS - dpkg --list | grep nvidia shows this -> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6FJNVwVDxy - why do i see two versions of nvidia drivers? How do I clean this up?14:16
zetheroo1Wow ... so it was just switched off with the F8 button!?14:16
zetheroo1strange though that WiFi and BT were on14:16
lotuspsychjezetheroo1: maybe some glitch14:16
zetheroo1 lotuspsychje: yeah, I wonder if it will work after a reboot ... only one way to know ... bbs14:17
lotuspsychjegeosmile: did you add external ppa's to your system?14:18
zetheroo lotuspsychje: it's still working after a reboot14:22
lotuspsychjelovely zetheroo14:22
zetheroo lotuspsychje: thanks so much - I cannot believe the solution was that bloody simple :P14:23
FrankyGovDear all14:23
FrankyGovI wanted to install some android apps on Linux. Do you know any app in this regard?14:23
nikolamI got this in my dmesg, after I had sort of screen freeze and coming back after switching to F1 console and back to F7:  https://pastebin.com/c64ZdVS514:31
mefistofelestrying to get the package I need to install for boost libs in ubuntu 16.04, is there a single package/metapackage or do I need to install many of them individually?14:44
geosmilelotuspsychje, i did graphicsppa14:44
lotuspsychjegeosmile: thats why several versions are available to your system, cause ubuntu has built-in drivers for nvidia aswell14:44
lotuspsychjegeosmile: ubuntu-drivers list, to see wich versions are available for your card14:45
lotuspsychjemefistofeles: to search packages on your ubuntu release: apt-cache search keyword14:47
mefistofeleslotuspsychje: yeah, I know that, I see a lot of boost packages, I was wondering if there's a single package or metapackage for all of them14:48
lotuspsychjemefistofeles: can you elaborate more about your endgoal, what are you trying to get working? volunteers can think along with you14:49
mefistofeleslotuspsychje: I want to set up an ubuntu containr for a specific application that needs boost libs to compile14:49
mefistofelesand it needs/recommends an older glibc version, that's why I'm using 16.0414:50
lotuspsychjemefistofeles: well apt is pretty smart, if you install something it will pull depends anyway14:50
lotuspsychjeor you got several libs?14:51
Sven_vBhi! in focal, syslog is cluttered by entries from network interface p2p-dev-wlp*, which I don't use anyway, I only use AP-based wifi. is there a way to disable it?14:51
mefistofeleslotuspsychje: I need boost libs, probably not all of them but they don't specify how many, so I want to go to the safe side and install them all14:51
mefistofelesand then build/compile the package14:52
lotuspsychjemefistofeles: the guide you follow must specify wich libs its about no?14:52
mefistofeleslotuspsychje: not really, it just say "boost", http://vina.scripps.edu/manual.html#installation14:53
mefistofelesthe thing is that not all distros separate the boost libs as ubuntu does14:54
mefistofelesso it's probably thinking about those cases14:54
amazoniantoadCan someone help me with my xen hypervisor installation on Ubuntu 20.04.1? I tried to boot into it but all it says is "panic on cpu 0" and "timer doesn't work!" and then reboots14:55
lotuspsychjemefistofeles: maybe this? libboost-dev - Boost C++ Libraries development files (default version)15:10
mefistofeleslotuspsychje: yeah, those would be the header files but not the libs objects... though I does suggests the libs objects, how do I make apt to install the suggested packages again?15:17
mefistofelesah --install-suggests :)15:21
lotuspsychjemefistofeles: https://github.com/skodapetr/autodock-vina git forwards to boost 1.67 so it seems here15:25
mefistofeleslotuspsychje: I see, though it's not exactly autodock-vina but a modified version of it that I'm trying15:26
lotuspsychjeah right15:26
mefistofeleswe'll see, I think I already have my container file set up15:27
mefistofeleslotuspsychje: thanks for the help15:27
lotuspsychjemefistofeles: seems there's a version on the repos too15:27
lotuspsychje!info autodock-vina15:28
ubottuautodock-vina (source: autodock-vina): docking of small molecules to proteins. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.1.2-5build3 (focal), package size 243 kB, installed size 653 kB15:28
