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tomreyngotoboy: do you need any help?16:31
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lubot<Mateusz Konieczny> How can I setup hotspot on lubuntu?20:45
lubot<Mateusz Konieczny> I keep finding howto guides relying on Ubuntu GUIs or ones from 2012?20:45
lubot<Mateusz Konieczny> And now I also lost wifi options from bottom taskbar, I wonder how I may restore them. I see nothing in widget list.21:31
lubot<Mateusz Konieczny> How can I restore bottom bar?21:43
guiverc@Mateusz Konieczny, what release of Lubuntu?  (I gather you mean panel)22:35
guiverchttps://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/5/5.1/lxqt-panel.html is the manual page for modern Lubuntu (20.04) ;  it won't mention restoration to defaults though22:36
guivercI don't know if restoration is easy, me I'd just add new panel & setup as I wanted, or if needs be copy a ~/.config/lxqt/panel.conf from another system (VM created just to steal it for example) and modify that..22:38
* guiverc doesn't know how to do it sorry, why what I offered is possibly inelegant22:40
lubot<Mateusz Konieczny> Thanks for help!22:47
lubot<Mateusz Konieczny> In my specific case adding system tray and restarting computer worked. Note that system tray after adding was empty, wifi icon appeared only after restart.22:47
lubot<Mateusz Konieczny> Fortunately other damage was possible to reconstruct.22:47
lubot<Mateusz Konieczny> At least after 90 minutes I am at starting point, not in even worse situation :)22:48
guiverc@Mateusz Konieczny, an added panel will be empty by default (you add what you want to it).. do you know what you did before (that caused panel to disappear maybe?)  This is maybe third I've heard with this query (not counting current one on askubu)22:54
guiverc@Mateusz Konieczny, FYI: if you don't like SE, you could use discourse.lubuntu.me for Lubuntu questions22:56
lubot<Mateusz Konieczny> "do you know what you did before (that caused panel to disappear maybe?)" - I probably dragged something somewhere.23:02
guiverc:)    love that response.. that happens to me all the time!23:03
lubot<Mateusz Konieczny> Or right click on wifi to get into detail + quit causing it to disappear?23:03
lubot<Mateusz Konieczny> I was going into edit connection in futile attempts to setup local network from laptop23:03

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