vorlonok who keeps trying to rebuild llvm-toolchain-8 on riscv64, ain't nobody need that00:16
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted grub2 [amd64] (groovy-proposed) [2.04-1ubuntu30]00:16
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted grub2 [arm64] (groovy-proposed) [2.04-1ubuntu30]00:16
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-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: libvirt (focal-proposed/main) [6.0.0-0ubuntu8.3 => 6.0.0-0ubuntu8.4] (ubuntu-server, virt)05:32
LocutusOfBorgrbalint, your upload of glibc missed the fix for Debian bug https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=96414107:07
ubot5Debian bug 964141 in libc6 "libc6: "cannot allocate memory in static TLS block" with some library combinations on arm64" [Normal,Fixed]07:07
LocutusOfBorgwhy did 2ubuntu1 get removed?07:07
LocutusOfBorgin any case, we should upload a ubuntu12 with the patch soon... its preventing lots of opencv reverse dependencies from having autopkgtests work on arm6407:08
LocutusOfBorge.g. autopkgtest for facedetect/0.1-3: amd64: Pass, arm64: Regression ♻ , armhf: Pass, ppc64el: Pass, s390x: Pass07:08
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: haskell-esqueleto [amd64] (groovy-proposed/universe) [] (no packageset)07:30
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: xorg-server (bionic-proposed/main) [2:1.19.6-1ubuntu4.5 => 2:1.19.6-1ubuntu4.6] (desktop-core, xorg)07:39
LocutusOfBorghaskell-esqueleto has a new "-doc" package, leaf package nothing to care about ^^08:21
LocutusOfBorgsagemath (Debian bug: #963338) is a blocker for flint, as well as e-antic (Debian bug: #963290) vorlon can you please have a look? they entangle my transition...08:23
ubot5Debian bug 963338 in src:sagemath "sagemath: FTBFS: RuntimeError: Aborted" [Serious,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/96333808:23
ubot5Debian bug 963290 in src:e-antic "e-antic: FTBFS: ../e-antic/e-antic.h:24:2: error: #error FLINT 2.5.2 or 2.5.3 required" [Serious,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/96329008:23
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted systemd [source] (xenial-proposed) [229-4ubuntu21.29]08:32
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed-oracle [amd64] (focal-proposed/main) [5.4.0-1023.23] (core, kernel)08:34
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed-gcp [amd64] (focal-proposed) [5.4.0-1023.23]09:01
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed-oracle [amd64] (focal-proposed) [5.4.0-1023.23]09:01
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed-oem-5.6 [amd64] (focal-proposed) [5.6.0-1025.25]09:01
tjaaltonwhy do we still have wrongly versioned mate components on the focal queue?10:39
tjaalton-0ubuntu0 can't be right10:39
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: rejected caja-extensions [source] (focal-proposed) [1.24.1-0ubuntu0]10:41
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: rejected eom [source] (focal-proposed) [1.24.1-0ubuntu0]10:41
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: rejected mate-applets [source] (focal-proposed) [1.24.1-0ubuntu0]10:41
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: rejected mate-control-center [source] (focal-proposed) [1.24.1-0ubuntu0]10:41
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: rejected mate-menus [source] (focal-proposed) [1.24.1-0ubuntu0]10:41
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: rejected mate-panel [source] (focal-proposed) [1.24.1-0ubuntu0]10:41
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: rejected mate-sensors-applet [source] (focal-proposed) [1.24.1-0ubuntu0]10:41
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: rejected mate-settings-daemon [source] (focal-proposed) [1.24.1-0ubuntu0]10:41
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: rejected engrampa [source] (focal-proposed) [1.24.1-0ubuntu0]10:41
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: rejected mate-calc [source] (focal-proposed) [1.24.1-0ubuntu0]10:41
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: rejected mate-notification-daemon [source] (focal-proposed) [1.24.1-0ubuntu0]10:41
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: rejected mate-session-manager [source] (focal-proposed) [1.24.1-0ubuntu0]10:41
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: rejected marco [source] (focal-proposed) [1.24.1-0ubuntu0]10:41