lotuspsychjemefistofeles: and seems like it wants to pull: libboost-program-options1.71.015:29
mefistofeleshttps://packages.ubuntu.com/eoan/autodock-vina I see also system and thread15:31
mefistofelesbut yeah, then those 3 should be enough15:31
mra90how to check what are system proxy settings? For example http_proxy?15:38
ses1984i have a system and im not sure if it's stable, is there a stress test i can set up from the live usb, including stressing the gpy15:45
lotuspsychjeses1984: to see system errors in realtime: journalctl -f15:51
ses1984lotuspsychje: i actually haven't see any errors in logs related to the instability. the system either freezes, reboots, and also sometimes fails to post15:52
Examknowses1984: I don't know that there's any way to test the gpu from an ubuntu live usb/cd, but there is some software you can run on the OS itself.15:53
ses1984over the last few years i would get POST failures sometimes, but that was pretty much it, suddenly in the last month the POST failures became much more frequent and that's when it started freezing/rebooting sometimes15:53
lotuspsychjeses1984: if your system acts weird, there should be something logging somewhere15:54
Examknowses1984: Do you think the problem is only with your GPU?15:54
lotuspsychjeses1984: so try to pastebin us your dmesg after boot, or an output of your realtime journal15:54
ses1984i ran furmark in windows for a few hours and there were no problems, i ran memtest overnight twice and there were no problems. i also recently replaced the cpu and motherboard so the only thing left really is the PSU?15:55
ses1984it's relatively high end, seasonic focus plus gold 650, and it's rarely ever been stressed hard15:55
ses1984i'm booted into a live usb environment now, i can probably find the logs from the last crash15:56
ExamknowIf you can, please paste them here.15:56
=== Neffscape1 is now known as Neffscape
ses1984is the info in dmesg from the last boot stored on the file system anywhere15:58
lotuspsychjeses1984: current dmesg could also hold useful info15:59
RaptureI'm running a standard Ubuntu 16 EC2 instance on AWS and my aot-get autoremove isn't removing the linux-headers. I've tried clean, --purge, and some other flags but nothing seems to clean them up. Any suggestions?15:59
Examknowses1984: /var/log/dmesg is where the current one is15:59
ExamknowRapture: Do you mean apt-get?16:00
Raptureoops yeah16:00
ExamknowRapture: What is the output when you run autoremove?16:00
Raptureyeah...I can't figure out why. It's about 20-ish headers taking up ~2gb space16:00
Rapture```0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 79 not upgraded.```16:00
ses1984termbin.com/vx9b current dmesg16:01
mefistofelesRapture: so it seems that they are required for something or that you may have installed them manually16:01
mefistofelesI believe16:01
ExamknowYeah did you install them via apt-get?16:01
Rapturemefistofeles - def not manually installed (at least by a human) - This is an AWS EC2 instances managed via chef.16:02
BluesKajRapture, sudo apt-get remove --purge 2.6.24-25-* (example)16:03
ses1984termbin.com/e5jcm -- last kern.log -- looks interesting16:03
ses1984authentication error, process crashed, x11 connection broke, fatal io error, there's something here16:05
ExamknowThe thing that stands out to me is: Jun 30 08:17:32 stachurski-desktop at-spi-bus-launcher[21282]: XIO:  fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server ":0"16:07
lotuspsychjeses1984: your current dmesg seems pretty sane to me, just a few kvm: disabled by bios16:07
ses1984the system is stable in the live usb so far, no stress tho. and stable in windows under a stress test. i think my current hypothesis is that my ubuntu install doesnt like my new hardware or the old bad hardware trashed the install somehow16:07
ExamknowWhat ubuntu version?16:08
lotuspsychjeses1984: well Ryzen might need some kernel dances16:08
ses1984i can just do a clean install and see what happens16:09
ExamknowMaybe try that16:09
Raptureanybody use purge-old-kernels? That seems to have found and removed a bunch16:11
Raptureeven though I'm on ubuntu 1616:12
