amazoniantoadwhere could I download the file that belongs to /boot/xen-4.11-amd64.gz?00:02
sarnoldxen-hypervisor-4.11-amd64: /boot/xen-4.11-amd64.gz00:06
waltmanI'm not sure if this is the best place to report this, but https://docs.lubuntu.net/lubuntu_installation_on_old_computers.html is very broken. I tried #lubuntu but they said they don't control that domain.00:58
JonnyGatorsI followed the directions, but ubuntu won't install on my computer.  This doesn't bode well if even the installer doesn't work right.00:59
JonnyGatorsI get a screen full of "/init: line 49: can't open /dev/sr0: No medium found"01:01
JonnyGatorswhat in the heck is that supposed to mean?01:01
JonnyGatorsI just want to run a darn installer and have it install.01:01
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Bashing-omJonnyGators: "/sr0" is the DVD drive - likely a bad copy of the .iso to the medium.01:02
LambdaComplexJonnyGators: sr0 would normally be a cd/dvd drive01:02
LambdaComplexcertainly could be01:03
LambdaComplexor a bad download of the iso01:03
LambdaComplexi'd definitely check the iso checksum01:03
JonnyGatorsWeird, because I imaged a USB from an iso using rufus, like I've done many times for ISOs.01:03
JonnyGatorsiso checksum?01:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 500822 in casper (Ubuntu) "/init: line 7: can't open /dev/sr0: No medium found" [Low,Triaged]01:04
LambdaComplexthis looks relevant01:04
LambdaComplex...also it's a decade old. nice01:04
sarnoldwaltman: unfortunately, that's a long-standing complaint :( a previous member of the lubuntu team is imho not acting responsibly; I don't know the history well enough to report it to someone else, but I've come away with the conclusion that it's best to ask for lubuntu help on irc and then go to wherever they say their stuff is :)01:06
JonnyGatorsHow do I check the iso checksum?01:06
LambdaComplexfrom windows? no idea :D01:06
JonnyGators.....of course not.....01:06
LambdaComplexi don't remember if it has that stuff built in. i'm thinking it doesn't and you'll have to download something01:07
LambdaComplexfrom linux... md5sum /path/to/file01:07
waltmansarnold: I'm not complaining. I was just trying to report a broken web page!01:07
sarnoldwaltman: hehe :) thanks for that :) it's just unfortunate that there's no good solution to it :(01:07
waltmanHuh. I figured the solution would be for whoever maintained the lubuntu.net domain to fix the page.01:08
sarnoldwaltman: it probably is, you could try emailing them and see how far you get. please be prepared to be dissapointed. :(01:08
LambdaComplexJonnyGators: okay so this sounds really weird but someone on that bug page said that swapping the USB ports used for the usb drive and the keyboard  fixed it for them01:08
waltmanWho is "them"?01:09
LambdaComplexworth a try i guess, considering it wouldn't take very long to test01:09
LambdaComplexand i see someone else says that the issue is due to the tool used to write the image to the usb (which i could totally believe)01:09
JonnyGatorsOk....the link with that bug seems to be what I'm experiencing, with it filling the page with that error.....but that pgae lists no fix, or way to get the install to work.01:09
JonnyGatorsSo.....what's the deal.....no ubuntu for my machine because of a decades old bug no one can be bothered to fix?01:10
waltmanIf they want to own lubuntu.me and disown lubuntu.net, it seems to me they're try to do some SEO to get their links above the other ones in web searches. But what do I know? :)01:10
sarnoldwaltman: heh, I'm sure they would like your help to get the old links scrubbed off the internet :)01:11
Bashing-omJonnyGators: See: http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows ; https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/CDIntegrityCheck .01:11
JonnyGatorsHmmm....I did try different usb ports, and my keyboard is on a slower usb port, so I don't want to do that necessarily.  Although....ok.....I'll play around with USB ports.01:11
waltmanOh well. I don't even run lubuntu. I thought I was just doing a good deed.01:15
sarnoldyou were :) you just didn't know the long and frustrating history with a previous member of the project :(01:16
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JonnyGatorsOk, different USB port, different error.01:27
JonnyGatorsSame bug probably01:27
JonnyGatorsRather annoying that an over 10 year old bug is preventing me from simply just installing this.01:27
JonnyGatorsAnd it seems no one has come up with so much as a explanation or solid workaround.01:28
th34lch3m1sthi all01:28
sarnoldJonnyGators: try a new memory stick perhaps?01:28
JonnyGatorsstick worked fine installing linux on my laptops.01:28
JonnyGators"unable to find a medium container a live file system"01:29
JonnyGatorstakes me to a prompt with yes or no, but my keyboard doesn't work at this point.01:29
JonnyGatorsSay what you will about microsoft....but at least they make a working installer.01:29
JonnyGatorsIsn't there any stable, consistent, way to just get a damn linux install to work?01:31
JonnyGatorsEvery time I try to do this, it's something.01:31
Jordan_UJonnyGators: Buying hardware from a company like System76 helps.01:32
th34lch3m1stfile properties on nautilus: the checkbox near " execute as program" has three states? What does the dash-check mean?01:32
JonnyGatorsThere's an old joke that if apple made cars, they'd only drive on 10 percent of the roads.01:32
JonnyGatorsIf you can't make an OS that works on all the hardware out there....then find something else to do.01:32
Jordan_UJonnyGators: Lets stick to productive support discussion please. #ubuntu-offtopic is good for other chat.01:33
JonnyGatorsOk, still playing musical USB ports, and still getting errors.01:33
sarnoldJonnyGators: honestly from what I've seen so fr, it souds a lot more like your hardware is the issue :(01:33
sarnoldJonnyGators: try memtest86 or memtest86+? try another linux distro?01:34
JonnyGatorsBest I can figure, the errors suggest that once booting to the USB device, it stops seeing the media, the installers, the USB device.....not sure how that's possible since it gets that far off of the usb device.01:34
JonnyGatorsThis desktop has been running strong and solid for years on Windows.01:34
Jordan_UJonnyGators: Because the first portion of booting happens with disk reads being made through calls to the boot firmware, rather than native drivers.01:34
JonnyGatorsThis seems like a bug in the installer that breaks it's communication with the media.01:35
th34lch3m1stJonnyGators UEFI or BIOS?01:35
JonnyGatorsI've tried both, got the same results on both with the first 2 usb ports where I was getting the page of those 49 errors.01:35
JonnyGatorsI've been doing UEFI the most recent attempts.01:36
k_szeAnybody knows how I can input Chinese quotation marks in Ubuntu?01:36
k_szeI'm already using the Intelligent Pinyin input method, but I can't get Chinese quotation marks.01:36
th34lch3m1stJonnyGators the motherboard....it has uefi or bios?01:36
Jordan_UJonnyGators: Are you brought to a shell when booting fails?01:37
JonnyGatorsUh....I think so?  I get text errors, but I'm unable to type at the screen I'm at, but I'm not sure if that's because it's not recognizing the keyboard or what.01:37
JonnyGatorsIt's not frozen, it barks at me when I remove the usb jump drive to move it to another port before hitting the reset button.01:38
Jordan_UJonnyGators: Have you ever booted a GNU/Linux distro on this machine, and had working USB?01:38
JonnyGatorsI've not used linux on this machine ever.01:38
JonnyGatorsI built it initially as windows 7, and updated it to 10 at some point.01:39
th34lch3m1stJonnyGators with UEFI you just "unzip" the ISO on the pendrive and all works on every PC. Pendrive must be FAT32. If that doesn't work is your pendrive or your motherboard the problem, IMHO01:40
JonnyGatorsI used rufus, wrote the iso to usb.  Whoop...de...do ,blame it on the motherboard.  It's a motherboard, it works fine for windows, if linux doesn't like it ,that's a problem with linux.01:41
JonnyGatorsI mean, really....if the software has a problem with the motherboard, what am I supposed to do.....modify my motherboard to get around the programming that isnt' working right with it?  Or should the software be fixed to work properly with working hardware?01:42
th34lch3m1stJonnyGators try delete partitions and partition table on the pendrive, recreate a GPT partition table, and add 1 partition FAT32 formatted.01:42
th34lch3m1stSorry, dos partition table01:43
JonnyGatorsOk....get this.....01:43
JonnyGatorsred usb ports = the first error I listed that filled a page.  black usb ports = the recent error I listed.  Blue usb ports = win.01:43
JonnyGatorsLinux likes blue.01:43
JonnyGatorsI'll have to make a note of that.01:44
JonnyGatorslinux, however, does not like my mouse and keyboard....guess I need to move those over to a blue usb port01:44
th34lch3m1stJonnyGators coulb be a bad boot sector on the pendrive from previuos formatting/media-creation01:45
JonnyGatorsWell, that confirms it....moving the mouse/keyboard dongle to my other blue usb port, made them work01:45
JonnyGatorswhen installing ubuntu, it seems only my 2 blue usb ports work.  I hope the install process fixes it for the rest, I will need those.01:45
JonnyGatorsPerhaps the usb drivers on the install media need an update?01:46
xphacterthe blue ports are usb 3.001:46
JonnyGatorsYeah, and red are 3.101:46
JonnyGatorsodd that 3.0 good, 3.1 bad, when installing.01:47
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th34lch3m1stJonnyGators all those usb 3 ports are embedded on the motherboard or they are expansion boards?01:48
JonnyGatorsall embedded.01:48
JonnyGatorsHuh....I did once add an expansion card, because I had lag problems with a usb sound input device, and the add on card resolved the lag issue.  Maybe gigabit mobos suck when it comes to usb ports.01:49
JonnyGatorsBut, that's in the media server to take backups to externals now.01:49
th34lch3m1stJonnyGators then recreate partion ---> MANUALLY on the pendrive, then---> MANULLY mount the ISO and copy the files. If doesn't work change pendrive and/or motherboard.01:51
JonnyGatorsanyways, anyone want to take bets whether or not I completely botch this attempt at a dualboot setup and need to restore from my backup?  And then bet on whether or not the restore actually works?  My backups are consistent.....the always work when tested, and never work when needed.01:51
JonnyGatorsRight....except that.....at the moment, I don't need to do that, the install is working on my 3.0 ports01:51
th34lch3m1stJonnyGators so what's the issue now?01:52
JonnyGatorsI don't know yet, heh.  Just worried that this partial usb issue may continue once the install is complete.  I'm hoping drivers are installed as part of the process that fix that.01:53
