waltmanHi! I was just poking around on your website and I think you might want to fix this: https://docs.lubuntu.net/lubuntu_installation_on_old_computers.html00:50
krytarikwaltman: Well, except the Lubuntu team have no control over that site, and the official site is lubuntu.me instead.00:52
waltmanI had a question I was looking for on your website, but I might as well ask while I'm here. I've got a friend with an old eee pc laptop. He's looking for a distro that still has 32-bit support. I was hoping lubuntu might, but it looks not.00:53
waltmankrytarik: ah. Let me see how I got there...00:53
waltmanIt's linked off of https://lubuntu.net/downloads/00:53
waltmanand I got there from https://duckduckgo.com/?t=canonical&q=lubuntu+x86&ia=web00:54
lubot<N0um3n0> @waltman [<waltman> I had a question I was looking for on your website, but I might as wel …], 18.04 has a 32 bits iso00:54
lubot<N0um3n0> @waltman [<waltman> It's linked off of https://lubuntu.net/downloads/], No oficial website there...00:55
waltmanThanks. That's the conclusion I came to as well.00:55
waltmanWaht's the difference between lubuntu.net and lubuntu.me?00:55
kc2bezlubuntu.net isn't controlled by the Lubuntu team00:55
kc2bezlubuntu.me is official00:56
kc2bezIt is in the topic here too.00:56
waltmanyou might to work on your SEO to get your links about the .net links on the search engines :)00:57
guivercwaltman, Canonical control ubuntu.com; if you want an official web site for any Ubuntu flavor you should use ubuntu.com, ie. https://ubuntu.com/download/flavours which will send you correct websites for each flavor01:25
waltmanI just thought I was being nice and reporting what appears to be a serious bug on your website. I didn't mean to get involved in a turf war between you and canonical. :)01:30
lubot<HMollerCl> watman, thanks, we are aware of the problem butt we can't do much about it.01:38
lubot<HMollerCl> *waltman01:38
guivercOur website is lubuntu.me, what bug on our website?01:49
guivercwaltman, ^01:49
guiverc(We can change much of ubuntu.com web pages, either directly or via request, but lubuntu.net is neither a Canonical, Ubuntu or Lubuntu website so beyond our control, what we've all tried to say)01:51
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lubot<A ¥> (Photo, 1280x960) https://i.imgur.com/zOxTfFX.jpg11:31
lubot<A ¥> I cant install apps from flatpak11:31
lubot<A ¥> I get this message when i try to installl yhe downloaded filw11:32
lubot<A ¥> The downloaded file*11:33
lubot<A ¥> I installed flatpak using thesse commands11:37
lubot<A ¥> (Photo, 960x1280) https://i.imgur.com/aVhaYvG.jpg11:37
lubot<A ¥> (Photo, 1280x960) https://i.imgur.com/V2tkiyr.jpg11:37
lubot<A ¥> Pls help11:37
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> If you are on 20.04 or later … just use `sudo apt install flatpak` … then make sure it has connection with flathub using  … `flatpak remotes` …  as a exemple (altough there's a .deb version too)12:20
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> to update … `flathub update pakageID`12:22
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> don't execute this as root12:23
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> @Michaël Van Bogaert [https://youtu.be/bvybMVRaND0], for more information12:24
lubot<A ¥> Ok13:14
lubot<Erin Sanchez> (Photo, 598x870) https://i.imgur.com/gcgAZH5.jpg14:21
lubot<N0um3n0> @kc2bez14:23
lubot<kc2bez> Thanks @N0um3n014:24
lubot<N0um3n0> :)14:25
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lubot<A ¥> I am getting a message" invalid extent" press any key to continue15:34
lubot<A ¥> Why is this15:34
lubot<A ¥> I tried installing flakpak15:34
lubot<A ¥> Today15:34
lubot<A ¥> Is this related ?15:34
lubot<A ¥> @A ¥ [I am getting a message" invalid extent" press any key to continue], on startup15:55
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> @A ¥ [I am getting a message" invalid extent" press any key to continue], could you provide us with a picture?16:16
lubot<A ¥> (Photo, 1280x960) https://i.imgur.com/HcYgnrR.jpg17:09
lubot<A ¥> After restart it is like this17:11
lubot<A ¥> (Photo, 1280x960) https://i.imgur.com/rHeluvd.jpg17:12
lubot<A ¥> (Photo, 1280x960) https://i.imgur.com/IiEgM9Y.jpg17:12
lubot<A ¥> After restarting 3 times it started17:17
lubot<A ¥> (Photo, 1280x960) https://i.imgur.com/vyWtdNi.jpg17:17
lubot<A ¥> With this message17:17
lubot<A ¥> Anyone knows17:27
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> ^ @guiverc you saw anything like this on any install? I haven't.17:34
wxlapparently power losses can cause the crc errors17:43
wxlthe invalid extent is also a dis error of some kind17:44
wxlmight need some fsck'ing… or a new drive17:44
