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IrcsomeBot<RikMills> Fwd from RikMills: Akademy talks are now under way  https://akademy.kde.org/2020/room-links09:07
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> Fwd from RikMills: Live streams available even if you did not register09:07
santa_good morning everybody09:10
santa_RikMills: thanks, already attenting though BBB09:10
santa_valorie: ↑09:10
santa_* attending09:33
santa_RikMills: why is the acc test disabled for kconfig now? was it failing?09:59
RikMillssanta_: just experimenting to see if we could drop more tests10:01
santa_RikMills: the acc tests are ok and usefult, the problems are onyl the tetssuite ones10:02
santa_I don't think dropiing the acc is a good thing to do, they are meant to keep the -dev dependencies in shape10:02
RikMillsmaybe we can run them some other way than spamming the infra with a bazillion rdeps tests10:05
santa_oh, yes, that's a different story :)10:08
santa_maybe we could do what you did + a gbp-test thing to build with the acc enabled?10:09
santa_so this way we would have them disabled in the archive but I could get them enabled when building on my server10:10
RikMillsthat sounds reasonable10:10
santa_ok, I take note10:11
santa_by the way, this weekend we should have frameworks tarballs, may I take care of this particular update?10:11
santa_I would like to test the latest in KA + I'm in the process of updating the docs10:11
santa_we have a few new things that are outdated in the manual10:12
RikMillsfine by me10:12
santa_ack, if possible when doing the upload to the archive it would be nice if you could review the relevant part of the docs while doing it10:13
RikMillsI was getting ready to do it, so aborting that now!10:14
santa_ok, thanks and sorry for the inconvenience10:14
RikMillsnp. not sure the tars are out. was just cloning in a container10:15
santa_I don't see any mail on release team yet10:16
RikMillsno tars on ftp either10:17
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BluesKajHiyas all12:05
santa_RikMills: KA docs updated in master, please feel free to review13:24
santa_I might need to update the part of ppa-build-status because I think it's required to copy the css file13:25
RikMillssanta_: thanks14:37
RikMillsmparillo: install kipi-plugins and see what happens14:37
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IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> kipi-plugins installed fine here. apt show says the kipi-plugins enhances spectacle and gwenview... but I cannot see a difference at a glance...16:01
santa_RikMills: wrt the fw 5.74 I'm going to do as soon as se have the tarballs I have 2 questions:16:51
santa_1. do you want me to use kubuntu_groovy_staging or kubuntu_groovy_backports (just in case)?16:52
santa_2. should I merge kubuntu_unstable given the KCI is off now?16:52
RikMills1. groovy_staging for now please16:53
santa_sure, what about 2.?16:53
RikMills2. merge from unstable would bring anything useful at the moment16:54
RikMills*would not bring16:54
santa_ok, so I will skip that step then16:54
mparilloRikMills: Thank you. Installing kipi-plugins worked. Konsole Output: https://invent.kde.org/-/snippets/1184  Result: https://i.imgur.com/OEvk84R.png17:57
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> What do the plugins do?17:57
mparilloSpectacle now has the ability to directly share your screenshot to Imgur. But it has another option to share with More Online Servcices. The other day I noticed these options when testing Spectacle because Spectacle was listed among the new 2020.08.1 KDE Apps.18:00
mparilloI alerted Rik that, if you select More Online Services, you get some kind of error around KIPI Plug-ins. He replied today that the fix is to install them.18:01
mparilloSo installing it, gave me those 20 or so options you see in the screen shot.18:02
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> ah, quite slick!18:03
mparilloI suppose the follow-on question is whether we want to have the kipi plugins part of the default (full) install, and maybe not part of the minimal install.18:04
valorieoh gosh, Johan Thelin's talk about linux in cars -- is being delivered from a car18:05
mparilloI hope he is not driving18:06
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> Unless I mis-read, it's only a 28.5MB package so I would vote to include it to avoid the error.18:09
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> If you go into the touchscreen system info menu in my car, IIRC it says what linux it runs and other versions of opensourse bit used :)18:13
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> my truck uses open source SW. :)18:13
mparilloAlas my wife's new car appears to have an iPad in its navigation console. When you have a co-pilot, it is wonderful, but I believe a touchscreen, especially with so many options, down well below eye-level is a danger. But even if I focus on the non-free software, that is off-topic for this channel.18:21
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santa_the tarballs that never come20:33
santa_the tarball of the beholder20:34
santa_frayed ends of tarballs20:34
santa_vulgar display of tarballs20:34
santa_ride the tarballing20:35
santa_jump in the tarball20:35
santa_harvester of tarballs20:36
santa_dude, where is my tarball?20:36
santa_hardwired to self tarball20:37
santa_I'm going to wait "all tarball long" to see if I can leave the thing building in the night20:38
mparilloA watched microwave never beeps.21:12
santa_just a tarball away21:12

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