th34lch3m1stJonnyGators ines it start, it goes till the end, don't worry01:53
th34lch3m1stJonnyGators at the first reboot remove the pendrive, otherwise you enter the installation loop :D01:55
th34lch3m1stJonnyGators some disk or two for the dualboot?01:57
aroonii cant get bluetooth working on 20.04 at all :(01:58
JonnyGatorssame disk, I have a 1TB SSD, shrunk down the partition to free up 250GB for linux to give a dualboot a try.02:03
JonnyGatorsMy m-audio sound card hasn't had a driver update in like 10 years, and it seems to bluescreen windows 10 more and more with each update, which isn't convenient when streaming.02:04
JonnyGatorsSo, I could buy another piece of hardware that does the exact same thing as the working one, or find an OS that plays nice with it.02:04
JonnyGatorsI figure....doesn't hurt to try linux out.02:04
goddardI am so surprised my new monitor works02:05
JonnyGatorsI absolutely hate replacing working hardware over greedy companies refusing to support their products to force people into replacing things before they die.02:05
goddardI have a dual display port monitor hooked up and it actually works02:05
sarnoldgoddard: woo :D dual display port, is that > 4k or something similar?02:09
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goddardsarnold: nah, but it is a 4k display greater than 120 hz02:11
goddard4k at 144 hz02:12
goddardi am using kde neon and all i had to do in the settings was say that the two devices it detected one is a "replica" and it worked02:12
goddardi am so surprised02:12
goddardlinux in many ways worked much better than windows in terms of fonts on some apps02:12
goddardalthough KDE only detected 120 hz02:16
golden_ticketI'm trying to install python-gtk2 but i can't find it using apt. Can anyone help?02:16
goddardit is in the repo02:17
ses1984booted into a live usb environment 20.04 i just see the background wallpaper, no cursor or anything02:17
ses1984can i restart the window manager02:17
golden_ticketgoddard, E: Unable to locate package python-gtk202:18
goddardyour on what version?02:18
golden_ticketubuntu 20.04.102:18
JonnyGatorsHmmmm.....tiny text......windows has this easy setting to make text bigger without adjusting resolution.  I found a desktop setting, but it only sets desktop texts.  Is there a simple systemwide text scaling setting like windows has?02:18
sarnoldgoddard: ooooo 4k at 144hz, nice nice nice.02:19
ses1984i executed sudo systemctl restart gdm and it's been hanging for a bit...02:20
th34lch3m1stJonnyGators already installed?02:21
sarnoldgolden_ticket: python-gtk2 was not published in focal; the last release with it was eoan https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pygtk/+publishinghistory02:21
golden_ticketsarnold, how should I get a hold of it then?02:21
goddardyou could use pip02:21
sarnoldgolden_ticket: you could use libvirt or lxd to run bionic in a VM or a container02:22
JonnyGatorsYeah, install completed.02:23
JonnyGatorsI'm on a 55" TV on my wall, it's a little hard to read.02:23
th34lch3m1stJonnyGators see, no worry02:23
golden_ticketsarnold, believe it or not that's what I have been trying to do the entire day. Just got xen to install/run on the newest version of ubuntu (20.04.1 - which wasn't working before)02:23
golden_ticketI had to change some stuff and build from source with the instruction of someone from #xen02:23
sarnoldJonnyGators: theres nothing as easy as windows or os x; there's a lot more widget families on unix systems.. there's some advice on https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/HiDPI02:23
golden_ticketsarnold, when do you think gtk2 will be added?02:25
JonnyGatorsWhat in the heck?  I gotta spend hours futzing around with command line stuffs to do what Microsoft simplified into one simple setting?02:25
JonnyGatorsHow on earth has linux not set a text scaling setting?02:26
JonnyGatorsHow is that considered remotely acceptable for an OS these days?02:26
JonnyGatorsThis isn't going to work, I can't read a thing on my screen.02:26
golden_ticketJonnyGators, this OS is for programmers/people who like to tinker02:26
golden_ticketif you want something shiny and expensive go buy an OS02:26
JonnyGatorsI just want something that will work with my sound card and be stable.02:27
golden_ticketYou can scale everything on your desktop or manually change the font (like making your own)02:27
JonnyGatorsI get tinkering....but the ability to read the screen is a pretty basic requirement for an OS, I'd expect at least that much out of the box.02:27
JonnyGatorsscaling the desktop seems to only scale icons and icon text, the menu and everything else is still tiny02:28
goddardYou can scale bro02:28
golden_ticketYou could try changing the resolution?02:28
goddardi am scaling right now02:28
goddardworks great in KDE/Plasma02:28
pizzaioloJonnyGators this is on Ubuntu 20.04? pretty sure they have scaling built-in02:28
goddardand Gnome02:28
golden_ticketI remember when I had to manually build the drivers for ethernet...then use that to apt-get update so I could get the drivers for wifi02:29
golden_ticketSweet memories :)02:29
JonnyGatorsI can't seem to find it.  But...uh....being focused on audio and video production, I installed ubuntu studio.  But....isn't the basic core features pretty much the same?02:30
goddardJonnyGators: try to find display settings02:30
goddardor use Gnome Tweak02:30
sarnoldwhat desktop environment / widget set is ubuntu studio using? whatever it is using, look for those things in the arch wiki link https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/HiDPI02:31
JonnyGatorsdisplay settings has resolution, but no scaling02:31
goddardim on kde neon right now, but you should have gnome tweaks installed02:32
goddarduse that02:32
goddardits easy to find02:32
JonnyGatorsUgh....see, this is why I never end up using linux.  I install it, and every little basic 2-10 second step in using windows, turns into 20+ minute programming excursions.  This is the most inefficient way to use a computer.02:32
goddardJonnyGators: bro you gotta learn to use something new02:33
JonnyGatorsgnome tweaks......ok, that sounds like fun.02:33
JonnyGatorsAre they underwear gnomes?02:33
JonnyGatorsPhase 3 - profit?02:33
th34lch3m1stJonnyGators settings > universal access >  Large Text > ON02:33
JonnyGatorsI don't have a universal access02:34
goddardnah dude just use gnome tweaks02:34
JonnyGatorsI searched gnome tweaks, came up empty02:34
goddardwatch that02:35
goddardit will show you what to do02:35
hoobershaggushey how can i enable unix keybindins in gtk apps (chrome, firefox etc)02:35
hoobershagguskey bindings*02:35
sarnoldJonnyGators: it might be easier to install plain ubuntu and see if it works for you02:35
sarnoldhoobershaggus: afaik you cannot :( I cry every time I accidentally close a tab in firefox when I try to delete a word :(02:36
th34lch3m1stso Ubuntu Studio doesn't have universal access settings?02:36
hoobershaggusi see my hatred of gtk was not in error then02:36
sarnoldhoobershaggus: exactly.02:36
JonnyGatorsOk, so I was able to install gnome tweaks, it opened after installing, found a font scale setting and adjusted it, nothing happened, no apply button, closed the window, but now I can't find it to reopen it.02:39
JonnyGatorsSearching gnome tweaks in the start menu doesn't bring it up, rather useless search02:40
JonnyGatorsWhy is it when software is installed, it doesn't leave me any simple way to reopen it?02:40
JonnyGatorsIt's not in recently used, it's not in all apps, it just up and vanished.02:40
pavlosthere may be a Utilities folder when gnome tweaks is02:40
golden_ticketYou can hit your windows key, search for the program, add it to your favorites and now it's nice and easy to open02:41
golden_ticketJonnyGators, Before you start trying to critique an OS perhaps you should learn how it works? lol02:41
golden_ticketjust sayin02:41
JonnyGatorsPerhaps it should be user friendly/02:41
JonnyGatorsI mean, this is realistically what a new end user is facing.02:41
lotuspsychjeguys, please divide ubuntu support with discussions and move into the proper channel, #ubuntu-discuss02:42
golden_ticketit is, if you take the time to learn a new os02:42
JonnyGatorsI do not understand how anyone is supposed to use this thing if 20+ minutes later I'm still trying to figure out how to make text readable, when microsoft, detects these things automatiaclly, and has a simple easy to access setting if it doesn't.02:42
lotuspsychjeyou can talk there 24/702:42
JonnyGatorsI'm discussing a need for support, I can't read text on my screen.02:43
JonnyGatorsAnd the only way I've found to open gnome tweak, which hasn't scaled anything, is to go back into the software installer, and search for it, which gives me a launch button....it's not accessible anywhere from the menus.02:43
lotuspsychjeJonnyGators: asking support is writing 1 question all in one line then wait for volunteers to help you02:44
lotuspsychjeJonnyGators: to discuss about software into other channels please02:45
JonnyGatorshow do I get universal readable text in linux?02:45
pavlosJonnyGators: I went to tweaks, Fonts, Scaling factor and reduced it from 1.0 to .90 my display shows smaller text02:45
JonnyGatorsI have set that scaling factor up to 3.0, all text is still tiny.02:45
JonnyGatorsSo linux doesn't have a way to set readable text?02:48
pavloshttps://imgur.com/a/kCpWZVX does this help?02:49
lenswipeHey folks.02:50
JonnyGatorsA picture of the setting that I did find and that doesn't work on my machine isn't of much help, but I appreciate the thought.02:50
JonnyGatorsSo far golden_ticket's pm to format the drive seems to be the best idea.02:51
lenswipeI'm trying to install obs-studio (on debian) from the Ubuntu PPA. I can add the PPA to my system, but debian refuses to talk to it citing a missing  key. As best I can determine from this page: https://launchpad.net/~obsproject/+archive/ubuntu/obs-studio the PPA does in fact have a key so should I somehow be able to manually download it and install it?02:52
lenswipe...'scuise me. Not from the ubuntu PPA. From the OBS PPA...that happens to be targeting ubuntu02:53
goddardJonnyGators: don't make your life harder than it needs to be.  Follow a path some one else blazed if you aren't an expert.02:53
JonnyGatorsI just want to stream using my m-audio delta sound card without the risk of bluescreening.  Microsoft and m-audio have made that impossible.  I was hoping linux could help.02:56
goddardAre you using generic Ubuntu?02:57
goddardDid you download the ISO from this site? https://ubuntu.com/download/desktop/thank-you?version=20.04.1&architecture=amd6402:57
JonnyGatorsI was using ubuntu studio since my focus is on audio production.  I'm going to reinstall with that though ,and see if that scales better.  Or at all.02:58