lubot<A ¥> @wxl [<wxl> might need some fsck'ing… or a new drive], Is my hardisk damaged??17:53
lubot<A ¥> I am now booting xubuntu from pendrive. It works fine. Drives no issue17:54
lubot<A ¥> Is it possible to fix. After 4/5 restarts desktop loads17:56
lubot<A ¥> Should i reinstall os17:56
lubot<emergencyrussia> @A ¥ [Should i reinstall os], I doubt that helps much17:58
wxlrun fsck from xubuntu17:59
lubot<A ¥> (Photo, 720x1280) https://i.imgur.com/mCJJpBb.jpg18:01
wxloh boy18:03
lubot<A ¥> @wxl [<wxl> oh boy], What ? Is my hardisk gone18:04
wxlno, it means you don't know how to use the command18:05
wxli'm trying to find something less dangerous for you given that18:05
lubot<A ¥> What is the command, sudo apt fsck18:06
lubot<A ¥> I am a novice to linux18:06
wxli would not in general encourage you to blindly type in commands people give you18:06
wxlfor example if i had you do `sudo rm -rf /` your whole installation would be deleted, but i might tell you it could help you18:07
wxldoes `apt-cache policy gnome-disk-utility` show that you have it installed? if not, `sudo apt install gnome-disk-utility`. it should show up in your menu as "disks."18:09
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lubot<A ¥> I'm in trouble  again. I'm installing xubuntu now. But after parttioning and all the final installation is not having any progress bar19:00
lubot<A ¥> ITs like this only19:00
lubot<A ¥> (Photo, 1280x720) https://i.imgur.com/yem8ULL.jpg19:00
lubot<A ¥> @A ¥ [<reply to image>], Is it actually bieng instaled?19:00
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> @A ¥ [Is it actually bieng instaled?], not at all … the button to install is on your left … install xubuntu19:03
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> @A ¥ [<reply to image>], this is just a help where to find documentation about Xubuntu19:03
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> @A ¥ [What is the command, sudo apt fsck], https://linuxhandbook.com/fsck-command/19:05
lubot<A ¥> @Michaël Van Bogaert [not at all … the button to install is on your left … install xubuntu], Nono. I did that. I selected partitions and all19:05
lubot<A ¥> Time zone19:05
lubot<A ¥> Name password etc19:05
lubot<A ¥> This is the last step19:06
lubot<A ¥> Usually there is a progress bar19:06
lubot<A ¥> It is not seen now19:06
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> did you perform a reboot already?19:06
lubot<A ¥> @Michaël Van Bogaert [did you perform a reboot already?], Yes.19:07
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> is your pendrive still attached to your computer?19:07
lubot<A ¥> Yes19:07
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> ah19:07
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> try to shutdown your system … unplug your pendrive and than boot your system19:08
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lubot<A ¥> @Michaël Van Bogaert [try to shutdown your system … unplug your pendrive and than boot your system], Thanks it worked19:16
lubot<A ¥> (Photo, 1280x720) https://i.imgur.com/7GaN0Mh.jpg19:16
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> @A ¥ [<reply to image>], :)19:16
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> Why did you start using Linux?19:17
lubot<A ¥> @Michaël Van Bogaert [Why did you start using Linux?], Windows started slowing down and too viruses19:25
lubot<A ¥> @Michaël Van Bogaert [Why did you start using Linux?], Browsers are also slow in windows19:28
lubot<A ¥> I have an old pc19:29
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> @A ¥ [Windows started slowing down and too viruses], Linux/GNU can be a good alternative  … But it requires effort  … If you want to stay here … You'll have to start reading or following tutorials on YouTube … Linux/GNU has a learning curve19:30
wxlto be fair, so do all operating systems. it's just that with the major ones, most folks have been exposed to them so much it's hard not to know how to use them.19:32
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> @wxl [<wxl> to be fair, so do all operating systems. it's just that with the major one …], Never thought of it like this … But yes :)19:38
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> A ¥  … Don't hesitate to mention my name in here19:39
redji12This is the place to ask about screengrab, right? I set the Print shortcut to run "screengrab -r" and screengrab to remain open in the systray, not allow multiple instances. But when I press Print for the second time, I get no printscreen and this errors in the .xsession-errors https://pastebin.com/raw/nx2rhB9f19:56
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