ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <bittin1> i accidently broke my kernel when trying to update it, with not enough diskspace, any tips on how to solve it in Ubuntu?05:52
ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <Maik_aD> Have patience in the other channels where you asked, you really won't get your answer faster asking everywhere. Since you use it as rolling rhino which isn't suited for daily usage and inexperienced users i'd recommend using LTS versions.05:56
guivercyou actually risk getting ignored by cross-posting05:57
ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <Maik_aD> that too05:57
ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <ItzSwirlz> Forwarded from unknown: The Ubuntu 20.10 Testing Week kicks off now! Learn more so you can help test.16:32
ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <ItzSwirlz> https://ubuntucinnamon.org/ubuntu-cinnamon-20-10-testing-week-is-underway/16:32
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