goddardUbuntu Studio using XFCE and it is in my opinion old and not a good place to start.02:59
goddardStart with generic Ubuntu because you can install all the same software03:00
goddardor just #ubuntustudio03:00
goddardask them03:00
JonnyGatorsIf I install on top of the same partitions I created the last time I installed, will it wipe them, or should I remove and re-create the partitions?03:00
goddardIt depends, but I would just start fresh if you can.  Always make a backup and double check so you do not delete something you want to keep.03:01
JonnyGatorsYay!  Standard ubuntu has scaling.  I can see, I can see.03:29
JonnyGatorsNow for the million dollar question....how do I setup an m-audio delta 44 sound card to work?03:31
Alexandrovdo you have the required firmware installed?03:32
JonnyGatorsrequired firmware?03:34
Alexandrovwhat is the name of your soundcard?03:37
Alexandrovice xxxx?03:37
JonnyGatorsm-audio delta 4403:37
Alexandrovtry this03:37
Alexandrovsudo apt-get install alsa-tools alsa-tools-gui03:37
Alexandrovthen reboot your machine03:37
JonnyGatorsOk, rebooting now.03:39
JonnyGatorsI'm back to my desktop, I don't see that app available anywhere.03:41
Alexandrovtry to search03:41
JonnyGatorssearching also brings up hdspconf03:43
JonnyGatorsbut nothing opens when I click on it.03:43
Alexandrovwhat version of Ubuntu are you using?03:44
JonnyGatorsHmmm....the sound settings sees something, it calls it Analog Output - ICE1712[Envy24]PCI Multi-Channel I/O Controller (M-Audio Delta 44)03:44
JonnyGatorsmost recent, just downloaded the iso today.03:45
JonnyGatorsBut, selecting that and testing, gives me no sound on any of the outputs03:45
Bashing-om!sound | JonnyGators03:46
ubottuJonnyGators: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - https://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.03:46
JonnyGatorsThis isn't a typical sound issue.03:47
pavlosis the sound card listed in the output of lspci03:48
pavlosa command you can type in a terminal03:49
JonnyGatorsMultimedia audio controller: VIA Technologies Inc. ICE1712 [Envy24] PCI Multi-Channel I/O Controller (rev 02)03:52
JonnyGatorsIdeally, it should show up as 2 stereo input devices for the 1/2 and 3/4, and 2 stereo output devices for the 1/2 3/403:52
JonnyGatorsBut then, I'd also need to setup a way to use the ASIO drivers.03:52
pavlosthereis another command, alsa-info does it detect your soundcard?03:58
JonnyGatorsThat doesn't seem to give me any useful information about anything.03:59
pavlosI guess you need to talk to ubuntustudio people how to configure your audio card04:00
pavlosI installed ubuntustudio 20.034 on a VM so I can look at the menus, there is a Ubuntu Studio Controls > Audio Setup that may help04:02
JonnyGatorsI just wiped my ubuntostudio install because it was suggested to just use the plain ubuntu....now I need to go back to studio, where I can't read?04:04
JonnyGatorsI found an envy24 control utility, and found that things were turned down and muted.  I now have level meters working when running sound tests on them, but....that's all it is, meters, I have no actual audio coming out the outputs.04:05
pavlosso you're on ubuntu 20.04, sound card is seen, the issue id configuration04:05
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amazoniantoadHow do I rescale Ubuntu under i3?04:07
amazoniantoadEverything is super tiny04:07
JonnyGatorsUgh.....well, it seems this answers my question.....linux will not be a viable solution, the half assed attempt at a sound interface for this sound card is a complete failure in programming.04:08
JonnyGatorsPretty meters, nonsensical patching, no audio passed through.04:08
amazoniantoadI remember my first Ubuntu install04:08
JonnyGatorsNot sure what the programmers were going for there, but it certainly wasn't functionality.04:09
JonnyGatorsManaged to find yet another set of sliders that needed to be turned up, I can get stereo sound out the 1/2 outputs, but there seems to be no funcionality to use the 3/4 outputs as another device.04:10
JonnyGatorsThat is something I absolutely must have.  If linux can't figure out how to use this device like windows does, linux can do nothing for me.04:10
amazoniantoadLol "like windows"04:11
JonnyGatorsThe concept of wanting linux to function like something that works and is user friendly is funny?04:12
JonnyGatorsBut, more specifically, I mean that windows automatically treats the input and output pairs as separate stereo inputs and outputs04:12
lotuspsychje!ot | JonnyGators04:13
ubottuJonnyGators: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:13
JonnyGatorsI need linux to treat this the same way04:13
JonnyGatorsI'm looking for support to get this sound card functioning like it was designed to.04:13
lotuspsychjeyou can stop trolling now JonnyGators04:13
JonnyGatorsI'm not trolling.  I have this sound card.  I can't figure out how to get it to set up the way Windows automatically sets it up.04:14
lotuspsychjeJonnyGators: i already told you to divive discussions from ubuntu support04:15
JonnyGatorsOk, to boil it down to a simple question, if I wanted to configure skype to use the line 3 and line 4 input and line 3 and line 4 output of my M-Audio Delta 44 sound card using ubuntu, how would I do that?04:15
JonnyGatorsDoes posing that question meet your channel rules?04:16
JonnyGatorsOk, I need to install citrix workspace app, the only download options for linux are debian packages, rpm packages, or tarball packages....how do I get one of those to work with ubuntu?04:21
lotuspsychjeJonnyGators: if you have a bit of respect, you should patient a bit after asking 1 question and not immediatly ask another04:22
JonnyGatorsI only have so much time available to stare at a screen with no response, I figured if the sound card issue was going to take a while to find some help on, I'd shift to a potentially easier topic.04:23
JonnyGatorsWhatever, I'm going to bed, goodnight, peeps.04:23
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CryptoSiDanyone has experience with noc-ps?05:16
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summonneramazoniantoad, what have you tried? have you configured the font scaling in your desktop settings?06:30
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eeosHi everybody! The new vlc snap on *ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS is pretty dangerous and can stall production machines ....07:29
jellyJonnyGators, ubuntu works with packages in debian format; you'd either pick those or go with a tarball (which is just an archive to unpack and not really a package)07:49
thedaneh3Hi, I read this article https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/netbooting-the-live-server-installer/14510 on how to use PXE to boot Ubuntu Server, followed the instructions - but now how do I actually "send" this to the server I want it to install on?08:18
Doc-SaintlyCan anyone tell me how to get an Intel IPU3 CIO2 camera working under Ubuntu?09:10
AlligatorJoehow about you motherfuckers pay what you fuckin ass owe the 5 of us in royalties for the use of our digital ideas09:31
AlligatorJoei know you sons of bitches are making money off of our ideas without paying us our royalties09:32
legreffierso thunderbird still has an irc extension...09:32
AlligatorJoelegreffier...well if not..there is always kvirc, hexchat, xchat, mirc and many others09:32
k_szeonly one blocker left for bionic-to-focal upgrade!09:32
legreffierAlligatorJoe: watch me caring.09:33
AlligatorJoelegreffier like others including wechat, pidgin, and so on09:35
AlligatorJoelegreffier...but yes, thunderbird still has irc also09:35
AlligatorJoek_sze..what is focal...is that the new 20.04 lts09:37
k_szeAlligatorJoe, https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/focal-fossa-20-04-1-lts-point-release-status-tracking/1760409:38
AlligatorJoek_sze..yea ok...well i guess it might come in handy for people who like to use vpn with wireguard or need some other features....but i don't give a damn about upgrading right now09:38
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, chu09:39
AlligatorJoek_sze..i can imagine that focal would be a better os but i really don't want to bother09:39
eeosAlligatorJoe: what are you talking about?09:40
AlligatorJoeeeos...oh just some new stuff that ubuntu has come out with09:41
AlligatorJoeeeos...or included might be a more appropriate word09:42
eeosAlligatorJoe: maybe you name it so we uninstall it?09:43
silv3r_m00nhi there10:02
silv3r_m00nhows is manjaro different from ubuntu ?10:02
guivercsilv3r_m00n, Ubuntu will have more software available.. has a larger community.. both are GNU/Linux so the majority of everything is the same (esp. if you know what you're doing)10:05
guivercUbuntu has more choice in your software stack age I believe too (along with other things)10:05
legreffieractually, no. with its aur side (like brew on mac or ports on freebsd), the software offer is way bigger on arch-related distribution imho10:06
silv3r_m00ni read that manjaro has rolling release thing, which means softwares keep updating to the newest all the time, unlike ubuntu where updates are made available only as long as distro is supported10:06
guivercsilv3r_m00n, Ubuntu has rolling rhina (a rolling release is available too)10:07
guivercs/rhina/rhino ^10:07
legreffieryou get tons of update all the time. keep in mind this will break some software at some point.10:07
guivercand refer legreffier's comment (arch' AUR) on software; I'll concede that10:08
legreffierthat's why it's not recommended for newer user or critical systems.10:08
legreffiertry both and find out what you like most. at the end of the day all popular distribution are equally good (or bad).10:09
Paddy_NIIs there any way to make the "Dock" auto hide always instead of just when a window is overlapping it?10:33
EriC^^Paddy_NI: type 'sudo apt install gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock' and then enable 'auto-hide the dock' then relogin in maybe10:36
Paddy_NIEriC^^, Hmm.. I think the default behaviour is to auto hide only when a window is either overlapping it or maximised. Otherwise it's on screen.10:37
Paddy_NIDash to dock might be what I am after10:37
EriC^^Paddy_NI: great :)10:48
Paddy_NIEriC^^, I am just very aware of how long I spend in front of my computer and that certain elements are static on screen pretty much all of the time.  This is not good if you own a monitor prone to screen burn in.10:49
EriC^^Paddy_NI: i see, yeah10:49
Paddy_NIThere should be three options for the default dock and panel. Always show, Autohide, and Overlap10:50
dob1hi, it is known which kernel will be installed in the next ubuntu release?10:50
jescisI've got this error from videolan's vlc 'Audio output failed: The audio device "default" could not be used: No such file or directory'! I'm running on Ubuntu 20.04 Dell Inspiron 3180 with AMD A6-9220e radion r4!10:51
