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zenguitarJust wondering can someone help troubleshoot USB MIDI connection problem? Pretty sure it's something to do with UEFI BIOS settings. I'm using Ubunutu-Studio 20.10 Alpha, which is working great with my Saffire Firewire audio device!21:38
OvenWerkszenguitar: I can try...21:42
OvenWerksI know almost nothing about UEFI, but I think if you can boot that is probably not the problem.21:43
OvenWerksSo I think you have either a USB MIDI plug or a USB keyboard set up.21:43
zenguitarokay thanks. The funny thing is on the same (recently built) multi-boot PC, the MIDI USB M-Audio Keystation 88 Pro works fine in Windows 10, but it's only in Ubutu Studio and Manjaro Linux that it is not recognised by the kernel (dmesg output = zilch) when I plug in the USB21:46
OvenWerkszenguitar: do any other USB devices work (memory stick for example)?21:47
zenguitarOvenWorks: Interesting. Plugged in two different USB drives (one Seagate 4Tb drive and a little 64Gb flash drive stick), nothing happens - checked dmesg, nothing. I nplugged and replugged the little Logitech receiver for wireless keyboard/mouse. Dmesg shows it is detected and works.21:55
zenguitarOvenWerks: These USB drives all work in Windows 10 on the same PC21:57
OvenWerksSo, it would seem bios passes it's detection of the keyboard on to the os. Anything new doesn't get seen.21:58
OvenWerksYou may wish to ask on #ubuntu as there are very few people here... and I for one, don't know where to jump from here. If you have both USB 2 and USB 3 sockets, does it make a difference which you use?21:59
zenguitaryes. Another check, the Logitech unifying receiver only works on the front USB 2.0 port of the case. I tried it in the other ports...nothing. Only when I plug it back in the front port it works.22:00
zenguitarOvenWerks: Thanks a mil, I'll head over to #ubuntu channel and see if anyone can think of something. Thanks for your help, cheers!22:01
OvenWerksno problem, wish I could help more.22:02
zenguitarCool, however I am impressed with Ubuntu Studio 20.10 so far - my Saffire firewire audio device working out-of-the-box with alsa firewire drivers was a big and pleasant surprise!22:03
OvenWerksI am running a FW device as well right now (audiofire 12).22:05
zenguitarOvenWerks: Great!  It's nice to not have to fiddle around to get the FW device working for once.23:18
zenguitarOvenWerks: Great news I got it working - workaround actually. I plugged the powered USB board into the front USB2.0 port (which was working for the Logitech receiver) and anything plugged in to that works. So there must be some internal motherboard cabling issue that I will have to fix later.23:57

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