PaulePanterHi. Any idea, why the latest Linux HWE kernel is not installed in my Ubuntu 16.04.7 VM?09:37
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic-HWE-16.04 xenial09:39
ubottulinux-image-generic-hwe-16.04 (source: linux-meta-hwe): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 12 kB09:39
PaulePanterlotuspsychje: Thanks. I remember why I removed it.09:39
PaulePanterIt depends on the microcode update packages, and *thermald* gets installed too. :(09:40
PaulePanter*I remember why it was removed. (As I wanted to shrink the image and removed some of its dependencies.)09:40
PaulePanterDo you have a solution for that?09:40
PaulePanterIt looks like, I have to manually keep it updated:09:43
PaulePantersudo apt install linux-image-4.15.0-115-generic linux-modules-4.15.0-115-generic09:43
PaulePanter… if I do not want the dependencies in a VM.09:43
PaulePanter*QEMU (KVM) VM09:43
tomreynPaulePanter: linux-virtual-hwe-16.0409:56
tomreynor linux-virtual rather09:57
tomreynthere appears to be no hwe support for virtual in xenial09:58
tomreynbut you should probably plan to upgrade soon, anyways.09:59
SamuelMarksWhat are my options for 12.04? - Can I downgrade from 16.04? - I'm working from the 12.04 iso and am trying to turn it into a custom cloud image.12:33
* SamuelMarks needs 12.04 for an old version of Open edX; then he'll restore his backups and upgrade to the next version, and so on, until I'm at latest Open edX and Ubuntu 18.0412:33
albert23SamuelMarks: you can still download a 12.04 cloud image from http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/precise/current/12:46
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) was the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-of-life was April 28th 2017. See https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2017-April/003833.html for more information12:46
SamuelMarksyeah I've downloaded it12:46
* SamuelMarks is giving up and running a VM on his laotop12:46
tomreynyes, you'd definitely want to do this in VMs.12:48
SamuelMarksYeah it's more that I was trying to get it running on IBM Cloud; but even after converting it to qcow2 it still didn't work there12:48
SamuelMarksHmm, lots of hash errors on the apt-get update12:57
* SamuelMarks tries `sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*`12:57
tomreynthose archives probably no longer exist where it's looking for them12:59
tomreynactually, precise is still on archive.ubuntu.com13:01
SamuelMarksMmmm yeah that worked, ok proceeding with the bootstrap; hopefully won't error13:05
SamuelMarksgpg keyserver receive failed.   Hmm, is pgp.mit.edu not around?13:10
tomreynhopefully no more13:11
tomreynunless they reinstalled it13:11
tomreynthere's keyserver.ubuntu.com13:11
tomreynnc -vz pgp.mit.edu 11371      suggests it's listening, though13:13
* SamuelMarks is running this script https://github.com/edx/configuration/blob/open-release/eucalyptus.3/util/install/ansible-bootstrap.sh13:13
SamuelMarksOh good, new error "key 69464050 not found on keyserver"13:14
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fretegigood morning19:59
fretegiso i have an interesting issue...  colleague nuked the partition table on a hdd using parted on the wrong disk20:12
fretegigood thing is, the disk in question is just a part of a raid1 data array, not part of the OS disk..20:13
fretegiso system layout is 1 disk for OS, 2 disks for data in software raid1 using mdadm.  LVM for swap and /root on /dev/sda.  1 LVM group for data array.  so we destroyed the partition on 1 disk on the data array, but that seems to be preventing the server from booting, lvm errors20:17
tomreynfretegi: is this solved, yet?21:20
tomreynif not, can you still boot to recovery?21:20
fretegitomreyn, i did get it solved, rebuilding the array as we speak, however i am curious why it wouldnt boot21:33
fretegitomreyn, the affected vg was seperate from the VG that contains / and the vg's are on separate physical disks too21:34
tomreynfretegi: i suspect you had some file system backed by LV(s) in fstab21:34
tomreyn* unavailable LV(s)21:36
fretegioh yea both vg's has volumes that were auto mounted via fstab.  in fact that is exactly how i got the thing to boot.  i just #'d out the affected group, booted right up.  thankfully was raid1 was was able to just re-assemble the raid degraded, remount everything and re-add the affected disk to md0.  rebuildng as we speak21:36
fretegiso any unavailable LV could cause LVM to just panic altogether?21:36
tomreynpanic? no. fail to boot fully? yes, i think so.21:37
tomreyni think you can mark mounts as optional in fstab, but then you'll give up on a good way to detect errors you need to fix.21:38
fretegihmmm... i guess the initramfs may not like the unavail. filesystems21:39
tomreynand you probably wouldn't want, as an example, logs to be written to the root file system rather than the separate /var/log file system, just because the latter failed to be mounted.21:39
tomreynwhich ubuntu release is this aynways?21:40
fretegiyea thats a good pt.  fortunately this is a very simple server, i was able to thoroughly track down what that disk was doing almost immediately so with a little fiddling was able to solve it pretty quick.  but i just didnt expect the lack of boot21:40
fretegitomreyn, good question... lemme check21:40
PaulePantertomreyn: Thank you. BigBlueButton 2.2 unfortunately requires Ubuntu 16.04. BBB 2.3 is going to be based on Ubuntu 18.04.21:42
* PaulePanter does not fully understand that design decision, but that’s the way it is.21:42
tomreynfretegi: you should upgrade21:56
tomreynPaulePanter: there are test builds for 18.04 now, if you'd like to try: https://github.com/bigbluebutton/bbb-install/issues/37#issuecomment-66134766822:03
tomreynbut they're certainly late on this.22:04
fretegitomreyn, yea little old eh haha22:04
tomreyn16.04 still receives free support, but just until april22:05
fretegiyea still, your right, should upgrade22:07
Maiktomreyn: unless ESM is used which adds another 3 years of security updates. One can use ESM for free up to three machines.22:15
MaikUbuntu members get up to 50 machines by the way22:17
tomreynMaik: for non-commercial use, yes. fretegi was talking about their "collegue", which makes me think commercial. but sure, they can buy.22:30
tomreynor just upgrade. or both.22:30
Maiktomreyn: thanks for clarifying, i must have missed reading that. My bad.22:59
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