EriC^^dob1: it's not known yet, but it might be kernel 5.8 depending on if it sticks to the schedule10:53
dob1EriC^^, it could be an older one otherwise ?10:54
Paddy_NIjescis, If you open a terminal and type "alsamixer" what does it say for "Card" and "Chip"?10:54
Paddy_NIjescis, Press enter after alsamixer of course10:55
jescisPaddy_NI: HDA ATI HDMI and chip: ATI R6xx HDMI10:58
Paddy_NIIn the "Audio" menu of VLC under "Audio Devices" which device are you currently using?11:00
Paddy_NIYou have an entry called "alsa"?11:01
jescisPaddy_NI:  Output module: Alsa audio output11:03
Paddy_NIjescis, I mean from the "Audio" menu. Not the preferences window11:03
jescisPaddy_NI: Audio device: default11:04
Paddy_NIjescis, Is there anything else there?11:05
jescisNot that I can see11:05
Paddy_NIDo you hear sound from other things like your browser etc?11:06
Paddy_NIMight it be the file you are trying to play?11:07
jescisThey're all mp4's on an external had drive11:08
Paddy_NIDoes any other type of file play in vlc?11:08
Paddy_NISay an mp3 etc?11:09
jescisNo it still doesn't work11:10
Paddy_NIjescis, Go into preferences > audio and change the output module to "automatic". Quit VLC and try it again11:11
Paddy_NIFailing that try using pulse11:12
jescisit works with automatic11:14
Paddy_NIExcellent :-)11:14
jescisPaddy_NI: it also works with pulse audio11:16
jescisPaddy_NI: is there a way to fix alsa audio output?11:20
Paddy_NIjescis, Why are you tying to specifically use alsa?11:28
apwcan you use alsa directly when pulseaudio is already attached to it ?11:28
Paddy_NII actually have to go now so I wont be much help, if you are still on later perhaps we can talk further jescis. Have a nice day.11:30
jescisapw: idk, but to answer Paddy's question, I want to use alsa because I want to have the volume stay at the same as I had it when I close then reopen vlc11:37
EriC^^dob1: currently it's at 5.6 i think11:38
EriC^^it might be 5.4 according to ubottu's data (/msg ubottu !info linux-generic groovy), maybe as in #ubuntu+1 they might know exactly11:39
EriC^^*ask in11:39
NuckStarrrjescis: opening and closing vlc will remember both volume and mute, and also repeat/shuffle, settings11:40
apwi am supprised that pulse is not maintaining volume etc but whatever floats your boat11:40
NuckStarrrregardless of alsa as a requirement11:40
NuckStarrrit does that even without alsa set11:41
jescisNuckStarrr: But the box to do it is greyed out when not using alsa!11:44
apwwhich makes sense i think, as pulse owns the mute and volume settings when in use11:45
apwso they should stay the same across vlc coming and going11:46
apwnow how vlc adjusts relative to the core is an interesting question as that has11:46
apwits own per-app relative volumn slider etc11:46
apwin pulses mind11:47
jescisI mean, alsa was working awhile ago, then it stopped! I don't know why though?11:49
apwmay depend if pulse has needed to open its output to make a sound11:49
apwi vaguely recall (experience from when pulse was new) that it doesn't open the output device till it needs to output something11:50
dob1EriC^^, I try to task there, thanks. I was hoping for a 5.8 at least for amd ryzen support11:55
apwdob1, for groovy 20.10 it is a 5.8 base, cc: EriC^^12:09
palimaarhi, I rebooted my machine and samba sort of stopped working - clients can connect to its address, but the shares are not displayed. What could be the reason for this? smbd's logs don't show any error in particular12:15
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BWestOzwhere is the apache2 executable installed on ubuntu?13:02
EriC^^BWestOz: /usr/sbin/apache213:03
BWestOzthank you eric13:04
BWestOzI don't understand how user www-data has permissions to allow access to files upon web requests13:06
EriC^^BWestOz: no problem13:06
NuckStarrrBWestOz: you can type ' which apache2 '13:06
BWestOzEric, I'm trying to figure out the best way to set up a LAMP server re users/permissions.13:07
BWestOzwhy is it necessary to chown a CMS directory to www-data if apache is owned by root?13:08
cluonbeamBWestOz: It's not a question of who owns the executable.13:08
EriC^^BWestOz: i'm not sure, but i think it's that outside user connects with apache2 which has the www-data user, and since the file is +r by www-data it can read and show its contents13:08
cluonbeamBWestOz: It's a matter of under what user that service runs. If you start apache and look for it in a full ps listing, you'll see that it's running as www-data.13:08
BWestOzcluonbeam, thank you that's right. How is it run as a different user to the owner?13:09
cluonbeamBWestOz: Any service can be executed as any user depending on how the service is launched.13:10
BWestOzso how do web requests result in apache being run as www-data13:10
cluonbeamWeb requests don't result in apache being run at all.13:11
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cluonbeamApache is running already, listening for inbound requests.13:11
BWestOzwhat's the ps flag to see all processes?13:11
cluonbeamWhen a request is received, it accesses data as necessary according to the request; as the service is running under the www-data user, that is the effective permissions that apache has - whatever the www-data user has.13:11
BWestOzwell thanks cluonbeam although I don't really understand how it all works13:13
cluonbeamTo answer your question, the contents of the /var/www/html directory should be owned by root, NOT by www-data.13:14
BWestOzif I do a ps -A I get about 5 apache2 processes13:14
BWestOzwhen I've installed CMS's a quick and dirty way of getting the things to work has been to chown /var/www/html/<cms dir> to www-data. That's wrong is it?13:15
cluonbeamBWestOz: Yes.13:15
EriC^^BWestOz: "ps aux" gives a nice view of the processes and owners, cpu and mem usage13:15
cluonbeamBWestOz: That makes everything under that directory writable by apache, which is a security issue.13:16
BWestOzso how should CMS write access be enabled?13:16
cluonbeamOnly the locations that SHOULD be written to by apache should be owned by www-data.13:17
cluonbeamAnything else should be left as owned by root.13:17
EriC^^BWestOz: i think you have to make the files +r by all, or add www-data as an ACL with only +r13:17
cluonbeamThe default umask of 022 is sufficient.13:18
EriC^^maybe he is extracting it cause he said by default it isnt working13:18
EriC^^or something of the matter13:19
BWestOzWordpress needs to be able to create directories and upload files in various subdirectories13:19
cluonbeamAnd those should be the ones owned by www-data, yes.13:19
BWestOzEric - thank yes ps aux shows some of the apache2 processes as owned by www-data13:19
cluonbeamThose are the actual worker processes. The one owned by root is essentially a supervisor process that spawns workers and other management functions, but does not handle requests.13:20
cluonbeamThe root-owned process is also the one that "owns" port 80. Ports below 1024 require root or special privileges in order to bind to.13:21
BWestOzI think it's wp-content that I chowned to www-data13:21
cluonbeamThere are other ways of achieving this, but in apache's case, that's how that works.13:21
BWestOzso a request spawns an apache process owned by www-data?13:22
cluonbeamApache is a very large system.13:22
cluonbeamBasically, an inbound request is handed off to one of the workers for processing.13:23
cluonbeamThose workers are already running. How many of them apache starts is dependent on configuration and the current demand,.13:23
BWestOzcluon, oh, i see13:24
BWestOzso how can I configure ftp to work with wordpress. Is there some way I can give vsftpd www-data priviliges?13:25
NuckStarrruse sftp. ftp isn't a good idea.13:26
TJ-BWestOz: you could use file-system ACLs13:26
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BWestOzI guess I could use ftp/sftp and set up some kind of www-data group membership. I'm trying to find out what the best practices are without having to spend 5 weeks reading a whole bunch of stuff13:28
BWestOzany takers on the best way to set up ftp with wordpress on LAMP?13:29
TJ-I missed the earlier discussion, but is webDAV something you could utilise for adding content ?13:29
cluonbeamOr using WordPress' own interface13:30
TJ-I assumed that had already been deemed inapropriate13:30
krumelmonsterThere seems to be a problem with xubuntu-20.04.1-desktop-amd64 installer concerning lvm. Yesterday I had the installer crash on the first couple tries when choosing lvm option (no encryption), now, on another device, creating ext4 for / on partition 1 of lvm vg vgxubuntu takes ages (I doubt it will finish at all).13:31
BWestOzcluonbeam, that's what I mean. I can get ftp workign no probs but I'm not sure about how to set permissions so it'll work seamlessly in wp-admin for update etc. I have to somehow give ftp permissions to write to wp-content13:31
krumelmonsterAlso: How can I cancel and restart a running installation?13:32
krumelmonster(asking here instead of #xubuntu because I believe they share the same installer?)13:32
BWestOzWell thanks cluonbeam & EriC^^13:41
TJ-krumelmonster: that sounds more like an issue with the installer media13:47
BluesKajHi all13:55
Sven_vBhi :)14:08
krumelmonsterTJ-: Different installation media (different usb sticks)14:10
amazoniantoadI installed xen on my computer and now when I boot up my cursor jumps around as I try to use it14:18
amazoniantoadCan anyone help me resolve this issue?14:19
Sven_vBamazoniantoad, mouse cursor?14:21
Sven_vBamazoniantoad, or a text cursor in a text terminal?14:24
Sven_vBor is it a touch screen maybe?14:24
amazoniantoadYes it is14:25
amazoniantoadYes the mouse cursor14:25
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Roeyhow do I find out what has my webcam recording? I see a red ring around the lens which means it is recording15:10
=== Neffscape1 is now known as Neffscape
leftyfbIs it possible to bridge a wireless and wired interface so both interfaces get DHCP over the wifi connection?15:32
TJ-leftyfb: yes15:34
golden_ticketI'm experiencing the issue described here: https://codeyarns.com/2015/03/31/trackpad-cursor-freezes-on-ubuntu/15:34
golden_ticketThat the trackpad stops working, keyboard still works, so does a mouse if I plug one in.15:35
leftyfbTJ-: how? This tells me it wasn't possible 10 years ago http://web.archive.org/web/20110925231256/http://kerneltrap.org/mailarchive/linux-ath5k-devel/2010/3/21/6871733    I have tried both ifupdown and netplan15:35
golden_ticketCan anyone tell me if this is a new issue in ubuntu 20.04.1?15:35
TenCateIs it possible and safe with 20.04 to upgrade to kernel 5.5?15:40
leftyfbTenCate: it's not supported15:40
Sven_vBamazoniantoad, can you find a pattern of what the visible mouse cursor does when you move the physical mouse in each axis direction (up, down, left, right)?15:41
