eclecticHello, I'm trying to get started recording music on ubuntu studio. but I skipped the md5sum check on system download, and now am having lots of app crashes, including firefox18:06
eclecticno md5sum on site for the 20.1 version, just for the 2018:06
eclecticI mean the 20.04.1 vs the 20.04.118:07
eclecticsorry, 20.04.1 vs 20.0418:10
eclectic_billhello, I could not find md5 checksum for 20.04.1 and so am wondering if my install is corrupt!!!18:44
Eickmeyereclectic_bill: The md5sum should be at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/releases/20.04.1/release/.18:49
lilith931Eickmeyer: I just talked to falkTX about the carla self connect issue when opening new programs using jack. He said it's because of the jack self-connect option. Is there any option to disable this in ubuntu studio?19:06
Eickmeyerlilith931: I just replied to you in #lad.19:13

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