wallyworldkelvinliu: small azure PR if you have time https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1196503:52
kelvinliuwallyworld:  lgtm ty04:03
wallyworldgr8 ty04:04
flxfooHi all,06:40
flxfooQuick questions06:40
flxfooAbout controller and amazon06:40
flxfoowhen stopping an instance, amazon release public ip. So if I have a juju client trying to connect with a (re)started controller , it can not reach it as public ip changed.06:41
flxfoohow do you guys deal with that?06:41
flxfooI can change .local/share/juju/controllers.yaml file, but if so, is there any side effect due to the change of the controller public ip?06:42
flxfoo(I sniffed that juju instances communicate with controller through the public ip and private ip)06:43
flxfoosumarized question would be: does controller public ip changes impact anything else like models or instances?06:44
wallyworldflxfoo: if the controller has been set up in a HA cluster, the IP addresses of the controllers are used to configure the mongo replicaset. for a single controller, changing the IP in controllers.yaml should be ok. for HA controllers, I think the new IP address would get shared with the other controllers when it restarts so will hopefully be ok in that case too06:52
flxfoowallyworld:thanks, the controller is not under HA.06:54
flxfoowallyworld:let's say just one controller...06:54
wallyworldshould be ok then06:54
flxfoowallyworld:a quick one (on top)06:55
flxfooit is possible to use Elastic IP amazon product, and that IP would not then change. Is there a way to set that IP when bootstrapping a controller?06:56
flxfoo(I am pretty sure it is not) I did not find any kind of setting in bottstrap constraint related to that (in aws mode)06:56
achilleasamanadart: small PR https://github.com/juju/charm/pull/31509:35
achilleasamanadart: I wonder whether the (expose-to-spaces and expose-to-cidrs) parameters should only be allowed to be specified via an overlay...10:15
achilleasathe exposed-endpoints one is fine to include in a generic bundle10:15
achilleasabut spaces are deployment-specific, right?10:15
iceyany ideas why, on juju 2.8.1, I'd have models get stuck destroying: 'zaza-ad0927e3d0a7*  serverstack/serverstack  openstack  destroying         0      -  admin   38 minutes ago'?11:17
iceyit sesms fairly reliable for me, and if I create another model, no resources from that model will be deletable11:17
achilleasamanadart: followup PR to charm https://github.com/juju/charm/pull/31611:49
achilleasamanadart: another small one, this time for bundlechanges https://github.com/juju/bundlechanges/pull/6612:20
achilleasamanadart: is this ok or do we need more tests? https://github.com/juju/bundlechanges/pull/66/commits/1f1bf821bf24d7909faf36aff648f87a9aafe12912:41
manadartachilleasa: Good to go, I think.12:44
achilleasaI think I may need to do the same for pylibjuju so I created a card so as not to forget and will check with Simon when he's back12:45
jammorning all14:22
pmatulisis there any reason why i should not use --force with destroy-model ?15:40
=== tamas_erdei is now known as terdei
jam@pmatulis, generally we don't recommend --force by default, as it allows us to bypass certain checks and may leave things behind like security rules/storage/etc.20:49
jamI don't know the specifics, but usually --force says "if I get a failure trying to cleanup a resource, keep tearing down the rest"20:49
pmatulisjam, alright22:46

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