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: rejected mate-power-manager [source] (focal-proposed) [1.24.2-0ubuntu0]10:41
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: rejected mate-media [source] (focal-proposed) [1.24.1-0ubuntu0]10:41
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: rejected mate-terminal [source] (focal-proposed) [1.24.1-0ubuntu0]10:41
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: rejected libmatekbd [source] (focal-proposed) [1.24.1-0ubuntu0]10:41
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: rejected libmateweather [source] (focal-proposed) [1.24.1-0ubuntu0]10:41
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: rejected mate-desktop [source] (focal-proposed) [1.24.1-0ubuntu0]10:41
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: rejected libmatemixer [source] (focal-proposed) [1.24.1-0ubuntu0]10:41
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: rejected mate-common [source] (focal-proposed) [1.24.2-0ubuntu0]10:41
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted im-config [source] (focal-proposed) [0.44-1ubuntu1.2]10:51
sil2100Laney: hello! We have a netplan FFe for someone to review and act on - I think I probably shouldn't be the one ACKing it as I have worked on some of those changes and obviously want it to go in11:30
sil2100Laney: would you have a moment to take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/netplan.io/+bug/1894197 ?11:30
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1894197 in netplan.io (Ubuntu) "[FFe] Update to netplan.io 0.100" [Undecided,New]11:30
sil2100It's got quite the number of changes, which is why we want it landed as soon as possible - we were unable to make it in time for FF11:30
sil2100With my release team hat it's a +1, since netplan - even though risky - has an extensive unit test and integration test story, with every new feature fully covered by both (mostly thanks to slyon!)11:31
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted libreoffice [source] (focal-proposed) [1:6.4.6-0ubuntu0.20.04.1]11:41
Laneysil2100: sure, let me look after lunch (+ probably after rpi meeting)11:42
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted livecd-rootfs [source] (focal-proposed) [2.664.6]11:48
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted initramfs-tools [source] (focal-proposed) [0.136ubuntu6.3]12:14
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted apport [source] (focal-proposed) [2.20.11-0ubuntu27.9]12:17
rbalintLocutusOfBorg, yes, i know that, i'm preparing to land glibc 2.32 next week in ppa:ci-train-ppa-service/401712:52
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: gcc-9 (focal-proposed/main) [9.3.0-10ubuntu2 => 9.3.0-17ubuntu1~20.04] (core, i386-whitelist) (sync)12:52
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: gcc-10 (focal-proposed/main) [10-20200411-0ubuntu1 => 10.2.0-5ubuntu1~20.04] (i386-whitelist) (sync)12:54
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted gcc-9 [sync] (focal-proposed) [9.3.0-17ubuntu1~20.04]13:22
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted gcc-10 [sync] (focal-proposed) [10.2.0-5ubuntu1~20.04]13:23
LocutusOfBorgthanks rbalint please let me know as soon as you have something, it is blocking quite lots of things13:32
LocutusOfBorgotherwise I can upload a glibc just with that patch...13:32
LocutusOfBorgor well, copy back in proposed the 2ubuntu1 version!13:33
LocutusOfBorgseb128, do you plan a poppler merge=13:35
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: rejected initramfs-tools [source] (bionic-proposed) [0.130ubuntu3.10]13:42
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted initramfs-tools [source] (bionic-proposed) [0.130ubuntu3.10]13:48
tjaaltonmwhudson: hi, could you please add the sru information as requested on bug 188763813:48
ubot5bug 1887638 in launchpad-buildd "Failure to build snap that runs pull-lp-source" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/188763813:48
rbalintLocutusOfBorg, by have something you mean landing in groovy-proposed, or in bileto?14:28
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: nova [amd64] (groovy-proposed/main) [2:22.0.0~b2~git2020073014.2f3a380c3c-0ubuntu2] (openstack, ubuntu-server)14:30
LocutusOfBorgrbalint, groovy proposed14:41
