pjottertomreyn: No luck so far...00:46
pjotterWhere can I find the source packages for higer versions?00:46
Bashing-ompjotter: 0.10.1-1 -- https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-weather-plugin .01:00
Unit193See also, `pull-lp-source`01:12
pjotter@Unit193 and @tomreyn. Thanks a million. I totally fixed it now! It's running again. Hurray!01:30
pjotterI took the 8.11 version and applied the fixes that are actually supposed to be applied to 10.1. But they ales did the trick for 8.1101:34
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xubuntu11iim posting from a virtual machine09:50
saucyyo, version 20.04 or whatever uses twice as much ram as 18.0012:36
saucywhy did did u have to put a nsa backdoor in it that uses twice as much ram12:37
diogenes_saucy, that's probably because of snapd.12:39
saucyI removed snapd but I need it for chromium12:39
saucyyo fricken version 18 used 340mb ram with no snapd, 20 with no snapd is at 600 plus mb of ram usage12:43
saucythese differences make me uncomfortable12:44
pmjdebruijnthe fact that chromium is now distributed via snapd, isn't due to xubuntu, that an upstream Ubuntu thing12:44
pmjdebruijnI don't like it either12:44
pmjdebruijnbut then again, I usually stick with Firefox anyhow12:44
saucyim on a crapbox laptop that i got for free, firefox isnt as snappy as chromium12:45
pmjdebruijnI'm not saying it is12:46
pmjdebruijnalthough the difference has gotten much smaller in recent times12:46
saucyi dont disagree with that12:46
pmjdebruijn18.04 will still be supported a while though12:46
saucyeh, i upgraded12:47
pmjdebruijnwell that's the risk you took :)12:47
pmjdebruijnthe live iso/usb stuff exists for a reason :)12:48
pmjdebruijnbut I'm not snapd fan either, but there not a lot that can be done about that really12:48
saucyisnt snapd closed source?12:49
pmjdebruijnwhy would you say that?12:49
saucyidk i heard someone say it is12:49
pmjdebruijnpeople say dumb things... https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal-updates/snapd sources are right there12:50
pmjdebruijnthe backend infrastructure might be though, not sure about that12:50
saucywhy doesnt debian use it12:51
pmjdebruijnno clue12:51
pmjdebruijnnot sure how that particularly matters12:51
saucydebian u can get chromium right from their packages12:52
saucyno snapd12:52
pmjdebruijni'm sure you can12:52
pmjdebruijnI'm guessing Canonical moved chromium to snapd, as that probably decreases the amount of work they have to do to support multiple versions of ubuntu12:52
pmjdebruijnbut that's just a guess12:53
pmjdebruijnit's basically canonical competitor to redhat's flatpak12:54
pmjdebruijnredhat pushed flatpak under the gnome/freedesktop.org so it seems vendor neutral12:55
pmjdebruijnI'm guessing flatpak will probably win in the end12:55
pmjdebruijnbut i'm not that enthousiastic about either12:55
pmjdebruijnhttps://snapcraft.io/blog/chromium-in-ubuntu-deb-to-snap-transition seems my guess what spot on12:59
saucyits all a cover13:01
pmjdebruijnpeople being lazy usually fits occams razor very well13:02
saucyopera uses snapd, and its backdoored by the chinese13:03
pmjdebruijnnot sure if that's true, but I don't see how that's connected13:03
pmjdebruijngiven that opera software will very likely want to invest as little time as possible into maintenance as well, thus choosing snapd13:04
pmjdebruijnsaucy: snapd's sources are available, so you're free to audit it13:04
pmjdebruijnor simply deinstall it13:05
saucyalso before i leave13:13
saucythe icons in 20.04 for folders went from blue to brown13:13
saucyfor xfce13:13
saucyor whatever13:13
saucyin 18 they were blue13:13
saucynow they are ugly manilla brown13:13
saucycompletely unappealing13:14
saucyif this os wasnt free, id be calling support right now and complaining to a person that can barely speak english about the colors of folders13:15
aplasticsoldierhow do i look at mario in this14:16
az-hello, where I can find the package x0vncserver, it should come with tighervnc but no it's not there16:01
diogenes_!info x0vncserver16:03
ubottuPackage x0vncserver does not exist in focal16:03
tomreynaz-: where did you read about those packages? which xubuntu release are you using?16:13
az-I've used apt search to find it but seems like I should try vnc4server?16:15
tomreynyes, i would think so16:18
tomreynpackage vnc4server provides /usr/bin/x0vnc4server16:20
tomreynon 18.0416:21
Cursarionyo, xfce4-weather-plugin stopped working because met.no deprecated the protocol. It's been fixed already though, someone'd just need to upgrade the package: https://gitlab.xfce.org/panel-plugins/xfce4-weather-plugin/-/commit/97601ab2ad1f9810516be6d3d91c5c9b16d6397a16:38
Cursarion(I'm on 18.04)16:40
tomreynit'S in universe. this same or another "someone" would need to file a bug about it, and/or provide a patch.16:59
tomreynsomeone was here yesterdsy who seemed to report that rebuilding it with just this patch applied made things work again: https://gitlab.xfce.org/panel-plugins/xfce4-weather-plugin/commit/?id=97601ab2ad1f9810516be6d3d91c5c9b16d6397a17:01
tomreyn... using the process discussed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpdatingADeb - on their 18.04 installation.17:01
tomreynCursarion: ^17:01
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.17:02
Cursariondoes ubuntu-bug allow specifying what's wrong? I ran it and it just shows options about sending or not sending a problem report17:22
tomreynCursarion: it collects log files from your system, then forwards you to a website where you can provide further information17:37
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