kemotI want to connect to my home server using SSH and a non standard port. At the moment I do: ssh user@192.168.1.x -p 12345. But it puts me to a default location and I have to cd .. out of it. I want to get to: 192.168.1.x:/share/files -p 1234516:25
kemotbut that does not work16:25
kemotany ideas?16:25
leftyfbkemot: change your home directory to /share/files16:32
pavloskemot: LC_CDPATH=/share/files ssh -o SendEnv=LC_CDPATH user@server -p 1234516:33
leftyfbkemot: what's the purpose of this?16:35
kemotthe purpose is to login to my qnap straight to a desired location instead of having to log in and them move around16:36
kemotnot sure if tha can be done with qnap?16:36
leftyfbkemot: as pavlos pointed out ... here's some more info https://serverfault.com/a/88023816:37
kemotwill do thanks guys. I'm not very advanced with linux but I like to dig into it sometimes :)16:39
pavloskemot: here's another way ... ssh user@server -p 12345 -t "cd /share/files; bash --login"16:52
kemotwow that works great @pavlos16:57
kemotnow I will just make a short alias for that command :)16:57
bostongeek36is there a version of xubuntu for the raspberry pi 3?17:06
pavloskemot: alias myssh="      ssh user@server -t 'cd /share/files; bash --login'       "17:10
ComputerTechsorry for my silly questions17:19
ComputerTechbut what is the command to list all ips on a vps?17:19
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leftyfbComputerTech: ip a17:22
ComputerTechthank you :)17:22
ComputerTechand am i right about this17:22
ComputerTecheach ip has it's own ports, e.g 666717:22
ComputerTechis this correct?17:22
leftyfbComputerTech: what exactly are you trying to accomplish?17:23
ComputerTechto run 2 ircds on one server17:23
ComputerTechwith both ircds having port 6667 for each17:23
gildartsDon't think you can do that. Can't have two processing binding the same port, iirc.17:24
leftyfbComputerTech: you can't unless your server has the ability to host 2 different public ip's from your VPS provider17:24
leftyfbComputerTech: why do you need to run 2 of your IRC servers?17:25
TenCateIs it possible that both lxd and virtualbox can mess up an intel wireless card to the point of losing internet and unclean reboot? this has happened to me both on 18.04 and 20.0417:25
TenCateLXD was intalled with snap, and virtualbox with apt.17:26
TenCateAnd I mean, this happens when either of them is installed, not necessarily simultaneously.17:27
ComputerTechhmm i have actually done that on a other server17:27
leftyfbTenCate: no, since I have both of those installed on my laptop17:27
leftyfbComputerTech: no you haven't since it's not possible17:27
TenCateafter remove purge, problem goes away.17:27
ComputerTechi will ask unrealircd support17:28
TenCateleftyfb, maybe we don't have the exact same hardware.17:29
MzR_MasseyGood afternoon everyone17:47
ComputerTechAfternoon :)17:48
MzR_MasseyGood afternoon ComputerTech! I am working on trying to mount 2 drives on a dedicated server, and I'm not sure what's the best way to add them for the mount (so they're available for FTP access)17:50
MzR_Masseycurrently working with Ubuntu 16.04.717:51
conrdoes anybody use a mac desktop/laptop and vnc into their 20.04 ubuntu deskop/server at home for nas/plex/etc reliability?17:54
conri enjoy using macOS and ubuntu desktops but don't want to have hardwired connections to both.17:57
lotuspsychjeconr: are those machines connected to the internet?17:58
gebbioneis there any way to improve nfs/afp/smb connectivity in ubuntu? I experience so many troubles with the default nautilus experience. List on certain shares returns empty when the folder is clearly full of files, smb is unable to authenticate regardless of the namespace/user/pass etc18:00
gebbionerun another refresh on a folder using afp and finally displaying :/ not sure what happens sometimes18:03
leftyfbconr: look into synergy (requires a monitor on both)18:07
conrlotuspsychje: yes but ubuntu is behind vpn18:10
dtuxi'm trying to mount an NFS (v3) export from my server. the server exports /export (without insecure) and /export/the_dir_i_want (with insecure), and I am getting "mount request refused... illegal port". isn't the insecure option supposed to avoid that?18:11
blasterHow do I find the right name for a service when using systemctl restart?18:13
=== halvors1 is now known as halvors
