* Mamarok ponders swwitching to Groovy Gorilla, any caveats?09:29
RikMillsMamarok: things might break :P11:21
RikMillsdon't install things from -proposed11:21
RikMillsshould mostly be stable, but you never know11:22
RikMillsapps 20.08.1 uploaded. 215 sources. that will keep the builders busy for a bit!13:18
MamarokRikMills: thx, I know things can break, that I can live with, and -proposed is already disabled13:38
BluesKajHi all13:55
valorieooo, time to upgrade the travel lappy19:34
valoriethanks so much, RikMills19:34
santa_RikMills: ka-iron-hand fixed22:57

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