crorafFor some reason I have kde-frameworks-5-core18 snap installed. What is this for, and can I remove it?00:20
sarnoldcroraf: snaps can depend upon each other, so it's possible that it is a required dependency of another snap you have installed00:26
guiverccroraf, likely you've added a snap that uses that framework; you'll lose the ability to run the snap that requires it00:26
sarnoldcroraf: I would hope snap would report the dependency if you try to remove it00:26
crorafsarnold, quiverc, thanks. I'm trying to get rid of snaps00:30
crorafeverybody recommends not to use them, and I had problems with them couple of times already00:30
sarnoldcroraf: oh, sudo apt purge snapd   should do it all in one go :)00:30
crorafsarnold, do you think i should not use snaps at all?00:31
sarnoldcroraf: I'm not particularly fussed either way; I find it useful to have eg youtube-dl updated on a different schedule than the rest of my OS, so I have that installed as a snap..00:31
sarnoldcroraf: but if that's not a thing you care about, then go ahead and kill it00:32
crorafThese are the only snaps that remain on my system https://pasteboard.co/JprBoh9.png sarnold00:32
crorafI'm not really sure if I can delete these00:33
sarnoldgnome is the only question, I think; what desktop environment are you running?00:33
crorafThe default Ubuntu 20.0400:34
crorafIs that Unity00:34
crorafor how is it called00:34
sonicwindcroraf, https://www.kevin-custer.com/blog/disabling-snaps-in-ubuntu-20-04/ might help... got it bookmarked00:34
crorafsonicwind, hehe :)00:35
crorafI can live with default snaps00:36
crorafI want my system to have as few modifications as possible from the default.00:36
crorafCause I constantly have some issues, so I want the debugging to be easier.00:37
sonicwindI used to be like that until I became more familiar with Linux, and started keeping better notes of what I've done.00:37
crorafOh, it says that I'm using Gnome00:38
sonicwindmessing up is part of how you learn stuff :-D00:38
sonicwindyes default is gnome00:38
croraf~$ echo $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP   ubuntu:GNOME00:38
crorafsonicwind, but I think they did a change at 20.04 or 18.04 from GNOME to Unity or vice versa00:39
sonicwindUnity to gnome00:39
crorafat 20.04?00:39
sonicwind18.04 for the LTS00:40
Maikcroraf: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS was Gnome too, ubuntu 16.04 was the last LTS release with Unity. The 17.04 was the last interim/regular release with Unity. They switched to gnome since Ubuntu 17.10.01:26
lotuspsychjegood morning02:58
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