sarnoldblaster: systemctl list-units is handy18:15
lotuspsychjeblaster: or if you like GUI, stacer from the 20.04 repos18:16
blasterawesom thnaks18:16
pavlosdtux: mount with nfsvers=3 ...     server:/path   /mount/point   nfs   nfsvers=3   0 018:19
Sven_vBin focal, how can I prioritize or restrict which of logged in users may run pulseaudio? because it seems my bluetooth headphones are by default grabbed by the wrong session's PA.18:22
Sven_vBör at least which may load module-bluez5-device18:23
dtuxpavlos: i'm trying with nautilus... v4 isn't supported yet, so it's definitely trying v3 afaik18:28
pavlosdtux: can you add the share in /etc/fstab and see if Nautilus sees it?18:40
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mra90how can I check system proxy settings?19:02
EriC^^mra90: system settings > network probably19:02
mra90EriC^^, from a command line?19:04
mra90where they are stored?19:04
EriC^^mra90: in the system settings of your DE, which DE do you use?19:07
mra90Ubuntu 16.0419:07
EriC^^mra90: in the dash type 'network' and click on it19:08
EriC^^or system settings > network19:08
mra90the strange thing is I don;t have settings -> network on this machine19:09
mra90this is ubuntu virtual image19:09
EriC^^no network in the dash?19:10
EriC^^mra90: this does it for me "unity-control-center network" in the terminal19:10
mra90EriC^^, yes it opens settings but no network tab19:11
EriC^^mra90: anything interesting in the system settings?19:12
mra90nothing related19:14
mra90just hardaware stuff like devices etc19:14
mra90nothing for network19:15
mra90I can browse the net only if in the firefox I fill mnaual proxy settrings19:15
mra90otherwise it does not work with system settings19:15
Sbur3Anyone wanna tell me if Gforce GTX 1050 is a good video card or not?20:03
tatertotzthere's a #hardware chat room20:05
tatertotzSbur3: i wouldn't imagine a video card alone is ubuntu related20:05
LambdaComplexi suppose asking "will this card work fine with ubuntu?" is a reasonable question20:06
LambdaComplex(but that's a super new nvidia card so i'm guessing the answer is "yeah it works perfectly")20:07
Sbur3nick:tatertotz I know that. I have a GT210. I was just interested to know ... on #hardware, they mentioned the difference of compatibility between 210 and 1050.. I was interested experiençe20:08
Sbur3nvidia is still good at making video cards?20:09
Conjecture_Has 32bit support been discontinued on 20.04?20:14
sarnoldConjecture_: armhf is still available as a host in 20.04, but i386 as host was dropped https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseNotes20:18
Conjecture_Oh, thanks20:18
tommy``can i do on crontab something like that: "@reboot python3 -m /home/user/cloudbot/cloudbot" ?20:26
EriC^^tommy``: yeah20:30
tommy``EriC^^: i have to do that as root?20:31
EriC^^no, you can do it as the user20:31
Sven_vBhow do I check if a given username oder uid is a system user?20:32
tommy``that means that every reboot it launch the script right? But it get launched after or before login to desktop?20:33
EriC^^before tommy``20:33
EriC^^Sven_vB: by system user you mean in the sudo group?20:33
tommy``so maybe couldn't work because internet no working, EriC^^20:34
EriC^^tommy``: you could add the program to the startup apps program20:34
EriC^^it would start after logging in20:34
tommy``ah, how?20:34
Sven_vBEriC^^, nope, more like whether I can expect programs to treat that account as non-human.20:35
tributarianDoes anyone know where the repo is for cloud-images? I think I found a bug with the vagrant images, but I want to make sure.20:35
EriC^^there should be a program called 'startup applications' somewhere in your DE programs menu20:35
EriC^^tommy``: ^20:35
Sven_vBEriC^^, I had some vague recollection that userids up to 999 were reserved for daemons, maintenance and such20:36
tommy``checking now20:36
EriC^^right Sven_vB20:37
Sven_vBfound it, grep _SYSTEM_UID /etc/adduser.conf¶ FIRST_SYSTEM_UID=100¶ LAST_SYSTEM_UID=99920:38
Sven_vBso now I have to find a way to teach focal's pulseaudio to not auto-start for system users. I could add a drop-in to /etc/systemd/user/default.target.wants/pulseaudio.service with a condition, but which? man 5 systemd.unit explicitly warns that ConditionUser= is not useful for system services.20:41