LocutusOfBorgI can copy the binary that has been dropped14:41
LocutusOfBorgand your bileto publish will in any case superseed it14:41
Laneywhat's the point of that if it's not going to migrate?14:45
Laneytricking proposed-migration into releasing things by hacking the triggers is not good14:45
rbalintLocutusOfBorg, the binary copy will clog the test infra, the package in bileto looks good, let me pre-test 2.32 in bileto and land it early next week14:55
rbalintLocutusOfBorg, thank you for working hard, i know this is not ideal but triggering all the tests with a copied back glibc slows down the next planned glibc upload14:56
Laneyto be fair, if there were test results from a previous run those should be found14:57
Laneylike if it was copied and then deleted14:57
rbalintLaney, ah, this sounds better14:58
Laneystill I don't like the motivations behind the request ;-)14:58
rbalintLaney, i'm ok with it, it won't migrate because cross-toolchain-base needs an update, but let me abstain then14:59
Laneyrbalint: I think the idea is to hack the triggers of those failing things to make them migrate, but then they go in without the corresponding glibc15:00
Laneybut I'm guessing a bit, so maybe LOB can put me at ease :-)15:01
rbalintLaney, well, if they pass, they are not buggy15:01
Laneyit doesn't say anything about the state of what will be the release pocket15:01
rbalintLaney, this is true :-(15:02
rbalintLaney, i'm kind of getting satisfied enough with glibc 2.32 in the ppa so i could just test it in groovy-proposed instead of with bileto15:04
LocutusOfBorgLaney, I agree on your point15:04
LocutusOfBorgto be honest, in my its quicker to copy back the glibc fixes rather than asking to force-hint-reset some tests :p15:05
LocutusOfBorgyour point is valid, and I fully agree. I was just proposing something quick to have at least the fix in proposed pocket, because the bug that makes test fail is not in the packages, but in glibc itself15:06
LocutusOfBorgso, now lots of testsuites changed from fail to pass on arm64, and are shown as regression15:06
LocutusOfBorge.g. if you could hint facedetect on arm64, it would be so helpful15:07
rbalintLocutusOfBorg, they will be green again in a few days, don't worry15:07
LocutusOfBorgsure, just I would like to make ilmbase migrate15:08
seb128LocutusOfBorg, @poppler, yes, why?15:09
LocutusOfBorgseb128, just asking, as usual, I propose my help in fixing rdeps :)15:10
LocutusOfBorgwe are back to two packages to have ilmbase, flint, opencv, flint-arb, cfitsio migration15:11
seb128LocutusOfBorg, thx, probably next week, I don't want to risk delaying libffi with some more changes15:11
LocutusOfBorg^^ sagemath, and probably copy vips from 8.9.2-1 to proposed pocket, the version 8.10.0 is regressing on arm64 and ppc64el also in Debain15:12
LocutusOfBorgvorlon, if you can have a look, it would be awesome15:12
LocutusOfBorgI opened a bug in Debian against vips/8.10.015:14
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New source: libnss-nis (groovy-proposed/primary) [3.1-0ubuntu1]15:15
dokoLaney, sil2100: autopkg tests don't seem to be triggered for https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/focal/update_excuses.html (yes, focal)15:17
vorlondoko: example? http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/running#queue-huge-groovy-amd64 shows that there's a backlog on focal, for amd64/armhf/arm6415:21
vorlondoko: and I do see tests in progress triggered by gcc-9, e.g., the most recent focal upload recorded by britney15:22
dokovorlon: well, the URL doesn't show anything triggered, like it's done for gcc-915:22
vorlonah, gcc-10 is newer but shows no autopkgtests15:22
vorlonso is that the concern?15:22
vorlonshould gcc-10 get autopkgtests triggered in focal, given that it has no reverse-dependencies?15:22
dokoit has, all the runtime libs15:23
vorlon            if re.match(r'gcc-\d$', src) or src == 'gcc-defaults':15:23
dokobut I don't care that much, the test rebuild itself didn't show any regressions15:23
vorlonthat regexp doesn't match -1015:23
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New source: libnss-nisplus (groovy-proposed/primary) [1.3-0ubuntu1]15:23
vorlondoko: were you noticing this problem also for gcc-10 in groovy?15:24
vorlonbecause it looks to me it should've been the same15:25
dokovorlon: I'll tell you once the arm64 is done ;p15:25