Sven_vBleftyfb, I think I found a package for that network bridging some days ago, I'll check.15:42
amazoniantoadSven_vB it jumps diagonally15:42
Sven_vBamazoniantoad, is it a direct jump or does it move smoothly?15:43
amazoniantoadDirect jump15:43
Sven_vBamazoniantoad, if you move the physical mouse veeeery slowly, does it become a bit more smooth, like several smaller jumps?15:44
TJ-leftyfb: you'd use separate MAC addresses for the bridge, wlan, and ethernet and have the DHCP lease mediated on MAC15:45
amazoniantoadSven_vB it is kinda hard to reproduce because it's almost random. But I cannot (atm) see it jumping around at all if I move the cursor very slowly15:46
amazoniantoadNo it doesn't15:46
amazoniantoadIt still jumps around like before15:46
leftyfbTJ-: got some documentation on this? I understand the idea about the mac's, but I can't even get that far15:46
cicdcIs there a viable replacement for system-config-lvm or kvpm on ubuntu 20.04?15:46
Sven_vBamazoniantoad, can you try another mouse? maybe the hardware has a problem.15:47
amazoniantoadSven_vB I have a mouse in atm and there is no problem with it. This problem didn't exist before installing xen15:47
Sven_vBamazoniantoad, I see. in that case it might be that Xen prioritizes another VM at the "wrong" time and thus the VM with your graphical mouse cursor doesn't get allocated CPU power quickly enough to immediately react. when it gets the CPU again, all the mouse position updates arrive within a fraction of a second.15:50
amazoniantoadSven_vB there is no other vm running15:51
TJ-leftyfb: as I picture it, you'd bridge wlan and ethernet on DeviceA normally (layer 2) so only the bridge interface requests a DHCP lease. Device B connected to the ethernet port should then make a DHCP request which should be broadcast out on all bridge ports and the DHCP server should respond as normal15:51
Sven_vBamazoniantoad, I don't really know Xen, but maybe it has its own housekeeping to do every now and then.15:51
amazoniantoadSven_vB can we try to continue diagnosing the issue? I'm not sure if it is actually related to xen but I thought I should make note of it to you15:52
leftyfbTJ-: ok, so when you said it was possible you were guessing based on theories. There's no documentation or indication that this works anywhere, and in fact a post on a major kernel driver mailing list saying it is no longer supported and I think never actually worked in station mode to begin with15:54
Sven_vBamazoniantoad, there's also a possibility of a graphics driver problem. if the graphics driver isn't made for cooperation with Xen, it might even be additionally confused by that. when the mouse jumps again, maybe there's something in syslog or dmesg?15:54
amazoniantoadSven_vB how do I check those?15:55
TJ-leftyfb: I cannot imagine what STA mode would have to do with it15:55
leftyfb"Bridging doesn't work on the station side anyway because the 802.1115:55
leftyfbheader has three addresses (except when WDS is used) omitting the15:55
leftyfbaddress that would be needed for a station to send or receive a packet15:55
leftyfbon behalf of another system."15:55
leftyfbTJ-: regardless, unless you have some documentation or proof this works anywhere, theories do not help me. I've been at this for a while now with no luck15:56
Sven_vBamazoniantoad, in one shell, "dmesg --follow", and in another, "tail -F /var/log/syslog"16:04
Sven_vBamazoniantoad, or to check the past entries, "dmest | less" and "less /var/log/syslog"16:04
Sven_vBg not t16:04
aroonianyawy to get ubuntu to auto switch to headphone output when i plug headphones in? i have to open up pauvcontrol each time i want to switch between headphones and speakers16:06
RoseBushello someteimes my task bar becomes unresponsive Ubuntu 20.0416:09
RoseBususually after running minecraft and chrome and switching between windows or trying to take screen shots16:09
RoseBusand it wont fix unless i reboot the machine16:09
RoseBusis there any way to kill the task bar and have it restart without rebooting OS?16:10
RoseBusalso window titles & buttons (minimize, expand, close) are non-responsiver16:12
RoseBusto close window i have to do alt+f416:12
RoseBusif i press the "windows key" it shows all my windows, but if i click on one it wont bring-to-front16:13
RoseBusinstead, it only works to press 'enter'16:13
zyerihey, I'm trying to use cloud-init with 20.04.1 live server and need to configure the network using a static ip (install environment is in a vSphere DC; DHCP isn't an option currently) so I can use `ds=nocloud-net`, but I can't find docs on how to do that. Can anyone point me in the right direction?16:14
zyeri(alternatively, if anyone can tell me how to instruct the installer to mount /dev/sr1 to pick up the cloud-init config from an ISO, that would probably work better for my use case)16:15
shadow255RoseBus: your description of the issue looks like pointing device ceasing to function16:31
RoseBusshadow255, once i have a window open (like hexchat) the pointing device works just fine16:33
RoseBusbut to select a new window i must use the keyboard (alt-tab)16:33
RoseBusbut i can click on different channels and different areas of one window just fine once it's opened16:34
RoseBusbut the title bar of the window (the part with the buttons to minimize, maximize, close) is not clickable16:34
RoseBusi cannot start applications by clicking their icon in the hotbar, but the hotkeys (win+1, win+2, ...) work just fine to start the applications on the hotbar16:36
RoseBusthis has occured a dozen or so times to me16:36
RoseBusand the only solution i have found is to reboot OS16:37
shadow255RoseBus: did you upgrade to 20.04 from an earlier version of Ubuntu?16:37
RoseBusshadow255, no i installed on blank disk16:38
shadow255okay, so this is how it has been from the start then16:38
RoseBusi didn't notice it until i started playing minecraft16:38
leibniz[m]I have problems with QT font rendering of ROS tools http://i.imgur.com/lcE5BgK.png16:39
RoseBus(minecraft is pure java if you dont know that)16:39
shadow255RoseBus: do you get anything with right mouse clicks when this happens? I saw a reddit post about left touchpad/left mouse button non-response on 18.04 that may or may not apply16:42
RoseBusright mouse clicks are same behavior as left16:42
RoseBusonce i have one window activated all others are unclickable16:43
shadow255basically, the mouse works in window context but not in UI context16:43
shadow255are you on a desktop or laptop system for this?16:43
RoseBusdual monitor setup16:44
shadow255are you able to use the mouse in windows on both monitors?16:45
RoseBusbut only if i alt-tab to the window i want16:45
shadow255got it, so it can't control window focus or any of the UI elements16:46
RoseBusi tried playing minecraft in windowed mode instead of full-screen mode16:46
RoseBusbut that didn't help16:46
RoseBusand it doesn't occur all the time16:47
RoseBussometimes i can play minecraft just fine without it occuring16:47
shadow255it would be far too simple if it was consistent, alas16:47
RoseBustaking screen shots with hotkeys could _possibly_ be part of it16:48
RoseBusokay bbl16:48
shadow255RoseBus: wait, one more question if you have a moment16:49
shadow255can you even manage to log out of your session when this starts happening rather than reboot?16:49
RoseBusi can log out using crtl+alt+delete only16:49
RoseBusbut even then i can't reboot from the splash screen16:49
shadow255if you log out, then back in, is the issue still present?16:50
RoseBusi have to log in then type "sudo reboot" to reboot16:50
RoseBuslog out and back in issue still there16:50
shadow255ooh, mouse doesn't even work at welcome screen16:50
shadow255okay, thanks16:50
RoseBuscommand-line logout would probably work too16:51
RoseBusdidn't try it16:51
shadow255I suspect you might be able to restart a service somehow that would at least keep you from having to reboot, but not sure which one16:51
RoseBusyea that's what i was hoping for16:51
shadow255either that or remove a module and reload it16:52
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RoseBusoh wow16:54
RoseBuson a terminal window i can use the maximize, minimize butotns16:54
RoseBusalso on file explorer i can also access those buttons16:55
RoseBusmaybe just chromium & minecraft have issues16:56
RoseBusand hexchat16:56
NuckStarrrRoseBus: try pressing ALT+F2 then type " r " in the box; press enter16:56
NuckStarrrRoseBus: it's from here: https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-restart-gui-on-ubuntu-20-04-focal-fossa16:56
RoseBusthat worked16:57
RoseBusi was googling for stuff like that16:57
RoseBusi couldn't find it16:57
RoseBusthanks NickG36516:57
NuckStarrrI knew there was a command; I use XFCE so I couldn't remember what it was for Gnome etc16:57
TJ-leftyfb: how precisely are you doing it? are you assigning the WLAN MAC to the bridge interfance and using ebtables NATing on Device A so the AP doesn't reject the layer 2 packets from DeviceB ?17:10
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smoshany sed experts here?17:14
smoshi want to be able to print all occurrences of a pattern in a string, and only the pattern17:17
smoshsay my pattern is "-(3 digits)-"17:18
smoshmy string is "-232-sdfsd fsd sdghtdjdd sdfa f  sdfs dfsdsd f -345-dfsdf -342--234-asd "17:18
smoshwhole string is just 1 line, but i want to extract all the patterns17:18
pavlosso the output should be: -232- -345- -342- -234-17:19
smoshseparate lines would be better though17:19
cluonbeamgrep would be easier.17:20
smoshi tried something like "sed -nr 's/.*(-[[:digit:]]{3}-).*/\1/p' "17:20
smoshbut it only prints the last found pattern17:21
smoshi knowwwwww. if only i could use grep. but this is an assignment lol. have to use sed17:21
cluonbeamI love arbitrary tasks that force you to use the wrong tool for the job.17:25
smoshcollege. ikr.17:26
smoshor maybe im looking at this the wrong way idk :\17:30
smoshactually im also allowed to use awk17:30
smoshbut the problem with awk was it was trimming out any whitespaces before or after my pattern17:30
TJ-smosh: echo "-232-sdfsd fsd sdghtdjdd sdfa f  sdfs dfsdsd f -345-dfsdf -342--234-asd" | sed 's/-[[:digit:]]\{3\}-/\n&/g;s/[^\n]*\n\(-[[:digit:]]\{3\}-\)[^\n]*/\1 /g; s/.$//17:31
smoshwhich im not supposed to do. im supposed to keep them. so thats i tried with sed instead17:31
smoshTJ- let me try17:31
amurohttps://pastebin.com/EsfBMKCD Can anyone help me with this error?17:33
cluonbeamsmosh: I'd use grep and tell the prof that it's the right tool for the job and that his assignment is stupid.17:34
DrMaxI have a usb device that stopped being recognized17:35
DrMaxit shows in lsub, but with no name17:35
smoshits not working :\17:35
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TJ-smosh: it worked here17:38