Sven_vBoh maybe that means just "systems in the system.slice"20:42
Sven_vB*services in20:42
Sven_vBI think I solved it. :)21:03
jeffrey_fTrying to clear a windows password.  Need to mount the windows drive as read/write. It only allows read only.21:10
sarnoldjeffrey_f: I think one common cause of that problem is that hte windows machine that it was one didn't shut down, so the filesystem isn't in a consistent state21:11
sarnoldjeffrey_f: on windows these days 'shutdown' is more like a 'suspend', there's some way to turn that off; I think using the windows 'restart' option does that too, just once, which might be more convenient21:12
jeffrey_fhggdh: sarnold.  So, restart?21:13
sarnoldjeffrey_f: it's worth a try, anyway21:15
aroonihaving trouble pairing a bluetooth keyboard on ubuntu 20.0421:16
sarnoldarooni: wild guess, try running it without sudo?21:17
aroonisame error :(21:19
sarnoldarooni: dang :(21:21
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kamoricksHi, I'm trying to install software inside the docker image. I'm getting "Invalid cross-device link" when it's making backup links before installing new versions - is there a way to make these debs not do that, or do modify them such that they do `cp` instead of `ln`?21:22
sarnoldkamoricks: I'm not particularly versed in docker but that sounds a bit like you're holding it the wrong way around21:25
aroonithink i got it working via the command line; luckily there are many ways to do things on ubuntu21:33
arooni  / linux21:33
arooninow i'm constantly losing/regaining connection with the keyboard on ubuntu 20.04 :921:44
sarnoldheh :/21:48
Doc-SaintlyAny advice on how to get an integrated webcam working when nothing shows up in lspci, lsusb, or lshw?21:52
sarnoldtry different cables, plug it into other ports, flip power switches when it's attached vs before it's attached,,21:54
Doc-Saintlyactually, looking at dmesg I can see an AER on a pci device that's not being shown under LSPCI21:55
kamorickssarnold: Sure. The actual issue is that metacopy on overlayfs is causing / and modified files to exist on different filesystems, since they exist on different layers, but the deb packaging for the nvidia drivers is blissfully unaware of this so tries to hardlink packages for backup. Overriding the first doesnt' really work, since it's just a conflux of everything working as intended.22:01
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kamoricks(you'd have a similar issue installing nvidia drivers on any system where / and /usr exist on different fses, but this isn't common enough for nvidia to care, I guess)22:04
truexfan81is there a single commmand i can type to make sure apt removes all nvidia packages? i'm switching to amd tomorrow  ubuntu 20.0422:06
kinghatif you are manually mounting a drive vs fstab, do you need to specify the disks file system?22:13
kinghatcan you just sudo mount /dev/sdh1 /mnt/disk1/?22:13
kinghateven if the drive is NTFS?22:13
truexfan81as long as ntfs-3g is installed you mount it like any other drive, the kernel will figure out the rest22:15
truexfan81also i figured out that if you create a mount point for it in your home directory and mount it there, you get full rw privs so you don't have to sudo22:15
truexfan81i have 3 ntfs drives, and i have fstab auto mounting them to mount points in my home directory22:16
truexfan81correction 422:17
kinghat$ mount /dev/sdh1 .temp-mount/22:18
kinghatmount: only root can do that22:18
truexfan81what i did was create directories with the same letter as the windows drive letter so C,E,F,H and so /home/user/C  etc works perfectly22:19
conrwhat chmod does a file need it to be so all members of the user group can delete the file?22:33
BochaI'm here because I have a problem with ALSA and I wanted to know if someone can help me22:36
sarnoldBocha: irc works best with specific questions22:48
sarnoldconr: deleting a file depends upon *directory* permissions22:48
conrsarnold: ok what are the dir perms needed?22:49
sarnoldconr: read, write, and execute; eg 770, 775, etc22:49
conrwhich column is group? 1-2-3... 2?22:50
sarnoldyes, it goes owner, group, other22:52
conrso 770 thanks!22:54
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