IrcsomeBot<miteshpatelip> I want install kubintu on my laptop win 10 currently running00:21
IrcsomeBot<Zoth_Ommog> Dual boot guides are everywhere in the google00:25
IrcsomeBot<Swift110> Yep01:25
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nickynickIs anybody here?10:55
nickynickI want some  help10:56
nickynickKubuntu installation bricked my Linux Mint partition10:56
nickynickI have yet not installed it, but cannot access my linux Mint partition files10:57
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IrcsomeBot<Zoth_Ommog> @nickynick, Try using a bootable USB to access it11:54
BluesKajHi all13:55
Kai_Do you also have the problem that Google Chrome is on some websites very slowly? It does simply nothing, have to kill the process of the website/Chrome ask for killing the process itself. For example https://galaxy.ansible.com/search?keywords=&order_by=-relevance&page=1&deprecated=false&platforms=Ubuntu%20Debian14:51
BluesKajKai_, both Chrome and FF load that site quickly here14:58
Kai_BluesKaj: It loads also here… but if I use a bit the website (scrolling, click something on the right side ("Popular platforms")) it does nothing.15:00
Kai_At first I was able to click something on the right side, then I had the problem. I often like that, I don't have the problem immediately on the same website15:01
BluesKajKai_, using an adblock on Chrome?15:02
Kai_BluesKaj: no, it's installed, but not activated :D15:03
BluesKajI've seen adblocks mistake some website content as ads for some reason15:03
Kai_but maybe it could be one of the extensions I installed in the last time15:04
BluesKajwell, it's not adblock , it's something else, since I'm able to navigate the site on left and right content without any slowness or errors.on Chrome15:07
BluesKajKai_, yes, it could be a security setting or some such15:10
Kai_Ok, I think I have to try with a blank profile… just deactivated all extensions I installed the last time, didn't help15:11
Roeyhow do I find out what has my webcam recording? I see a red ring around the lens which means it is recording15:11
Kai_BluesKaj: I was considering a problem with the system.15:12
BluesKajKai_, have you tried a different browser like Firefox etc15:14
Kai_BluesKaj: probably I don't need to, just tried with another profile, don't have the problem then15:15
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lundrvsdoes somedbody know how to disable the write protection in a SD card?18:24
IrcsomeBot<My1xT> there is a little tab on the side you can move, shove it towards the side with the contacts18:31
IrcsomeBot<My1xT> also make sure it's properly in place and doesnt move while you insert the card18:31
lundrvsaah ok, so is that little button on its side18:34
lundrvsthank you very much!18:34
IrcsomeBot<My1xT> also just so you know the tab does not have any electronical function but works similar to floppies or VHS tapes where you create a hole at a certain position to enable write protect18:44
IrcsomeBot<My1xT> if you break off the tab you might be able to cover the gap using a few layers of tape tho18:45
lundrvsooh, I didn't know that. Thanks. Anyway, isn't there any digital means to do that?18:50
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