luna_Hello, my computer failed to update from a 5.4 kernel to a 5.8 kernel as i did not have enough diskspace, and broke my system, any easy way to fix this from a live DVD or is reinstalling the best option? 05:22
guivercluna_, please don't cross post !05:54
guivercluna_, I'd treat it like any other failed system due to disk space. select an older kernel at boot & make space, or boot a live system & create space there. I'd not try and login to GUI until space issue resolved (I'd also use runlevel 1 only probably until resolved & `apt -f install` complete successfully.. I've not used rhino, but groovy updated a few days ago to 5.8 I thought06:15
MaikRhino follows the devel series of changes/packages, in this case Groovy at this point so that's why they got 5.8 too. Keep in mind that Rhino isn't a official release, it's just a tool to convert an Ubuntu daily build image into a “rolling release”. :)06:20
luna_guiverc: trying to fix it via chroot now, but now sure how to mount ZFS on an Ubuntu Live DVD06:24
luna_but only getting unknown filesystem type 'zfs member'06:25
guiverci have no experience with ZFS so cannot help. (I've also no experience on rhino, been on groovy near 5 months though)06:26
luna_ah alright06:26
tomreynmake sure the ubuntu live dvd is of the same ubuntu release as the one you are trying to repair.08:00
luna_Got the system saved now, just having a small system, missing the kernel module to get Ethernet working, anyone can help me solve that?08:30
luna_tomreyn: it is08:30
tomreynluna_: pleas edon't keep cross posting08:31
tomreynso you'Re building initramfs with MODULES=dep or =list ?08:34
luna_tomreyn: i installed the generic-kernel 08:34
luna_so guessing thats missing the axl module and other things i need08:34
tomreyngeez cross-posting to 4 channels, you should really know better by now08:36
luna_works on a Live DVD but not on the installed system, is there any way to find out what module is being used, and reinstall it?08:39
tomreynluna_: you know, this egomaniac approach makes me not want to spend time on supporting you. which otherwise i would. please reconsider your approach next time.08:57
luna_fixed my broken system now with help, now time to watch aKademy :) 09:18
justabeginnerI've install Groovy Gorilla (daily build)18:15
justabeginnerhello people,I am seeking help to set up post installation of Ubuntu on my new Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5 with AMD Ryzen 4 4500 CPU18:15
justabeginnerthe trackpad is not working. 18:15
justabeginnerhave upgrade kernel to Linux 5.9 which the touchscreen is became not working.  now I am booted to Linux 5.8 which touchscreen works18:16
tomreynyou'll probably need to compromise for now.18:18
justabeginnerneed to compromise because hardware is newer ?18:19
tomreynto hunt for potential workarounds, see your system logs, identify error messages, search the web for them.18:19
tomreynyes, compromise because hardware is very recent18:19
tomreynor maybe because things are currently broken in groovy18:20
tomreynor both ;-)18:20
justabeginnerI am coming from Debian. Installed Debian stable which graphic card is not supported. Reinstalled Debian testing to sort out the Amd gpu issue and found touch screen is not working18:21
justabeginnerso here I am trying Ubuntu (based on the youtube video review)18:21
tomreynit's probably a too early for debian with this hardware18:22
justabeginnertotally, I spent 3 days for wifi, gpu, trackpad, touchscreen driver with Debian stable & testing18:23

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