lotuspsychjegood morning03:13
ducassegood morning05:46
Maikgood morning05:49
guivercthanks Maik :)05:56
Maikguiverc: for what ? :)05:57
guivercI was just noticing all the luna_ cross posts; 5 rooms I've counted05:57
Maikyeah, and they are using Rolling Rhino which isn't even official and thus not supported here05:58
Maikguiverc: anyhoo, you're welcome :)06:00
tomreynso DarwinElf was apparently not asking an ubuntu support question but requesting a specification of how UIDs and GIDs are issued on Ubuntu because of a perceived violation of assumed standards.09:09
tomreynadduser(8) discusses how UIDs and GIDs are assigned on Debian derivatives.09:11
tomreyn(which also explains why there can't be the static list they're demanding)09:12
guiverchow big should /boot/efi be?  (fat32, groovy install; / fs will be BTRFS if it matters)10:16
guiverc384MB big enough?10:16
Maik537 MB is the size on my system, i guess that's default10:22
Maikbut that's on a focal install10:22
jeremy31EFI system partition on Win 10 might be only 200MB10:24
tomreynand most of the time that's enough10:25
guivercthanks Maik jeremy31 & tomreyn ... a qa-test install failed; wondering it that was issue.. from what you've said I suspect that's not it... (tried again with debug on + 512mb & it worked.. but debug may have altered things..)10:31
Maikyw :)10:31
tomreynhmm, weird.11:03
lotuspsychjeadding bug #1879287 to the discuss bug team14:16
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