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SchaeggiHi all!06:47
SchaeggiIs it a known issue that xubuntu does have problems if NVIDIA "X Server Display Configuration" is set to "Force (Full) Composition Pipeline"? If I enable it, I can log in but then get my background image only. No user interface (Menu, Bars, Windows etc). Running applications with shortcuts does not do anything in the foreground. After switching to tty5 (or any other) by pressing ctrl+alt+F5 and switching 06:47
Schaeggiback to tty7 all is fine again. Shortcut started apps show up as well. I'm running Xubuntu 20.04 with nvidia-driver-440. I had this problem on 18.04 as well. Of course I could disable the "Force ..." option, but it reduces screen tearing on my machine a lot.06:47
pjotterDoes anybody know what's going on with xfce4-weather-plugin? It stopped working a couple of days ago.22:29
ubot93Commit 97601ab in xfce4-weather-plugin "Switch to the 2.0 API"22:32
pjotterThanks Unit19322:32
pjotterIs that a patch?22:32
Unit193But the current version seems to work for me.22:34
pjotterI tested it on 16.04, 18.04 and 20,04. Only 20.04 worked for me.22:34
Unit193Only that one has the latest version, I wouldn't expect the one from 2016 to work.22:35
pjotterBut 18.04 should be working?22:35
pjotterIs it possible to recompile this for 16.04?22:36
Unit193You could likely backport the current version to 16.04.22:39
pjottercurrent version complains about a dependency: libc6 (>=2.29) on my system. Would that be a problem when I try to backport it on my system?22:42

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