rbalintvorlon, Laney could you please check the libnss-* packages in NEW? (for next glibc)15:26
dokorbalint: is this new source, or splitted out from glibc?15:27
rbalintdoko, i'd say forked15:29
rbalintdoko, some time ago15:29
rbalintdoko, they will also need MIR next week15:30
dokook, looking ...15:30
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted haskell-esqueleto [amd64] (groovy-proposed) []15:34
vorlonLocutusOfBorg: when 2 out of 6 reverse-dependencies of a library aren't ready to go, I question whether it's in the best interest of the users to take that transition yet (flint)15:34
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted dropwatch [riscv64] (groovy-proposed) [1.5.3-1build1]15:35
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted nova [amd64] (groovy-proposed) [2:22.0.0~b2~git2020073014.2f3a380c3c-0ubuntu2]15:35
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted microcode-initrd [amd64] (groovy-proposed) [1]15:35
LocutusOfBorgvorlon, only sagemath15:35
LocutusOfBorge-antic is fixed15:35
vorlonLocutusOfBorg: e-antics? and sagemath has sagetex as a revdep15:35
LocutusOfBorgI fixed e-antic some minutes ago15:35
LocutusOfBorgsagemath FWIW I can upload with no testsuite waiting for debian fixes :p15:36
LocutusOfBorgthat package fails testsuite each months or so15:36
LocutusOfBorg-$(call run_tests_with_retry,arch,$(SAGE_TEST_FLAGS_ARCH) src/sage,350)15:36
LocutusOfBorg+$(call run_tests_with_retry,arch,$(SAGE_TEST_FLAGS_ARCH) src/sage,200)15:36
LocutusOfBorgehi, less that 350 failures is good :D15:37
LocutusOfBorgthis is how sagemath works, meh!15:37
dokorbalint: why MIR, does glibc has runtime deps on those?15:38
vorlonrolling back vips to unblock cfitsio transition15:39
rbalintdoko, yes, will have15:39
LocutusOfBorgthanks vorlon if you want please reference debian bug #96953815:39
ubot5Debian bug 969538 in src:vips "vips/ruby-vips: autopkgtest regression on arm64 and ppc64el" [Serious,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/96953815:39
vorlonLocutusOfBorg: it's a temporary rollback so I didn't bother :)15:40
vorlonLocutusOfBorg: ok, if it's just sagemath+sagetex now, I'll have a look15:41
LocutusOfBorgno problem thanks for rolling it back15:41
LocutusOfBorgplease hint facedetect on arm64, it fails because of glibc discussed above15:41
LocutusOfBorgTLS block, something that was fixed in glibc 2ubuntu1, but it has been deleted because of something buggy15:42
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted libnss-nis [source] (groovy-proposed) [3.1-0ubuntu1]15:42
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted libnss-nisplus [source] (groovy-proposed) [1.3-0ubuntu1]15:42
vorlonsagemath removed15:42
LocutusOfBorgI triggered ruby-image-science autopkgtest against itself, lets see15:43
LocutusOfBorgseems the *last* blocker15:43
vorlonfacedetect hinted15:43
LocutusOfBorgbut please let opencv migrate, it is needed for the transition, even if not directly spot by britney!15:43
LocutusOfBorg(without opencv rebuild, some syum15:43
LocutusOfBorg*symbos mismatches between c++11 and c++14 were making half of ilmbase rebuilds fail to link)15:44
LocutusOfBorgso, opencv has to migrate15:44
dokorbalint: both ftbfs with uninstallability issues15:46
dokoand I'll add those plus libnsl to the i386 bootstrap15:48
rbalintdoko, yes, they will build when glibc 2.32 lands15:51
rbalintdoko, i'm tidying up glibc in https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/4017/+packages, they build there15:52
dokorbalint: please re-upload libnsl, and libnss-nis* to pick up the i386 build records15:56
rbalintdoko, do i need to reupload libnss* which did not build?16:06
rbalintdoko, libc6-dev will also depend on rpcsvc-proto in case you would like to add that, too16:07
dokorbalint: yes, to create the build record16:12
dokorbalint: I can't add it yet, because it's not yet in the archive16:13
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Packageset: Added libnsl to i386-whitelist in groovy16:16
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Packageset: Added libnss-nis to i386-whitelist in groovy16:16
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Packageset: Added libnss-nisplus to i386-whitelist in groovy16:16
Laneydoko: rbalint: for future reference, it doesn't need a re-upload, you can use copy-package to copy it back over itself to make the build record be created16:38