ioriasmosh, maybe add an  ending " ' "17:40
DrMaxhow do I get linux to recognize this device? (that used to work before last update)17:45
TJ-eeek, did the ' not get pasted?17:46
TJ-ioria: nicely spotted"17:47
pavlosTJ-: if you eliminate the last part s/.$// it still gives same output. What is the last part supposed to do?17:58
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=== coinsino is now known as enko
jrgilmanis there a way to set-up the pop-up when you start switching workspaces to show what application is open on which workspace?18:56
jrgilmanlike a preview of what's on that workspace18:56
lotuspsychjejrgilman: there is a handy workspaces extension on the repos18:56
jrgilmando you know what its called?18:57
jrgilmancan I have the name please?18:57
lotuspsychje!info gnome-shell-extension-workspaces-to-dock | jrgilman18:58
ubottujrgilman: gnome-shell-extension-workspaces-to-dock (source: gnome-shell-extension-workspaces-to-dock): additional options for GNOME workspace switcher. In component universe, is optional. Version 52+git20200318-1 (focal), package size 93 kB, installed size 912 kB18:58
lotuspsychjejrgilman: i have it setup like this: https://imgur.com/a/6oY1gzX18:59
jrgilmanoh very nice, I'll give this a shot, thank you. I did notice it's no longer maintained, is it fine for you on 20.04?19:00
lotuspsychjejrgilman: its on the official repos for 20.0419:00
jrgilmani see that now in the info you just psoted19:01
lotuspsychjewelcome jrgilman19:02
errstWhen I try to change my swap size I do get an error "dd: error writing '/dev/dm-2': No space left on device". Am I doing something wrong?19:21
=== halvors1 is now known as halvors
sarnolderrst: can you pastebin what you did and what the output was for the whole thing?19:22
errstsarnold https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/34VcVPgtMc/19:23
sarnolderrst: how did you create dm-2? how large is it? does it have quotas or reservations or anything similar? (forgive me, I don't know the dm end of linux at all, I only know zfs stuff)19:24
errstsarnold I didn't do anything special. I'm not that familiar too. I've just encrypted (LUKS) entire disk and tbh I don't remember whether I choose or not swap space.19:26
errstI've checked couple of articles about re-sizing swap space and when I tried the command I've shared in the paste that's the result.19:27
errstThe re-sizing swap space seems simple but no luck here.19:28
sarnoldwhat commanddid you use to resize the swap space?19:28
errstsarnold This one "sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/dm-2 bs=1M count=8192" but of course, after "sudo swapoff -a"19:29
cluonbeamThat doesn't resize it.19:29
sarnolderrst: that does'nt do any resizing19:29
sarnolderrst: that just writes a certain amount of zeros to a block device19:29
sarnolddoes sudo dmsetup info /dev/dm-2  show anything interesting?19:30
errstsarnold https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/cwKpMR9NvJ/19:32
sarnoldhah, that's less helpful than I was hoping :D19:33
=== halvors1 is now known as halvors
errst: )19:33
sarnoldhow about sudo lvdisplay?19:33
errstsarnold https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/KBCPD5vRbX/19:35
=== halvors1 is now known as halvors
sarnolderrst: alright... with the caveat that I haven't used LVM in about 17 years ... I *think* what you want to do is: sudo lvextend -L8G -n /dev/vgubuntu/swap_1   -- I got lvextend from https://blog.programster.org/lvm-cheatsheet19:38
sarnoldhalvors: any chance you can fix your connection?19:38
errstsarnold thanks, let me try that19:38
errstbtw, why dont you use LVM?19:38
sarnolderrst: I really liked the zfs interface for managing disks and filesystems; it felt so much more natural to me19:46
errstsarnold I got this "Insufficient free space: 1804 extents needed, but only 0 available" after running19:46
errstthis command "sudo lvextend -L 8G -n /dev/vgubuntu/swap_1"19:46
sarnolderrst: do you have enough unallocated space available?19:46
cluonbeamThat means you have no unallocated space available to extend that volume. You could consider using a swap file instead.19:47
sarnoldyeah I think I'd rather use a swap file than shrink a filesystem to make space :)19:47
errstI did pvdisplay now and it outpust "  Allocatable           yes (but full)", uggh19:47
cluonbeamerrst: So just use a swap file.19:47
errstI think, I'll go with that. cluonbeam Can you assist?19:48
cluonbeamSimple process. It's all over the internet.19:48
=== guuurkan_ is now known as guuurkan
errstcluelessperson Fair enough, let me check. Thanks19:48
eater9Hi, whenever I connect a bluetooth device to my laptop (keyboard, speaker) it resets my custom xmodmap rules. How can I prevent that?19:55
errstsarnold cluonbeam The link was helpful and also the information you gave me. I've learned something today. Thanks both of you.19:56
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javi404so when will the ubuntu installer support GPT + Raid1 ?19:56
oerheksjavi404, gpt is supported, raid 1??19:56
oerhekssoft raid19:56
javi404i have to do all the chroot --bind, install mdadm, then to manual grub install19:56
sarnolderrst: all set? :) woot19:56
sarnolderrst: thanks, I did too; I've learned more lvm today than the previous N years, hehe19:57
errstsarnold Yes. This was easier : )19:57
javi404oerheks: I think by default, live cd should have mdadm utils installed19:57
javi404that should fix it19:57
oerhekslive server iso?19:57
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto19:58
javi404other issue is, the installer failes at the end installing grub, and other than killing it, it won't allow you to ignore installing grub.19:58
oerheksi would skip softraid.19:58
javi404oerheks: yes, the live cd.19:58
cluonbeamoerheks: mdadm is just fine.19:58
javi404oerheks: why skip it?19:58
cluonbeamoerheks: desktop or server live?19:58
javi404cluonbeam: agreed19:58
javi404cluonbeam: both19:58
cluonbeamjavi404: server live supports what you're doing out of the box.19:58
javi404cluonbeam: i can test, i assumed desktop was server + more user packages, gui, etc.19:59
javi404are they not cut from same cloth?19:59
cluonbeamThe installer is not, no.19:59
oerheksthere is server and live server19:59
cluonbeamdebian-installer vs subiquity.19:59
javi404cluonbeam: oerheks, so which installer supports creating GPT partitiontables (both from what I have seen) and raid1 installs for system?20:02
javi404example of how I am setup: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/HVD4ghkHS2/20:03
javi404oerheks: cluonbeam: ^20:03
cluonbeamjavi404: subiquity - aka ubuntu live server installer. debian-installer will create a gpt IF the disk exceeds 2tb in size.20:04
oerheksGPT is supported on UEFI machines.20:04
cluonbeamGPT is also supported on BIOS systems.20:04
javi404cluonbeam: exactly20:04
javi404DOS partiton tables are outdated.20:04
oerheksi am not sure about legacy bios, but maybe you are right20:05
javi404even for old machines pre UEFI, why not use GPT?20:05
cluonbeamThat may be true, but they're often still sufficient.20:05
cluonbeamoerheks: I am.20:05
javi404oerheks: typing to you from legacy bios right now20:05
sarnoldjavi404: did you forget to create EFI partitions?20:05
cluonbeamAs long as you create a BIOS boot partition (EF02), legacy systems can boot.20:05
cluonbeamjavi404: Insisting on gpt in this case may be causing you more grief than is needed.20:06
ses1984i came back to my computer to find it frozen at the desktop, it required a hard reboot, where would i look for logs about this, i dont see anything in dmesg or kern.log20:06
javi404sarnold: see my pastbin above, it works, issue is you have to manually do the helping of grub install.20:06
sarnoldjavi404: to boot UEFI systems you need an EFI partition somewhere; it'll show up like:20:07
sarnold├─nvme0n1p2 259:1    0   512M  0 part  /boot/efi20:07
cluonbeamsarnold: You're assuming that he's trying to boot via UEFI.20:07
sarnoldcluonbeam: indeed; (a) that's usually a good idea, the legacy/csm support is pretty cranky (b) wanting a gpt partition table suggested to me that javi404 probably is doing uefi boots elsewhere..20:08
cluonbeamsarnold: (a) true, and (b) he just seems to want gpt regardless of it providing any real benefit in this case.20:09
sarnoldcluonbeam: aha :)20:09
javi404sarnold: im aware, this is a non UEFI system, bios boot only.20:10
cluonbeamThen why are you so dead-set on using gpt? "It's newer" isn't a functional justification.20:11
javi404it is the combination of gpt and mdraid that breaks grub at the end of the installer.20:11
Doc-SaintlyI'm trying to update to kernel 5.8.7 using ukuu. I swear I just ran the function to install it and saw it listed, then restarted, but the kernel didn't change.20:11
javi404cluonbeam: because there is a backup gpt table at the end of the disk, safe.20:11
Doc-Saintlyand now when I run ukuu and list, it only shows up to 5.7.1, I'm sure I saw 5.8* entries before20:11
Doc-Saintlyis there a reason for that?20:11
javi404i like to build HA systems.20:11
cluonbeamThe only time your partition table is going to get corrupted is if the disk fails; the presence of a backup table isn't going to help you.20:12
cluonbeamYou're overcomplicating this, quite frankly.20:13
oerheksDoc-Saintly, interesting, mainline kernels are for testing, without support20:13
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds20:13
javi404cluonbeam: and that is why im in this business.20:13
javi404cluonbeam: to go over the top when it comes to N+120:13
cluonbeamjavi404: I'm in this business as well, as chance would have it. I spend my time on ACTUAL solutions that provide tangible benefits.20:13
cluonbeamjavi404: But, have fun.20:14
oerheksukuu is a 3rd party tool, it used to be paid?20:14
javi404cluonbeam: if this disk right now dies, even swap is raid. and we will keep chatting short of a power issue (UPS solves that) and maybe a lightening strike or cpu/motherboard/memory failure.20:14
javi404cluonbeam: :-)20:14
Doc-Saintlyoerheks, It's the last thing I want to do, but I can't find another reasonable way to get the atom camera driver: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Linux-5.8-Media-Updates20:14
cluonbeamjavi404: Besides, overcomplication doesn't provide redundancy or resilience. Often, simplicity is far more useful.20:15
javi404cluonbeam: what is complicated about a system on software raid using a modern partition table format?20:16
sarnoldjavi404: so, uh, it's been *ages* since I've used a legacy boot, but can legacy systems even boot GPT? or do you need to a old-school mbr 'mirror' of the gpt?20:17
javi404sarnold: they can20:18
Doc-Saintlyor is there another way to get ipu3-cio2 / ipu3-csi2 devices (webcam) working?20:18
sarnoldgoogling for this just shows a bunch of results about things microsoft won't support, hehe20:18
