cocoadaemonhello there, i'd have a few questions regarding how and where to place some user-data that should be run once only, on the first boot, and as early as possible, but after network, in order to reconfigure some database entries that contain IP addresses08:06
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beantaxiDoes anyone know why execution order is per-once, per-instance, per-boot? I would have expected decreasing frequency, or at least according to frequency in any order. Not most-least-middle. Thanks!16:09
beantaxiBtw I'm going according to the /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg on my EC2 VM, as well as what I'm seeing in my log.16:10
smoserbeantaxi:i'm confused.16:11
smoserper-once : frequency == 116:11
smoserper-instance: frequency = N, where N is the number of instances16:12
smoserper-boot: frequency = N + B (b number of boots)16:12
smoserso it is in increasing order of frequency, not most-least-middle16:12
beantaxiAh sorry, I typed that wrong.16:16
beantaxiThe above would be great ... but it's actually once - boot - instance. That is what I meant to type. My apologies.16:17
AnhVoMSFTis the 20.4 SRU in xenial/bionic -proposed yet?17:28
AnhVoMSFTI mean 20.317:28
powersjyes, you can always check https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cloud-init17:29
powersjor run `rmadison cloud-init` on ubuntu systems17:30
blackboxswAnhVoMSFT: right, and falcojr3 has begun SRU testing. we're expecting to blitz a lot of that SRU validation tomorrow17:31
AnhVoMSFTThanks @powersj @blackboxsw17:31
beantaxiAnhVoMSFT: I'm currently running 20.3 from bionic-proposed. So far so good.17:38
Odd_Blokesmoser: So if I set "manual_cache_clean: true" in user-data I'm passing to a lxd container, am I right in thinking that I should be able to unset this just by removing /var/lib/cloud/instance/manual-clean?  (I've also modified the user-data and meta-data in the seed directory to (a) not set manual_cache_clean any longer, and (b) present a different instance ID.)19:24
Odd_BlokeOr am I missing a step?19:24
Odd_Bloke(I think I might be seeing a bug, but as I'm writing the documentation to follow, I can't be sure. :p)19:26
smoserwell, assuming you otherwised cleaned up correctly, yes i think so.19:33
Odd_Blokesmoser: Yep, there's a problem: if you pass `manual_cache_clean: True` in, then it will persist forever (even if you remove that file, it will be replaced on next boot).  We write the user-data from the first boot to /var/lib/cloud/instance/cloud-config.txt and on subsequent boots we read that file as part of our `Init.cfg` _before_ determining whether or not this is a new instance.  This means that the20:34
Odd_Blokeconfiguration we use at runtime includes manual_cache_clean (even though the seed directory indicates this is a first boot, and its user-data does not include it), so we will always be in `trust` rather than `check` on that instance.20:34
Odd_Bloke(I'll file a bug with more details, this might be inscrutable if you haven't spent several hours staring at this code. :p)20:34
smoserwell, thats righ though20:35
smoserits trusting cached data20:36
smoserthat was the poitn20:36
smoserbut i think if you removed that file (manual_cache_clean) then ds-identify will re-run.20:37
Odd_BlokeThe problem is it's loading the cached data, then using that cached data to determine whether or not it should trust the cached data.20:51
smoserOdd_Bloke:its "manual cache clean"20:52
Odd_BlokeOK, but you said that removing /var/lib/cloud/instance/manual-clean should be sufficient?20:52
Odd_BlokeAnd it isn't, because the presence of that is ignored if manual_cache_clean is set to True in the cached data.20:53
smoserSo... "unfreeze", if manual_cache_clean was set is just:20:53
smoser rm -Rf /var/lib/cloud/instance /var/lib/cloud/instance/20:53
smoseri think you can probably get away with just the link.20:55
Odd_BlokeOK, right, so it isn't the case that "I should be able to unset this just by removing /var/lib/cloud/instance/manual-clean"?  I'm just trying to make sure that I understand what's going on here.20:55

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