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MzR_MasseyGood evening, I have a question about mounting 2 sata drives to my dedicated linux server running ubuntu 16.04.7 - I've seen trying to edit the /etc/fstab file.  I have that file open in notepad++, with the command line logged in as root.03:46
MzR_Masseythough, I'm unsure how to find the information needed to make the drives load on reboot  etc.03:49
lotuspsychje!fstab | MzR_Massey04:45
ubottuMzR_Massey: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.pclosmag.com/html/Issues/200709/page07.html and !Partitions04:45
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jamespagecoreycb: started the MIR review of python-invoke only to realise its an optional Recommends08:33
jamespageuploaded a ubuntu delta to demote to a suggests08:33
jamespageinvoke needs more work prior to main inclusion (and has secondary missing depends)08:34
coreycbjamespage: ok thanks12:01
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coreycbicey: all of your new victoria dependency updates are uploaded now, thanks!13:21
iceywoot \o/ progress for next week ;-)13:22
geodb27People hi ! Does ubuntu 20.04 suport preseed files as 18.04 did ?13:26
geodb27I've build a custom iso with a preseed file on my own, but it's content don't seem to be taken into account...13:26
rbasakgeodb27: you need the legacy image for that: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-legacy-server/releases/20.04.1/release/13:36
rbasakgeodb27: new autoinstall system here: https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/install/autoinstall-quickstart13:37
rbasakIf you use the legacy preseeds, then please test and provide feedback on the new installer - otherwise you might find your use cases dropped when the legacy image is dropped13:38
geodb27Thanks a lot rbasak ! I'll dig it right now !13:38
geodb27From what I quickly read from the second link you gave me, rbasak, the automated install is controlled via cloud-init. I know only few about it. Is there still a way to provide seeds as before ?13:45
rbasakNo. What does it matter what component implements the automation?13:47
rbasakYou tell it what you want - syntax at https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/install/autoinstall-reference13:48
rbasakYou don't need to know anything about cloud-init to use it.13:48
c4264035So I have inherited some old ubuntu servers that I need to update. No real backup on them as of now. You guys have a favorite backup strategy? Beorg looks pretty good19:20
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oerheksc4264035, rsync19:54
c4264035Do you not worry about deduplication?20:19
oerheksno. storage space is not expensive.20:24
oerheksone copy is not enough, nowadays20:24
sdezielc4264035: btrfs send or zfs send work too20:28
RoyKoerheks: it never was21:17
gimzmoeWoet: to answer your question, the messages are pretty redudnant, "21:29
gimzmoeMessage from syslogd@localhost at..." most of them related to sshd, invlid user or unauthenitcated21:29
Woetgimzmoe: you can check syslog.conf, https://serverfault.com/questions/392299/syslog-written-on-console21:29
gimzmoeI'm getting a lot of love from China and Netherlands at the moment, but it seems that I might have accidently hit "mesg y" to toggle the messages21:29
gimzmoemore likely I ham-fisted something like that than changing the syslog configuration21:33
tomreynyour kernel version suggests you're on an ubuntu release where you can just purge syslogd because it is mostly redundant with the systemd-journal - unless you explicitly need syslogd for filtering, or remote logging.21:36
tomreynor rsyslog rather, i guess21:36
gimzmoeno nothing special, these are essentially experiment servers21:37
tomreynthis said, it always helps to state what you're using when looking for support (and i don't think you did, yet). your ubuntu version is reported by    lsb_relese -ds21:37
gimzmoeI don't even mind the botnet, I find the parade of IPs interesting21:37
tomreyn*    lsb_release -ds21:38
gimzmoeUbuntu 20.04 LTS21:38
gimzmoeI appreciate the time, I think the `mesg n/y` + an id10t error on my part might have been the culprit21:41
tomreynsolved! :)21:43
tomreynyou're welcome!21:46

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