cluonbeamsarnold: Yes, they can.20:18
oerhekssarnold, i am also not certain about gpt and legacy20:18
javi404sarnold: let me show you what the disk looks like20:18
cluonbeamsarnold: It requires the presence of a BIOS boot partition (gptfdisk presents this as type EF02) for GRUB to use in lieu of an MBR.20:18
cluonbeamBut, again, this is an unnecessary overcomplication for disks smaller than 2TB.20:19
javi404sarnold: see this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/vDhxzxG2h6/20:19
javi404you need a bios boot partition20:19
javi404grub installs its binary on it20:19
javi404it only needs to be 1MB but i like to future proof.20:20
javi404cluonbeam and I disagree, and that is ok.20:20
javi404cluonbeam, what if I migrate the system and move it to a 2+TB drive?20:20
cluonbeamThen you're going to have to repartition the target disk anyway.20:21
cluonbeamThis is quite silly.20:21
cluonbeamAnd grub's embedded size is less than half a kilobyte. "Future proofing" is also silly.20:22
cluonbeamI'm going to bow out of this conversation; giving information that I know is going to be rejected out of hand for no discernable reason is a poor use of time.20:23
oerheksthanks anyway, cluonbeam20:23
gimzmoeany guess why syslogd would spontaneously start spamming messages in ssh?  it's not something I configured, and it didn't used to happen20:25
oerheksread the messages, it should give a clue?20:26
pedahzurScratching my head here. I'm on Ubuntu 18.04. 20.04.1 is out. I run do-release-upgrade and am told "There is no development version of an LTS available.20:28
pedahzurMy prompt in /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades. is set to "lts"20:28
pedahzurWhy is it not finding 20.04.1?20:28
ubottuRegular upgrades from the last but one LTS release to the latest LTS release, 20.04 "Focal Fossa", are enabled days or weeks after 20.04.1 is released. This delay helps to ensure that any lingering issues are resolved before people upgrade production systems. If you'd prefer to upgrade now, use sudo do-release-upgrade -d20:29
oerheksupgrade path is not released yet.20:29
oerheksi know, time is ticking .. but certain bugs need to be resolved, it is LTS.20:29
gimzmoeoerheks: I think a botnet is trying to ssh in to my vps, lots of invalid authentications20:30
cluonbeamgimzmoe: Welcome to the internet.20:30
gimzmoeI didn't get the syslogd messages in the past... and I know I've had this sort of attention before20:31
oerheksfail2ban  and host file, ftw20:31
cluonbeamgimzmoe: Have good passwords (preferably with some form of 2FA), or use key-only auth.20:31
gimzmoeI'm more concerend why it's now spamming20:31
pedahzuroerheks: OK, thanks. I was reading https://ubuntu.com/blog/how-to-upgrade-from-ubuntu-18-04-lts-to-20-04-lts-today  "The Ubuntu update manager will start showing a prompt for an upgrade to 20.04 once the first dot release of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (i.e. 20.04.1) is released. The typical timeframe for this is around three months after the official release."  So it's been three months and 20.04.1 is out...so was confused. :)20:31
cluonbeamfail2ban is of very limited use these days. Most of your invalid auth attempts are going to come from different sources.20:31
sarnoldjavi404: so, you maintain both the gpt and the mbr partition on these disks? I guess once a partition table is created you never need to change it again, but it still seems funny to me. :)20:31
oerhekspedahzur, that blog stated the same, use -d if you cannot wait20:32
oerheksi would wait, especially with LVM20:32
pedahzuroerheks: Gotcha. But it said "The Ubuntu update manager will start showing a prompt for an upgrade to 20.04 once the first dot release of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (i.e. 20.04.1) is released. " so, that seems to not be quite correct, because 20.04.1 *has* been released.20:32
pedahzuroerheks: Ewww...what nasty bugs are in LVM?20:33
oerhekspedahzur, at the time of writing of that blog, that path was expected.20:33
oerheksbut no.20:33
javi404sarnold: gpt creates a protective dos partition table.20:38
javi404i don't maintain 2 tables20:38
javi404i created a gpt, and built a raid in partition 2 of each disk.20:38
javi404then partitions in the raid20:38
javi404boot swap and root20:39
TheWildapt update && apt full-upgrade20:43
TheWildin a Docker container. Everytime I do this on fresh Ubuntu image, it has to download 11 MB of indexes and packages over slow network. Is there a way to cache a thing so it picks the index and packages immediately next time?20:43
TheWild(note, the problem is about how to do it using dpkg/apt or at most apt-whatever; not about properly building Docker images)20:43
NuckStarrrthe updates themselves will be way more than 11MB20:46
oerheksshort answer; no. you want new lists.20:46
TheWildNuckStarrr: it's almost fresh so there is not much to update20:47
sarnoldNuckStarrr: you could *try* download the indexes on a machine with fast network, and use rsync or git to move just the differences to the machines with poor network20:48
sarnoldNuckStarrr: (git is usually terrible for frequent changes to big files, so I' really try rsync first, but it may not be as magical.... there are binary-diff tools like xdelta3 that might do the job better)20:48
TheWild1darn, I got disconnected20:50
TheWild1NuckStarrr: it's almost fresh so there is not much to update20:50
=== TheWild1 is now known as TheWild
gimzmoeoerheks: the IPs I randomly sampled are from China... oh joy.  is there a way to suppress this, it didn't do it before20:57
=== JonnyGators is now known as JonnyGators-lapt
rypervenchegimzmoe: You could change your SSH port to a non-standard port to get rid of the scripted things. It won't get rid of everything, but it will get rid of a LOT in your logs. Use keys and disable passwords.21:01
Sven_vBis there a way to query xorg whether a certain xinput device would MatchIsPointer or MatchIsTouchpad? none of both shows up in xinput --list-props 621:02
Sven_vBin focal21:02
JonnyGatorsAfter installing ubuntu, only 2 blue usb ports work on my mobo (3.0).  This was consistent during install - it failed if I had the installation media on any of the other usb ports.  Most of the others are red, I believe that's 3.1.  Ubuntu sees nothing connected to them.  How do I fix that?21:02
cluonbeamgimzmoe: Or just don't even worry about it. I don't.21:02
ses1984i came back to my computer to find it frozen at the desktop, it required a hard reboot, where would i look for logs about this, i dont see anything in dmesg or kern.log21:02
gimzmoesorry, the spam from syslod@localhost is making it impossible to do work over ssh21:02
TheWildgimzmoe: mesg n21:03
javi404cluonbeam: another advantage of gpt partition tables, if using san other storage, partitions are aligned.21:04
tomreyn!printk | gimzmoe21:07
ubottugimzmoe: If your !tty is flooded with error messages, you can limit the kernel logging daemons' log level below the default of 4 (KERN_WARNING), e.g. by running "echo 3 | sudo tee -a /proc/sys/kernel/printk". More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelDebuggingTricks#printk_is_your_friend and syslog(2)21:07
tomreyngimzmoe: If your !tty is flooded with error messages, you can limit the kernel logging daemons' log level below the default of 4 (KERN_WARNING), e.g. by running "echo 3 | sudo tee -a /proc/sys/kernel/printk". More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelDebuggingTricks#printk_is_your_friend and syslog(2)21:08
gimzmoeubottu: is there something that would change those limits automatically?  I'm asking because the VPS has delt with this botnet attack before, but I didn't get the spam, I had to check the logs myself.  I'm curious what might have changed to provoke the change in log levels21:09
ubottugimzmoe: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:09
pedahzuroerheks: What LVM bugs are being seen in 20.04?21:09
gimzmoe^tomreyn I guess21:09
pedahzur(links are fine) :)21:13
tomreyngimzmoe: i'm afraid i didn't get to see all the context. what was the original question you asked, please?21:18
gimzmoeI expect to be scanned on my VPS, but recently for reasons I can't guess, my VPS was spamming syslogd messsages to my SSH terminal, it never did that before and I didn't do it intentionally.  I'm trying to work out what changed and why21:19
gimzmoetomreyn: ^21:19
tomreyngimzmoe: "vps" sounds like you may not even be running your own kernel, and maybe not an ubuntu kernel either? cat /proc/version would tell21:19
tomreynthat's     cat /proc/version21:20
Woettomreyn: uhh, most VPSs nowadays are KVM and just run their own kernel.21:20
Woetbut sure, it could be OpenVZ or LXC.21:20
gimzmoeLinux version 5.4.0-39-generic (buildd@lcy01-amd64-016) (gcc version 9.3.0 (Ubuntu 9.3.0-10ubuntu2)) #43-Ubuntu SMP21:20
JonnyGatorsUh....any suggestions about the USB issue?  Kinda lame that ubuntu seems to have a problem with 3.1 USB ports.21:22
tomreyngimzmoe: that's an ubuntu kernel, probably you have your own then21:22
tomreyngimzmoe: virt-what could tell you about the virtualization21:22
Woettomreyn: how is his question related to the virtualization in the first place?21:22
tomreyngimzmoe: i can't really guess what changed though. maybe you installed a firewall and thus iptables messages are going to the console?21:23
Woetgimzmoe: put the messages you're getting on a pastebin and link it here21:23
tomreynWoet: gimzmoe mentioned a recent change in behaviour without them changing things. my theory there was that this is indeed a container system and the host had changed to a different kernel image.21:24
gimzmoeit's not the content of the messages that's bothering me, it's the fact that the messages render unsolicited on ssh session21:24
Woettomreyn: most of the time when people say "nothing changed", something definitely changed.21:24
Woetgimzmoe: I know, and the content of the messages might tell us why they're in your console.21:24
gimzmoeWoet: I'm sure something did, it might have been something I did, or something the provided did to my VPS for me.  I really don't know, I was having a hard time looking while the messages interupted every commandline21:25
tomreynWoet: in my experience, most of the time when the term 'VPS' is used to refer to virtual server, this is containers, not VMs. YMMV.21:25
Woettomreyn: oh, yea, it's the opposite for me :)21:25
tomreynWoet: let's do the meta discussion in #ubuntu-discuss if there's be more, please, just so we keep it clean here.21:26
Woetgimzmoe: speaking of other channels, #ubuntu-server might be a better place for this.21:26
tomreyn(and thanks for your comments)21:26
tomreynpedahzur: ubuntu bugs are tracked on launchpad.net - you could look it up there.21:31