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed-azure [amd64] (focal-proposed/main) [5.4.0-1024.24] (core, kernel)16:39
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed-dell300x [amd64] (bionic-proposed/universe) [4.15.0-1002.4] (no packageset)16:40
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed-oracle [amd64] (bionic-proposed/main) [4.15.0-1052.56] (kernel)16:40
rbalintLaney, thanks, will keep that in mind16:45
dokoLaney: I don't like that, because then you probably have very different b-d's on one architecture depending on the age of the package16:58
rbalintdoko, could you please review the glibc changes at https://code.launchpad.net/~rbalint/ubuntu/+source/glibc/+git/glibc/+ref/ubuntu/devel or in ppa:ci-train-ppa-service/4017 ?16:59
rbalintdoko, systemd and a few other autopkgtests passed so i'm comfortable uploading it to groovy-proposed rather than doing the first round of testing in the ppa17:00
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed-azure [amd64] (focal-proposed) [5.4.0-1024.24]17:01
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed-dell300x [amd64] (bionic-proposed) [4.15.0-1002.4]17:06
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed-oracle [amd64] (bionic-proposed) [4.15.0-1052.56]17:06
LocutusOfBorgvorlon, migrated :D17:10
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Packageset: Added libtirpc to i386-whitelist in groovy17:16
dokorbalint: it looks ok'ish, but I can't install the -dev package because of the missing rpcscv-proto package. plus I don't see why you dropped the math-vector-fortran.h change. I can't see how this is picked up by gfortran. some paste in private message17:27
bdmurrayIs there a way to help stunnel4 migrate? For i386 it grew a Build-Depends on ncat which doesn't exist for i386.18:54
rafaeldtinocoI need a FFe for LP: #1894325 (fence-agents), its not a long-to-review one and I'll be the one maintaining it. It adds fence agents to IBM z LPARs and aws, and fixes issues in fence_aws and fence_azure_arm agents (we need them all, and even backport some of them as SRUs later).19:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 1894325 in fence-agents (Ubuntu) "[FFe] Fence Agents should be upgraded to v4.6.0 in Groovy" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/189432519:25
rafaeldtinocoif someone can address it ^. Thanks a lot19:25
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed-azure-4.15 [amd64] (bionic-proposed/main) [4.15.0-1094.104] (no packageset)20:09
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed-gcp-4.15 [amd64] (bionic-proposed/universe) [4.15.0-1082.93] (no packageset)20:09
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed-azure-4.15 [amd64] (bionic-proposed) [4.15.0-1094.104]20:22
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed-gcp-4.15 [amd64] (bionic-proposed) [4.15.0-1082.93]20:22
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vorlonbdmurray: well we could bring nmap/ncat back on i386, but the justification for the maintainer switching stunnel4 to ncat is lame; it's a build-dependency, who cares about special features, packages should just use the default netcat implementation unless they have special requirements20:45
vorlonbdmurray: (our default netcat implementation is netcat-openbsd)20:46
bdmurrayvorlon: why do we care if stunnel4 is availalbe for i386 though?20:49
vorlonbdmurray: because unfortunately it's a build-dependency of curl20:50
vorlonand the stunnel4 change looks per se wrong to me, so I want to just revert i20:50
bdmurrayah, that explains things20:50
bdmurrayyeah, if stunnel4 isn't using the features who cares20:51
vorlonfwiw https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/germinate-output/i386.groovy/i386+build-depends contains the answers to such questions20:51
bdmurraythat's helpful too, thanks21:02
bdmurrayvorlon: lomiri-download-manager has a build-dep on libnih-dbus-dev, so I guess the package should be blacklisted?21:24
LocutusOfBorgvorlon, copy-vips-back?21:46
* LocutusOfBorg tries it21:49
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: haveged (bionic-proposed/universe) [1.9.1-6 => 1.9.1-6ubuntu0.18.04.1] (no packageset)22:51
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: haveged (focal-proposed/universe) [1.9.1-6ubuntu1 => 1.9.1-6ubuntu1.20.04.1] (kubuntu)22:52

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