JonnyGatorsFixed the USB ports....gigabyte has some stupid bios settings.  But I can't get citrix workspace to install.  Someone here told me last night that debian packages should work with ubuntu, but when I try to run the package, the software app tells me it's not supported.21:34
sarnoldyou could install a debian instance in lxd and run it that way, perhaps?21:37
tomreynJonnyGators: i don't know what exactly you were told, but most of the time, or generally, you shoould not mix .deb packages from different linux distributions21:39
JonnyGatorsOk....then not the debian package.  I still need to get citrix workspace installed on here though, but the other 2 options are rpm package or tarball package, don't have a clue what to do with them.21:41
tomreynhmm, then *maybe* .deb *can* be right in this case. you'll need to check the documentation citrix provides, including which linux distributions they support it on. or, as sarnold suggested, use an alternative software.21:43
JonnyGatorsI really can't find much in the way of information on linux support, just downloads for the packages....are you saying citrix provided useless crap that won't work on ubuntu?21:47
JonnyGatorsI find this ridiculous.....download a windows installer, it works.  Look for a linux installer, 3 files, that don't work, and you have to dig through documentation that doesn't exist to figure anything out?21:48
JonnyGatorsHeck, I can't even figure out how to get a shortcut on the desktop - the concept of drag and drop, or rightclick and have an option to add to desktop, seems to be lost on whoever designed this.21:48
tomreynJonnyGators: no, i wasn't meaning to say that "citrix provided useless crap that won't work on ubuntu", just that you're trying to use a software that's not part of ubuntu (alternatives should exist in ubuntu, though), and thus can't be reasonably supported here.21:49
JonnyGatorsIt's just frustrating that it feels like linux was intentionally designed to be as illogical and unfriendly as possible.  I don't get why things weren't setup to just work, we certainly have the technology and ability available to us today to do that.21:50
tomreynlinux distributions form a much more diverse ecosystem than windows does (there is just one of it, with different versions).21:51
tomreynlet's more to #ubuntu-discuss, if you would like to discuss ubuntu, or to ##linux if you'd like to discuss the linux kernel and linux distributions in general21:51
JonnyGatorsI was hoping to get some basic functionality on my machine, I'm just....every time I try this it's like banging my head against a brick wall.21:52
truexfan81how do you remove i386 packages with apt? libnvidia-compute-450/focal,now 450.66-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 i386 [installed,automatic] to be more specific21:53
truexfan81i have all nvidia packages removed except that one21:54
truexfan81can't figure out how to remove that one21:54
tomreynapt purge libnvidia-compute-450:i38621:54
truexfan81:i386 thats what i was missing thank you a ton21:55
tomreynyou're welcome21:55
jpdsJonnyGators: When it comes to proprietary software lik Citrix, it really is up to the vendor to provide good Linux support21:55
jpdsJonnyGators: There's nothing Ubuntu can change about that21:55
truexfan81if you are wondering why i'm removing the nvidia stuff, i'm prepping the system for a switch to an amd 5700xt21:55
summonnerJonnyGators - you might need a different desktop environment or possibly a different distro if that's what you're seeking. With everything, Linux has always been shell-centric, desktops are a "nice-to-have"21:56
truexfan81tomreyn: all nvidia packages are removed, anything else i need to do before i power off and swap gpus?21:56
tomreyntruexfan81: i'm not very familiar with changes nvidia packages make to your system, so can't really comment there.21:57
summonnertruexfan81, you might want to make sure it works with the default drivers first before you swap GPUs - just thinking that you want to only change 1 step and not 2 steps (does that make sense?)21:57
tomreyntruexfan81: if everything was properly packaged in .deb's and you removed and nvidia packages you should be good to go.21:57
truexfan81sudo apt list --installed | grep nvidia lists nothing21:58
tomreyntruexfan81: apt-forktracer lets you review packages which are installed from unknown apt repositories21:58
summonnertruexfan81, so reboot and see if your X starts up normally without the vendor-specific drivers21:58
tomreynyou also should not have a static xorg.conf anywhere below /etc/X1121:59
truexfan81well i know the nvidia packages blacklist nouveau, what i don't know is if they remove the blacklist when you remove them, so i may find myself unable to boot with the nvidia card, unless i figure out all the files i need to check for said blacklist22:00
summonneryou just won't be able to access video resolutions higher than defaults (800x600/1024x768)22:01
tomreynyou may also want to check how you booted previously:   cat /proc/cmdline22:01
truexfan81there is something i could do to guarantee it boots22:02
tomreynthere shouldn't be extra options such as nomodeset22:02
truexfan81i could sudo systemctl setdefault multiuser.target lulz22:02
tomreynyou haven't told us about anything you did that would prevent it from booting.22:02
summonnerand put the nouv driver back    sudo apt install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau ( I think that's right?)22:03
tomreynif you end up on a black screen you can always reboot to !recovery22:03
ubottuIf your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode22:03
summonnerand check also the      lsmod | grep nouveau22:03
truexfan81well if nouveau is still blacklisted, it will hang when trying to load nouveau from what i've seen previously22:03
JonnyGatorsdesktops are nice to have...huh.....interesting philosophy on computers.22:03
truexfan81kk will do that22:03
truexfan81summonner: no output from that command22:04
tomreynJonnyGators: please note this very channel (as i mentioned, there ar eothers you could also join), is strictly about ubuntu Q&A22:04
summonnertruexfan81,    what does    sudo apt search nouveau   give you?22:04
truexfan81also if i wanted to nomodeset boot how would i do that when using systemd boot?22:05
summonnertruexfan81,   don't paste/just correct what I wrote I mean22:05
tomreyntruexfan81: this channel only supports ubuntu, not your derivative22:05
tomreyn(i think we told you before)22:06
summonnernomodeset - press e to edit your grub options on boot and pop that after the options ro quiet splash22:06
summonnerplaying around with the grub config for a once or twice boot seems like a waste of time22:07
xbfrogDo you know any website that has instructions to install an ssd in a laptop with ubuntu?22:26
xbfrogsamsung only supports windows22:27
jeremy31xbfrog: it shouldn't be any different than a HDD22:27
xbfrogthen i wonder why they send an instruction manual that must be 40 pages long22:27
sarnolddo you mean, "how can I move all my data from an hdd to an ssd with very little effort"? or adding another drive to a computer that's got drive bays? or ..22:28
jeremy31xbfrog: I am using a Samsung SSD 860 EVO now22:28
xbfrogmove all my complete so to the ssd22:28
xbfrogjeremy31:  thats what i bought22:28
jeremy31clonezilla on USB22:29
jpdsxbfrog: It doesn't matter, Ubuntu will recognize the drive22:29
xbfrogit was frustrating to get instructions in mouse print and told by samsung support the only instructions were in the box22:30
xbfrogok i'll try clonezilla22:31
sarnoldjeremy31: clonezilla looks useful22:31
xbfrogi know i could just put in the drive and start over but i have countless hours of setups and tweeking i'd hate to loose22:32
xbfrogok thanks22:32
jpdsxbfrog: In that case, you have backups, in case your current drive just suddenly dies22:33
xbfrogya i was using deja dup but it seems rather short of backing up all data, it just wants to backup the home dir.22:33
xbfrognot many options22:34
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xbfrogi tried to setup backula but the setup was over my head22:38
xbfrogand the ##bacula channel is only for developers22:38
jpdsxbfrog: Easiest tool is going to be rsync22:39
xbfrogok thanks22:39
xbfrogthats the question i shoulda asked :)22:39
WalterWhitesCookMy bluetooth headphones work on Iphone, windows, and android, but have a low quality connection on Ubuntu. Any ideas?23:11
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sarnoldWalterWhitesCook: bluetooth has a lot of protocols, and the linux bluetooth implementation doesn't have anywhere near as much support as the other vendors; in short, no one has written support for better protocols23:13
WalterWhitesCooksarnold: makes sense23:13
sarnoldWalterWhitesCook: maybe there's some other reason for your problems, but if you check the profile used, you'll probably see the other vendors using a nice one, and linux connections not23:13
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zenguitarJust wondering if anyone can help out here. I am running ubuntu-studio 20.10 alpha which is working great except that it cannot detect hotplug USB devices. It is new PC build with UEFI BIOS, the Logitech USB Unifier receiver works in the front USB 2.0 port (but nowhere else) and when I plug in my MIDI M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 it is not detected (dmesg has nothing for it)23:36
zenguitarI checked with USB drives too, plugged in and nothing in dmesg etc.23:37
zenguitarIt is multi-boot PC and these things work on Windows 10. However I also have Manjaro Linux on this box and it has the same USB detection problem as UStudio.23:38
sarnoldzenguitar: do these devices work well on other computers? have those cables worked well with other devices? do those devices work if you plug them into other ports?23:38
zenguitarAny ideas? I checked the UEFI BIOS settings but they all seem to be good.23:38
zenguitarYeah the MIDI keyboard, USB drives etc. all work fine on Windows 10 on same PC and on my linux laptop23:39
zenguitarThe devices still don't work if I plug them in other ports (I'm using a powered USB hub too which works fine normally)23:40
zenguitarThe weird thing is if I take out the Logitech receiver and plug it into the front USB3 port it doesn't work - plug it back into the USB2 port and it works with info in dmesg23:41
zenguitarThis is driving me nuts!  Ha ha23:41
sarnoldzenguitar: how are you testing 'not detected'? does lsbusb show anything?23:42
zenguitarsarnold: breakthrough! don't know why I didn't think of this before - I plugged the powered USB hub into the USB 2.0 front port and bingo all devices detected. It must be something to do with the internal cabling on the motherboard...I'll open her up and check it today.23:51
zenguitarweird though, it works when I am logged into Win10...23:51

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